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European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC


Material for this collection can also be found in the Joan Vail collection.


Box 92084

US-Soviet Summit, November1987-December 1987

Pre-US/Soviet Summit 1988 [in Moscow]

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Administrative, 05/23/1988-06/03/1988

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Bilateral

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Cables

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Communique, Statements

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Meetings

1988 US-Soviet Summit Memcons (1)-(3)

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Presidentís Letters to Gorbachev

Moscow Summit - Public Diplomacy 05/26/1988-06/03/1988

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Schedule

1988 US-Soviet Summit: Speeches

Presidentís Meeting with Alfred Dregger (FRG), 05/06/1988

Presidentís Lunch with Lord Carrington (UK), 05/10/1988

Presidentís Meeting with Karoly Grosz (Hungary), 07/27/1988

Presidentís Meeting with Franz-Josef Strauss (FRG), 07/29/1988

Presidentís Meeting with President Vassiliou (Cyprus), 08/01/1988

Presidentís Meeting with Shevardnadze (USSR), 09/23/1988

Presidentís Meeting with Chancellor Kohl (FRG), 11/15/1988

Presidentís Meeting with Turgut Ozal (Turkey), 12/15/1988


Box 92085

Presidentís Trip to Reykjavik, 10/10/1986-10/12/1986: Overall Briefing Book (1)(2)

Presidentís Trip to UN, September 1987

Background Book for Meeting between President Reagan and General Secretary

††††††††† Gorbachev, December 1987 (1)(2)

[Briefing Book:The Meetings of President Reagan and General Secretary

†††††††† Gorbachev, December 1987] (1)(4)

Book: Presidentís Visit to New York City, December 1988


Box 92191

State Dept Briefing Book: Shevardnadze Visit, September 1986

[State Dept. Revised Briefing Book -- Shevardnadze Visit -- September 1987] (1)-(3)

Briefing Book- Shultz/Shevardnadze Meeting February 1988

CIA Briefing Book: Soviet Arms Control Players (1)-(3)


Box 92244

Arms Control

Human Rights

NSPG on NATO Summit, 02/26/1988

Pope [Papal Assassination Conspiracy Trial]

PRG (Policy Review Group) on Summit Planning, 11/04/1987

PRG (Policy Review Group) on Summit Planning, 11/12/1987

Simes, Dimitri

Soviet: Active Measures

Soviet: Early Planning

Soviet: Six Months [June 1987]

Speeches (Miscellaneous)

Shultz Moscow Trip, April 1987 [Pre-Trip Background Material]

President/Shevardnadze Meeting, September 1987

President/Shcharansky Meeting, September 1987

President/Nikonow Meeting, October 1987

Shultz Trip to Helsinki/Moscow, October 1987

President/Shevardnadze Meeting, October 1987

Powell/Korniyenko Meeting, January 1988

NATO/Moscow Summit Advance Trip, March 1988

Carlucci/Yazov Meetings, March 1988

President/Shevardnadze Meeting, March 1988


Box 92269


Speaking Invitations

Chautauqua Conference on US-Soviet Relations (Speaking Engagement, 08/25/1987)

Speeches (Fritz Ermarth)

Travel (Fritz Ermarth)


Box 92327

Chron Jan 1987-April 1988