The Library received an unsolicited donation from Mrs. Mary Hendrix of Oak Park, California. We do not know any of the history of this material. It appears it was being given to a “Pat” from a fellow conservative unknown woman.  Handwritten notes on the material indicate they shared an interest in fighting communism and conservation causes of the early 1960s.


 The material touches on many continuing themes – the creeping socialization of America and its subsequent loss of liberty, the superiority of the capitalist system, public education, and the need to retain American Christian values.  But the overriding concern in the material is the deadly earnest fight against communism and the communist threat of world domination.


The material consists of books, magazines, newsletters, newspaper articles, magazine articles, notes, pamphlets, broadsheets and other ephemera.  The books and Life Magazines have been incorporated within our book collection. See our book catalog for these items or browse through the research room shelves.  The remainder of the material has been incorporated within this collection of ephemera.  The material does not contain any direct Reagan material. 


The material is arranged in alphabetical order by author, title or organization. 


          Box 1

          Anti-Communism Voters League Bulletin

          “Books on Communism” – Western Section Libraries of Los Angeles

          A Business Man Looks at Communism by an American Business Man (Fred C. Koch)

          Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Newsletters

          “Executive Orders Give Dictatorial Powers” by George Putnam

          “Freedom from War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament

                   in a Peaceful World”

          “Guide to Liberal and Marxist Semantics”

          Human Events       

          “Humphrey Linked to Socialists” Reprint from the Valley Times

          “Law Enforcement Looks at ‘Mental Health’” by W. Cleon Skousen

          LBJ: A Political Biography – Liberty Lobby Presents

          The Manion Forum, November 5, 1961

          “Myths & Truths About Free Enterprise” - Folder of Free Enterprise Materials from the

                   Coast Federal Savings & Loan Association

          National Catholic Action Weekly, “Our Sunday Visitor”

          “Need for Personal Responsibility” – Statement of the Bishops of the United States –


          Dr. Max Rafferty Biographical Summary

          Tocsin, October 2, 1962

           “Uncertain Trumpets” by Cong. Donald L. Jackson - Congressional Record Reprint

          Washing Machine Parts Co. Letter/Speech Reprint

          “What Can I Do  the Coast Cities Freedom Program

          Wordsmanship: Semantics as a Communist Weapon: A Study Prepared for the

                   Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and

                   Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States