Material noted in bold within this collection is currently available for research use. If a folder is available for research use it may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc. Any non-bolded folder is closed for research.


The non-bolded folders are subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act (PRA).


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FIELDING, FRED:  Files, 1981-1986


Counsel to the President, 1981-1986

Office of the White House Counsel


This inventory is a result of an arrangement done by the library in 2006.  


The Fielding collection currently consists of six series.  They are: SERIES I: Chronological Files, 1981-1986; SERIES II: Staffing Clearance Memos, 1981; SERIES III: Alphabetical Chronological Files, 1981-1986; SERIES IV: Subject File, 1981-1986; SERIESV:  Investigation Of Carter Debate Briefing Materials, 1983; and  SERIES VI:  Judicial Selection, 1981-1986


SERIES I: CHRONOLOGICAL FILES, 1981-1986, (12.5 l.ft., Box 1; 2F-10F)


This series consists of letters, memorandums, notes and other correspondence created by Fred Fielding as White House Counsel.  The material is arranged chronologically.




This series consists of work generated from the Reagan Transition Office regarding prospective personnel decisions at the very start of the Reagan administration.  The memos were written after Fielding assumed the Counsel’s position and are therefore presidential records.  They cover clearance issues regarding FBI investigations, financial disclosure statements and personal interviews conducted by the Transition and White House Counsel’s office with prospective candidates. They are arranged chronologically.



Boxes 11F-22F)


This series consists of mostly duplicates from Series I, with material arranged alphabetically by the correspondent. 


SERIES IV: SUBJECT FILE, 1981-1986 (25 l.ft., Boxes 23F-42F)


This series consists of material covering the wide range of issues Fielding counseled the President and the White House staff.  It is arranged alphabetically.




This series consists of the White House correspondence, memos, production of documents and reports regarding the 1983 Department of Justice investigation of accusations regarding the theft of Carter debate briefing materials during the 1980 election campaign. Many of the folders include the name, “Albosta” for Representative Donald J. Albosta (D, Michigan).  Congressman Albosta conducted the House of Representatives investigation into the possible theft of the briefing materials and the “October Surprise.”  The “October Surprise” concerned allegations the Reagan campaign worked to delay the release of the Iran hostages until after the election.  His committee produced a report in 1984. There is no particular arrangement for this material


SERIES VI: JUDICIAL SELECTION, 1981-1986 (7.5 l.ft., CF425-CF428, CF514-CF515)


This series consists of agendas, attendee lists, some meeting notes and candidate profiles for the President’s Judicial Selection Committee.  The Counsel to the President was one of the presiding members of the committee. The material is arranged chronologically by meeting date.


          SERIES I:  CHRONOLOGICAL FILES, 1981-1986

          Box 1

          Fred Fielding Letters and Memos, December 1980

Fred Fielding Letters and Memos, January 1981

Fred Fielding Letters and Memos, February 1981 (1)-(4)

          March 1981 (1)-(8)

          April 1981 (1)-(3)


          Box 2

          April 1981 (4)-(8)

          May 1981 (1)-(8)

          June 1981 (1)-(7)


          Box 3

          June 1981 (8)-(10)

July 1981 (1)-(11)

          August 1981 (1)-(6)


          Box 4

          August 1981 (7)-(11)


          Box 2F

          September 1981

          October 1981

          November 1981

          December 1981

          January 1982


          Box 3F

          February 1982

          March 1982

          April 1982

          May 1982

          June 1982 I


          Box 4F

          June 1982 II

          July 1982

          August 1982

          September 1982

          October 1982


          Box 5F

          November 1982

          December 1982

          January 1983

          February 1983

          March 1983

          April 1983


          Box 6F

          May 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - June 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - July 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - August 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - September 1983


          Box 7F

          FFF Date Chrons - October 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - November 1983

          FFF Date Chrons - December 1983

          FFF Date Chrons, January 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, February 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, March 1984


          Box 8F

          FFF Date Chrons, April 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, May 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, June 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, July 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, August 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, September 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, October 1984


          Box 9F

          FFF Date Chrons, November 1984

          FFF Date Chrons, December 1984

          January 1985 Date Chrons

          February 1985 Date Chrons

          March 1985 Date Chrons

          April 1985 Date Chrons

          May 1985 Date Chrons

          June 1985 Date Chrons


          Box 10F

          July 1985 Date Chrons

          August 1985 Date Chrons

          FFFielding September 1985 Chrons

          FFFielding October 1985 Chrons

          FFFielding November 1985 Chrons

          FFF December 1985 Date Chrons

          FFF January 1986 Date Chrons

          FFF February 1986 Date Chrons

          FFF March 1986 Date Chrons



          Box 11F

          Memos to E. Pendleton James 1981 A-L

          Memos to E. Pendleton James 1981 M-Z



          Box 11F (Cont.)

          Fred Fielding Outgoing Alphabetical File February 1981-March 1981

          [Alpha Chron File] March1981

          Fred Fielding Letters and Memos Chron File April 1981

          [Alpha Chron File] April 1981


          Box 12F

          Fred Fielding Chron Letters, May 1981

          FFF Alphabetical File, June 1981

          FFF Alphabetical File, July 1981

          FFF Alphabetical File, August 1981

          FFF Alphabetical File, September 1981


          Box 13F

          FFF Alphabetical File, October 1981

          FFF Alphabetical Chron, November 1981

          FFF Alphabetical Chron File, December 1981

          FFF Alphabetical Chron File, January 1982

          FFF Alphabetical Chron, February 1982


          Box 14F

          FFF Alphabetical Chron File, March 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files April 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files May 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files June 1982


          Box 15F

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files July 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files August 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files September1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files October 1982

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files November 1982


          Box 16F

          Fielding Alpha-Chron Files December 1982

          FFF Alpha Chron January 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron February 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron March 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron April 1983


          Box 17F

          FFF Alpha Chron May 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron June 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron July 1983

          FFF Alpha Chron August 1983


          Box 18F

          FFF September 1983 Alpha Chrons

          FFF October 1983 Alpha Chrons

          FFF November 1983 Alpha Chrons

          FFF December 1983 Alpha Chrons

          FFF January 1984 Alpha Chrons


          Box 19F

          FFF February 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF March 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF April 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF May 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF June 1984 Alpha Chrons


          Box 20F

          FFF July 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF August 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF September 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF October 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF November 1984 Alpha Chrons

          FFF December 1984 Alpha Chrons


          Box 21F

          FFF January 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF February 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF March 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF April 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF May 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF June 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF July 1985 Alpha Chrons


          Box 22F

          FFF August 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF September 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF October 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF November 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF December 1985 Alpha Chrons

          FFF January 1986 Alpha Chrons

          FFF February 1986 Alpha Chrons

          FFF March 1986 Alpha Chrons


          SERIES IV:  SUBJECT FILE, 1981-1986

          Box 23F

          ABA Annual Meetings - Miscellaneous

          ABA Convention, 07/30/1983



          Acceptance of Gifts


          ACTION - Activities Abroad

          Administrative Conference

          [Administrative Office Meeting - 07/13/1984]

          Administrative Regulations

          Advance Office / Volunteers

          Affirmative Action

          Agency Removals

          Air Traffic Controllers (1)(2)

          Air Traffic Controllers Reemployment

          Allen, Richard V. Matter, Report of the Office of Counsel to the President Regarding the


          American Bar Association

          American Red Cross

          American Telephone and Telegraph

          Anderson, Stan

          Anti - Lobbying

          Anti-Ballistic Missiles

          Appointments - Miscellaneous [I]

          Appointments - Miscellaneous [II]


          Arms Export Control Act

          Arts and Humanities Task Force

          Assassination Attempt - 03/30/1981 (1)(2)

          Atlanta Murders

          Attorney Disqualification

Attorney General - Taxes

Attorney General's 04/27/1983 Report to President on Trip to Mexico / Peru /

          Bolivia / El Salvador

          Attorney General’s Trip

          Attorney General's Trip - Japan, et al


          AWACS Sale

          Baby Doe - Ed Meese Meeting re: 06/07/1983

          Baker, James A. III


          Batten, David C.

          Beach Blanket Babylon

          Beauty Salon


          Binford, Robert

          Block Grants

          Block, John


          Brady, James Scott

          Brandon, Muffie


          Bryen, Stephen

          Brower, Charles


          Budget Amendment (Balanced)

          Budget (OMB)

          Busing [I]

          Busing [II]


          Box 24F

          CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board)

          CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Decisions (1)-(7)

          Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 10/20/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy Agendas

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy Creation and Miscellaneous

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 03/24/1982 and 04/02/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 04/16/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 06/28/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 08/05/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 09/30/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 10/06/1982

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 10/18/1982 (RAH Notes)

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 02/10/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 05/19/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 06/20/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 08/02/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 09/08/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 10/14/1983

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 01/16/1984 (1)(2)

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 02/14/1984

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy 05/16/1984

          Cabinet Meeting 03/29/1983

          Cabinet Meeting 10/17/1983

          Cable-TV - White House

          California [Federal Judicial Appointments 1981-1982] (1)-(3)

          Campaign 1984 - Agendas

          Campaign 1984 - Contributions (Letter)

          Campaign 1984 - Convention

          Campaign 1984 - Debates

          Campaign 1984 - DNC

          Campaign 1984 - Do's & Don'ts

          Campaign 1984 - Equal Time

          Campaign 1984 - FEC

          Campaign 1984 - Legal Opinions

          Campaign 1984 - Office (White House) Responsibilities

          Campaign 1984 - Pre-candidacy

          Campaign 1984 - Press


          Box 25F

          Campaign 1984 - Primaries / Ballots / Pamphlets

          Campaign 1984 - Reagan-Bush Committee

          Campaign 1984 - Signs

          Campaign 1984 - Travel

          Canadian - U.S. Fishing Treaties

          Canzeri, Joseph, Continued

          Career Civil Service 04/07/1981

          Casey, William - Court Documents and Miscellaneous (1)-(8)

          [Casey, William: Finances (For Senate Select Committee on Intelligence)] (1)-(6)

          Casey, William J. (CIA-Hugel) (1)-(4)

          Cerami, Charles A.

          Chicago Desegregation

          CIA Briefing (Senior Staff) (Filed in CF 941)

          Civil Rights

          Clark, William

          Clay, Dr. Renee

          Clearance Approvals for Presidential Appointees [1984 Memoranda to John Herrington]

          CNN - Press Pooling

          CNN - Settlement Agreement

          Coffee – International Agreement

          Collins, Richard B. – 1983 (Filed in CF 941)

          Combined Federal Program (1982)

          Combined Federal Campaign (1983)

          Commissions, Councils, Conferences - Miscellaneous

          Communications with Treasury Dept.

          Community Services Administration

          Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1983 - A Proposal to Congress from the

                   President of the United States (1)-(7)

          Comptroller General Appointment

          Conger, Clem


          Box 26F

          Congressional Requests

          Congressional Requests 1983 (Filed in CF 941)


          Consumer Affairs - Office of

          Copyright Legislation Home Video and Audio Recording

          Correspondence Office Requests

          Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) (1)-(3)

          Court of Military Appeals [Empty]

          Court of Military Appeals FFF Memoranda

          Court of Military Appeals Miscellaneous

          Court of Military Appeals William H. Gibbes

          Court of Military Appeals Richard Mills

          Court of Military Appeals Frank  Nebeker

          Court of Military Appeals D. Gene Rickenbaker

          Court of Military Appeals Eugene Sullivan (1)(2)

          Court of Military Appeals Paul Summitt

          Court of Military Appeals, Taft Memoranda

          Credit Limitations

          Crime [I] (1)-(4)

          Crime [II] (1)-(5)

          Crime Legislation (1)(2)

          Crime Legislation: MSD Crime Legislation (1)-(3)

          Crime Speech – IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) (1)-(3)


          Box 27F

          Crisis Notes

          Darman, Richard G.

          Dart, Justin  [Empty]

          Davis Bacon

          DC-10 Grounding / Congressional Reference to the Court of Claims

          De Keiffer, Donald E.

          Deaver Diet Book

          Debt Collection

          Debt Limit / Ceiling

          Delorean, John

          Demonstrations - I

          Demonstrations - II

          Denoon, David

          [DOJ Testimony: Competition, Deregulation & the Private Express Statutes, 02/02/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Contribution to Anti-trust Legislation, 12/07/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Criminal Code, 11/09/1981] (1)-(4)

          [DOJ Testimony: Criminal Forfeiture, 01/29/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Criminal Justice Facilities, 11/19/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Disclosure and Summons Enforcement - Tax Reform Act of 1976]

          [DOJ Testimony: Employer Sanctions, 10/21/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Exclusionary Rule, 10/05/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Extension of Anti-trust Defense, 02/04/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Extradition Treaties, 11/10/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Extradition Treaties, 01/26/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: FBI Oversight, 02/04/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Federal Habeas Corpus, November 1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: S.1775 - Federal Tort Claims Act, 11/13/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 11/18/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: S.614 - Amendment to Hobbs Act, 12/10/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Immigrant Visa Preference System, 11/23/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Immigration, Refugees and International Law, 10/15/1981-10/16/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: International Drug Trafficking, 11/18/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: S.1785 - Labor Racketeering Act of 1981, 01/28/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Motor Vehicle Theft, 02/04/1982]

          [DOJ Testimony: Non-immigrant Visits to U.S., 11/30/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: NRA Concerns, October 1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Overall Number of Immigrants and Refugees, 12/04/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: Refugee Admissions - FY82, September 1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: S.1529, S.1531 and S.1532, 11/16/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: School Desegregation, 10/16/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: School Desegregation, 11/19/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: S.326, "Small Business Motor Fuel Marketer Preservation Act of 1981,


          [DOJ Testimony: Tax Information Legislation, 11/09/1981]

          [DOJ Testimony: U.S. v. AT&T, 01/25/1982]

          Disaster Relief

          District of Columbia

          District of Columbia Transit System / Interior Dispute

          Divestiture [empty]

          Document Security

          Domestic Security Guidelines

          Draft [empty]

          Drugs - Illegal

          Economic Policy Advisory Board

          Economic Policy Advisory Board, President's


          Box 28F

          Economic Summit - Williamsburg May 1983


          Egypt - Prepositioning

          Ellingwood, H.E. - Daily Log

          Endorsements - Requests to President

          Endorsements - Requests Made to the President


          Energy Policy

          Environmental Protection Agency / Burford / Counsel's Fees (1)-(3)

          Environmental Protection Agency - White House (1)(2)

          Episcopalian Fathers Frade and Doss

          Episcopalian Priests

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          [Establishment of Presidential Signing Procedure, 04/14/1981]

          [Ethics in Government Act]

          Evacuation Plan for White House Staff

          Evans, Michael

          [Exclusionary Rule]

          Executive Commission

          Executive Exchange

          Executive Orders – Miscellaneous

          Executive Privilege – Dingell – EPA (1)-(5)

          [Executive Privilege - Dingell – 1986 (non-EPA)]

          Executive Privilege - Intelligence Committee

          Extraterritoriality (Not in Box)

          Extraterritoriality - British (1)(2)

          Extraterritoriality – British (01/18/1983-10/04/1983)

          Extraterritoriality – British (10/05/1983) (1)-(2)

          Extraterritoriality – British (10/06/1983-11/16/1983)

          Extraterritoriality - Laker Case (1)-(4)

          Extraterritoriality - Miscellaneous

          Extraterritoriality - Sir Michael Havers


          Box 29F

          Exxon Corporation

          [Exxon Corporation et al Litigation] (Binder) (1)-(7)

          Fairfax County Litigation

          Federal Advisory Committee Act [I]

          Federal Advisory Committee Act [II]

          [Federal Bar Association]

          Federal Bureau of I(nvestigation

          Federal Communications Commission 04/07/1981

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Background Materials

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Congressional Correspondence

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Decision, Press Guidance

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Financial Interests / RR

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Industry Correspondence

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Miscellaneous

          Federal Communications Commission Syndication / Press

          Federal Courts Improvement Act  HR 4482 - Bill Signing Ceremony

          Federal Election Commission - I

          Federal Election Commission - II

          Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

          Federal Emergency Management Agency 1984

          Federal Employment (Transferred to Chris Hicks at the White House)

          [Federal Home Loan Bank Board]

          Federal Legal Council

          Federal Loan Guarantee

          Federal Maritime Commission

          Federal Regional Councils

          Federal Reserve Board

          Federal Trade Commission

          Federalism Task Force

          Ferraro, Geraldine

          FFF Chrons (Classified)

          FFF Meeting with Tuan Wreh, Thursday, 08/11/1983 – 11:00 a.m.


          Flynt, Larry


          Box 30F

          Foreign Agents [Lobbyists] - Presidential Appointees

          Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

          Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

          Foreign Service Retirement System (160SS)

          Fraud and Waste in Government

          Freedom of Information Act

          Freedom of Information Act / General

          Freedom of Information Act / Press

          Freedom of Information Act / Private Citizens

          Freedom of Information Act Legislation – Dow, Lohnes & Albertson

          General Accounting Office

          General Counsel's Meeting 12/10/1982

          Geneva - Bilateral Issues - November, 1985

          Geneva Meeting

          German-American Tricentennial (1)-(3)

          Gifts to the President - 1982

          Gifts to the Vice-President 1982

          Giminich - Arrival Plans


          Grain Embargo

          Gramm - Latta

          Grass Roots Lobbying

          Grassley Subcommittee 1984

          [Grassley Subcommittee 1984]

          Grenada Arms Cases

          Haig, Alexander - Award

          Heating Fuel Crisis


          Hickey, Ed

          Hiring Freeze

          Honduras - Presidential Determination to Authorize Immediate Military Assistance

          Honorary Chairmanships

          Honorary Chairmanships - Requests Made to President


          Hostages - Day of Thanksgiving

          House and Senate Testimony (See Testimony)

          Housing and Urban Development


          Box 31F

          Iceland/Cargo Preference

          Impoundment (White House Out Card to "Nicole" - 11/08/1985)

          Independent Counsel :Articles

          Independent Counsel: Laws

          Independent Counsel: Lists Provided to the FBI

          [Information Packet - Collected Articles re: First and Second 100 Day Periods]

          Intelligence Community [I]

          Intelligence Community [II]

          Intelligence Oversight

          Inter-American Foundation

          Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of


          International Communications Agency

          International Fishery Agreement (Norway)

          International Labour Organization

          International Trade Commission

          Interstate Commerce Commission

          Iran – [Implementation of Iran Hostage Agreement] (1)-(6)

Iran – [Index of Executive Documents as of 01/19/1981] (1)(2)

Iran – [Iran Claims Tribunal Members] (1)(2)

Iran – [Oil Purchase, 1982]

          Israel - Cluster Munitions


          Jobs Bill

          Keating, Charles H. Correspondence

          Keiser, Ernest (Not in Box)

          Kelly, John A.


          Kratuer,  Ken


          Box 32F

          Labor Department

          Law Day

          Law Day USA 1981-1982

          Law Day 1982 Reply List

          Law Day 1983

          Law Day 1984

          Law  Day 1984 RSVP

          Law Day Miscellaneous

          Law Day Proclamation (Requests)

          LeBlanc, Dennis


          [Lefever, Earnest W. – Hearing Transcript]

          Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          Legislative Programs – Support of

          Legislative Proposals

          Legislative Reform

          Legislative Veto - Articles/Speeches

          Legislative Veto - Bumpers Amendment; Miscellaneous Prior to Supreme Court Decision

          Legislative Veto - Materials after Supreme Court Decision June, 1983

          Legislative Veto - Supreme Court Decision, June, 1983

          Legislative Veto - Testimony

          Liberia - FFF 03/05/1984 Meeting with Perkins

          Libyan Sanctions

          Limitation of Jurisdiction


          Loan - Meese, Deaver (1)-(6)


          Lofton Interview, JAB III

          Malone, James L.

          Mansfield Brewing Company

          Margiotta Correspondence A

          Margiotta Correspondence B (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence C (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence D

          Margiotta Correspondence E-F

          Margiotta Correspondence G (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence H

          Margiotta Correspondence I-K

          Margiotta Correspondence L (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence Mc

          Margiotta Correspondence M (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence N-O

          Margiotta Correspondence P

          Margiotta Correspondence Q-R

          Margiotta Correspondence S (1)(2)

          Margiotta Correspondence T-V

          Margiotta Correspondence W

          Margiotta Correspondence X-Z

          McKee, Clarence

          Medicare / Medicaid

          Merit Systems Protection Board

          Mexico - U.S. Relations

          Military Funerals


          Miscellaneous Correspondence

          [Miscellaneous Material, 1981-1982]

          Mississippi / Fifth Circuit

          Money Clip

          Moon, Reverend Sun Myung (1)-(4)

          Morgan, Vicki

          Murphy, Peter


          MX Basing Meeting, 11/10/1982

MX: FFF Meeting with D.B Waller, R. Kimmitt, C. Dinkins, W. Taft, D. Place, G.



          Box 33F

          National Association of Attorneys General Meeting with President 03/29/1982

          National Endowment for the Arts

          National Hawaii Study Commission

          National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

          National Productivity Advisory Board

          National Tribal Governments Conference

          Nebraska School Case

          New York Teachers Reassignment 06/08/1982 - 5:45 pm Meeting

          Newspaper Clippings

          Nicaragua - Economic Sanctions

          Nicaragua - Humanitarian Aid

          Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office

          Nicaraguan Resistance - Congressional Request for Documents on NSC Staff Contact

          Nicaraguan Sanctions

          Nixon Papers

          [Nixon Papers – Smith v. Nixon CA No. 76-978] (1)-(3)

          NSC / Jack Anderson

          Nuclear Weapons

          O'Brien, Paul L.

          O'Brien, Thomas

          [O'Connor, Sandra Day News Clippings] (1)-(14)  (Currently we have folders 8-14

                   at this time - per d.b., 12/07/2005)

          O'Connor,  Sandra D. - Financial Information (Fedex Envelope)

          Oil Decontrol

          Olympic Coins

          Olympics - General


          Box 34F

          Organization of American Political Leaders

          Organization of American Political Leaders: Nicaragua Proposal

          Organization of American Political Leaders: OAPL

          Organization of American Political Leaders: Organization of American Political Leaders

          Orrin Hatch / Edward Kennedy [Ray Donovan Investigation]

          Outreach Program

          Overseas Private Investment Corporation

          Pacific Legal Foundation vs. Watt

          Panama Canal Legislation

          Paperwork Reduction (1)-(4)

          [Paperwork Reduction] Meetings in Ed Meese’s Office 07/12/1982 (1)-(3)

          Pardon Attorney


          Parole Commission (1)-(3)

          PATCO (1)(2)

          Pauken Announcement

          Pauken, Thomas Weir

          PDS Sutures

          Peace Corps

          Pell Grants

          Pendleton Letter

          Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation

          Personal Use of Government Aircraft

          Personnel Management, Office of

          Pocket Veto (1)-(4)

          Pocket Veto Litigation (Barnes v. Kline) (Barnes v. Carmen) (1)-(7)


          Police Department - Contact with

          Policy Development, Office of

          Policy Planning

          Political Activities

          Political Activity

          Pope Ballard and Loos / Tariff Schedule

          Portman Hotel


          Box 35F

          Postal Rate Commission

          Postal Service

          Pre-News Conference Briefing, Mon., 07/25/1983, (3 pm Domestic)

          Presidential Awards

          Presidential Documents (Records Act)

          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Pardons [Empty]

          Presidential Photos

          Presidential Protection

          Presidential Protection Commission

          Presidential Succession

          Presidential Succession – 25th Amendment

          Presidential Transition Foundation

          [Presidential Trip Schedules, June 1983-December 1983]

          Presidential Trips Summary of Events

          President's Briefing Book, Information FFFielding 09/27/1982, Copies

          President’s Honorary Chairmanships and Memberships

          Press [I]

          Press [II]

          Press Briefing Information (Extra Copies) 02/15/1983

          [Press Briefing Information 02/21/1984-02/22/1984]

          Press Conference Briefing, 10/18/1983, 3:00 pm

          Press Releases

          Presser, Jackie

          Presser, Jackie (Miscellaneous)

          Prisons System

          Pro Bono Activities by Federal Attorneys

          Proclamations by President

          Protection of National Security Information

          Publications (Miscellaneous) (Articles)

          Publication Request [I]

          Publications Request [II]

          Recess Appointments

          Reconciliation Bill



          Box 36F

          Redistricting [I]

          Redistricting [II]

          Rees, [Grover III] (1)-(3)


          Regnery, Alfred

          Regulations (Federal) (1)-(3)

          Regulatory Reform [02/17/1981 Meeting] (1)(2)

          Regulatory Reform [Legislation 1981]



          Report of the Office of Counsel to the President Regarding the Richard V. Allen

                   Matter (1)-(3)

          Republican National Committee

          [Republican National Committee –Review of Expenses – Canzeri, etc.]

          Republican Senatorial Trust

          Resale Price Maintenance Meeting in Roosevelt Room Mon. 05/09/1982 - 3:00 pm

          Residence of White House Refurbishing

          Resignation Letters

          Responsible Government for American Foundation (RGAF)




          Rickover, Admiral Hyman G.

          Rogers, John

          Ross, Heather

          Rubin, Robert J. M.D.

          Ruge, Daniel

          Ruppe, Loret  / Peace Corps 04/01/1982

          Ruppe v. Curran

          Savings and Loan Industry

          Schedule A to C Conversion

          Schleede, Glenn

          Schmults, Ed

          School Prayer (1)-(9)

          Second Term

          Secure Phone

Security Procedures

          Security Violations

          Security / White House

          Senate Subcommittee on Courts

          Senior Executive Service


Sequoia: Chuck Chamberlain 9:45 am Friday, 02/19/1982 (1)(2)

Sequoia: Presidential Yacht Trust Application for Recognition of Exemption (1)(2)

Signal Phone

          Six Year Term

          Small Business Administration

          Small Business Administration [Newspaper Article]

          Sobel, Norman Tyler (Estate)

          Social Security [I]

          Social Security [II]

          Solidarity Day (1)(2)

          Somoza Extradition

          Soviet Awareness

          Speakes, Larry

          Speech File

          Speeches and Speech Material

          Sperling Breakfast Briefing, Tues., 02/22/1983, 4:30 pm

          Staff Resumes


          Box 37F

          Staff Secretary / Executive Orders

          Staff Secretary / Miscellaneous

          Staff Secretary / Presidential Statements

          Staff Secretary / Proclamations (1)-(3)

          Standards of Conduct

          State Attorneys General

          State Department, Appointments

          State of the Union [1983] (1)-(4)

          State of the Union 1984

          State Visit California 1983

          Steel Stretchout

          Stockman, David

          Stripling Letter to Vice President


          Summary of Applicable Laws (Taxes, Car Inspection, Voter)

          Summer Jobs - WW


          Supreme Court [I] (1)-(4)

          Supreme Court [II] (1)(2)

          Supreme Court [III] (1)-(4)

          Supreme Court, Alphabetical, Incoming and Outgoing 1981 (1)-(11)

          Supreme Court Justices Luncheon 10/01/1982

          Supreme Court Justices Luncheon w/POTUS  09/25/1984

          Supreme Court Meeting with POTUS 10/03/1983

          [Supreme Court Nomination 1981] (1)-(5)

          [Synfuels Corporation – Anonymous Notes]

          Synfuels 04/07/1981 (1)(2)

          Synfuels Corporation (1)(2)

          Synfuels - Salary

          Synthetic Fuels Corporation



          Box 38F

          Tax Agreements - Virgin Islands

          Tax Bill 1982 [TEFRA]

          Tax Court

          Tax Court Correspondence with Treasury and Court

          Tax Court List of Recommendations

          Tax Exemptions

          Tax Exemption - Bill

          Tax Exemption - Newspaper Articles

          Tax Exemption - Statements / Releases

          Tax Exemption - Treasury

          Tax Exemption - White House

          Telecommunications I

          Telecommunications II (1)-(9)

          Telephones / WH Cars

Television Networks

          Testimony - Department of Justice

          Testimony - Justice Dept.

          Three Gorges Dam Project Republic of China

          Transition (1)-(6)

          Transition Foundation / Trust

          Transition Report 04/01/1981

          Transportation - General

          Transportation - GAO

          Transportation - Justice

          Transportation - OLC


          Box 39F

          Transportation - Portal to Portal Legislation

          Transportation - State

          Transportation - Use for Political Purposes


          Travel - Administration Officials

          Travel - Brock

          Travel - First Lady (Not in Box)

          Travel - HUD

          Travel - Presidential and Vice Presidential

          Travel - Press

          Travel Related Expenses

          Treasury Department

          Treasury Department Order #150-87

          Trent, Darrell M (Trust)

          Tuition Tax Credit Draft Bill

          Tuition Tax Credit  Meeting  05/21/1982

          Tuition Tax Credit - Congressional Meeting with President  02/16/1983

          Unitary Tax - I

          Unitary Tax - II


          USIA Blacklist (1)(2)

          U.S. v. Wilson

          USTR (United States Trade Representative) FBI

          Utah vs. United States

          Vacancies - Recess Appointments 04/07/1981


          Vatican/U.S. Relations


          Veterans Administration [Meharry Medical College]

          Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism

[Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism – 09/18/1985 Meeting]

Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism – [Meeting with NSC/NSPG


Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism – Meeting 11/12/1985

Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism – [Follow-Up to] Meeting


Vice President’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism – [Senior Review Group]

          Video Tape [Empty]



          Box 40F

          Voting Rights Act - I

          Voting Rights Act - II

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights - Newspaper Articles

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights Meeting, Tuesday, 11/03/1981

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights Meeting, Monday, 05/03/1982

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights - Position Papers

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights Talking Points

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights Press Releases / Briefings

          Voting Rights Act - II:  Voting Rights AG's Original Package 10/02/1981

          Waller, D.B., Colonel Wood Meeting 06/17/1983

          West Wing Roof

          [Wheaton, Gene]

          White House Communication with Outside Agencies

          White House Conference on Aging [I]

          White House Conference on Aging [II]

          White House Conference on Children & Youth

          White House Fellows: Alumni Reception April 1982

          White House Fellows: Alumni Reception Thank-You's May 1983

          White House Fellows: Alumni Reception with POTUS May 1983 (1)(2)

          White House Fellows: Class 1981-1982

          White House Fellows Class 1982-1983 (1)(2)

          White House Fellows Class 1983-1984 (1)-(3)


          Box 41F

          White House Fellows Class 1984-1985 (1)-(6)

          White House Fellows 1985-1986 (1)(2)

          White House Fellows Commissioners List / Miscellaneous Correspondence (1)-(3)

          White House Fellows Directory Dated 01/26/1983 (1)-(7)

          White House Fellows: Meeting w/POTUS July 1982

          White House Fellows: Meeting w/POTUS September 1982

          White House Fellows Meeting 08/09/1983

          White House Fellows Meeting with POTUS 09/22/1983

          White House Fellows May Meeting [1985] (1)-(5)

          White House Fellows: Miscellaneous Correspondence/Information [1981] (1)(2)

          White House Fellows: Miscellaneous Correspondence/Information [1982] (1)(2)

          White House Fellows: Miscellaneous Correspondence/Information [1983]

          White House Fellows: Miscellaneous Correspondence/Information [1984]

          White House Fellows: Miscellaneous Correspondence/Information [1985] (1)(2)

          White House Operations


          Box 42F

          White House Preservation

          White House Preservation:  "Association" and "Fund" Merger Materials

          White House Preservation:  Appointment of Rex Scouten as White House Curator

          White House Preservation:  Correspondence

          White House Preservation:  Executive Order 11145 and Draft of Order Providing for


          White House Preservation:  Funding - White House Curator by White House Historical


          White House Preservation:  Telephone Conversations

          White House Preservation:  Use of Volunteers

          White House Preservation:  White House Preservation Fund Articles of Incorporation

          White House Preservation:  White House Preservation Fund Fundraising Revitalization

          White House Preservation:  White House Preservation Fund Trustee List

          White House Staff Departures

          White House Staff (Newspaper Articles)

          Whittlesey, Faith

          Wick, Charles Z.

          Wick Letters


          Wilson, Bill

          Wilson, Edwin P.

          Women [I]

          Women [II]

          World Trade Week, 1981

          Wright, Joseph R.

          Year of The Bible

          Yob, Major Edward Henry

          Yorktown - 200th Anniversary

          Yorktown - 200th Anniversary:  Yorktown Bicentennial 10/16/1981-10/19/1981




          Box 43F

          Memo to Campaign Staff 07/01/1983

          RAH Notes / Memos

          Reagan Debate Book Provided by Jackie Tillman 06/28/1983

          FFF Memo to White House Staff

          Meese Memo Cabinet / Agency Heads 07/08/1983

          Darman Notes

          Myles Martel

          Memorandum of Understanding, Green Letters, Rodino Letter

          [Debategate:] Miscellaneous Materials (1)-(3)

          Debate Book

          Baker/Casey/Stockman/Gergen/Hodsoll Memos to FFF 06/28/1983

          DOJ Report on Carter Briefing Materials 02/23/1984

          Banzhaf v. Smith

          Presidential Archives

          Hoover Institution

          FFF Notes / Memos

          Correspondence to Justice (1)(2)

          Correspondence with FBI

          Caddell Briefing Book Delivered 06/27/1983

          Office of Administration Reports

          FFF Letter to Schmults 06/27/1983 w/attachments


          Box 44F

          RAH Letter to Schmults 06/25/1983 w/Attachments

          Albosta Subcommittee Report of Investigation 05/23/1984

          [Debategate Material]

          [Debategate Material - 2nd Copy]

          [Hodsoll Letter re: Debategate, 06/28/1983]


          Box 45F

          Campaign Mailing 07/01/1983

          Press Office Briefings / Statements

          News Clippings

          Albosta - Baker

          Albosta - Baker/Casey/Stockman/Gergen Responses

          Albosta - Casey

          Albosta - Deaver

          Albosta - Gergen

          Albosta - Micah Green

          Albosta - Jim Hamilton

          Albosta - Hodsoll

          Albosta - 06/29/1983 Letter to P. and Reply from FFF

          Albosta - Meese

          Memorandum of Understanding 07/29/1983

          Memorandum of Understanding Drafts

          Albosta - Miscellaneous

          Albosta - Michel

          Albosta - Stockman

          Albosta -Working Drafts to Albosta, Hamilton, Green

          Report Subcommittee on Human Resources: Unauthorized Transfers of Nonpublic

                   Information During the 1980 Presidential Election Part 1

          Report Subcommittee on Human Resources: Unauthorized Transfers of Nonpublic

                   Information During the 1980 Presidential Election Part 2  

          [Debate Briefings Materials - Carter] (1)-(4)

          [Debategate – Press June 1984]


          SERIES VI:  JUDICIAL SELECTION, 1981-1986

          CFOA 425

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 04/30/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 05/07/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 05/14/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 05/21/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 05/28/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 06/04/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 06/11/1981 (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 06/18/1981 (1)-(6)


          CFOA 426

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 06/25/1981 (1)-(5)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 07/02/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 07/09/1981 (1)-(5)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 07/16/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 07/23/1981 (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 07/30/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 08/05/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 08/27/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 09/03/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 09/10/1981 (1)-(5)


          CFOA 427

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 09/17/1981 –

5:00pm Roosevelt Room (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 10/01/1981 –

5:00pm Roosevelt Room (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 10/08/1981 –

5:00pm Roosevelt Room

          [President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting 10/15/1981]

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 10/22/1981

5:00pm -- the Roosevelt Room (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 11/05/1981

5:00pm -- the Roosevelt Room (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 11/12/1981

5:00pm -- the Roosevelt Room (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 11/19/1981

5:00pm -- the Roosevelt Room (1)-(3)

          [Judicial Selection Committee - 11/30/1981]

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 12/03/1981

5:00pm Fred Fielding's Office

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Thursday, 01/07/1982

5:00pm - Fred Fielding's Office

          [President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - Wednesday,

01/27/1982] (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting - 02/04/1982

                   5:00pm - Fred Fielding's Office (1)(2)

          [02/12/1982 - Materials from the Judicial Selection Committee Meeting]


          CFOA 428

          Judicial Selections - September 1981

          [Judicial Selections - October 1981]

          Judicial Selections - November 1981

          Judicial Selections - December 1981

          Judicial Selection - January 1982 (1)(2)

          [Judicial Selection - February 1982] (1)(2)

          [Judicial Selection - March 1982]

          Judicial Selection - April 1982

          Judicial Selection - May 1982 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection - June 1982

          Judicial Selection Materials - July 1982 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - August 1982 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - September 1982 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Selection Materials - October 1982

          Judicial Selection Materials - November 1982

          Judicial Selection Materials - December 1982

          Judicial Selection Materials - January 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - February 1983

          Judicial Selection Materials - March 1983

          Judicial Selection Materials - April 1983

          Judicial Selection Materials - May 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - June 1983

          Judicial Selection Materials - July 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - August 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - September 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - October 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - November 1983 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials - December 1983


          CFOA 514

          Judicial Selection Materials, January 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, February 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, March 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, April 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, May 1984 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials, June 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, July 1984 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Selection Materials, August 1984 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Selection Materials, September 1984 (1)-(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials, October 1984 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials, November 1984

          Judicial Selection Materials, December 1984 (1)-(5)

          Judicial Selection Materials, January 1985 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials, February 1985 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Materials, March 1985 (1)-(4)

          Judicial Selection Materials, May 1985 (1)-(3)


          CFOA 515

          Judicial Selection Material, June 1985 (1)-(6)

          Judicial Selection Material, July 1985 (1)(3)

          Judicial Selection Material, August 1985 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Selection Material September 1985 (1)-(5)

          Judicial Selection Material, October 1985 (1)-(4)

          Judicial Selection Material, November 1985 (1)-(3)

          Judicial Selection Material, December 1985

          Judicial Selection Material, January 1986 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Material, February 1986 [received empty]

          Judicial Selection Material, March 1986 (1)(2)

          Judicial Selection Material, April 1986 (1)(2)