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The non-bolded folders are subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act (PRA).


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          CFOA 21

[William J. Casey, Nominee to be Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs]

          [Casey, Financial Transaction/Disclosures] (1)-(6)

          [03/08/1971 – Nomination Hearing of William J. Casey] (1)-(7)

[02/10/1972 and 03/09/1971 – Nomination Hearings of William J. Casey] (1)- (15)

          [01/13/1981 – Nomination Hearing of William J. Casey]

[12/12/1973 – Nomination Hearing for William J. Casey and Ralph D. Denunzio]

          [03/19/1971 – Nomination of William J. Casey]


          CFOA 22

          [William J. Casey – Elizabeth Maiden, et al v. Carl Biehl, et al] (1)-(47)


          CFOA 113

          [Lefever Letter 05/31/1981 re: Infant Formula Controversy] (1)-(3)

          [Lefever / Nestle Correspondence (Infant Formula Controversy)] (1)(2)

          [Lefever Nomination - Issues] (1)(2)

[Lefever Statement re Ethics & Public Policy Center (Infant Formula Controversy)] (1)-(5)

          [Lefever Nomination - Notes & Clippings] (1)-(4)

          [Lefever Nomination - Questions] (1)-(3)

[Lefever Nomination - Supporting Letters (Distributed by Senator Hayakawa’s Office)]

[Lefever]: Briefing Book - Nomination of Ernest W. Lefever (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          [Lefever Material from Richard Hauser] (1)-(10)

          Lefever Redraft Original

[Nomination of Ernest Lefever to be Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs – 05/18/1981 (Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Testimony)] (1)-(6)

          [Lefever: Ethics & Public Policy Center - 1980 Report and Catalog]


          CFOA 114

          [Lefever Nomination Material - I] (1)-(8)

          [Lefever Nomination Material - II] (1)-(9)

          [Lefever Nomination Material - III] (1)(2)

          HPG Lefever, Ernest W. Summaries

          HPG Lefever, Ernest W. General (1)(2)

          [Lefever Nomination - Questions] (1)(2)

          [Lefever Nomination - List of Supporters]

          [Lefever Nomination - Notes]

          [Lefever Nomination - Clippings] (1)-(3)

          HPG Lefever, Ernest W. Newspaper Articles (1)-(3)

          [Lefever Nomination]: Korean Traders Scholarship Foundation

          Pacific Culture Foundation

          [Lefever Correspondence]

          [Lefever Nomination:] EWL Briefing Book (1)-(3)

          Briefing Book - Nomination of Ernest W. Lefever (1)-(4)


          CFOA 466

          Edwin Meese / Personal Finances

          Meese / Press [I]

          Meese / Press [II]

          Edwin Meese / 278 (AG); Recusal

          Edwin Meese / 278 Release Requests

          [Edwin Meese - Dr. Earl Brian]

          [Edwin Meese - Dr. Earl Brian]: Meeting w/Brian

          [Edwin Meese - Dr. Earl Brian]: Other White House Contacts Dr. Brian Has Made & Carlson Information

          [Edwin Meese - Dr. Earl Brian]: Correspondence between EWT & EM with Earl Brian

          [Edwin Meese - Dr. Earl Brian]: Phone Log Records

          Meese, Edwin

          Edwin Meese III Background

          Edwin Meese / Hearing Preparation

          Edwin Meese / Independent Counsel

          Edwin Meese / Judiciary Committee re: Bob Jones Case

          Edwin Meese Judiciary Committee re: Questions & Responses

          Edwin Meese FFF Response to Metzenbaum Request

          Edwin Meese Military

          Edwin Meese / OGE Staff   Report

          Edwin Meese Miscellaneous

          Edwin Meese Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous Notes, etc.

          [Meese Confirmation - Richard Hauser Material]


          CFOA 618

          WH Counsel Memoranda to PPO - 1982 (PPO Chrons)

          WH Counsel Memoranda to PPO - 1983 (PPO Chrons)

          WH Counsel Memoranda to PPO - 1984 (PPO Chrons)

          WH Counsel Memoranda to PPO - 1985 (PPO Chrons)


          CFOA 1175

          War Powers Resolution

          War Powers/Counter Terrorism

          War Powers/Counter terrorism Meeting – 09/19/1985

          War Powers/Senator Nunn Statement – 02/29/1988

          War Powers Resolution - General File

          War Powers - Specter

          War Powers - Crockett v. Reagan

          War Powers - Wire Services

          War Powers - Classified Diskette

          War Powers - Chad

          War Powers - Cyprus - June 1985

          War Powers - Senator Dave Durenberger Remarks

          War Powers - El Salvador

          War Powers - Grenada/Cabinet Meeting

          War Powers - Grenada/Legal and Political Rationale (1)-(3)

          War Powers - Grenada/Legal Ramifications/Olson

          War Powers - Grenada/Miscellaneous

          War Powers - Grenada/Report to Congress Drafts 10/25/1983

War Powers - Grenada/Report to Congress 10/25/1983

War Powers - Grenada/Proposed Reports after 10/25/1983 (1)(2)

          War Powers - Grenada/Report to Congress Drafts 12/08/1983   

          War Powers - Grenada/Report to Congress 12/08/1983

          War Powers – Grenada/Statement and Press Clips, Briefings

          War Powers - Grenada/Treaty Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

          War Powers - Honduras - March 1988

          War Powers - Honduras04/10/1986

          War Powers - Honduras – March 1986

          War Powers - Karachi - 09/12/1986

          War Powers - Lebanon/Chronology of Military Activities [DoD]

          War Powers - Lebanon/Cong. Meetings and Strategy

          War Powers - Lebanon/Draft Letters Not Sent

          War Powers - Lebanon/Emergency Act [Lebanon Supplemental]

          War Powers - Lebanon/Exchange of Letters

          War Powers - Lebanon/Floor Debate [House and Senate]

          War Powers - Lebanon/Joint Resolution [Compromise]


          CFOA 1176

          War Powers - Lebanon/MNF (Multinational Force) (1)(2)

          War Powers – Lebanon 09/27/1983 Letter to Congressional Leadership

          War Powers - Lebanon - Notes 07/08/1985

          War Powers - Lebanon/NSC Meetings

          War Powers - Lebanon/OLC

          War Powers - Lebanon/Press

          War Powers - Lebanon/Reports to Congress

          War Powers - Lebanon/Report 03/30/1984

          War Powers - Lebanon/Report 08/30/1983

          War Powers - Lebanon/Report to Congress 12/14/1983

          War Powers - Lebanon/Report to Congress Drafts 12/14/1983

          War Powers - Lebanon/Pres. Statements and Remarks

          War Powers - Lebanon/Senate Baker Resolution

          War Powers - Lebanon/Senate Byrd Resolution

          War Powers - Lebanon/Senate Mathias Resolution

          War Powers - Lebanon Shultz Testimony

          War Powers - Lebanon/Signing Statement September 1983

          War Powers - Lebanon/Zablocki Resolution

          War Powers - Lebanon 1982

          War Powers - Libya - 04/14/1986 (1)-(3)

          War Powers - Libya - 03/24/1986 (1)-(3)

          War Powers Meeting - March 1986 Libya/Freedom of Navigation Exercise

          War Powers - Military Action Against Libya – January 1986

          War Powers - Libya - 08/19/1981

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 01/04/1989

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 01/12/1988

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 07/03/1988

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incidents 03/04/1988-03/05/1988

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Security Arrangements


          CFOA 1177

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 10/19/1987

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 10/8/1987

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 09/21/1987

          War Powers - Persian Gulf Incident 05/18/1987 [Attack on USS Stark]

          War Powers - Philippines 09/16/1986

          War Powers - Sudan Meeting Materials 03/16/1984

          War Powers - TWA Flight 847 [Cox memo 06/20/1985]

          War Powers Act - Byrd, Mitchell, Nunn, Warner Bill

          War Powers Act - ABC Working File OA 15065

          War Powers Notebook


CFOA  1312

          Background Investigations Senate Committees

          Background Investigations (Procedures)


          White House Employee List

          Staff Lists 1982-1986

          Staff Lists - 1987-1989

          1988 White House Staff Manual

          Executive Privilege Notebook

          Counsel’s Office File Index

          FBI Files Log for West Wing Counsel's Office


          CFOA 1327

          Hammer, Armand - Pardon Application

          Hammer, Armand - Pardon Application:  Hammer, Armand

          1985 Department of Justice Review of Major Litigation

          Presidential Personnel - Miscellaneous

          Presidential Succession Notebook

          [Presidential Succession]

          Transition 1988

          [Transition 1989]



          OA 3815

          [Hiring Freeze Litigation]

          Exxon  Corporation, et al., v, Federal Trade Commission et al

          American Federation of Government Employees et al. v. R. G. Freeman (Parking Fee Litigation)

          William Frank Newton, et al.  v.  Bernard Gallageher, Acting Director, FEMA

          [William Frank Newton, et al.  v.  Bernard Gallageher]

          Howell Corporation and Quintana Refinery Company v.  Department of Energy

          National Treasury Employees Union  et al  v. Ronald Reagan et al [I]

          National Treasury Employees Union  et al  v. Ronald Reagan et al [II]

          [National Treasury Employees Union  et al  v. Ronald Reagan et al]

          Consolidated Pleadings File:  National Treasury Employees Union  et al  v. Ronald Reagan et al.

          Diamond Shamrock Corporation, Kerr-McGee Corporation, Texaco Inc., and Exxon

                   Corporation v. James B. Edwards (1)-(7)

          Thomas E. Searcy v. Ronald W. Reagan, et al

          Harry A. Lucker, et al v. James E. Carter, et al

          Brunton, et al v. United States of America

          [Wallace D. Brunton, et al v. United States of America]

          [Acting Special Counsel v. EEOC (Removal of Alfredo Mathew)]

          Senator Howard Metzenbaum, et al v. James Edwards, et al. (Oil Decontrol)

          Melody A. Trott v. Ronald Reagan, et al

          Marc R. Wine v. Ronald Reagan, et al

          Raymond Foote v. Juanita Kreps, et al

          Carl Kaufman, et al  v. John R. Block, et al

          Application of Branti v. Finkel to Federal Employees]

          [Mahlon M. Delong v. United States of America]


          OA 13112  (True OA)

          Resumes - Attorneys


          OA 13855  (True OA)

          Attorney Resumes


          OA 17884

          PPO Chrons - 1986 A-L

          PPO Chrons - 1986 M-Z

          PPO Chrons - 1987 A-L

          PPO Chrons - 1987 M-Z

          PPO Chrons - 1988 A-L

          PPO Chrons - 1988 M-Z

          PPO Chrons - 1989


          OA 18683

          Issues Luncheons - April 1986, May 1986

          Issues Luncheons – June 1986-July 1986

          Issues Luncheons - August 1986-September 1986

          Issues Luncheons – October 1986-December 1986

          Issues Luncheons – January 1987-March 1987

          Bankruptcy Court 1984

          Meri C. Larson - Administrative Memoranda


          OA 19063

          Current Staff Resumes

          Steve Abrams

          Linda Adams

          Margaret M. Akra

          Ann E. Anderson

          Cathie Appleyard

          Patricia S. Aronsson

          Michael J. Astrue

          Mary Beth Bakke

          Patricia A. Binninger

          Richard Bridgford

          Phillip D. Brady

          Angela M. Brown

          Patricia M. Bryan

          Noreen Burns

          Mary Cavanagh

          Betty Childs

          Linda R. Clemons

          Benedict S. Cohen

          Paul Colby

          Sherrie Cooksey

          Christopher Cox

          A.B. Culvahouse

          Jane Dannenhauer / Security Office

          Suzanne Dietz

          Meg Shields Duke

          Cynthia Duncan

          Demetra G. Economos

          Herbert E. Ellingwood

          N. Gaylon Ellis

          J. Michael Farrell

          Jack Fitzsimmons

          Katherine C. Frietsch

          H. Lawrence Garrett

          H.P. Goldfield

          Rita M. Green

          Patricia A. Hall

          Donnah Harrington

          Aileen Hauer

          Richard A. Hauser

          Hugh Hewitt

          Christopher Hicks

          Patricia Hubbs

          Dianna Gwin Holland

          Anne Hoskinson

          David M. Howard

          Arnold Intrater

          Iran / Contra Task Force

          Cheryl Jackson

          W. George Jameson

          Clinton Janes

          Nancy F. Janes

          Peter Douglas Keisler

          Joyce Keith

          Janet M. Kelliker

          Kathleen Koch

          Janeen Korenoski

          Alex Kozinski

          Jane L. Kratovil

          Robert M. Kruger

          Karen K. Kwiatt

          William J. Landers

          Meri C. Larson

          Linda Law

          Mary Lawton

          Frank Lilly

          Kathy Lloyd

          J. Michael Luttig

          William B. Lytton  


          OA 19064

          Linda Martinez

          Vicki O'Meara Masterman

          Nicole McGehee

          Bridget Ellen McGettigan

          C. Dean McGrath

          Claudia McMurray

          Marilyn Meinking

          Sharon Mitchell

          Genny Murray

          Jeanie Nappo

          Mary Neumayr

          David Nolan

          Deborah K. Owen

          Tom Pauken

          Alan C. Raul

          Maureen Rhemann

          Andrew C. Richner

          Kim Riley

          John Glover Roberts, Jr.

          Priscilla J. Rowe

          Peter Rusthoven

          David A. Salem

          Donna Salter

          Mia Sanderson

          Amy Louise Schwartz

          Nancy I. Scott

          J. Michael Shepherd

          Jay B. Stephens

          Shelby T. Strudwick

          E. Jane Swanson

          Beverly Y. Tipton

          Bill Tucker

          David Waller

          Peter J. Wallison

          Karen Whitney

          Hazel Williams

          Phyllis Williams

          Wendell Willkie II

          Alice Wilson

          Ed Wilson

          Eileen M. Winkelman

          Janice Yetman

          Charles Zerkle

          [Combined Federal Campaign]  

          Annual Leave

          Counsel’s Office - Budget and Entertainment


          1988 Christmas Card List

          Counsel’s Office Staff

          Counsel’s Office File Listings [Brady-Portman] (Notebook)


          OA 19065

          Counsel’s Office File Listings [Raul-Waller] (Notebook)

          Counsel’s Office - Facilities Expenditures

          Law Clerks

          Office Equipment - Office Security

          Operations - WH



          Pay Scales

          Personnel Forms

          Counsel’s Office Subscriptions

          Memos - Misc. Re: Former Attorneys


          White House Office Staff Manual 1984 [I]

          White House Office Staff Manual 1984 [II]

          White House Office Staff Manual Draft 1987

          Times Mirror Survey - "The People, the Press & Politics"

          Administrative Notebook

          New York Law Journal - 95th Anniversary

          [Candidate Resumes and Recommendations 1985] (Notebook)

          [Candidate Resumes and Recommendations, 1986-1987] (Notebook) (1)(2)

          [General Resumes and Recommendations, A-Z, 1986-1988] (Notebook) (1)-(8)

          [General Resumes and Recommendations, 1986-1988] (1)-(5)