This collection consists of personal papers donated to the Reagan Presidential Library.  It has been reviewed by the Reagan Library staff and it is available for research.  You may access this collection in our research room.


SMITH, CHARLES P.: Papers, 1968-1991


Biographical Note


Charles P. Smith received a doctorate from the University of Southern California in 1970.  During the 1960s, he served on Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial staff in California; specifically, he orchestrated an electronic data processing unit to make office/data management files more efficient.  After aiding Reagan’s presidential campaign in 1980, Smith served the President in a number of capacities throughout Reagan’s entire administration.  Among his positions were Deputy Director of the Office of Planning and Evaluation (1981-1982) and Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy Development (1986-1987).  Smith also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (1982-1986) where he studied federal housing vouchers for low-income families.  Under President Bush, Smith also tackled escalating crime rates and increasing drug use as the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance in the US Department of Justice (1988-1990). 


Scope and Content


The material donated to the Reagan Library pertains to Smith’s government work spanning from his duties under Governor Reagan to those under President Bush. This collection is arranged into four series.


SERIES I: MEMORIABILIA AND SPEECHES, 1968-1990 (0.25 l.ft., Box 1)


This series consists primarily of photographs, abstracts from various books Smith has authored, and transcripts of speeches Smith has given over the course of his government service.  Several photographs are also included.


SERIES II: SOCIAL REFORM, 1984-1990 (0.25 l.ft., Boxes 1-2)


This series consists of various surveys, reports, and proposals pertaining to social issues under Smith’s tenure.  Specifically, the documents focus on drug control and violent crimes, illegal immigration, adoption programs for immigrant children, and welfare reform laws.


SERIES III: ECONOMIC POLICIES, 1984-1990 (0.5 l.ft., Boxes 2-3)


This series contains documents pertaining to various economic issues Smith dealt with during the course of his government work.  Specifically, the series contains studies on privatization, urban renewal, housing resource programs, health care, and agriculture.


SERIES IV: ADMINISTRATION SUMMARIES, 1981-1989 (1 l.ft, Boxes 3-4)


This series contains documents pertaining to various summaries of Smith’s duties during his work in the government.  Files included in this series are studies of various ‘State of the Union’ addresses, a report of President Reagan’s first one hundred days in office, a biographical index of office holders in the Executive Branch, and various plan dates and yearly summaries.





          Box 1

          Charles P. Smith: Book and Service to President Reagan (1)(2)

Speeches: Charles P. Smith in Service to President Reagan [Speeches] (1)-(4)

          Charles P. Smith: Service to Governor Reagan (1)-(6)

          “Hong Kong Computer Conference 83”

          HKCC [Hong Kong Computer Conference – 06/07/1983] Speeches

          “Executive Summary: 5-Year (1984-19850 General Service Strategic Plan for ADP”

                   [Automatic Data Processing]



          Box 1, Continued  

          ”Federal Drug Grants to States”
          “Drug Control System Improvement Formula Grant Program”

“Report Number 4 – Violent Crime in the United States” – September 1981 – Briefer’s Book

“Treatment Alternative to Street Crime (TSAC): Participant’s Manual – Training Manual”

“Problems and Options in Estimating the Size of the Illegal Alien Population” – 09/24/1982

“The Immigration of Adopted and Prospective Adoptive Children”

Status/Citizenship BD: Service Provided (1)(2)


Box 2

 “Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 – Conference Report – 10/04/1986 (1)(2)

“Intergovernmental Perspective” – Spring 1991 – Volume 17, Number 2



          Box 2, Continued

“Rethinking Local Services: Examining Alternative Delivery Approaches” - March 1984,

          Number 12

The Heritage Lectures – Number 42: “The Privatization Option” – 1985

“The Privatization of Corrections”

PTF [Privatization Task Force] [07/13/1983] (1)-(5)

“The President’s National Urban Policy Report” – 1986

“The President’s National Urban Policy Report” – 1984

“The President’s National Urban Policy Report” – 1982

“State Urban Enterprise Zones: A Policy Overview”

“The Reagan Urban Policy: Centrifugal Force in the Empire”

“An Internal Study of the Community Housing Resources Board Program”


          Box 3

          Evaluation of the Urban Initiatives Anti-Crime Program (1)-(4)

          Report Number 7 – Economics of Health Care – October 1981

“Perspectives on Agriculture and Rural America” – May 1981



Box 3, Continued

“State of the Union Messages in the Modern Era” – 09/10/1981 (1)-(4)

“Taking the Measure of Reagan’s 100 Days” – 04/30/1981

“Biographical Information Concerning Principal Officials of the Executive Branch”

OPP-X [Office of Policy Planning] (1)(2)

WH: OPP (86-87) Disc. [White House: Office of Policy Planning (1986-1987) with


          OPP-89 [Office of Policy Planning -1989]: [“Domestic Policy Issues”] (1)-(3)

“The Reagan Presidency: A Review of the First Year, 1981” (1)-(3)


Box 4

1981 Strategic Plan

          Cabinet Council Topics – 05/25/1985

          Plandates: Summary Report – 04/22/1982