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C3474-28, President Reagan playing with his dog "Victory" outside of the Marine One helicopter at Rancho Del Cielo, California. 8/6/81.

C3488-10A, Nancy Reagan with her dog "Victory" at Rancho Del Cielo. 8/13/81 .


C26185-19, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan showing off new puppy "Lucky" and meeting with 1985 March of Dimes Poster Child, Kristen Ellis from Hebron, New York. 12/6/84.


C27361-25, President Reagan walking his dog "Lucky" with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom in the rose garden. 2/20/85.


C27627-10, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with their dog "Lucky" in the oval office. 3/7/85.


C28089-21A, Nancy Reagan giving her dog "lucky" a bath at the White House. 4/1/85.


C29222-6, Nancy Reagan holding her dog "Lucky" before boarding Marine One for trip to Camp David. 5/17/85.


C29231-15A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan walking their dog "Lucky" at Camp David, Maryland. 5/18/85.


C30464-9, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and their dog "Lucky" on the South Lawn after returning from a trip to Camp David on Marine One. 8/4/85.


C31744-13A, President Reagan aboard the helicopter with his dog "Lucky" on his lap. 11/1/85.


C32519-36, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with "Rex" at a Ceremony to light the National Christmas Tree at the Diplomatic entrance 12/12/85.


C30224-6, President Reagan playing with "Lucky" during a visit to Rancho Del Cielo. 7/14/85.


C33718-20, President holding "Rex" in the Diplomatic Reception Room. 3/7/86.


C34171-13A, Nancy Reagan and her dog "Rex" on the South Lawn.  4/8/86 .


C34221-14A, Nancy Reagan petting her dog "Rex" at the Diplomatic Entrance of the White House. 4/10/86.


C34510-8, "Rex" the dog sitting on a couch in the White House. 4/24/86.

C36668-4, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with their dog "Lucky" and cats at Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara, California. 8/23/86.

C40228-11A, The Reagans being greeted by their dog "Rex" after arriving at the White House by helicopter (Marine One).   4/20/87 .

C44838-27, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan walking with their dog “Rex” at Camp David . 1/16/88.