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CRIPPEN, DAN L.: Files, 1988-1989


Chief of Staff Office, April 1987-July 1988 (See separate inventory)

Office of Domestic Affairs, September 1988-January 1989


In May 1987, Dan Crippen (1952- ) joined the White House staff to assist Chief of Staff Howard Baker with economic and budget policy, trade policy, and related matters. Crippen had been Baker’s chief counsel and economic policy adviser when Baker was Senate Majority Leader during President Reagan’s first term (1981-1984). From 1985 to 1987, Crippen was Executive Director of the Merrill Lynch International Advisory Council, a group of prominent people – including Baker – that provided the brokerage house Merrill Lynch with advice and support.


Crippen, a South Dakota native, earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota. During the 1970’s he held positions in NASA, the Brookings Institution (a Washington, DC think tank), the South Dakota state budget office, and the Department of the Treasury. He did his postgraduate work at Ohio State University. He received a Ph.D. in public finance in 1981.


Crippen left the White House staff shortly after Baker resigned in July 1988. However, he returned to the White House in September 1988, as Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, and remained until the end of the Reagan Administration. (See the separate finding aid for Crippen’s files from the Chief of Staff Office.) Crippen later served as Director of the Congressional Budget Office (1999-2003), and as chairman of a panel that advised NASA in the wake of the 2003 space shuttle Columbia disaster. He currently lives in the Washington, DC area, where he works as a consultant, speaker, and writer, and serves on the board of directors of several corporations.


SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE, 1988-1989 (2.1 l. ft.; OA 19341, 19342)


This series consists of material related to domestic issues primarily budgetary and trade related. Topics include Airbus, Canadian shakes and shingles, the deficit, trade relations with Canada and Taiwan, FEMA, tax policy, the stock market and other financial markets, housing policy, the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, Social Security, AIDS, airline legislation, petroleum imports, and the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.  This series also includes Crippen’s appointment books from his time in the Domestic Affairs office. It is arranged alphabetically by folder title.


SERIES II: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE PAY, 1988-1989 (0.2 l. ft. OA 19342)


This series consists of material related to government employee pay. Subjects include the Quad Commission, minimum wage, pay freeze, and changes to military pay. The Quadrennial Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries or “Quad” Commission was an appointed board assigned to monitor and recommend changes in salaries for Senators, Representatives, Federal judges, Cabinet officers and other agency heads. The series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.


SERIES III: BUDGET FILES, 1988-1989 (0.8 l. ft. OA 19342, OA19344)


This series consists of documents relating to the preparation of the Federal budget. Each budget covered one fiscal year (FY), which ran from October 1 to the following September 30. The majority of the series contains documents relating to the preparation of the FY 1990 budget. It is arranged alphabetically by folder title.








Anti-Drug Abuse

Appointment Book – 1988

Appointment Book – 1989


Base Closing

Bills at Issue

Canada Free Trade Agreement

Child Care

Children’s Television

China-US Trade Agreement Renewal

Choice in Education


Domestic Policy Speech

Drug Legislation

Drug Policy Board

Early Warning Veto Threats

Economic Message, Fiscal Year 1990

Economic Roundup, October 1988

Election 1988

Ethics Bill

Exchange Rates

Family Support Act

Feed Grain Acreage reduction Program


Fetal Research

FSLIC (Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation) (1)(2)

FSLIC Commission

Funding for Japanese Internment

GATT – Uruguay Round

Genocide Convention Implementation



Highway Tax Exceptions

Homeless (1)(2)

Inspector General Amendments


Legal Service

Low Income Opportunity Board Report

Major Fraud Act

Medicare Premiums

Minimum Wage

Montana Natural Resources Protection and Utilization

Natural Gas Policy Act

National Drug Policy Board

National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research

National Program for Soil and Water Conservation

[OMB-Friday Economic and Financial Report 12/02/1988]

OPC/DPC/EPC Activities Memo

OSHA Fine Announcement

Parental Leave

Petroleum Imports/National Security Issues


President’s Export Council Meeting

Presidents Farewell Address-Domestic Policy Staff

President’s Weekly Update, 09/09/1988 [Dividers Only]

Press Conference-Mid-Term Review


Regulations (1)-(3)


OA 19342


Rice 301


Section 301’s [Pending 301 Trade Cases]

Semiconductor Sanctions

Shakes and Shingles

Social Security

Special Access Program-Non-Disclosure Agreements


Stock Market


Supplemental Appropriations

Technical Corrections

Trade Bill

Trade Bill EO

Trade Issues

Trade Regulations


Transition 11/28/1988

Transition 01/11/1989

Transition Designations

Transition Policy Issues

UN Peacekeeping

Uruguay Round – Mid-Session Review

U.S.-Taiwan Fair Trade Council

Welfare Reform

Whistleblower Protection



OA 19342 cont.


Military Pay

Pay Freeze Absorption

Quad Commission



OA 19342 cont.


Budget Briefing

Budget Options

Budget Process

Budget Process Reform

Budget Review Board, 1998


OA 19344


EXOP, [Executive Office of the President]


FY 89 Budget Management Report

FY 90 Budget (1)(2)

FY90 Budget 11/20/1988

FY90 Budget Communication Plan

FY90 Budget Implementation Legislation

FY90 Budget Management Message

FY90 Budget Message

FY90 Budget Promotion Plan

FY90 Budget Reform 1988

FY90 Budget Status Presidential Briefing

FY90 Budget Supps and Recissions

FY90 Budget Talking Points

Status Reports

User Fees