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This collection is a unit of the White House Office of Correspondence.  The Library is treating this unit as a separate collection.


The Presidential Messages unit was responsible for generating the printed messages from the President sent out to non-profit organizations, business, volunteer groups, fraternal organizations and community groups commemorating specific anniversaries or events in the life of the organization. This included only these print messages.  Taped messages from the President were handled by the Office of Media Relations and material on these message can be found in that collection.


The Library’s material for this office consists of copies of programs, reports, newsletters and magazines from requesting organizations.  They contain the printed copy of the President’s message. The material is from 1987-1988.  If the request was part of White House Office of Records Management Subject File case file, this is included with the folder title.  In addition, the Library has one box of IBM Displaywriter Diskettes for this unit. The Library is currently unable to print out or access any of these diskettes.


OA 17917

Academy of Country Music Awards Show, 22nd Anniversary (ME002, 460782)

Agnews Development Center (ME002, 537249)

Air Force Association 40th National Convention, September 1987 (ME002 510413)

Allen-Bailey Tag and Label, Inc. (ME003 404553)

American Academy of Natural Family Planning, Sixth Annual Meeting (ME002,


American Centenarian Day, 05/20/1987 (HO 463296)

American College of Allergists, 3rd International Symposium 10/01/1986-10/04/1986

          (ME002, 409697)

American Diabetes Association – National Diabetes Month 1987 (ME002, 511108)

American Jewish Committee, New York Chapter (ME001, 605641)

American Legion Boys Nation, 1988 (ME002, 584348)

American Legion – Special Issue September 1987 ME002-06 472717)

American Liver Foundation (ME001, 591797)

American Music Awards, 15th Annual (ME002, 52264

American Podiatric Medical Association – 75th Anniversary, August 1987 (ME002,


Anderson Boy’s Club of Waterbury, Inc. (ME002, 603039)

Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations International Conference (ME002, 444193)

Asian CineVision 9th Annual Asian American International Film Festival (ME002-07,


Assistance League of Santa Barbara (ME002, 603069)

Association of College, University and Community Arts Administrators (ME002,


Battle Creek Community Leadership Academy Graduates, 1987 (ME002, 519721)

Boy Scouts of America – Chief Okemos Council (ME002, 457341)

Boy Scouts of America New York Invitational 08/10/1987 (ME002, 493816)

Bramlage, Fred – Recognition Dinner 02/17/1988

Bris Avrohom (ME001, 603158)

California Manufacturers Association (ME002, 603107)

CARE (ME001, 603501)

Childhelp U.S.A. – National Football League Awards Dinner, 1987 (ME002, 472209)

Children to Children Foundation (ME002, 440787)

Children’s Hospital Foundation, 1987 Carousel Ball (ME001, 510140)

Chosin Few, The (ME002, 587818)

Contact Lens Manufacturers Association – 27th Annual Meeting 10/19/1988-10/22/1988

          (ME002, 559797)

Daytop Village Inc. (ME002, 603074)

Disabled Youth Sports Camp – St. Louis Society for Crippled Children (ME002, 568363)

Episcopal High School – Alexandria, VA (ME002-02 591223)

European Community Youth Orchestra Inaugural Tour of the U.S.A. (ME002, 544195)

Federal Bureau of Investigation Section II Retraining – St. Louis, MO, 1988 (ME002,


508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Association, September 1987 (ME002, 493245)

First South Florida Missionary Baptist Association (ME002, 592084)

Forsyth County Extension Homemakers Council (ME002, 603138)

Fort Smith, AR Chamber of Commerce 601822VP

Fortier, Donald C. Honor Award (ME001, 567587)

Georgetown University Hospital (ME002-04 600115)

Glaser, Elm – Boys Club of Oceanside (ME001, 553350)

Glickman, Marty – Fordham University 04/13/1988 (ME001, 553519)

Guiding Eyes for the Blind – Ken Venturi Guiding Eyes Classic, 1987 (ME002458447)

Hebrew Association of the Deaf, Inc. (ME002, 377084)

Honolulu Centennial (ME002-06 514070CU)

Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Annual Meeting (ME002, 458272)

Housing and Urban Development Recognition Program Awards (IV088 569296)

Indonesia Parliamentary Delegation: U.S. Mid-Term Elections Observation Project

Institute of Management Sciences – Operations Research Society of America – Joint National Meeting (ME002, 510569)

International Vietnamese Mutual Assistance Foundation (ME002, 493980)

Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Chicago. IL, 50th Anniversary (ME002, 403470)

Iowa Food Industries Association, 50th Anniversary (ME002, 457602)

Jobs for Youth / Chicago (ME002, 599488)

Joshua, Charles – Central Brooklyn Coordinating Council, Inc. (ME003 525506)

Kristallnacht Commemoration Service (ME002-01 591359)

Layman’s National Bible Association, Inc. – National Bible Week 1987 (HO005,


Lord’s Day Alliance of the U.S., The (ME002-03, 461537)

Los Angeles Athletic Club – John Wooden Award 1987 (ME001, 461525)

Los Angeles Athletic Club – John Wooden Award 1988

Louisiana Head Start Association 14th Annual Training Conference (ME002, 387542)

Macedonian Patriotic Organization 66th Annual Convention (ME003 508516)

Minnelli, Liza – Friar’s Club Honoree (PR003 480426)

Mississippi Right to Life Annual Convention 1986 (ME002, 429090)

Moral Dimensions, Inc. (ME001, 614070)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Bergen County, NJ

National Business Association

National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis Gala X (ME002, 444969)

National Missing Child Search Society

National Red Ribbon Campaign (Drug Abuse) (ME002, 567644)

National Safety Week 1988 (ME002, 558422)

National Ski Patrol 50th Anniversary (ME002, 539518)

National Soccer Championship, 30th Annual (ME002, 572923)


OA 17918

National Technical Association Journal, June 1986 (ME002, 479922)

National Technical Association Journal, July 1988 (ME002, 570143)

“NAXOS” Society of New York, 40th Anniversary (ME002, 377245)

New England Water Works Association Centennial (ME002, 403023)

New York City Mission Society (ME001, 584349)

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Ninth and Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association ME002, 559748)

Order of the Eastern Star – Rob Morris Chapter #98 – Centennial (ME002, 386198)

Our Lady of Fatima 25th Anniversary, Bridgeport, CT, September 1987 (ME002-01,


Palmer Drug Abuse Program – Houston, TX (ME002, 568828)

Pan Pacific Show Jumping Festival – 1986 (ME002, 436319)

Phelps-Stoker Fund Diamond Anniversary 1986 (ME002, 393274)

Philippine-American Association of South Florida, Inc. (ME002, 405859)

Philippine Medical Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. (ME002, 429284)

Photo, Identified (Possibly Hawaiian)

Piney Woods Country Life School Founder’s Day 03/08/1987 (ME002-02, 471865)

Pio Manzu International Research Center

Polish National Alliance (ME002, 591840)

Polish Roman Catholic Union Quadrennial Convention (ME002, 392825)

Poston II Reunion – August 1987 (ME002, 479882)

Prince Bertil of Sweden (ME001, 603412)

Pro-Life Action Ministries (ME002, 592636)

Rescue Hose Company #3, Middleton, PA (ME002, 558408)

Retired Senior Volunteer Program – Tenth Annual Recognition Program 10/08/1986 – Middle Georgia (ME002, 423852)

Robins Air Force Base Open House (ME001, 603295)

Rotary National Award for Space Achievement 1988 (ME001, 525502)

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Nurse Recognition Day (ME002-01, 558699)

St. Mary’s Home – Centennial (ME002, 478565)

St. Patrick Catholic School, Troy, OH (ME002-02, 599678)

Salute to Japanese American Vietnam Veterans and Vincent Okamoto 06/02/1988

          (ME002, 559176)

Salute to National Institute of Health – Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International

Seaford Banner – Bicentennial Edition 1987 (ME002-06, 493978))

Sharansky, Natan – Simon Weisenthal Center Honoree (ME001, 468122)

Shingle – Philadelphia Bar Association - 50th Anniversary (ME002-06, 547402)

Sierra Madre Library 100th Birthday (ME002, 427777)

Sing Tao Newspaper 48th Anniversary (ME002-06, 408973)

Sons of Norway’s USA Cup 1988 (ME002, 359986)

Spain – U.S.A. Chamber of Commerce (ME002-06, 603291)

Stevens, Ford W., D.D.S. (ME001, 584642)

Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation – Texas State School Music

          Festival (ME002-02 423556)

Traffic World 80th Anniversary (ME002-06 480290)

University of Southern Maine Child and Family Institute (ME002, 599236)

Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A. 34th Annual Convention (ME002, 408632)

Volunteer Center – Orange County, CA (ME001, 592099)

Washington Society of Cinematographers 50th Anniversary (ME002, 491686)

Westchester Malayalee Association, Inc. (ME002, 423588)

WGY Radio Station 65th Anniversary (ME002-06, 456889)

World Fellowship of Buddhists (ME002, 603467)

World Vision – Child Survival and Beyond

Ziffren, Paul (ME001, 600264)


Box 001-A93-01-Presidential Messages

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PM38 (Displaywriter Diskette)

PM37 (Displaywriter Diskette)

PM36 (Displaywriter Diskette)

PM35 (Displaywriter Diskette)

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PM33 (Displaywriter Diskette)

Forms Office of Presidential Messages (Displaywriter Diskette)

9MSG (Displaywriter Diskette)

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PM30 (Displaywriter Diskette)

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8MSG (Displaywriter Diskette)

10MSGE (Displaywriter Diskette)

9MSGB (Displaywriter Diskette)

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CK-1 (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA Program Diskette (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA Program Diskette (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA (Displaywriter Diskette)

PHONE (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA (Displaywriter Diskette)

NAGKBA (Displaywriter Diskette)