Ronald Reagan 1980 Presidential Campaign Papers, 1964-1980



The Evelyn Philips Anti-Communist Ephemera Collection



The Mary Hendrix Anti-Communist Ephemera Collection



Buckley, James L.: Papers, 1984



Cabot, Mabel H.: Papers, 1981-1982



Clotworthy, William C.: Papers, 1954-2002



Cullin, Ray: Papers, 1967-1992



Hart, Louise: Papers, 1966-1980



Hill, M. Charles: Papers, 1982-1983



Khachigian, Kenneth: Papers, 1980-1982



Komisar, Lucy: Papers, 1982-1987



McAndrews, Colleen Conway: Papers, 1970



Northrup, Herbert R.: Papers, 1972-1991



Rabb, Ambassador Maxwell M.: Papers, 1980-1989



Shultz, George P.: Papers, 1982-1989



Smith, Charles P.: Papers, 1968-1991



Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Papers, 1981-2001