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DORMINEY, A. BLAIR: Files 1987-1988


Office of Domestic Affairs: October 1987-August 1988

Policy Development Office, NSC: September 1988-January 1989 (See Separate Inventory)


Box 1

Afghanistan: Negotiations for Soviet Withdrawal

Amb. Moore: Funding Search


Asylum Regulations

Revised Asylum Regulations 03/16/1988 Rev.

Presidential Updates & Cribb-Burns Memos on Revising Asylum Regulations

Asylum Procedures: Review & Comment

Refugee & Asylum Structural Reform

Asylum: Long-term Detention of Excludable Aliens

Free Emigration

Immigration Reform, Working Group

Refugee Admissions & Assistance

Emergency Refugee Consultations

West Wing Memoranda: Refugees

FY89 Refugee Admissions Ceilings

Refugee Processing Guidelines: Denied Khmer Cases

Nicaraguan Refugees

PRC (Peoples Republic of China) Forced Abortion Refugees

Extended Voluntary Departure

Reagan Legacy Project


Speech: ABD, Remarks, Carthage, MO 08/13/1988, Congregation of the Mother Coredemptrix (Vietnamese) / Delivery of

Presidential Message


CDSF (Commercially Developed Space Facility)

NASA: Space Station Problem (05/22/1987)

Space Policy / CDSF

SIG (Senior Interagency Group): International Telecommunications & Information Policy / I

SIG (Senior Interagency Group): International Telecommunications & Information Policy / II

Correspondence: Institut la Boetie/Boullet

Speech: ABD, Remarks, Briefing, Foundation Pour la Democratie, Indian Treaty Room, 08/15/1988

Sub-Saharan Africa