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COX, C. CHRISTOPHER: Files, 1985-1988


Counsel to the President, White House


This collection is arranged into six series. The series are: SERIES I: Subject File, SERIES II: Judicial Selection, SERIES III: Deaver Investigation, SERIES IV: Railway Emergency Boards, SERIES V: Chronological File and SERIES VI: Telephone Message Books.





OA 14709

AIDS Commission (1)-(10)

American Bar Association - Soviet Lawyers Agreement

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Appointment Process

Artwork or Paintings - Use of President's Name or Likeness in Connection with

Auctions for Fund Raising Events

American Bar Association - Soviet Lawyers Agreement

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Appointment Process

Artwork or Paintings - Use of President's Name or Likeness in Connection with

Autographs - Presidential

Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian service

Baker, Howard - Various Matters

Beck v. CWA Alphabetical Responses to Correspondence

Beck v. CWA Articles

Beck v. CWA Correspondence

Beck v. CWA Enclosure to Responses to General Public

Beck v. CWA Internal Memoranda

Beck v. CWA Legal Research

Beck v. CWA Legislative History

Beck v. CWA National Labor Relations Board Position

Beck v. CWA Notes and Drafts

Beck v. CWA / Pleadings

Bee Pollen

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Advertising Code

Bicentennial Commission

Bicentennial Commission: Correspondence and Memos

Bicentennial Commission: Speeches, Addresses, etc.

Bicentennial Commission: Re: Speakers Bureau

Bicentennial Commission: Monthly Alerts

OA 15504

Books, etc. - Forewords, Dedications or Introductions

Budget Reform

Budget Reform - Articles

Budget Reform - Budget Reform Proposals Legislative Analysis by American Enterprise


Budget Reform - "Credit Reform"

Budget Reform - Entitlement Programs

Budget Reform / Financial Management

Budget Reform - FY 1987 Budget

Budget Reform - Forest Service Budgeted Activities for FY 1988

Budget Reform - Council on Environmental Quality re: Federal Budget Process

Budget Reform - General Services Administration Observations on Budget Reform

[Budget Reform] - Government Accounting Office Biennial Budgeting

Budget Reform - Government Accounting Office Institutional Restraints

Budget Reform - Government Accounting Office Proposed Schedules

Budget Reform - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Press Releases and Briefings

[Budget Reform] - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Statute

[Budget Reform - Hearing on Reform of the Federal Budget Process 04/02/1987]

Budget Reform - Impoundment Authority

Budget Reform - Internal Memos

Budget Reform - Justice: Enhanced Rescission Authority

Budget Reform - Legal Research

Budget Reform - Manley Johnson Memo re: Federal Capital Budget

Budget Reform - Michael Driggs Material

OA 15508

Budget Reform - Miscellaneous Working Papers

Budget Reform - Notes

Budget Reform - Office of Legal Counsel Opinion on Constitutionality of Budget

Process Reform Legislation

Budget Reform - Office of Management and Budget Eisner on the Federal Deficit

Budget Reform - Office of Management and Budget Papers on Capital Budget

October 1985

Budget Reform - Presidential Letters re: Balanced Budget Amendment

Budget Reform - President's 1987 State of the Union Message

[Budget Reform - The Budget Process]

Budget Reform - U. S. Government "Prospectus"

[Budget Reform - Welfare Reform Strategies]

Budget Reform - Wolfensberger / Pitts Material

Budget Reform - Working Document: Restructured Budget of the U.S. Government

Budget Reform - Working Group of Budget Reform Issue Papers

Capitol Classroom

[Certification of Enrollment of Confirming Resolution and Budget Reconciliation

Legislation 1988]

C-Flag Awards Program

Charities - Use of for Fund Raising Purposes

Chief of Staff Involvement in Political Events

Citizens Medal Awards

Coins, Medallions, Stamps, etc., Use of President in Connection with


Constitutional Convention: American Institute of Banking (AIB) Speech

Constitutional Convention: Articles

Constitutional Convention: Drafts and Notes

Constitutional Convention: External Correspondence and Memos

Constitutional Convention: Internal Memoranda

Constitutional Convention Legal Research

Constitutional Convention: Presidential Letters

Constitutional Convention: Presidential Remarks

Constitutional Convention: State Calls

Consumer Product Safety Commission (1)-(3)

OA 15509

Corporate / Securities Law: Dingell - Markey Bill

Corporate / Securities Law: Golden Parachutes / Handcuffs

Corporate / Securities Law: Greenmail

Corporate / Securities Law: Insider Trading

Corporate / Securities Law: Junk Bonds

Corporate / Securities Law: Notes

Corporate / Securities Law: Proxmire "Insider Trading" Bill

Corporate / Securities Law: Takeovers / Insider Trading, Proxmire Bill and Testimony

Cox [Resignation]

Dalen Products, Inc. (Use of White House in Advertising or Promotion)

Debt Ceiling


Economic Bill of Rights -- Truth in Spending Act of 1987

Eureka College

Federal News Service (Cort Randall)

Federal Reserve Board Chairmanship

First Lady TV Special

First Lady - Various Matters (1)-(2)

Fiscal 1988 Sequester

Fund Raising Events - Presidential Involvement in


General Counsels List

[Gift Reports Counsel's Office Copy 1984-1987]

Gifts - Books --Sample of Various Presidential Thank-You Letters

Gifts - Guidelines on

Gifts - Surrogate

Gifts - Unsolicited

OA 15510

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings I: G-R-H: Correspondence

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings I: Drafts

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings I: G-R-H: Legal Research

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings I: G-R-H: Notes

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings II: G-R-H II

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings II: G-R-H: FY 1986 Sequestration Order

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings II: G-R-H: FY 1987 Initial Sequestration Report

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings II: G-R-H: Internal Memos

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings II: G-R-H: Transcript of Supreme Court Arguments

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings: 1987 Fix Proposals

Green, Max

Guidelines for Health Care Facilities

Hearing Aid

Hinckley, John

Historic Preservation Awards

Honorary Chairmanships

Horatio Alger Award

Humphrey, Sen. Gordon J. et al. v. Baker, J.A., III, et al.

[Institute for Corporate Counsel]

OA 15511

[Library - General]

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Drafts

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Internal Memoranda

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Legal Research

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Notes

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Presidential Correspondence

Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation: Promotional Material

[Liman, Arthur - College Thesis]

[Line Item Veto]

Linnas, Karl - Deportation

Matters Completed

Messages / Greetings (Presidential) -- Policy Change

Messages, Presidential - Use of

Miscellaneous - Chris Cox

National Alliance of Business Awards

National Economic Commission

National Foundation for Cancer Research

National Medal of Arts Awards

Nielsen, Barry

Norman Rockwell Museum

OA 15512

Nuclear Waste: Nuclear Waste - Correspondence

Nuclear Waste: Department of Energy Pleadings (Nuclear Waste) Pleadings File

Nuclear Waste: Nuclear Waste - Legal Research

Nuclear Waste: Nuclear Waste - Notes

Office of Government Ethics re: Oversight Subcommittee

Office of Public Assistance Reform and Interagency Low Income Opportunity Board

Owen, Conan

Pension - Presidential and Social Security I

Pension - Presidential and Social Security II

People-to-People Programs

Personal Data Statements

Political Asylum / Defection

Political Expression ‑ Use of President's Name or Likeness in Connection therewith

Post Government Service Guidelines

Post-Service Employment - Memo to Prospective Appointees

Potential Railroad Litigation

Presidents Appearances before Congress

President - Expenses in connection with Retreats and Travel

President - Flowers or Trees named for

President ‑ Use of Film Clips, Recordings, and Speeches

President - Use of in Political Satire

[President ‑ Use of Name or Likeness in Advertising or Promotion]

Presidential Scholars, Commission on

[Private Sector Initiatives]

[Private Sector Initiatives]: Private Sector Initiatives

Railroad Strikes ‑ Secondary Picketing

Rakowski, U. S. v.

OA 15524

Randall, Cortes W. - Credentials

Ruder, David - Biography and List of Publications

Ruder, David - Business Law Publications (1)-(16)

Ruder, David - Chicago-Kent Law Review

Ruder, David - ConCon (Book)

Ruder, David - Corporate Practice Commentator

Ruder, David - Forum, The

Ruder, David - Letter of Transmission

Ruder, David - Northwestern University Law Review

Ruder, David - Real Property Probate and Trust Journal

Seals, Use of

Seals, Use of by General Public

Secondary Picketing Legislation

OA 15525

Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Appointment

Signing Statements (1)-(3)

Rep. Mike Synar v USA, U.S. District Court, Index to Pleadings - Volume I, Part 1 of 2

Rep. Mike Synar v USA, U.S. District Court, Index to Pleadings - Volume I, Part 2 of 2

Rep. Mike Synar v USA, - Duplicates

Bowser v. Synar et al; U.S. Senate v. Synar et al; O'Neill et al v. Synar et al, Supreme

Court of the U.S., Index to Pleadings, Volume II

Bowser v. Synar et al; U.S. Senate v. Synar et al; O'Neill et al v. Synar et al, Supreme

Court of the U.S., Index to Amicus Curiae Briefs, Volume III

Tender Offer

Tender Offer and Takeovers

Terrorism: How the West Can Win

Trucking Productivity Improvement Act of 1987

Volunteer Action Awards

Washington Charity Awards Dinner

Welfare Reform

OA 15526

White House Curator: Executive Order 11145, 03/07/1964, and Background

White House Curator: Executive Order 11145 1970 Amendment

White House Curator: General (1)-(3)

White House Curator: Notes

White House Curator: Scouten Agreement

White House Curator: Service by Agreement Documents

White House - Exhibition of Artifacts

White House Historical Association (1)-(4)

White House News Service

White House News Service: White House News Service

White House Talking Points

World Affairs Council Address

World Cup USA 1994

United States Soccer Federation 1994 FIFA World Cup, Volume I (Binder)


OA 15526 (Continued)

Judicial Appointments

Judicial Candidates: Biographical Data

Judicial Candidates: Lexus/Nexis Data (1)-(2)

Judicial Candidates: Memoranda [Empty]

Judicial Candidates: Notes

Profiles: Possible Supreme Court Nominees (ca 1986-1987) (1)-(5)

[Profiles: Possible Supreme Court Nominees (ca 1987)] (1)-(3)

[Profiles: Possible Supreme Court Nominees (ca Late 1987)] (1)-(2)

Supreme Court Appointment Process (1)-(3)

Robert Bork: Background Information (1)-(7)

Robert Bork: Correspondence / Witnesses (1)-(12)

Robert Bork: Magazine Articles, Etc. (1)-(5)

Robert Bork Nomination: Biographical Material, Printed Opinions, Bork Book


Robert Bork Nomination: Drafts and Notes (1)(2)

Robert Bork Nomination: External Memos and Correspondence (1)(2)

Robert Bork Nomination: Internal Memos (1)-(7)

Robert Bork Nomination: Lewis Powell Resignation Letter

Robert Bork Nomination: [Miscellaneous, September-October 1987] (1)-(3)

Robert Bork Nomination: News Clips (1)-(9)

Robert Bork: Panels (1)(2)

Robert Bork Nomination: [Potential Nominees, October 1987] (1)-(3)

Robert Bork Nomination: Public Outreach (1)-(3)

Robert Bork Nomination: Ray Randolph Meetings

[Robert Bork Nomination: Remarks of Nina Totenberg on "All Things

Considered"] (Note: Includes audio tape transferred to A/V for storage.)

Robert Bork Nomination: Republican National Lawyers Association

Robert Bork: Testimonies, Articles, and Statements (1)-(17)

Miscellaneous Robert Bork [and Douglas Ginsburg] Material (1)-(4)

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Articles (1)-(6)

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Background

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Confirmation Hearing 1985

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Drafts

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Information and Announcements (1)(2)

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Miscellaneous

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Press Releases

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Radio Interviews

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Talking Points

Douglas Ginsburg Nomination: Wire Service, Television Reports

[Anthony Kennedy] Articles (1)-(9)

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Biographical Information

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Cases (1)-(9)

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Christopher Cox Speech Exclusionary Rule

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: 1975 Confirmation Hearings, American Bar

Association Rating, and Related

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Drafts (1)(2)

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Interoffice Memorandums

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Interviews

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Kennedy Labor Law Cases (1)(2)

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Media Events

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Murder Board Questions

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Newspaper Articles 11/12/1987

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Notes

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Press Releases

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Senate Judiciary Committee Questionnaire

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Talking Points (1)(2)

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: White House News Summary Items

Anthony Kennedy Nomination: Wire Service, Television, Etc. Reports


OA 15527

Deaver [Investigation]: Air Force One

Deaver [Investigation] (Front of Folder)]

Deaver [Investigation] I

Deaver [Investigation] II (1)-(7)

Deaver [Investigation]: Action Items (empty)

Deaver [Investigation]: CCC Notes

Deaver [Investigation]: Correspondence and External Memoranda (1)(2)

Deaver [Investigation]: Counsel's Report to GAO (Government Accounting Office)


Deaver [Investigation]: Deaver - Independent Counsel Requests (1)-(3)

Deaver [Investigation]: Drafts

Deaver [Investigation]: Internal Memoranda (1)-(5)

Deaver [Investigation]: JGR Notes (John G. Roberts)

Deaver [Investigation]: Lewis Appointment Documents

Deaver [Investigation]: Miscellaneous

Deaver [Investigation]: News Articles

Deaver [Investigation]: Press Accounts of Deaver & Associates' Relationship with

USTR (United States Trade Representative) (1)(2)

Deaver [Investigation]: U.S. v. Deaver CR. No. 87-96 Response to Supoenas


OA 15527 (Continued)

Railway Labor Act Boards - Steps to Create

Railway Labor Act Emergency Boards - Steps to Create

Railway Boards during Reagan Administration # 2

Railway Boards under Reagan Administration

Emergency Board No. 208

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Background Documents

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Maine Central RR/ Portland Terminal Co. (Guilford Lines)

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Department of Transportation Draft Bill to

Amend the Railway Labor Act to Prohibit Secondary Picket

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Drafts

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Robert O. Harris

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Richard R. Kasher

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Maine Central Newspaper Ad

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Notes

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Robert E. Peterson

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: Re: Burlington No. RR v. BMWE

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Guilford Lines: [Report to the President]

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Maine Central v. BMWE (D. Me.) Temporary Restraining

Order September 1986

Emergency Board. No. 209 ‑ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary


Emergency Board. No. 210

OA 15528

Emergency Board. No. 210: Daniel G. Collins - PDS

Emergency Board. No. 210: Clara H. Friedman - PDS

Emergency Board. No. 210: Herbert L. Mark, Jr. - PDS

Emergency Board. No. 210: Arthur Stark - PDS

Emergency Board. No. 211 - I

Emergency Board No. 211 - II: John B. LaRocco Personal Data Statement

Emergency Board No. 211 - II: George S. Roukis Personal Data Statement

Emergency Board. No. 211 - II: David Patrick Twomey Personal Data Statement

Emergency Board. No. 212 - I

Emergency Board. No. 212 - II

Emergency Board No. 212: HJ Resolution 93

Emergency Board No. 212 Robert Ables Personal Data Statement

Emergency Board No. 212 Rodney Dennis

Emergency Board. No. 212: Martin F. Scheinman Personal Data Statement


OA 15528 (Continued)

CCCox Chron: 03/31/1986-05/31/1986

CCCox Chron: 06/01/1986-06/30/1986

CCCox Chron: 07/01/1986-07/15/1986

OA 15529

CCCox Chron: 07/16/1986-07/31/1986

CCCox Chron: 08/01/1986-08/14/1986

CCCox Chron: 08/15/1986-08/31/1986

CCCox Chron: 09/01/1986-09/30/1986

CCCox Chron: 10/01/1986-10/15/1986

CCCox Chron: 10/16/1986-10/31/1986

OA 15530

CCCox Chron: 11/01/1986-11/30/1986

CCCox Chron: 12/01/1986-12/17/1986

CCCox Chron: 12/18/1986-12/31/1986

CCCox Chron: 01/01/1987-01/19/1987

CCCox Chron: 01/20/1987-01/31/1987

CCCox Chron: 02/01/1987-02/16/1987

OA 15531

CCCox Chron: 02/17/1987-02/28/1987

CCCox Chron: 03/01/1987-03/09/1987

CCCox Chron: 03/10/1987-03/20/1987

CCCox Chron: 03/21/1987-03/31/1987

CCCox Chron: 04/01/1987-04/15/1987

CCCox Chron: 04/16/1987-04/30/1987

OA 15656

CCCox Chron: 05/01/1987-05/17/1987

CCCox Chron: 05/18/1987-05/31/1987

CCCox Chron: 06/01/1987-06/10/1987

CCCox Chron: 05/11/1987-06/30/1987

CCCox Chron: 07/01/1987-07/15/1987

OA 16085

CCCox Chron: 07/16/1987-07/31/1987

CCCox Chron: 08/01/1987-08/16/1987

CCCox: Chron: 08/17/1987-08/31/1987

CCCox: Chron: 09/01/1987-09/30/1987

Cox Chron: 10/01/1987-10/31/1987

Cox Chron: 11/01/1987-11/15/1987

OA 16086

Cox Chron: 11/16/1987-11/20/1987

Cox Chron: 11/21/1987-11/30/1987

Cox Chron: 12/01/1987-12/09/1987

Cox Chron: 12/10/1987-12/20/1987

Cox Chron: 12/21/1987-12/31/1987

Cox Chron: 01/01/1988-01/15/1988

Cox Chron: 01/16/1988-02/03/1988


OA 18687

Telephone Message Book 06/04/1986-07/16/1986

Telephone Message Book 07/16/1986-09/03/1986

Telephone Message Book 09/03/1986-10/09/1986

Telephone Message Book 10/09/1986-11/17/1986

Telephone Message Book 11/17/1986-01/15/1987

Telephone Message Book 01/15/1987-02/19/1987

Telephone Message Book 02/19/1987-03/24/1987

Telephone Message Book 03/24/1987-04/14/1987

Telephone Message Book 04/14/1987-05/05/1987

Telephone Message Book 05/05/1987-06/04/1987

Telephone Message Book 06/04/1987-07/09/1987

Telephone Message Book 07/09/1987-08/04/1987

Telephone Message Book 08/04/1987-09/01/1987

Telephone Message Book 09/01/1987-09/15/1987

Telephone Message Book 09/15/1987-09/22/1987

Telephone Message Book 09/27/1987-09/29/1987

Telephone Message Book 09/29/1987-10/13/1987

Telephone Message Book 10/14/1987-10/20/1987

Telephone Message Book 10/29/1987-11/05/1987

Telephone Message Book 11/09/1987-11/19/1987

Telephone Message Book 11/19/1987-12/09/1987

Telephone Message Book 12/10/1987-01/04/1988

Telephone Message Book 01/04/1988-01/14/1988

Telephone Message Book 01/14/1988-01/26/1988

Telephone Message Book 01/26/1988-02/03/1988