The Library received an unsolicited donation from Mr. Charles Philips of Fullerton, California.  This material comprised the life’s work of his late wife, Evelyn Philips. Mrs. Philips was a housewife of the early 1960s, raising children at home in the conservative Orange County, California area. The material included in the donation and the personal markings and notations from Mrs. Philips reflect an industrious and dedicated life of long and hard-fought efforts to encourage conservative causes. Mrs. Philips represents some of the earliest supporters of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and the emergence of a vibrant conservative movement in the Republican Party.


Her donated material includes all of the burgeoning conservative groups and causes from the end of World War II until the present day.  It ranges from the John Birch Society to the newly established Young Americans for Freedom.  The material touches on many continuing themes – the creeping socialization of America and its subsequent loss of liberty, the superiority of the capitalist system, action against the introduction of sex education in schools, and the need to retain American Christian values.  But the overriding concern in the material is the deadly earnest fight against communism and the communist threat of world domination.


The material consists of books, magazines, newsletters, newspaper articles, magazine articles, notes, pamphlets, broadsheets and other ephemera.  The majority of the books have been incorporated within our book collection in the research room.  Mrs. Philips had an automatic standing order with the Conservative Book Club and also has early examples of publications from Regnery and Devon Adair and other conservative publishers. See our book catalog for these items or browse through the research room shelves.  The remainder of the material has been incorporated within this collection of ephemera.  The material does not contain much direct Reagan material such as any 1966 or 1970 gubernatorial campaign handouts or Reagan written material. 


The material is organized as follows: first are authored pamphlets/articles filed in alphabetical order by author/title. Second are items representing conservative advocacy groups filed in alphabetical order by the name of the group.  These begin with “The 1976 Committee” in Box 2 and continue until “Young Americans for Freedom” in Box 3.  Third are magazine articles, photocopies of newspaper articles from 1963-1995, and government reprints and publications.


Box 1

“Alan Cranston: The Shadow in the Senate” by Gary Allen

“What’s Wrong with the United Nations” by Reed Benson & Robert Lee

“Words versus Deeds” by Reed Benson & Robert Lee

“A Fable From the (Hardy) Past”   by Chet Berlow

“A Christmas Fantasy”

“Nelson Rockefeller: the International Socialist” by Kent and Phoebe Courtney

“A Businessman’s Look at Communism vs Capitalism”   An Address by Joe Crail

“The Church and Communism” by Richard Cardinal Cushing

”Lawyers Without Law” by Mary Davison

3 Pamphlets by Nelsons Dilworth

“McCarthy: The Truth, The Smear, and The Lesson” by James J. Drumney

Articles (2) by William E. Dunham

“Watching a Nation Die!” by Bruce W. Dunn

“The Crisis of Freedom” by Jack Feder and M. A. Jenkins

Incentivism: The Idea that Makes America Great”

“God, Gold and Government” by Howard E. Kershner

“The Hangman’s Rope” by Howard E. Kershner

“Know Your Freedoms”

“The America Tragedy: An Address” by Herbert V. Kohler

“How Welfarism Has Led to Britain’s Troubles” by Anthony LeJeune

“Autarchy Versus Anarchy” by Robert LeFevre

“The Attack on Your Local Police” by W. S. McBirnie

“The Dreadful Secret Behind the Arab-Israeli War” by W. S. McBirnie

“The Immortality of the New Left” by W. S. McBirnie

“Letters to My Wife From Battlefront – Vietnam” by W. S. McBirnie

“LSD, the Danger Drug” by W. S. McBirnie

“Methodist Federation for Social Action” by W. S. McBirnie

“Peace is Their God” by W.S. McBirnie

“The Plot to Seize Our Cities” by W. S. McBirnie

“The Real Power behind Communism” by W. S. McBirnie

“Red China’s Secret Plans for Destroying America” by W. S. McBirnie

“Sensitivity Training, The Plan to Brainwash America” by W. S. McBirnie

“Sex and Subversion” by W. S. McBirnie

“The Shocking Truth About Communist Penetration of our New State, Hawaii” by W. S. McBirnie

“Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?” by W. S. McBirnie

“Socialism: Your Deadly Enemy!” by W. S .McBirnie

“Songs of Subversion” by W. S. McBirnie

“This is Communism” by W. S. McBirnie

“Unmasking the Real Conspiracy Behind the Oil Shortage” by W. S. McBirnie

“Wall of Shame: The Record of a Mission, Germany, 1965” by W.S. McBirnie

“What Every American Should Know About the CIA” by W. S. McBirnie

“What Was Behind Lee Harvey Oswald” by W. S. McBirnie

“Bow Not to Baal” by Kenneth McFarland

“What You Can Do” by Kenneth McFarland

“The Preservative” by Kenneth McFarland


Box 2

“How the Reds Make a Riot” by Eugene Methvin

“Win Now or Lose All” by Paul C. Neipp

Neipp, Paul Various Pamphlets

“No Substitute for Victory” (excerpts)

“Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles” by David A. Noebel

“Freedom Can Enslave!” by Robert Null

“An Old New Dealer Leads New Frontier”

”Our Great Liberty Bell

“The Passing of the Patriot” by Max Rafferty

“Non Involvement: Curse of the Sixties” by Max Rafferty

“Progressive Education: The Lively Corpse” by Max Rafferty

“ABC’s of Freedom” by Leonard E. Read

U.S. Free Enterprise System Must Be Salvaged” by Ronald Reagan

“A New Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1964” by William R. Richards

“The Roads of Freedom: The American Way…Its Rewards and Responsibilities”

“What is “Left”.  What is “Right’” by W. Cleon Skousen

“The Communist Attack on the Birch Society” by W. Cleon Skousen

“The Trial of Freedon

Walker Speaks…Unmuzzled!” by Edwin A. Walker

“What is Counterinsurgency?: An Analysis” by Edwin A Walker

“More Truth About Vietnam” by Robert Welch

“The Truth About Vietnam” by Robert Welch

“Two Revolutions at Once” by Robert Welch

“The Betrayed: Our Men in Uniform Want to Win in Vietnam” by Wallis W. Wood

“It’s Treason: Aid and Comfort to the Vietcong” by Wallis W. Wood

“Trucking with the Enemy” by Wallis W. Wood

Two Ways of Life” by Hardy E. Wright

The 1976 Committee

Americanism Educational League

American Conservative Union – “Battle Lines”

Americans for National Security

California Free Enterprise Association

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (1)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (2)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (3)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (4)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (5)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (6)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (7)

California Liberty Bell, inc. – “The Liberty Bell” (6)

Campus Studies Institute/World Research

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – Communist Comic Book – “Double Talk”

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade – Communist Comic Book – “Two Faces: Communism”

Christian Freedom Foundation

Church League of America

Circuit Riders

Citizens Committee of California – “Communist Seeger Sings”

Committee to Abolish Political Hanky-Panky

Congressional Record Reprints

Dan Smoot “The Dan Smoot Report”

Foundation for Economic Education “Notes from FEE”


Box 3

Freedom School

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

“Heads Up”

The Herald of Freedom

Institute for Free Enterprise Education

John Birch Society (1)

John Birch Society (2)

Liberty Bell Press, “Anatomy of a Smear: An Analysis of the Attacks and Smears on the Book - 

            None Dare Call It Treason

Liberty Lobby – “Liberty Lowdown”

Liberty Lobby – “The Great Tax Fraud”

National Laymen’s Council of the Church League of America “The National Laymen’s Digest”

National Laymen’s Council of the Church League of America “News & Views”

Network of Patriotic Letter Writers

San Diego Patriotic Society

The Rockford Committee to Warn of Communist Imports

“Think!” and “Think America” (1)

“Think!” and “Think America” (2)


Voice of Truth and Freedom – “Truth and Freedom Bulletin”

Washington Observer Newsletter

Weekly News Report [Congressman John G. Schmitz]

Young Americans for Freedom

Various Articles and Pamphlets

Newspaper Articles; 05/27/1963-12/31/1974

Newspaper Articles; 01/01/1975-07/12/1995

Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations… Dept. of Justice, 1964,

1965, 1966, 1968

Issues Presented by Air Reserve Center Training Manual: Hearing… HUAC, 1960

The Techniques of Soviet Propaganda: A Study… 1960

Communist Target Youth: A Report by J. Edgar Hoover, 1960

The Communist Party Line, 1961

Visa Procedures of Department of State: The Struelens Case: Report…, 1962

Soviet Political Agreements and Results: Staff Study… Rev. to 01/01/1964

The Tricontinental Conference of African, Asian, and Latin American Peoples, A Staff  Study…,


Communist Threat to the United States Through the Caribbean: Hearings… Part 15, 09/13/1966:

09/15/1966 + Appendix to Part 15

A Study of the Anatomy of Communist Takeovers…, 1966

“Selling to the Reds,” Congressional Record Reprint, Cong. Glenard Lipscomb, 10/17/1966

United Nations Site Status of Agreement Resolutions: Hearing…, 03/15/1967

Communist Treatment of Prisoners of War: A Historical Survey, 1972

Evelyn Phillips Correspondence