IMAGES FROM THE REAGAN LIBRARY ARCHIVES  (Selected by the Reagan Library Audiovisual Staff)


C30228 -- Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan, 1985.These photographs were selected through a combination of criteria: popularity, historical significance and composition.  No scanned image has been cropped but please note that the on-screen color and quality may vary from an actual print.  The over 1,500 selected images represented here are only a small portion of the over 1.5 million photographs available. For a complete listing of White House photo collection descriptions please click on this link Audiovisual Page. Please credit "Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library."  (Disclaimer for Audiovisual material.)  For more information, please contact our audiovisual department:

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C584-12 -- Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan, 1981.Early Ronald Reagan and Family, Late 1800s-1976

Early Nancy Davis and Family, Early 1900s-1951

Official Portraits

General Presidential: Candid Shots


Nancy Reagan

The Reagans


1980 Election Campaign

1984 Election Campaign

1988 Campaigning for George H.W. Bush

1981 Inaugural

1985 Inaugural

Assassination Attempt

Major Speeches

Berlin Wall Speech, 6/12/87

President at Work   

Summits with Mikhail Gorbachev, 1985-1988

Foreign Trips

President and Humor

Economic Summits, 1981-88


Signing Ceremonies

Entertainment at the White House


Air Force One

Marine One (helicopter)

Four Presidents Together, 10/8/1981

Head of State and World Leader Visits

White House Staff and Meetings


Grenada and Lebanon, 1983

Libya Bombing

Press Briefings

Supreme Court

Camp David


Meeting with V.I.P.s

Meeting with Celebrities

Sports and Athletes


Reagan Family

Last Day in Office, 1/20/1989

General White House and Washington, DC Photographs

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library