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C335-18, President Reagan at a White House ceremony and reception for the freed American hostages held in Iran. 1/27/81., President Reagan makes remarks at a welcoming ceremony for the freed American hostages held in Iran. 1/27/81., President Reagan working on a Speech to Congress in the oval office. 4/28/81., President Reagan celebrates with his staff in the oval office the passage of Federal Tax Legislation. From left to right: Richard Williamson, Elizabeth Dole, Dennis Thomas, Don Regan, Ann McLaughlin, Ed Meese, Vice President George Bush, Karna Small, David Gergen, and President Reagan. 7/29/81 .

C4071-19, President Reagan in the Oval Office working on an upcoming speech to the nation. 9/24/81., President Reagan and his White House staff discuss the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the oval office. From left to right: Michael Deaver, Richard Allen, George Bush, James Baker, David Gergen, Ed Meese. 10/6/81.

C4328-14, President Reagan meeting with Alexander Haig, William Casey, James Baker, Ed Meese, George Bush, Caspar Weinberger, to discuss the assassination of President Sadat of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 10/6/81., President Reagan working on the State of the Union Address at his oval office desk. 1/26/82.

C6224-25A, President Reagan in the Oval Office during a ceremony to receive the Boy Scouts Annual Report to the Nation and Silver Buffalo award. 2/4/82.

C6256-16A, President Reagan and George Bush meeting with members of Congress Tip O'Neil, Bob Michel and Howard Baker to discuss 1983 Budget in oval office. 2/8/82., President Reagan with the Press in the oval office. 3/30/82.

C7883-21A, President Reagan giving a speech to the 1982 graduating class of Eureka College. Eureka, Illinois. 5/9/82.

C8919-24, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan and Robert Crippen visit Edwards Air Force Base to watch Space Shuttle "Columbia" landing. 7/4/82., President and Nancy Reagan at Edwards Air Force Base talking to astronauts Captain Thomas Mattingly and Colonel Henry Hartsfield as they disembarked from the Space Shuttle "Columbia." 7/4/82., President Reagan receiving a Native American painting from John Nieto in the Oval Office.  8/5/82.

C9777-27, President watching the Tax Bill vote on television with staff (Richard Darman, Ed Meese, Ken Duberstein, George Bush, James Baker, Craig Fuller, Bill Clark, Caspar Weinberger) in the White House. 8/19/82., President Reagan riding in a jeep while touring flood damaged area in Monroe , Louisiana . 1/2/83 ., President Reagan writing his State of the Union Address in the oval office. 1/24/83., President Reagan meeting with Afghan Freedom Fighters to discuss Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan. 2/2/83., President Reagan visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. 5/1/83., President Reagan participating in a National Security Planning Group Meeting in the Situation Room. 10/23/83.

C20447-9, Luncheon in honor of the 72nd Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America in the East Room. 3/9/84., President Reagan visiting Oak Hollow Development Construction site in Arlington, Texas. 4/12/84.

C22043-17, Attending ground-breaking ceremonies for addition to the CIA Central Intelligence Agency headquarters complex in Langley, Virginia with George Bush and William Casey. 5/24/84.

C22100-27A, President Reagan presenting Congressional Medal of Honor to the Vietnam Unknown Soldier during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington cemetery in Virginia. 5/28/84., President Reagan visits Mammoth Cave National Park in Cave City, Kentucky. 7/12/84.

C24952-32, President Reagan saying the pledge of Allegiance during a visit to St. Agatha's Catholic High School in Detroit, Michigan. 10/10/84., President Reagan attending a White House ceremony for the Young Astronauts Program. 10/17/84., President Reagan drafting the 1985 Inaugural Address in the oval office study. 1/17/85 .

C28473-4, President Reagan meeting with Elie Wiesel, Peggy Tishman and Jewish Leaders on his upcoming trip to Bitburg and West Germany. 4/19/85.

29364-5A, President Reagan working on upcoming tax speech in oval office. 5/24/85., President Reagan holds a National Security Council Meeting on the TWA hijacking in the White House Situation Room. 6/16/85 ., President Reagan giving remarks for returning American Hostages of TWA Flight 847 at Andrews Air Force Base, Camp David, Maryland. 7/2/85.

C31635-10, President Reagan's remarks on receiving Final Report of President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Grace Commission) in the rose garden. Ed Meese and J. Peter Grace looking on. 10/28/85., President Reagan and his staff watch televised replay of the Space Shuttle "Challenger" explosion in the oval office study. From left to right: Larry Speakes, Dennis Thomas, Jim Kuhn, President Reagan, Pat Buchanan, Don Regan. 1/28/86 ., President and Nancy Reagan and families of the "Challenger" victims at the memorial service for the space shuttle crew in Houston, Texas. 1/31/86.

C35779-4, President Reagan, George Shultz, and James Baker in National Security Council NSC Meeting regarding Strategic Defense Initiative SDI in Old Executive Office Building OEOB, 7/1/86.

C35859-12, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan attending Opening Ceremonies of Liberty Weekend and acknowledging receipients of the Medals of Liberty enry Kissinger, Franklin Chang-Diaz, I.M. Pei, Itzhak Perlman, James Reston, Kenneth Clark, Albert Sabin, An Wang, Elie Wiesel, Bob Hope, Hanna Holburn, Lee Iacocca at Governors Island, New York. 7/3/86.

C35912-30, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard the USS Iowa during the International Naval Review in New York Harbor. 7/4/86., President and Nancy Reagan standing under the guns of the battleship U.S.S. Iowa during the Statue of Liberty Centennial weekend celebrations. 7/4/86., President Reagan announcing the Campaign against Drug Abuse and answering questions at a Press Briefing in the White House Press room. 8/4/86.

C37244-31, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with former president Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter at the Dedication Ceremony of Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia. 10/1/86., President Reagan writing the State of the Union address in the residence.  1/9/87 ., President Reagan looking in a microscope, with Samuel Broder looking on, during his visit to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.  7/23/87., President Reagan listening to a session of the Organization of American States in Washington DC.  10/7/87., President Reagan touring the Rapid Targeting and Precision Pointing Laboratory at Martin Marrietta Astronautics in Waterton, Colorado. 11/24/87., President Reagan working in the Oval Office study. 12/22/87., President Reagan and Vice-President Bush eat lunch in the Oval Office Study. 3/31/88., President Reagan and Vice-President Bush talking on the White House Colonnade. 7/7/88., President Reagan visits the Krone Family Farm in Du Quoin, Illinois. 7/14/88., President Reagan working at his desk in the Oval Office. 7/15/88.

C49688-9, President Reagan with Harvey Meyerhoff at ceremony for laying cornerstone of US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. 10/5/88., President Reagan talking to White House staff in the Rose Garden, 11/9/88., President Reagan talking with Vice President Bush in the Oval Office, 11/10/88.

C50808-3, President Reagan working alone in oval office. 12/6/88., President Reagan addresses a crowd at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, 12/16/88.