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BOGGS, DANNY J.: Files, 1981-1984


Office of Policy Development


See also OA 12582 in the Randall Davis collection for Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and the Environment (CCNRE) meeting notes created by Boggs, but used by Davis.


OA 4123

Clean Air Act

Environment-CAA (Clean Air Act) (1)-(4)

Received per CC Meeting Mon 03/23/1981 CAA (Clean Air Act) (1)-(4)

Clear Air Act (1)-(4)

CAAWG (Clean Air Act Working Group) Papers – Set II Submitted Between

05/29/1981 and 06/02/1981 (1)-(3)

Environment-CAA (Clean Air Act) (1)-(5)


OA 4124

Department of Energy – Reorganization [I] (1)-(5)

          Department of Energy – Reorganization [II] (1)-(6)

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/22/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/04/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/27/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/06/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 02/01/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 02/08/1982

President Reagan’s Proposed Energy Reorganization – Background Information

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 02/17/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 03/02/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/25/1982 (1)(2)

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/11/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 02/05/1982

          Proposed Reorganization of Energy Functions Steering Group 01/15/1982

          Proposed Energy Reorganization Plan 01/04/1982 (Binder) (1)(2)

Department of Energy Sunset Review: Report to the Congress, February 1982

(Volume 1 of 3)

Department of Energy Sunset Review: Program-by-Program Analysis, February 1982

(Volume 2 of 3)

Department of Energy Sunset Review: Program-by-Program Analysis: Appendix: Summary Tables, February 1982

(Volume 3 of 3)

Department of Energy Dismantlement (1)-(4)


OA 4125

[Emergency Preparedness Allocation] (1)-(13)

[Standby Petroleum Allocation Act] (1)-(20)

ICF Inc.: Mechanisms for Recycling Federal Tax Revenues to Individuals and

Households in the Event of a Sudden Increase in the Price of Oil (1)-(3)

ICF Inc.: Responding to Hardships from Oil Supply Disruptions: Analysis and

Administrative Issues (1)-(4)

[Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act I] (1)-(10)

[Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act II] (Binder) (1)(2)


OA 4126

June 1981 Chron

July 1981 Chron (1)(2)

August 1981 Chron

September 1981 Chron (1)-(3)

October 1981 Chron (1)-(4)

November 1981 Chron (1)-(4)

December 1981 Chron (1)(2)

January 1982 Chron (1)-(4)

February 1982 Chron (1)-(3)

March 1982 Chron (1)-(5)


OA 4127

Energy – NEPP III (1981 National Energy Policy Plan) [I] (1)-(7)

Energy – NEPP III (1981 National Energy Policy Plan) [II] (1)-(11)

Energy – NEPP III (1981 National Energy Policy Plan) [III] (1)-(7)

Energy – NEPP III (1981 National Energy Policy Plan) [IV] (1)-(9)


OA 4128

1981 Calendar Book (1)-(6)

[Alaska Trip] (1)-(21)


OA 4129

Energy – Coal Exports – [Delaware Bay]

Energy – Coal Exports – [Long Beach, CA]

[Energy – Coal Exports – Japan: Report re Coal Demand and Development]

[Energy – Coal Exports – Japan: Report] (1)(2)

Energy – ANGTS (Current) (Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System) (1)-(11)

Energy – ANGTS – Socioeconomic

Energy – ANGTS [I] (1)-(5)

Energy – ANGTS [II] (1)-(5)

Energy – ANGTS [III] (1)-(4)

Energy – ANGTS (Active) [I] (1)-(4)

Energy – ANGTS (Active) [II] (1)-3)

Energy – ANGTS (Active) [III] (1)-(6)

[Energy – ANGTS: Congressional Testimony and Statements – House of

Representatives] (1)-(11)

[Energy – ANGTS:] Department of Energy: Fuel Choice for Heating New Single-Family Homes

[Energy – ANGTS: Congressional Testimony and Statements – Senate] (1)(2)


OA 4130

Energy – Oil Exports [I] (1)-(6)

[Energy – Oil Exports II:] Oil Exports

[Energy – Oil Exports II] (1)-(7)

Energy – Oil Exports [III] (1)-(7)

Energy – Oil Exports [IV] (1)-(7)

Energy – Oil Exports [V] (1)-(8)

Energy – Oil Exports [VI] (1)-(7)

[Energy – Oil Exports:] Alaska North Slope Crude: An Economic and Financial Analysis

 of Prospective Export Exchanges, May 1979 (1)-(3)


OA 4131

Energy – Strategic Petroleum Reserve (1)-(3)

[Energy –] Strategic Petroleum Reserve (1)-(6)

[Energy –] Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Strategic Petroleum Reserve Office (Stockman

Proposals/McClaughry) (1)-(9)

[Energy –] Strategic Petroleum Reserve Office (1)-(5)

Energy – Natural Gas (1)-(28)

[Energy – Natural Gas – Publications] (1)-(10)


OA 4132 (Strategic Materials)

Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals [General] (1)-(7)

[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals [Supply Issues]

[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals – Secretariat (1)-(6)

Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals [Policy Statements] (1)-(5)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals – Department of State] (Envelope) (1)-(4)

[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals Policy Statement – Agency Comments


[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals Policy Statement – Drafts (1)-(12)

[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals – Current/General (1)-(7)

Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals (1)(2)

[Natural Resources –] Strategic Minerals (1)-(5)


OA 4133 (Strategic Materials)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals: Note to Martha Hesse 12/31/1981]

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Department of Commerce: Nonfuel Mineral

Policies of Six Industrialized Countries, Final Report (September 1981)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals – Issues] (1)-(5)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Strategic and Critical Materials for Defense

Needs – Executive Summary (Review Copy) (1)(2)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Strategic and Critical Materials for Defense

Needs – Volume I: Main Report (Review Copy) (1)-(7)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Strategic and Critical Materials for Defense

Needs – Volume II: Weapons Systems Survey (Review Copy) (1)-(6)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Critical Materials – Volume III: 

Materials/Industry Studies (Review Copy) (1)-(5)

[Natural Resources – Strategic Minerals] Department of Commerce: Critical Material

Requirements of the U.S. Aerospace Industry (October 1981) (1)-(7)


OA 6196

Chron Files for May 1982-August 1982 EEPA (Energy - Emergency Preparedness) Files Before 1982


OA 8547

Energy - SPR  Study

Energy - SPR Acquisition Policy

Energy - SPR Iran

Energy - SPR Mexico

Energy - SPR Purchase

Energy - SPR


OA 8548

Efficiency Standards for Air Conditioning Equipment

            Public Utility Holding Company Act


OA 11461

Budget Appeals




Office of Policy Development

Office of Policy Development History

Office of Policy Development Priorities


Policy Information

Press Messages


Questions and Answers

RR Schedule


Administration - State of the Union [1983]

Strategic Plan



Veto Messages

Acid Rain Working Group

Working Groups: ADC

Clean Air Act Working Group

Working Groups: Coal Export

Working Groups: Coal Slurry

Working Groups: Electric Utility


OA 11462

Agriculture – Agribusiness

Agriculture – Almonds

Agriculture – Bail Outs

Agriculture – Barter

Agriculture – Blacks

Agriculture – Blended Credit

Agriculture – Casein Imports

Agriculture – Cattle

Agriculture – GFTC

Agriculture – Chemicals

Agriculture – Commodity Distribution

Agriculture – Contact Sanctity

Agriculture – Credit

Agriculture – Crisis

Agriculture – Dairy

Agriculture – Distribution

Agriculture – Economics

Agriculture – Embargo

Agriculture – FDB

Agriculture – Exports

Agriculture – Farm Crisis

Agriculture – Farmland Protection (1)(2)

Agriculture – Farm Income Protection

Agriculture – FMHA

Agriculture – Food Safety

Agriculture – Food Stamps

Agriculture – Foreclosures

Agriculture – Foreign

Agriculture – Futures

Agriculture – Gasohol

Agriculture – General

Agriculture – Global

Agriculture – Grain

Agriculture – Hunger

Agriculture – Income Protection

Agriculture – Legislation

Agriculture – Marketing Orders

Agriculture – Meat Imports

Agriculture – Media

Agriculture – Minorities

Agriculture – Miscellaneous

Agriculture – Moratorium

Agriculture – Nutrition

Agriculture – Organic

Agriculture – Payment in Kind Program

Agriculture – Policy

Agriculture – Price Supports

Agriculture – Proclamation

Agriculture – P.R.

Agriculture – Research

Agriculture – Rural Development

Agriculture – REA

Agriculture – Soil Conservation

Agriculture – Soviet Grain Agreement (LTA)

Agriculture – Soybeans

Agriculture – Speeches

Agriculture – Statistics

Agriculture – Subsidies

Agriculture – Sugar

Agriculture – Supports

Agriculture – Surpluses

Agriculture – Tobacco

Agriculture – Trade

Agriculture – Wheat

Agriculture – W. I. C.


OA 11463 (Daily Files)

Daily Working Groups / Emergency Preparedness

Working Group on Environmental Statement

Federal Regulation Alternatives

Global Issues

Working Group on Groundwater Strategy

Hazardous Waste Working Group: CCNRE (Cabinet Council on Natural


Natural Gas


Ocean Resources

Oil Exports

Oil Price Fall

Issues Roundtables

Chrons (March 1983-October 1983)

Communication Meeting (Friday)


Working Groups (Index Attached) / Secretariat Meetings

Executive Secretaries (Thursday) Meetings

Initiatives (1983)

Invites (Done / Regret)

Midterm Planning (Strategic Planning)

Implementation Status of Cabinet Council Issues

Issues Breakfast for the President

Cabinet Council Accomplishments: General

Cabinet Council Accomplishments: Interagency Groups

Cabinet Council Accomplishments: Numbers (Press Release)

Cabinet Council Accomplishments: Others

Cabinet Council Accomplishments: Procedures

Working Group / Activities: Methanol


OA 11464 ( Department of Energy (Revised 07/20/1984):

DOE / Advisory Committees

DOE /  Budget

DOE /  News Clips

DOE /  Organization and Statements

DOE /  Overcharge

DOE /  Regulations

DOE /  Reorganization

DOE / Rules

DOE / Special Counsel

DOE / Succession

DOE / Sunset Review

DOE / Transition Team

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Autos

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Birth Defects

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Gasoline

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / General

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Hawaii

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / I & M [Vehicle Emission Inspection and


(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Issues (1)(2)

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Kelco

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Safe Water

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / San Jose

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / SIP Provision

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Travis Plant

(Environmental Protection Agency) EPA / Water


OA 11465

Energy – Access to Energy

Energy – Alaska

Energy – Alcohol Fuels

Energy – Algerian LNG

Energy – Alternatives

Energy – AFEI (Americans for Energy Independence)

Energy – AJC (American Jewish Committee)

ANGTS (Alaska Natural Gas Transport Action System)

Energy – Socioeconomic (M)

Energy – ANGTS / Waiver Transmittal

Energy – Appliance Rules

Energy – Arctic

Energy – Assistance

Energy – Autos

Energy – Bibliography

Energy – Biomass

Energy – Blacks

Energy – Black Lung

Energy – Block Grants

Energy - Bonneville Power Authority (BPA)

Energy – Budget

Energy – CAFΙ

Energy - Canada

Energy – Canadian Investment

Energy – Canadian Restrictions

Canadian Energy – Visit

Energy – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (1)(2)

Energy – Clements

Energy – CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

Energy – Coal

Energy – Coal / Anthracite

Energy – Coal Conversion

Energy – Coal Exports

Energy – Coal Export / Policy

Energy – Coal Exports

Energy – Coal Exports – Ports

Energy – Coal Home Heating

Energy – Coal Leases

Energy – Coal Mine Safety

Energy – Coal / Mixtures

Energy – Coal / Oil Mix

Energy – Coal Severance Tax


OA 11466

Energy - Coal Slurry Pipelines, Part 1

Energy - Coal Slurry Pipelines: Part 2

Energy - Coal Slurry Pipelines: Part 3

Energy - Coal Slurry Pipelines: Part 4

Energy - Coal Strike

Energy: Coal Strip Mining

Energy - Coal Transportation

Energy: Coal / Water

Energy: Cogeneration (1)-(3)


OA 11467

Energy: Conservation (1)-(23)

Energy: Conservation X-6 (1)(2)


Energy: Consumption

CWIP (Construction Work in Progress Policy)


Department of Energy

District Heating

DOE Budget

DOE / Enforcement

DOE / Succession





Energy: Efficiency

E.I.A. (Emergency Information Administration)


Electric / Federal Power

Electricity / Deregulation


OA 11468

Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities Working Group (M)

Energy: Electric Vehicles (1)(2)


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Briefing / Enforcement

Emergency Speech (Campaign) (M)

EPAA / Expiration



OA 11469

Energy: Environment

ERA (Emergency Regulatory Administration)

ETC (Energy Technology Conference)

Energy: Federal Lands

Federal Use

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)




Foreign Investment

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells Act




Gasoline / Lead Phasedown

Gas Rationing








I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission)


IEA (International Energy Administration)


[Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT)] (1)-(3)

[CERT Indian Energy Discussion Paper]

Energy - Indians


OA 11470



Japan Group

Knoxville Presidential Speech


Lead / Leasing

Energy: Legislative Veto

Low Income Assistance

Mar Ad



Middle East

Energy: Mining


Mobilization Board


National Centro for APPRO. TECH ( NCAT)

National Petroleum Council

National Security

National Security Study Directive

Naval Petroleum Reserve (NPR)

Energy: Near Deep

Energy: NEPP IV (National Energy Policy Plan) (1)-(14)

Energy: NEPP IV (National Energy Policy Plan) and Press Release

Northern Tier



OA 11471

Energy – Oil

Energy – Oil Decontrol (1)-(8)

Energy – Oil Decontrol - Economics

Oil Decontrol / Entitlement Problems

Oil Decontrol / OP ED Piece

Oil Drilling

Oil Exploration

Energy - Oil Exports -  Products (1)-(3)

Energy – Oil -  Foreign Affairs [Foreign Affairs Articles]

Oil Glut

Energy - Oil Imports

Energy - Oil Import Fee (1)-(7)

Oil Jobbers

Oil Marketing

Energy – Oil - Northern Tier

Oil / Pipelines

Energy - Oil Policy

Oil Prices

Oil Production

Oil Refineries

Oil Shale

Oil Surplus

Energy - Oil Taxes


OA 11472

Energy: OCS (Outer Continental Shelf)



Energy: Ottawa Summit (1)(2)



Parking Fees

PMA's (Power Maintenance Administration)


Energy: Pollution

Port Fee Bill

Public Information




Price Controls

Project Expediting

Priority Projects

Energy: Proclamations

PUHCA (Public Utility Holding Company Act)

PURPA (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act)

Radon Gas


Energy: RCS (Residential Conservation Service)


Energy: Reagan Speech




Renewables / UN Conference

Energy: R& D (Research and Development) (1)-(3)


Ronald Reagan


OA 11473

Energy: Science


Severance Tax

Energy: SFC (Synthetic Fuels Corporation) – Abolish (1)(2)


Energy: Solar (1)-(9)

Energy: Solar - Photovoltaics

Energy: Solar Tax

Energy: Solar - White House

Energy: Solid Waste

SPAA 1982 [Standby Petroleum Allocation Act]

SPAA [Standby Petroleum Allocation Act] (1)(2)

SPAA Veto [Standby Petroleum Allocation Act]

Speech Materials


State and Local



Energy: Strip Mining



Energy – Synthetic Fuels (1)-(7)

Synthetic Fuels Drafts

Energy – Synthetic Fuels - Great Plains [I]

Energy – Synthetic Fuels - Great Plains [II] (1)(2)

Synthetic Fuels - Synthetic Fuels Corporation (1)-(6)

Energy - Synthetic Fuels - TOSCO


OA 11474

Energy - Tar Sands



Tax Credits

Energy: Technology


Energy: Toxic Torts



Energy: TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) (1)(2)


Energy - Legislative "Veto"

Energy: Western Issues



Windfall Profits Tax



World Energy Conference


Yamal Pipeline

Energy: U.S. Energy Situation (1)-(4)


OA 11475

Energy: Nuclear - Accidents

Energy: Nuclear Action Plan

Energy: Nuclear - Anti

Energy: Nuclear: Authorization Back End

Energy: Nuclear – Breeder (1)-(3)

Energy - Nuclear - Budget

Energy: Nuclear - Clinch River (1)(2)

Energy: Nuclear (Cost)

Energy: Nuclear – Conservation (1)(2)

Energy: Nuclear: Defense

Energy - Nuclear - DOE Program

Energy: Nuclear: Economics

Energy: Nuclear: Enrichment

Energy: Nuclear: Exports

Energy - Nuclear - Financial

Energy: Nuclear: Fuel Cycle

Energy - Nuclear - Fusion (1)(2)

Energy - Nuclear - General (1)-(3)

Energy: Nuclear: Government Reactors

Energy: Nuclear: Health

Energy: Nuclear: HTGR (High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor)

Nuclear Industry (1)-(4)

[Nuclear - General: Nuclear - Recent] (1) (2)

Nuclear - General (1)-(3)

Energy - Nuclear - Legislation (1)(2)

Energy - Nuclear - Licensing (1)-(5)

Energy - Nuclear - MBA

Energy: Nuclear: Medical

Energy: Nuclear: New Production Reactors


OA 11476

Energy: Nuclear - Newsletters

Energy: Nuclear - Non-Proliferation

Energy: Nuclear - NPR

Energy: Nuclear - NCR

Energy: Nuclear - Plants

Energy: Nuclear - Policy

Energy: Nuclear - P.R.

Energy: Nuclear - Presidential Statement

Energy: Nuclear - Price / Anderson Act

Energy: Nuclear - Proliferation

Energy: Nuclear - Radiation

Energy: Nuclear - Radiation Policy Council

Energy: Nuclear - Regulations

Energy: Nuclear - Reprocessing

Energy: Nuclear - Rhetoric / Overnight

Energy: Nuclear - Safety

Energy - Nuclear - South Africa

Energy: Nuclear - SPC

Energy - Nuclear - Three Mile Island

Energy: Nuclear - Transportation

Energy: Nuclear – Uranium (1)-(4)

Energy: Nuclear - Utilities

Energy: Nuclear – Waste (1)-(5)

Energy: Nuclear - Waste Management (1)-(6)

Energy: Nuclear - Weapons

Energy: Nuclear - WPPSS


OA 11477

Environment - Acid Rain (1)-(5)

Environment - Air Pollution

Environment - Alaska

Environment - Animal Damage Control

Environment - Asbestos

Environment - Autos

Environment – “Banking” [Emissions Reduction Banking]

Environment - Bubble Policy [Emissions Reduction Banking]

Environment - Cancer

Environment - Carbon Dioxide

Environment - Clean Air (1)(2)

Environment - Clean Air - Fuel Use

Environment - Clean Air – Steel Stretch Out

Environment - Clean Air Act (1)-(4)

Environment - Clean Water Act (1)(2)

Environment - Council on Economic Quality (1)-(3)

Environment - Council on Economic Quality Annual Report

Environment - CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons)

Environment - Coastal Barriers

Environment - Coastal Programs

Environment - Coastal Zone Management

Environment - CO² (Carbon Dioxide)

Environment - Cost

Environment - Dioxin

Environment – Dept. of Interior

Environment - Drilling

Environment - Endangered Species (1)(2)

Environment - Enforcements

Environment - Environmental Protection Agency

Environment - Executive Orders

Environment - Exports

Environment - Flouride

Environment - Formaldehyde


OA 11478

Environment - General

Environment - General - [Emissions]

Environment - General – [EPA]

Environment - General – [Wildlife / Natural Resources]

Environment - Global 2000 (1)-(3)

Environment - Global Issues

Environment - Grace Commission

Environment - Groundwater

Environment - Groups

Environment - Hazardous Export

Environment - Hazardous Waste

Environment - Health & Safety

Environment - Historic Preservation

Environment - Housing

Environment - Indoor Air

Environment - Lake Liming

Environment - Lead (1)-(2)

Environment - Lead Poisoning

Environment - Lopez [Environmental Health Sciences] (1)-(3)

Environment - Love Canal (1)-(4)

Environment - Marine Mammals

Environment - Marine Sanctuary

Environment - Market

Environment - Mono Lake

Environment - NACOA  National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere

Environment – NEPA

Environment - New York City (1)-(3)

Environment - Noise

Environment - Oil

Environment - Oil Spills

Environment - Outer Continental Shelf

Environment - Ozone


OA 11479

Environment - Parks

Environment - Pesticides

Environment – Policy (1)(2)

Environment - Polling

Environment - Pollution - Health (1)(2)

Environment - Population

Environment - Predacides

Environment - Presidential Initiatives

Environment - Private Purchase

Environment - Public Lands

Environment - Radon

Environment - Reagan Task Force

Environment - [Reauthorization of] Resource Conservation & Recovery Act

Environment - Rhetoric

Environment - Risks

Environment - Safe Drinking Water Act (1)-(3)

Environment - Safety & Health

Environment - Science

Environment - Smith Group

Environment - Speeches

Environment - Statistics

Environment - Steel

Environment - Steel Bill

Environment - Strip Mining

Environment - St. Lawrence River

Environment - Superfund

Environment - Surface Mining

Environment - Toxics

Environment - Tuolumne River (CA)

Environment - Water

Environment - Water - Cost Sharing

Environment - Water - Construction Grants

Environment - Water - Loans

Environment - Water Policy

Environment - Water Resources

Environment - Water Rights

Environment - Weather

Environment - Westway

Environment – Wetlands (1)(2)

Environment - Whales

Environment – Wilderness (1)-(3)

Environment - Wild Rivers

Environment - Wood


OA 11480

Global: 2000 (1)-(3)

Global: Agriculture

Global: Agency for International Development (AID)

Global: Climate

Global: Defense

Global: Economics

Global: Energy

Global: Forecasting

Global: General Statistics

Global: Government Models

Global: Health

Global: Immigration

Global: Legislation

Global: Minerals

Global: Measurements

Global: NASA

Global: Oceans

Global: Organization

Global: Population I (1)-(9)


OA 11481

Global: Population II (1)-(8)

Global: Population III (1)-(11)

Global: Private Sector

Global: Questionnaire

Global: Roundtable

Global: Seidel

Global: Statistics

Global: Summaries

Global: Timber

Global: Transportation

Global: U.S.S.R.

Global: Water


OA 11482

Alaska Trip (1)-(4)


Congressional Reports



Mexico Trip

National Science Foundation


Research & Development

Resumes / General

Science & Technology (1)-(3)

Science & Technology: Intergovernmental

Speaking Invites

Daily Files

Issue Roundtables


Initiatives (1983)

Midterm Planning (Strategic Planning)

Implementation Status of Cabinet Issues


OA 11483

Transition: [Energy Related]

Transition: [Energy Related]

Transition: [Energy Related

Transition: Conservation and Solar

Transition: Team Administration

Transition: Briefing for DOE

Transition: DOE Briefing Documents

Transition: DOE Transition

Transition: Energy Policy

Transition: Energy Positions

Transition: FERC Transition Team

Transition: FERC

Transition: Meeting of 12/23 OPC

Transition: Transition Notes

Transition Recommendations

Transition: [Natural Gas]

Transition - Heritage

Transition - Heritage

Transition - Reagan - Position


OA 11484

NASA / Aeronautics






Halley's Comet


Planetary Festival




Shuttle Pricing

NASA - Space Policy


Voluntary Financing

Port Fees Working Group (1)-(3)


Strategic Materials

Water Resources Working Group (1)-(5)

Wetlands Working Group

Windfall Profits Tax


OA 11485

Natural Gas

Natural Gas 1983

Natural Gas / Abiogenic

Natural Gas / Alaska

Natural Gas / Algerian LNG

Natural Gas / Analysis

Natural Gas / Canada

Natural Gas / Clips

Natural Gas / Congressional

Natural Gas / Consumption

Natural Gas / Contract Carriage

Natural Gas / Correspondence

Natural Gas / Current

Natural Gas / Curtailments

Natural Gas / Decontrol

Natural Gas / Deregulation


OA 11486

Natural Gas / Drafts

Natural Gas / Events

Natural Gas / FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)

Natural Gas / Forecasts

Natural Gas / Foreign

Natural Gas / Form Letters

Natural Gas / Fuel Switching

          Natural Gas / Fuel Use Act


Natural Gas / Gas Costs

Natural Gas / Warranty

Natural Gas / Hearings

Natural Gas / Hodel Proposal

Natural Gas / Imports

Natural Gas / Imports (Current)

Natural Gas / Incentive Pricing

Natural Gas / Lame Duck

Natural Gas / LNG

Natural Gas / Legal

Natural Gas / Media

Natural Gas / Near Deep

Natural Gas / Policy

Natural Gas / Positions

Natural Gas / Press

Natural Gas / Proposals

Natural Gas / Rate Changes

Natural Gas / Reaction

Natural Gas / Renegotiation

Natural Gas / Statistics

Natural Gas / Studies

Natural Gas / Supply

Natural Gas / Testimony

Natural Gas / Use Restrictions

Natural Gas / Winter


OA 11960

Natural Resources: Alaska

Natural Resources: Barrier Islands (1)(2)

Natural Resources: Boundary Waters

Natural Resources: Chugach

Natural Resources - Clean Air -  Acid Rain

Natural Resources: CEQ (Council of Environmental Quality)

Natural Resources: Coal Leases

Natural Resources: Copper

Natural Resources: Dams

Natural Resources: Denver (Empty)

Natural Resources: Department of Interior (1)-(5)

Natural Resources: Department of Interior, Budget

Natural Resources: DPA Defense Production Act

Natural Resources: Eagle Piney

Natural Resources: Farming

Natural Resources: Food

Natural Resources: Fish and Wildlife (1)-(3)

Natural Resources: Foreign Leases

Natural Resources: Forests

Natural Resources: Garrison

Natural Resources: Georgetown Park

Natural Resources: General

Natural Resources: Grazing

Natural Resources: Hazardous Waste

Natural Resources: Historic Preservation

Natural Resources: Hunting

Natural Resources: Indians

Natural Resources: Infrastructure

Natural Resources: Lake Tahoe (1)-(7)

Natural Resources: Lands

Natural Resources: Land Swaps

Natural Resources: Law of the Sea

Natural Resources: Lease Sale #53 (1)-(4)

Natural Resources: Minerals (1)(2)

Natural Resources: Mining

Natural Resources: Mt. St. Helens (1)(2)

Natural Resources: MX

Natural Resources: NACOA (National Advisory Committee on Oceans and


Natural Resources: Ocean Issues

Natural Resources: Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Offshore Leasing (1)-(5)

Natural Resources: OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) Litigation Settlement

Natural Resources: OSC (Outer Continental Shelf) Revenue Sharing Working

Group (1)-(7)

Natural Resources: OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) Sales

Natural Resources: Oil Leases

Natural Resources: Outer Surface Mining (OSM)

          Natural Resources: Outer Surface Mining (OSM) Reorganization


OA 11961

Natural Resources: Parks (1)-(3)

Natural Resources - Parks - Vietnam Memorial (1)-(3)

Natural Resources: Papago

Natural Resources: Papago (1)(2)

Natural Resources: Policy

Natural Resources: Ports (1)(2)

Natural Resources: Predicides

Natural Resources: Property Review Board

Natural Resources: Public Lands

Natural Resources: Public Laws (1)-(4)

Natural Resources: RARE II

Natural Resources: Rail Roads

Natural Resources: Reclamation Act of 1902 (1)-(7)

Natural Resources: Recreation (1)(2)

Natural Resources: Redwood Park

Natural Resources: RV's [Recreational Vehicles]

Natural Resources: Reorganization

Natural Resources: Royalties - Certainteed

Natural Resources: Sagebrush Rebellion

Natural Resources: Silver (1)-(7)

Natural Resources: Small Water Lands

Natural Resources: Steel

Natural Resources: Strategic Minerals / Independent

Natural Resources: Strip Mining

Natural Resources: Office of Surface Mining

Natural Resources: Timber (1)-(5)

Natural Resources: Federal Timber Sale (1)-(10)


OA 11962

Natural Resources - Timber Bailouts (1)-(3)

Natural Resources - Timber Relief Paper

Natural Resources - User Fees

Natural Resources - Water Cost Sharing (1)-(7)

Natural Resources - Water Cost Sharing - Decision Memo

Natural Resources - Water - Loans

Natural Resources - Water Policy (1)-(3)

Natural Resources - Water Projects - User Fees

Natural Resources - Water Resources

Natural Resources - Weather

Natural Resources - Wetlands

Natural Resources - Wetlands Water District

Natural Resources - Whales/Wildlife

Natural Resources – Wilderness (1)-(2)

Natural Resources - Yakima River Basin

Vietnam Memorial (1)-(5)


OA 11963



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Articles Oil

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