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CRIBB, T. KENNETH, JR.: Files, 1987-1989


Office of Cabinet Affairs, 1981-March 1982 – See separate inventory

Office of the Counselor (Edwin Meese); Assistant Counselor, April 1982-January 1985 – See separate inventory  *Not Yet Created as of 8/15/2011*

Domestic Affairs, Office of; Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, April 1987-January 1989



Box 1

(Chron.) February 1982

(Chron.) March 1982

(Chron.) April 1982

(Chron.) May 1982

[June 1982]

(Chron.) July 1982

(Chron.) August 1982

(Chron.) September 1982

(TKC Chron File) January 1983

(TKC Chron File) February 1983

(TKC Chron File) March 1983

(TKC Chron File) April 1983


Box 2

(TKC Chron File) May 1983

(TKC Chron File) June 1983

(TKC Chron File) July 1983




          Box 8, cont.

ABM Treaty [Antiballistic Missiles]

Acid rain (blue)

AIDS (1)(2)


[AIDS Policy] 2:00-2:30 Wayne Bradley/Dorothy Moss/GB re: AIDS Policy

[AIDS] Presidential Decision Memo Re: AIDS

[AIDS Projections]

AIDS [Public Attitudes toward AIDS]

[AIDS] Sec. Bennett Speech on AIDS, 04/30/1987

Afghanistan Day Proposal

[Air Safety] “Fresh Thinking on Air Safety” Article in Wall Street Journal


Box 9

Alternative Fuels - V.P.’s Task Force on Regulatory Relief

America - China Society

Anti-Abortion Amendment on the D.C. Appropriation Bill

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

[Army Budget Issues]

[Bork, Judge Robert] HHB’s Office re: Bork [Howard H. Baker, Chief of Staff]

Bork Nomination [Judge Robert Bork] (1)-(9)


Box 10

Bork Nomination [& the Business Community] [Judge Robert Bork]

Budget Amendment for the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board [Followed by Pink Out Card]

Budget [FY88]

Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs)/Stratospheric Ozone

CFC - New Executive Order [Combined Federal Campaign]

[Congress re Iran-Contra Investigation]

Congressional Pay Increases

Conservative Press

Corporate “Takeover Legislation”

Council on Economic Advisors Material

“Covert Cadre” Manuscript (1)(2)

[Defense Budget; Text of Address by President, 03/23/1983]

Dehmlow Luncheon, 05/05/1987 [Louis H.T. Dehmlow, Chairman of the Board, National Association of Wholesale/Distributors]

“Dixie Jamboree” – 10/07/1987, Sponsored by Citizens for a Sound Economy Honoring Jim Miller, List of Attendees


Box 11

[Domestic Policy Council] DPC Council Issue - The Fairness Doctrine

DPC Council Issue - Tort Reform & Liability

Domestic Policy Council Materials

DPC Minutes [September 1987-December 1987]

Minutes from DPC 12/02/1987 re: AIDS; National System for Emergency Coordination

Drugs Miscellaneous

[Economic Bill of Rights] Paper on the Economic Bill of Rights, an Examination of the New Deal Concept, written by Sidney M. Milkis

Economic Policy Council Materials

EPA’s Proposal for “On-Board” Containment of Fuel Vapors [Environmental Protection Agency]

The Executive Forum, 03/30/1987

[Executive Order] Draft Executive Order on the Family

Fair Housing

Fair Housing Material [Statement of William Bradford Reynolds, Asst Attorney General, Before Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, 04/07/1987]

Family Welfare Act in 1987

[First Amendment] U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, First Amendment Case in Hawkins County, TN

HCFA (Administrator Dr. William Roper) [Health Care Financing Administration]

Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Replacement Sources

Highway Bill (1)(2)

Homeless: H.R.  558 Authorization and Related 1987 Supplemental Appropriations in H.R. 1827

Homeless Legislation, Status of, 04/02/1987


Box 12

Housing (1)(3)

Housing Bill (1)(2)

Housing Bill Tally

Housing Bill 08/14/1987

[HIV Report] (1)(2)

Immigration - Miscellaneous

Interior, U.S. Department of

Invitations TKC Was Unable to Accept

Interim Early Warning Report for Tuesday March 24 [March 1987-April 1987]


Box 13

Interim Early Warning Report [May 1987-June 1987]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, July 1987-August 1987]

Interim Early Warning Report [September 1987-October 1987]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, November1987-December 1987]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, January 1988-February 1988]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, March 1988-April 1988]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, May 1988-June 1988]

[Interim Early Warning Reports, July 1988-August 1988]

Iran - Abshire [David M. Abshire, Office of the Special Counsellor]

Japanese-American Redress (1)-(4)

Judicial Selection Current, 04/17/1987

Judicial Selection (Old Material)

[Justice, Department of] DOJ Package re: Worker Compensation


Box 14

Kennedy Working Folder [Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Nominee to Supreme Court]

[Labor, Department of ] DOL Homework Regulation

[Labor] Publication produced by the U.S. Department of Labor, Workforce 2000: Work & Workers for the Twenty -First Century

Land Reclamation, George D. O’Neill, Jr.

Legal Opinions re: Anti-Apartheid Act

Limited Partnerships, Michael Butler [Attorney]

Maine Nuclear Waste Repository Issue & Implications on Maine Yankee Power Plant, Meeting with Richard Fairbanks

[Major Medical Spring Review FY 89]

[Management and Budget, Office of] OMB Issues Update, 07/02/1987

Management Initiatives [Examples of Management Reform Initiatives]

Mandated Benefits/Labor Issues

Minimum Wage/Earned Income Tax Credit

[National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, 1986 Annual Report]

National Right to Life Committee, Inc., Danforth Pro-Life Amendment

Offshore Oil & Gas Leasing Program

Plant Closings

Policy Priorities for Presidential Events Through Early September

Pornography Executive Order

Presidential Meeting with House and Senate Republican Leadership, 04/21/1987

Presidential Messages (Miscellaneous)

Presidential Radio Talks [and Addresses, March 1987 & April, 1987]

Presidential Press Conference Pre-Briefing Sessions for March 19th Press Conference [03/19/1987]


Box 15

Presidential Speech Planning Schedules [March 1987]

Presidential Speeches [January 1987, April 1987, May, 1987]

President’s Commission on the Great Outdoors

President’s Commission on Privatization - Draft, 07/20/1987 (1)(2)

President’s Schedule, Daily & Long-Range

[President’s Special Review Board (Tower Board) Implementations of Recommendations]

President’s Strategic Plan [for 1988 and Beyond]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 03/09/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 03/16/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 03/23/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 03/30/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 04/06/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 04/20/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 04/27/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 05/04/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 05/11/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 05/18/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 05/25/1987]


Box 16

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 06/01/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 06/15/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 06/22/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 06/29/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 07/06/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 07/13/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 07/27/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 08/03/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 08/10/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 09/14/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 09/21/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 09/28/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 10/12/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 10/19/1987]

[President’s Weekly Update - Week of 10/26/1987]

POW’s [Prisoners of War]

Privatization Commission (Appointment of Foreign Citizen)

[Public Liaison, Office of] OPL Scheduling Proposals, 06/01/1987

[Reagan, Ronald] Education Events, 1987

[Reagan, Ronald] RR Education Events Memo Material

RR Long Range Scheduling Materials

R.R.’s Opening Statement - (First Press Conference after Tower Commission Report Was Released) 03/19/1987

[Refugees, Senior Interagency Group] S.I.G. Refugees


Box 17

“Reserve Data Base” Report of the National Coal Council

[Sandinista] Talking Points

[Sentencing] U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines

[Sentencing, Supplementary Report on the Initial Sentencing Guidelines & Policy Statements]

[SBA (Small Business Administration) Set Aside Regulations] (1)-(4)

Social Philosophy and Policy Center Book entitled Plant Closings: Worker Rights, Management Rights and the Law

[Spring Review Credit Policy & Management] (1)(2)

Staff photo with RR January 7, 1988

“State and Local Government Fiscal Conditions,” Study Prepared by OMB

Supreme Court Candidates Passed on by Roger Moore, RNC General Counsel

Title X [re: the “Abortion-Neutral” Amendment] (1)(2)


Box 18

Title X Legislation (Administration Proposal on Abortion) (1)(2)

[Trade] Wright Letter re: “Trade and International Economic Policy Reform Act of 1987" and other Trade Memos [Congressman Jim C. Wright, Jr.]

Trade Bill

Trade Representative, U.S.

[Transportation, Department of] DOT Hispanic Nominees 09/16/1987

User Fee Projects, Memo from OMB re, 06/02/1987

Veto Recommendation for the Fairness in Broadcasting Act, 06/17/1987

Welfare Reform

White House Fellows Program

Wisconsin Waivers 10/30/1987 Memo to Miller from Jay Plager [Jim Miller, Director, Office of Management & Budget; Jay Plager, Health & Human Services]

World Cup USA 1994 (1)-(4)



Box 18 cont.

Amdahl Corporation Correspondence

Arey, Linda L. (Letter of Resignation) 09/15/1987

Bartlett, Bruce Memo From re: CEA Chairmanship [Council of Economic Advisors]

Bartlett, Bruce Memos From, Balanced Budget Amendment; Housing; Council of Economic Advisors

Blodgett, Todd

[Champlain Pipeline Company] (1)-(3)

Dawson, Rhett, memo from, Asking for activities that should be identified for the President during the period of 08/13/2987-09/06/1987

Edwards, Lee (Candidate for Librarian of Congress)


Box 19

Epstein, A.S.  [Publisher/Editor,  Life in Israel]

Feulner, Dr. Edwin J. [Condolence Letter from]

Fireman, Simon, Director of the Export-Import Bank, 11/18/1987

[Fireman, Simon, Director of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. & Chairman, Interagency task Force on Trade] (1)-(6)

Hall, Cynthia Holcomb (Resume) [Supreme Court Nominee Profile]

Higginbotham, Judge Patrick J.

Hutchinson, Kay Bailey (Resume)

Jenkins, Kempton B. (Resume)

Kirk, Dr. Jerry R. (Final Draft for HHB’s Signature Handled by Pat Hines) [Chief of Staff Howard H. Baker, Jr.]

Larson, Reed; National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc.

Leibman, Marvin

MacDonald, Donald Ian, M.D., Director, Drug Abuse Policy Office and Special Assistant

 to the President, Courtesy Call by

Manning, John F. [Resume]

McClurkin, Chanin P.

Millstein, Ira M., Resume of

Moses-Schwarb, Marjorie (N. Reagan Scheduling Request)

Owsley, Mrs. Lucy Ball, meeting with RR, Oval Office 03/17/1988 

Pines, Robert H., Interview, Monday, 11/16/1987

Range, Rebecca (Resume & Press Release)

Reed, Rick

Sensenbrenner, Cheryl (Resume)


Box 20

Waldheim, Kurt - White Papers (1)-(5)

Willis, Judith (Bonsib) [Advertising]



Box 20 cont.

Briefing Papers [March 1981-January 1982]

Center for the Study of the Presidency Briefing

Central America, WH Briefing on, 07/16/1987 White House

“European International Visitors” Remarks to – September 17, Conference Room – Ramada Inn Renaissance, New Hampshire Ave. N.W. [1987]

Foreign Student Service Council, Invitation for TKC to Brief on 05/19/1988 -No-

Hillsdale College, 05/14/1988, Commencement

Hoover Event, 01/12/1988

11:00-11:30 Immigration Law  05/05/1988

NCER 09/22/1987 [National Advisory Council on Educational Research and Improvement]

Political Briefing, Friday, 02/26/1988

Privatization Commission Event, Wed, 09/30/1987

Privatization Roundtable Lunch, Memo from Scott Mexic

Self Help Leadership, Friday, 06/10/1988




Box 21 cont.

[Domestic Policy Council Meeting, 05/12/1987]

DPC Meeting, 06/22/1988

Domestic Policy Council Meeting Minutes from 07/29/1987 and 08/05/1987 Meetings DPC re: Marine Debris and Outdoor Recreation Resources and Opportunities


DPC, Wed., 01/20/1988, Task Force on Outdoor Recreation Resources and Opportunities

DPC re: Corporate Sentencing 03/02/1988 2:00-3:00 pm Roosevelt Room



Box 22

[Economic Policy Council Meeting, 05/28/1987]

[Economic Policy Council Meeting, 06/01/1987]

Economic Policy Council Thursday July 2 re: ERISA Coordinating Committee

EPC re: Trade Agenda, 08/07/1987

EPC, Monday, 12/14/1987

EPC re: [blank] [12/19/1987]



Box 22 cont.

President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 03/10/1983

President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 04/07/1983

[Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 05/14/1987]

[Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 06/11/1987]

[Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 06/25/1987]

Judicial Selection, 07/14/1987

Judicial Selection, 08/26/1987

Judicial Selection, 10/07/1987

Judicial Selection, 10/22/1987

Judicial Selection, 11/23/1987

Judicial Selection, 12/04/1987

Judicial Selection, 12/14/1987

Judicial Selection, 12/18/1987

Judicial Selection, 01/12/1988



Box 23

National Drug Policy Board [07/23/1987]

[National Drug Policy Board] Interdiction Committee [11/03/1987]

[National Drug Policy Board]  Intelligence/Investigations [11/13/1987] (1)(2)

[National Drug Policy Board] Prosecution [11/16/1987] (1)(2)

[National Drug Policy Board] Mainstream Adults [11/17/1987] (1)(2)

[National Drug Policy Board] Prevention Education [11/17/1987] (1)(2)

[National Drug Policy Board] Treatment Committee [11/24/1987] (1)(2)




Box 23 cont.

[Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 04/09/1987 meeting]

[Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 05/14/1987 meeting] (1)(2)

V.P.’s Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 07/14/1987


Box 24

VP’s Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 09/11/1987

VP Task Force on Reg. Relief, 12/15/87



Box 24 cont.

Claims Court, United States, Bicentennial Commission, 03/27/1987 Meeting 1987

Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board [10/29/1987]

[Reagan, Ronald] Long Range Scheduling [01/12/1988]

RR Long Range Scheduling Meting [01/26/1988]




Box 24 cont.

Staffing Memorandums [White House Staffing Memorandums, September and November 1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [March 1987]


Box 25

White House Staffing Memorandum (Miscellaneous Subjects Not Housed in OWN Folder -- Subjects that are not considered MAJOR ITEMS OF CONCERN)

[April 1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/01/1987-05/07/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/08/1987-05/14/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/15/1987-05/17/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/18/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/19/1987-05/25/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/26/1987-05/28/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [05/29/1987-05/31/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [06/01/1987-06/09/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [06/10/1987-06/13/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [06/14/1987-06/16/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [06/17/1987-06/30/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/01/1987-07/07/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/08/1987]


Box 26

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/09/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/10/1987-07/13/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/14/1987-07/19/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/20/1987-07/22/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/23/1987]

White House Staffing Memorandums [07/24/1987-07/31/1987]



Box 26 cont.

American Red Cross [AIDS]

[American] Red Cross [AIDS & Blood Supply]

American Red Cross Handbook (1)(2)

[American] Red Cross [Key Resource Chapter Operations Report]

American Red Cross [Memorandums, April 1987-July 1987]

American Red Cross [Memorandums, August 1987-December 1987]


Box 27

American Red Cross [Newsletters]

American Red Cross [Personnel]

Board of Governors Handbook

[Board of Governors Meeting, 10/11/1986-10/12/1986] [American] Red Cross

[Board of Governors Meeting, 02/ 21/1987-02/22/1987] American Red Cross

Board of Governors Meeting, Denver [05/17/1987-05/20/1987] (1)(3)

[Board of Governors] Meeting, 05/17/1987 & 05/20/1987

Board of Governors Meeting, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C. [10/23/1987] (1)


Box 28

Board of Governors Meeting, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C. [10/23/1987] (2)-(3)

[Board of Governors Meeting, 10/24/1987-10/25/1987] American Red Cross

American Red Cross Meeting, 10/28/1988-10/30/1988 – Washington D.C. (1)-(4)

Board of Governors Report - Geneva

Legal Resources Manual (1)-(4)

Weekend Meeting Agenda (1)(2)



Box 28 cont.

Budget Process, Current Draft

Competitiveness, Current Draft

Craig Amendment [Balanced Budget Amendment]

Deregulation, Current Draft

EBOR -- Budget [Economic Bill of Rights] [States with Balanced Requirements and Line Item Veto]

[Economic] Bill of Rights, Current Draft

Economic Bill of Rights, Current Draft, 06/30/1987 (Empty)


Box 29

Economic Bill of Rights (Early Drafts)

EBOR - Education

Economic Bill of Rights, 06/19/1987] [Education Initiatives]

Economic Bill of Rights [Follow-Up]

Economic Bill of Rights, Speech (Empty)

EBOR -- Privatization

EBOR -- Takings Cases

Economic Bill of Rights: Tax Limitation Proposal

EBOR - Welfare Reform

Education Initiatives, Current Draft

General Materials

Preamble - Current Draft and Suggestions

[Privatization] Richard Fink/Wayne Gable, Thursday, 06/25/1987

[Privatization Commission (Proposal)]

Privatization, Current Drat

Privatization  Spring Review - June 1987

Regulatory Program in Brief, 1987 (1)-(3)

Tax Limitation, Current Draft

Truth in Spending - Current Draft

Welfare Reform, Current Draft

Working Papers & Fact Sheets [Early Drafts] (1)


Box 30

Working Papers & Fact Sheets [Early Drafts] (2)



Box 30 cont.

Credit Policy & Management 11/19/1987


Department of Education, 1989 Fall D.R. [Education, Department of, 1989 Budget, Fall Director’s Review]

[Energy and Science Director’s Review] Sciences - 1989 Fall D.R.

HHS Discretionary Programs [Health and Human Services] (1)(2)


Box 31

Health & Income Maintenance Entitlement Programs

HTP 1989 Fall D.R. [Housing, Treasury, and Postal Division’s 1989 Budget, Fall Director’s Review]

LVE Discretionary Programs [Labor, Veterans, and Education Division] (1)(2)

LVE Mandatory Programs

Natural Resources [Natural Resources and Energy and Sciences Divisions] (1)(2)


Box 32

OPM/GSA [Personnel Management, Office of/General Services Administration]

OPM/GSA Director’s Review

Privatization F.R. 1987 [1989 Budget, Fall Director’s Review]

TCJ [Transportation, Commerce, and Justice Division]

TCJ, Book II



Box 33

The Presidency and Ronald Reagan

[Presidential Advisory Commissions]

Presidential - Congressional Relations

Reagan -- Addresses, Articles, Interviews, Bibliography


Box 34

Reagan Admin. -- Analysis: Mid-Term (1st Term)

Reagan Admin. -- Analysis: Mid-Term (2nd Term)

Reagan Admin. -- Analysis: Final

Reagan Admin. -- Foreign Policy

Reagan Admin. -- Newspaper Clips 1984 [re the Reagan Legacy, October 1983-December 1987]

Reagan Admin. -- Newspaper Clips 1987 [re the Reagan Legacy]

Reagan Admin. -- Newspaper Clips 1988 [re the Reagan Legacy, January 1988-July



Box 35

Reagan Admin. -- Press Relations

Reagan Admin. -- Selected Articles (Requested) [by TKC]

Reagan Admin. -- Selected Articles, Source: PAIS Index [Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin Bibliography]

Reagan Admin. -- Selected Articles, Source: Reader’s Guide [to Periodical Literature]

Reagan Admin. -- Staff  (1st Term)


Box 36

Reagan Administration -- Staff (2nd Term)

Reagan Administration -- Subject Matter Files: Miscellaneous [Central America, Economy, Federalism, Foreign Policy, Science & Technology, Volunteerism, Regulatory Reform,


Reagan Administration -- Subject Matter Files: Miscellaneous [SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative)]

Reagan Administration -- Transitions [1st (1981) and 2nd (1985) Terms]


Box 37

Reagan Bibliographies [from EOP (Executive Office of the President) Libraries, WH Office of Public Affairs, Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin, Reader’s

Guide to Periodical Literature]

Reagan Doctrine

Reagan, Ronald -- Evaluation (1st term)

Reagan, Ronald -- Evaluation (2nd term)



Box 37 cont.

Better Government at Half the Price by James T. Bennett and Manuel H. Johnson, 1981


Additional material transferred to Cribb collection from the Edwin Meese III collection:


OA 11849

Miscellaneous Papers

Priority Actions

(TKC Working File) Secret Service Protection


Discuss with EM, 05/29/1984

Discuss with EM III 05/05/1984

Discuss with EM 04/19/1984

(TKC) Bowman, Pasco M.

(TKC) Budget Planning

(TKC) Davis - Bacon

Education Policy Meeting

(TKC) Elections - 1984

1982 Elections

Management and Improvement Meeting (SEA and FMA)


Peace Corps

(TKC) Pecan Marketing Order

(TKC) Office of Planning & Evaluation

(TKC) Presidential Letters (Request for)

Reagan Mandate

Solicitor of Labor - TKC Working File

HR 5600- TKC Survivor’s Benefits

(TKC) Women’s Issues