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GALEBACH, STEPHEN H.: Files, 1982-1986


Office of Policy Development


OA 8928

Phone Log - Daily (11/21/1983-01/05/1984)

Phone Log - Daily (01/06/1984-02/14/1984)

Phone Log - Daily (02/15/1984-03/07/1984)


OA 9101

Abortion – Abortion Clinics (1)(2)

[Abortion – Abortion Clinics]

[Abortion – Agency for International Devleopment] (1)-(5)

[Abortion – Agency for International Devleopment – Guttmacher Case]

Abortion – Akron Case

Abortion – Alternatives

Abortion – American Life Lobby Allegations (1)(2)

[Abortion – American Life Lobby Allegations]

Abortion – Ashbrook Amendment

Abortion – General (1)-(3)

[Abortion – General]

[Abortion – General – Federal Funding]

Abortion – Memos (1)(2)

Children Working Group -- Action Proposal

Children's Working Group

Abortion – POTUS Statements (1)(2)

Abortion – Rhode Island Case (1)(2)

Church Audit Procedures Act (1)-(7)

Abortion – Title X (1)-(4)

[Abortion – Title X] (1)-(4)


OA 9102

Abortion -- 16,000 Babies (1)(2)

Abortion -- Congressman Smith

Abortion -- Dannemeyer Amendment

Abortion -- Historical Material

Bicentennial Commission

Civil Rights Commission

Civil Rights --EEOC

Constitutional Amendment -- Balanced Budget

Copyright (Audio and Video Issues)

Crime Statistics

Education -- Bilingual

Education --National Institute of Education

Emergency Preparedness


OA 9103

Family Policy – 1982 (1)-(3)

Federal Emergency Agency


Handicapped Policy -- 1982

Infanticide Legislation 82 (1)(2)

Handicapped  Infanticide --1982 Galebach (1)-(4)

Trust Betrayed, Hope Denied (An Urgent Report on the Status of Disabled Americans)

Handicap - - Le Strange Case

Handicap -- Section 504 Regulations – 1982 (1)-(6)

Handicap -- 94-142 Regulations


OA 9104

Handicap Working Group -- 1982

Indian Land Claims Legislation

School Prayer 1982 (1)-(7)

School Prayer -- Alabama Case (Mobile) 1982 (1)(2)

School Prayer Amendment 1982 (1)-(4)

Civil Rights General 82

Religious Liberty -- Nebraska -- 1982

Infanticide -- Memos -- 1982

Infanticide -- Dawson Case

Product Liability


OA 9105

President's Commission on Medical Ethics

President's Commission on Indian Reservation Economies

Postal Rate Commission

Japanese-Americans Commission (1)(2)

Intercircuit Tribunal

Galebach Chron November 1983

Galebach - Correspondence, November 1983

Galebach - Telephone Conversations, November 1983

Values Education


Toxic Substances Liability

Regulations - Air Bags (1)-(3)

Legal Services Corporation - 1982 (1)-(5)

Pornography - 1982


OA 9106

Religious Liberty - Kidnapping

Religious Liberty - Deprogramming

Regulatory Reform - Cases

Regulatory Reform - A-122 Proposal

Family Protection Report (1)(2)

Citizens for God and Country

Catholics United for Life

Catholic Eye

Association for Public Justice

American Life Lobby, Inc.

Balanced Budget

Anti-Trust Issues

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Legislative Reports

Legislative Referral Memos

Human Life Review -- POTUS Article (1)-(3)

Tradition, Family and Property

Pro-Life Action League

National Right to Life Committee (1)(2)

[National Right to Life Committee]

Intercessors For America

Heritage Foundation (1)-(3)

Free Congress Foundation


OA 11295

Toxic Torts 


Immigration, Poland

Immigration, Asylum

Immigration, Presidential Statements


Immigration Stats

Immigration Clipping

Infanticide, 1985 Regulations

Telecommunications (1)-(3)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

FCC Telecommunications (1)-(3)

Family Policy / Chapman WG


Civil Rights / Sexual Orientation

Civil Rights Act - 1985 (1)(2)

D. C. Home Rule


OA 11296

Alternatives to Abortion - 1986

Alternatives to Abortion 11/14/1984

Abortion: General 1986

Alternatives to Abortion / Nov 84 Conference

Abortion - Title X Clinics (empty)

Agency for International Development


OA 11297

Civil Rights Act of 1984 (1)-(5)

Civil Rights Act of 1984 - Eberly Package (1)(2)

1984 Civil Rights Act - Hatch Hearings

Civil Rights -  Packwood / Schneider / Kennedy (1)-(3)

Civil Rights / Sex Discrimination

Education, Background Material

Early Warning Reports (2 folders)

Crime, Alex Stuart (2 folders)

Civil Rights - Voting Rights Act

Constitutional Amendment, English Language

Educational Opportunity and Equity Act of 1983

Education, Abolition of Department



Crime / Administration Bill


OA 11298

Abortion - Clinic Bombings

Abortion - Family Planning

Abortion – General (1)-(6)

Abortion - AFL Program [Wrongful Life Issue]

Abortion – AFL Program [Late-Term Abortions]

Abortion - Unborn Children's Civil Rights Act 1986

Abortion - Unwed Mothers

Abortion - Wrongful Life

Adolescent Family Life Program (1)-(3)

Abortion - Planning

Cabinet Council on Legal Policy (1)(2)

Children, Missing and Kidnapped

Children - Ken Wooden

Children - Father Ritter

Child Support - Legislation

Church Audit Procedures Act

Civil Rights - Bob Jones

Civil Rights - Dade County

Civil Rights - Affirmative Action [I]

Civil Rights / General

Civil Rights - Fair Housing

Civil Rights - Affirmative Action [II] (1)(2)

Civil Rights - Set Asides Case

Civil Rights - Research (1)(2)

Civil Rights/Department of Justice /Administrative Positions [empty]


OA 11299

Infanticide - Baby Jane Doe (1)-(4)

Immigration / Vietnam Veterans

Infanticide - 1/84 HHS Regulation (1)-(4)

Infanticide / Correspondence

Infanticide - Clippings (and Correspondence) November 1983 (April 1983-May

1984) (1)(2)

Infanticide / Child Abuse Amendments of 1983

Infanticide - Oklahoma (Controversy re: University of Oklahoma Health Services


Infanticide - Memos (1)-(6)

Infanticide Correspondance (sic)

Infanticide - Information Packet

Infanticide / Legislation

Infanticide -  Monographs

Infanticide / Murphy Bill

Infanticide / Pediatrics Journal

Infanticide - HHS Investigations (1)-(3)

Infanticide / Erlenborn Bill

Infanticide / Euthanasia

Infanticide - Drafts

Infanticide - Public Comment


Infanticide - Pleadings (1)-(7)


OA 11300

Equal Rights Amendments

Ethics In Government Laws

Family Violence Task Force

Family Policy / HHS Initiatives

Family Policy - Initiatives

Family Policy - Foster Care - Adoption

Education - Excellence

Education - Discipline

Environment - Safe Drinking Water

Education - Values

Education - Title I Vouchers

Family Planning - Title X


Handicapped - HUD Issues

Handicapped - Euthanasia

Handicapped - OMB Circular

Infanticide Legislation

Handicapped - Infanticide

Family Policy / Adoption

Family Policy

Family / Domestic Violence Task Force

Family Policy / Clippings, November 1983

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

Grace Commission / Department of Justice Task Force

Handicapped - Department Of Transportation - Section 504 Regulations (1)(2)



Human Rights

Handicapped Working Group / OMB Circular

Handicapped Working Group

Handicapped - Section 504 Regulations

Handicapped / Real Rights Bill

Handicapped / Planning

Handicapped - Infanticide - HHS Investigation


OA 11301

Alternatives / School Prayer

Abortion - Alternatives to (1)-(3)

IHG, Central Files

Alternatives to Abortion, 11/15/1984 (1)(2)

Tuition Tax Credit / Bauer Material

School Prayer - Comparison

Religious Liberty / Civil Rights

School Prayer - Meyer

School Prayer - Equal Access September 1983 (1)-(3)

School Prayer February 1984-March 1984

Galebach / Near Term Issues

Roper Weekly Memos

Equal Access


[School Prayer] (1)-(4)

School Prayer November 1983-February 1984



Issue Papers


OA 11302

Alternatives / School Prayer

School Prayer / November 1983

Equal Access Legislation Memo

School Prayer Drafts (1)(2)

School Prayer – Hatfield/Denton Bills (1)(2)

School Prayer – Widmar, et al.  (1)(2)

[School Prayer –Working Group] (1)-(6)

School Prayer – Mobile Case (1)-(6)

Alternatives to Abortion Conference (1)-(3)

Abortion Alternatives


OA 11303

Infanticide / Statement of Principles

Infanticide - Stmt at Press Conference March 18

Infanticide / Research

Judicial Nominations

Justice Department Reports

Justice Assistance

Juvenile Justice (1)-(3)

Department of Justice Budget / Review

Infanticide / 1984 Regulations


Infanticide - Working Group (1)-(4)

Separation of Powers [National Archives and Records Administration Act]

Separation of Powers

Tuition Tax Credits / Fall 1983

Treasury / Tax Proposal (2 folders)

Legal Services Corporation (1)-(11)

Legislative Referral Memos

Legislation 1985

Legislative Referrals

Pornography / Reisman

Legal Services / October 1983-November 1983 [1981-1984] (1)-(7)


OA 11304

Regulations Effective after 04/17/1984

Senator Rudman's Questions Submitted to LSC

Senator Rudman's Questions Asked at Hearing

Senator Hollings Questions Submitted

Legal Services / A

Legal Services - Appropriation Questions

Line Item Veto

Tuition Tax Credits / Washington Case

Tuition Tax Credits / Minnesota Case

Tax Exemption / Discrimination

Products Liability

RNC Platform, 1984

Private Sector / NOAH


Women's Issues / Children's Package

Women's Issues / Pension Equity Act

Tuition Tax Credits / September 1983

Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty / Agudath Israel

Religious Liberty / Alamo Case

Religious Liberty / Creche Case

Religious Liberty / Correspondence

School Prayer (1)-(5)

School Prayer – Gorton/Rudman/Thurmond (1)-(3)

School Prayer – Speaking Materials

School Prayer – Clippings

School Prayer – Op-Ed Piece

School Prayer – POTUS Remarks

School Prayer – Talking Points on POTUS Amendment

School Prayer – Q’s and A’s (1)(2)

Religious Liberty / State Regulation over Private Schools

Religious Liberty / Social Security

Religious Liberty / Small Business Administration

Religious Liberty / Nebraska Case


OA 11305

Peace / Just War

Ron Pickett



Miscellaneous Action Memos

National Institute of Education

Native Hawaiians Study Commission (1)(2)

Nuclear Freeze

Meese Management Meeting Minutes

Military Manpower

Medical Ethics / Human Life

Mail Tally

Manhart Working Group

Law Of The Sea Treaty, Files I and II

Evangelicals for Social Action

Family Protection Report

Free Congress Foundation

Freedom Council

The Heritage Foundation

Groups / Intercessor for America

His Mansion

Lancaster Life Center

National Association of Homes for Children

National Family Reporter

National Right to Life Committee

Pro Life Action League (empty)

Thomas Jefferson Research Center

Tradition, Family and Property

United Families of America

Hispanic Policy

Human Life Article, Presidential Article (empty)

Individual Dignity

Judicial Reform

Justice Assistance Act of 1982 (1)(2)

Justice Department / National Crime Information Center

Labor Department Working Group

LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration)

Legislative Referral Memos

Legislative Reports


OA 11306

Civil Rights / Manhart

American Family Association

Ad Hoc committee

Adolescent Family Life

AEI (American Enterprise Institute) - Robert Woodson

Agency for International Development (AID)

Agudath Israel of America

The American Center Bioethics

American Life Lobby Inc. (empty)

Groups / American Legislative Exchange Council

Association for Public Justice

Catholic Eye (empty)

Catholic League Newsletter

Catholics United For Life

Center For Pastoral Renewal

Christian Action Council

Church of the Apostles

Cities in Schools

Citizens for God and Country

Equal Access March 1984 (1)-(5)

School Prayer -  Equal Access Hearings (1)-(7)


OA 11307

Judge James L. Ryan

Family Law / Yale Speech

Medical Ethics

Pornography / Materials for Working Group Report

Pornography / Child Pornography


OA 11308

Enterprise Zone Requests

Miscellaneous Papers / Newsletters


OA 11309

Religious Liberty / Nebraska

Depoliticization of Grants

Draft Registration

Davis / Bacon Act

Domestic Terrorism

Drug Enforcement

Enterprise Zones

Exclusionary Rule (1)-(3)

Family / Dependent Exemption

Family Policy / Census Studies

Family Policy / Child Welfare

Family Policy / Political Questions

Family Policy / President's Speech Outline

Federal Elections Commission

Federalism / States Rights

Handicapped, Surrogate Parent


Judicial Selection

Religious Liberty / Jansen

Religious Liberty / Lubbock Case

Religious Liberty / Education

Religious Liberty / Green Case

Political Indoctrination

OMB A122

Legislative Veto (1)(2)

Legal Services, Investigators

Legislative Referral Memos

Combined Federal Campaign

Communications Meetings

Communications Strategy

Community Services Administration

Abortion - Title IX Regs

Abortion - Title X (empty)

Abortion - Viability

Abortion – Memos (empty)

Abortion - New Helms Measure (1)(2)

Abortion - Presidential Action (1)(2)

Abortion - Helms Bill

Abortion - Hyde Bill (empty)

Abortion – Hyde-Jepsen Bill

Abortion - March For Life 1982

Abortion - Hatch Amendment (1)(2)

Abortion - Hatfield Bill

Abortion - Akron Cases (empty)

Abortion - Agency For International Development

Abortion - Congressman Smith

Abortion - Dannemeyer Amendment

Abortion - Federal Courts

Abortion - Federal Appointees

Abortion - Federal Employers Insurance

Abortion - Fritz Case

Abortion - CCHR Working Group

Abortion - Briefing Book  (empty)


OA 11310

Pornography / Parrish Materials

Pornography - Catholic Conference

Religious Liberty / Parsonage Allowance

Religious Liberty / Presidential Remarks

Religious Liberty / Public Prayer

Religious Liberty / Research

Religious Liberty / Sabbath Case

Religious Liberty / Jan 18 84 Meeting

Speech Material

Social Security

Supreme Court Jurisdiction

Women's Issues / 2 Year Strategy

Women's Issues / Attorney General's Reports

Women's Issues / Dole Bill

Women's Issues / Gorton's Bill

Women's Issues

Religious Liberty - Moon Case (1)(2)

Religious Liberty - Moon Briefs and Decisions (1)-(4)

Religious Liberty / Creche Case


OA 11311

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: Cover Material]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: Preparation and Trial of an Obscenity Case]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: McGeady, Paul: Search for and Seizure of Motion Picture Films in Obscenity Cases]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: McGuigan and Rader, Editors: Criminal Justice Reform: A Blueprint]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: Suggestions for Instructions]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: Second Circuit]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: National College of District Attorneys: Trial Preparation and Prosecution: Review of Constitutional Issues Involved in Obscenity Prosecution]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: National College of District Attorneys: The Trial and Appeal of an Obscenity Case]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: National College of District Attorneys: Enforcement Techniques]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: National College of District Attorneys: The Investigatory Phase of Developing an Obscenity Case]

[Citizens for Decency Through Law: National College of District Attorneys: Current Status of Federal and State Legislation and Cases]


Fairness II: An Executive Briefing Book

Key 1983 Initiatives

1983 Policy Initiatives

Pornography: Agency Submissions

Pornography: Working Group

Pornography Working Group: Brad Case

Pornography: Citizens Groups


OA 11312

(Large amount of papers not in folders and relating to different subject matter)

SHG Correspondence

SHG Chron / Notes


OA 11313


Infanticide 1984 Regulations

Infanticide WG

Tuition Tax Credits 1983

Legal Services Corporation

Balanced Budget

Bank Security Act Amendments

Bicentennial of The Constitution

Bankruptcy / Court Reform

Busing (1)-(3)

[Handicapped - Infanticide]


OA 11314

Volumes 1 and 2 - Sixth Quarterly Report of the Attorney General to the President and                 Cabinet Council on Legal Policy, October 1984


OA 12051

Law Enforcement Groups

Correspondence - Fr. Barry

SHG Correspondence - Dr. Koop

SHG - Resume

Correspondence --Horn / Perrotta

SHG - Correspondence

SHG - House Rental

SHG - Administration

SHG - Correspondence -- Manney & Williamson

SHG - Invitations

SHG- John Paul II Statements

SHG - Speaking Engagements

SHG - Federalist Society

Galebach-Speaking-Federalist Society

SHG - Speeches - Yale

SHG - Correspondence - Blackwell

SHG - Personal - Tutors

SHG - Citizens For Decency Through Law

K - Anderson

Form Responses

SHG - Svahn

SHG - Morality in Media

SHG - Swann

SHG - Cal Thomas

SHG - Model Briefs

Tel / Cons

SHG - Bill Cox

SHG- Swann

SHG - Legislative Status Report

SHG - EOP Route Slips

SHG - Wilkey Opinions