MARINE ONE (Helicopter)

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C1363-11, President Reagan speaking with James Baker aboard Marine One. 3/25/81.

C2130-31A, President and Nancy Reagan waving goodbye to the south lawn crowd from Marine One. 5/27/81.

C2549-19, President and Malcolm Baldrige arrive at White House aboard Marine One after horseback riding trip to Marine Corps Air Facility, Quantico, Virginia. 6/17/81.

C3695-18, President Reagan waves as he departs via Marine One from the South Lawn for Andrews Air Force Base. 9/7/81.

C5901-16, Marine One taking off in the snow from the south lawn. 1/15/82.

C6039-16, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving before their departure from the South Lawn on Marine One for Camp David. 1/22/82.

C7023-14, Talking with Ed Meese while flying on Marine One during a trip to New York. 3/23/82.

C7343-10, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan arriving on the South Lawn of the White House after a flight in Marine One. 4/11/82.

C32180-4, Marine One taxiing in front of the U.S. Capitol. 11/21/85.

C38580-19, President Reagan taking off for Camp David on the south lawn. 12/19/86.

C39551-16A, President and Nancy Reagan waving from the helicopter on White House lawn. 3/13/87.

C39692-4, View of Marine One departing from the South Lawn. 3/20/87.

C43193-2, President Reagan leaning on a chair aboard Marine One during flight to Bethesda Naval Hospital. 10/20/87.

C46259-29, Marine One flying over the Lincoln Memorial, 4/5/88.

C47181-26A, President and nancy Reagan departure via Marine One for Trip to Europe and Moscow Summit. 5/25/1988.

C48346-8A, Marine One flying over farmland in Du Quoin, Illinois, 7/14/88.