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HAUSER, RICHARD A.: Files, 1981-1985


Counsel to the President, Office of


Oversize Attachment 10254 contains material regarding a 1981 claim of Executive Privilege for documents regarding Canadian reciprocity in connection with the Mineral Lands Leasing Act and the related subjects of Canadian foreign investment policies, the Canadian Foreign Investment Review Act (FIRA) and the Canadian energy Policy.  Congressman John Dingle’s Sub-Committee on Energy and Commerce request for Executive branch information regarding the Canadian energy issues and sent to Secretary of the Interior James Watt.  The request specifically mentioned documents from the Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and the Environment chaired by Secretary Watt. 


Secretary Watt testified on August 6, 1981 and provided many documents, although some were withheld at this time under executive privilege.  A subpoena was issued to Secretary Watt on September 28, 1981 for the documents, and in February 1982, the Committee approved a resolution for find the Secretary in contempt of Congress.  The affair was ended when the Subcommittee members and staff reviewed the documents in question on March 18, 1982.  David Waller of the White House Counsel staff was present for the document review.


          CF 0193

          Meese Files Cat. #1 - N/P

          Central Files - Cat. #2 - P

          Central Files - Cat. #1 - P

          Meese Files - Cat. #1 - P

          White House

          [Military Manpower Task Force]

          United States v. Wayte

          [United States v. Wayte] (1)(2)

          OA 5358 [United States v. Wayte]


          CF 0345

          Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports / Proposals

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Hostetler, Florence

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Rogers, Judith W.

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Ohlbaum, Daniel R.

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Beauden, Bruce D.

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc.: Burgess, A. Franklin

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Clement, Patricia W.

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Misc:  Rosiman, Florence W.

          Disaster Relief

          Draft Registration / Use of Social Security and IRS Data

          Economic Package

          Education / Push Funds

          Ethics / Amendments

          Designated Agency Ethics Officials

          Ethics:  Executive Office of the President

          Exclusionary Rule

          S 1378, The Family Protection Act

          Federal Authority in Civil Disorders

          Federal Energy Reorganization

          Federal Merit Pay System - Exclusion by the President

          Federalism Initiative

          Fee Cap Initiative


          Federal Advisory Committee Act Meeting 04/21/1982

          FMC v. ABC Container Line (50 Mile Rule)

          Freedom of Information Act

          Freedom of Information - Public Citizen Health Research Group v. HHS

          Freedom of Information - Transfer of WH Records to OA

          Fort Allen

          General Accounting Office Inquiry

          Generalized System of Preferences


          CF 0346

          R.A. Hauser's EPA File

          Gift Report - 1981

          German-American Tricentennial Commission (1)-(6)

          Government Printing Office (GPO)

          Grain Embargo Letter from RR

          GSA - National Taxpayers Investigative Fund

          Hazardous Substances - Export Policy

          HHS - Pro-Competition GRP (Federal Advisory Comm. Act)

          Hilo Coast Processing Company V. US

          Hubert Humphrey Fellowships

          IATA Show-Cause Proceedings

          Illegal Aliens

          Infant Formula (1)(2)

          Nuclear Waste Management - DoEnergy

          DOJ Proposed Amendment to National Security Act of 1947


          OA 459

          D.C. Judicial Nomination Commission - Appointees to Commission

          D.C. Judicial Nomination Commission - Judicial Selection

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Pauley, Roger A.

          D. C. Superior Court - 05/22/1981 - D.C. Court of Appeals - 05/19/1981

          D.C. Superior Court and Court of Appeals, 03/03/1981

          D.C. Superior Court - Clement, Patricia W. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Rosiman, Florence W. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Scheuermann, John E. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Burgess, Franklin - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Sullivan, Emmet G. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Beaudin, Bruce - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Rogers, Judith A. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Hostetler, Zona F. - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Ohlbaum, Daniel R.  - 06/28/1983

          D.C. Court of Appeals and D.C. Superior Court - 06/28/1983


          CF 0460

          D.C. Superior Court - Wynn, Patricia A. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Beaudin, Bruce D. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Graae, Steffen W. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Carter, Francis D. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Watson, Matthew S. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Mitchell, George W. - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - 05/20/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - 08/09/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Huhn, Nan R. - 08/09/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Pease, William D. - 08/09/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - Tignor, Robert S. - 08/09/1983

          D.C. Superior Court, 07/16/1984

          D.C. Courts - General

          D.C. Court of Appeals - General

          D.C. Superior Court - Carter, Francis D. - 04/18/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - 04/18/1983

          D.C. Superior Court - 11/23/1982

          D.C. Superior Court - Carter, Francis Darron - 11/23/1982

          D.C. Superior Court, 10/16/1981

          D.C. Court of Appeals, 03/06/1982

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Harris Vacancy

          D.C. Superior Court -  Reischel, Charles L. - 07/16/1984

          D.C. Superior Court Vacancy Selection, 04/24/1986

          D.C. Superior Court - 04/24/1986, Suda, John H.

          D.C. Superior Court - 04/24/1986, Queen, Evelyn E.C.

          D.C. Superior Court - 04/24/1986, Wright, James Skelly Jr.

          D.C. Superior Court - 04/24/1986, Watkins, Robert P III

          D.C. Superior Court - 06/25/1986, Suda, John H.

          [D.C. Superior Court - 06/25/1986, Robinson, William L.]

          D.C. Superior Court - 06/25/1986, Feldman, Clarice R.

          [Scheuermann, John E. - D.C. Superior Court]

          [Sullivan, Emmet G. - D.C. Superior Court]

          D.C. Superior Court - Beck, Ronna Lee Beck - 01/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Von Kann, Curtis E. - 01/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Beck, Ronna Lee - 01/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Rankin, Michael Lee - 01/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Ronna Lee Beck - 11/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Harold L. Cushenberry - 11/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Michael Lee Rankin - 11/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Evelyn E.C. Queen - 11/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - James Skelley Wright, Jr. - 11/11/1985

          D.C. Superior Court - Charles W. Brooks - 11/11/1985


          CF 0941

          (The following material was in the shared safe for the Counsel's Office.  These folders have been identified as belonging with the P. Brady, Culvahouse, Fielding, Hauser, Wallison collections.  Those listed here were identified as belonging in the Hauser collection.)

          Alaska Natural Gas Transportation

          McClure/State Department (1981)

          Alaska Oil Imports

          Allen, Richard V. (FOIA Request) (1)(2)

          Breyer, Stephen

          Cuba/Mariel Issue, 12/11/1984

          Diaz, Carlos


          El Salvador-Church Women’s Case

          El Salvador Death Squad


          CF 0942

          (The following material was in the shared safe for the Counsel's Office.  These folders have been identified as belonging with the Culvahouse, Fielding, Hauser and Stephens collection.  Those listed here were identified as belonging in the Hauser collection.)

          Fuller, Craig

          Holmes, Joseph R. (Will)

          International Court of Justice (ICJ) - Termination of U.S. Submission to ICJ Compulsory Jurisdiction

          ICJ - Nicaragua

          ICJ - USG Brief

          ICJ - Congressional Correspondence

          ICJ - Record of Hearing

          ICJ - Miscellaneous Correspondence

          ICJ - News

          ICJ - Press Guidance

          ICJ - Options re: Court Decision


          CF 0943

          (The following material was in the shared safe for the Counsel's Office.  These folders have been identified as belonging with the Culvahouse, Fielding, Hauser, Rusthoven, Stephens and Wallison collections.  Those folders listed here were identified as belonging in the Hauser collection.)

          Korean Airlines

          National Command Authority

          Authority for the National Security Agency to Collect and Disseminate Information

          National Security Information (1982)



          OA 6195

          Borders v. Reagan, et al

          Braniff Airways, Inc. and Pan Am World Airways, Inc.

          Cryts, Wayne (Case)

          Planned Demonstrations

          Staffing File (RAH): Richard A. Hauser - Staffing File

          Steel Stretchout

          Friday Follies 1982

          Friday Follies

          O' Connor, Sandra Day


          OA 7103

          Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, 1985

          Commission on Violence

          Synfuels Corporation (1)-(4)

          [Private Sector Survey]

          RAH Telephone Logs: 1982


          OA 7104

          [Private Sector Survey - I]

          Private Sector Survey [II]

          [Private Sector Survey - III]

          Private Sector Survey [IV]

          Private Sector Survey [V]


          OA 9024

          January 1982 Chron File

          February 1982 Chron File

          March 1982 Chron File

          April 1982 Chron File

          May 1982 Chron File

          June 1982 Chron File

          July 1982 Chron File

          August 1982 Chron File

          September 1982 Chron File

          October 1982 Chron File

          November 1982 Chron File

          December 1982 Chron File

          RAH Chron January 1983

          RAH Chron February 1983

          RAH Chron March 1983

          RAH Chron April 1983

          RAH Chron May 1983

          RAH Chron June 1983


          OA 9976

          Biographies on Superior Court Candidates 06/11/1984

          Correspondence from RAH Regarding Opinions on DC Superior/Court Nominations

          Correspondence from / to Counsel's Staff / RAH re: D.C. Superior Court

          District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure 1983 – Annual Report

          RAH’s and FFF's Notes on Superior Court Candidates July 1984

          D.C. Courts Special Interest Group Letters re: Gay & Lesbian Rights Committee

          Ronna Lee Beck, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Francis Carter, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          William L. Davis, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Herbert Dixon, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Nathalie P. Gilfoyle, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Susan R. Holmes, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Rufus G. King III, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Noel A. Kramer, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          David Harold Marlin, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Gregory E. Mize, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Leroy Nesbitt, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Evelyn Queen, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Charles L. Reischel, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Robert I. Richter, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Matthew S. Watson, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Robert S. Tignor, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          John H. Suda, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          Emmet Sullivan, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          John Scheuermann, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984

          William L. Robinson, D.C. Superior Court 05/18/1984


          OA 9977

          Memos Sent to P / Meese / Baker on Court of Appeals Harris Vacancy

          D.C. Court of Appeals - Recommendations for Harris Vacancy

          Terry, John A, March 6 Ct/Appeals

          Bacon, Sylvia A.  March 6 Ct/Appeals

          Doolittle, Jesse W.  March 6 Ct/Appeals

          D.C. Court Newspaper Articles

          Greene / Urbina Sup/Ct.  July 1980:

          Wertheim, Ronald P. Sup/Ct.

          Wynn, Patricia A. Sup/Ct.

          Nesbitt, Leroy Sup/Ct.

          Carter, Francis D. March 29 Sup/Ct..

          Holt, Reginald L. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Walton, Reggie B. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Salzman, Richard S. 5/21 Sup/Ct.

          King, Warren R. 5/21 Sup/Ct.

          Brown, Sarah E. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Gardner, William C. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Doolittle, Jesse W. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Belson, James A, 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Belson, James A. 3/29 Ct./Appeals

          Sullivan, Diane M. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Greene,Henry  F. 3/29  Sup/Ct.

          Urbina,Richardo  M. 3/29  Sup/Ct.

          Tignor, Robert S. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Sellers, Dorothy M. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Golden, Donald L. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Pedersen, Amanda B. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Beaudin, Bruce D. 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          King, Rufus Gunn 3/29 Sup/Ct.

          Alprin, Geoffrey M. (Sup Ct) 10/13/1982

          Eilperin, Stephen (Sup Ct) 10/13/1982

          Huhn, Nan Ross (Sup Ct) 10/13/1982

          Riley, Virginia Lee (Sup Ct) 10/13/1982

          Wynn, Patricia A. (Sup Ct) 10/13/1982

          Stephen Eilperin Superior Court

          Feldman, Clarice R. (Sup Ct) 04/22/1983

          Eilperin, Stephen (Sup Ct) 04/22/1983

          Peter Erik George Superior Court 01/31/1983 (Just Recommendations)

          Dixon, Herbert B. Jr. D.C. Superior Court 11/08/1984 (File 1)


          OA 9978

          Bob Jones (1)-(3)

          Korean Airlines (1)-(4)

          Law Day 1984

          Law Day 1984 RSVP

          NSDD 84 - Implementation/Memos

          NSDD 84 - Policy Papers/Decision Memoranda (1)(2)

          NSDD 84 - Press (transfer card only)

          NSDD 84 - Willard (1)(2)

          [NSDD 84 - Polygraphs - Doug Williams]

          Olympics - NBC / IOC

          Olympics - Security

          Olympics - Winter Games 1980


          Classification - Executive Order [12356] (1)(2)

          Budget Amendment (Balanced)

          John Block

          Beach Blanket Babylon


          National Endowment for the Arts

          Arts and Humanities Meeting Fri., 04/02/1982 3:30 pm

          PJR/Nancy Reagan - Foster Grandparents Book (1)-(4)

          Regan, Nancy: Foster Grandparents Book (1)-(4)

          To Love a Child: NR Book (1)(2)

          [To Love a Child: NR Contract]

          [1984 Presidential Campaign Materials]


OA 10254

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Canadian Reciprocity #1 (1)-(6)

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Canadian Reciprocity #2 (1)-(3)

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Clean Air Act

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Dingle v. Watt (1)-(3)

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Mineral Lands (1)-(6)

[Congressman Dingle/Secretary Watt Controversy]: Resources and Environment (1)-(5)


          OA 11284

          Interior: Clippings

          Interior: Dingell (1)(2)

          Interior: Disputed Documents (1)-(3)

          Interior: DOJ (1)(2)

          Interior: FFF

          Interior: Kuwait

          Interior: Lawton Memos/DBW Notes

          Interior: [Majority Committee Report]

          Interior: Minority Legal (1)(2)

          Interior: Moffett & Udall

          Interior: Talking Points


          OA 10311

          Pritzker, Robert

          Securities & Exchange Commission

          Scheuermann, John E.

          Ungender" Gap 02/10/1984

          Legal/Services Corp. - Dennis Dutterer Correspondence


          Richard G. Grimes

          U.S. v. Hansen

          Automobile Passive Restraints (1)(2)

          [Automobile Passive Restraints - Binder] (1)(2)

          Report to the President on Amending the Voting Rights (Binder) (1)(2)

          [Material Regarding the Anti-Lobbying Act:  Executive Branch Personnel Lobbying] (Binder) (1)-(3)


          Administrative Conference of the United States

          Agent Orange


          Air Florida - Western Acquisition Case

          Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

          Bail Reform

          William A. Borders

          Bowers v. Moffett

          Brady, James

          Busing / Desegregation (1)(2)

          Cabinet Council on Legal Affairs

          Cable Network News

          Canadian Protocols

          Career Criminal Life Sentence

          Citizens for Reagan

          Court Security

          Debt Ceiling

          Fort Allen

          Grain Embargo

          OMB Agency Regulations


          OA 10600

          Insanity Defense

          Interdiction / Haitian Vessels

          Iranian Claims Tribunal Arbitrators

          Jaffe, Sidney

          Jamaican Government - Vacation Gift to Hostages

          Jelly Beans

          Jerusalem Women's Seminar

          Johnson, Tenny R. (Confirmation Testimony)

          Justice Department Litigation Authority S.284

          DOJ - National Security Act of 1947 - Proposed Amendment

          Karem, Michael

          Keller V. Reagan et. al

          Kinser, Richard

          Knapp, John

          Loan Guarantees

          Louisiana vs. Watt

          McManus, Edna (Former WH Oper.)

          Moffet, Toby

          Mofett, Toby / Department of Energy

          Military Aircraft

          Montreal Protocols

          Multi-state Regional Intelligence Projects

          National Association of Attorneys - General

          National Association of Attorneys Generals (1982)

          National Citizen's Committee / Balanced Budget Amendment

          National Electrical Contractors Association

          National Interest Certifications

          National Historic Preservation Act

          National Narcotics Enforcement Act of 1983 - Paul Michel

          Neal, Dede (OA)


          New Mexico vs. Regan

          Nixon v. Carman

          Northern Tier Pipeline

          O'Doherty, Kernan

          OGE - Selected Opinions

          Partnership in Education

          OMB - A-122

          OMB - Budgetary Impact of Litigation

          Parole Commission

          Personal Data Statement - Revisions

          People Express


          OA 10601

          Peoples' Temple

          Peoples Temple - Privilege Draft Affidavits

          Personnel Nomination Memos

          Personnel (Summary / Classification & Removal)

          Posse Comitatus

          President's Commission on Drunk Driving

          President's Economic Policy Advisory Board

          Presidential Endorsements

          President's Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy

          President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

          President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

          Presidential Messages

          Products Liability Task Force

          Public Broadcasting, Corporation for 

          Public Utility Holding Co. Act

          Radio Broadcasting to Cuba

          Railway Labor Disputes

          Reagan, Michael / TV & Radio Program

          Recusal Letters

          Roddam, Clyde

          Saigon Air Crash Disaster - Infant Survivor Fund

          SBA - Termination of 8(a) Program

          Secretary Baldridge - Executive Privilege

          SEC Request - Delegation of Presidential Authority

          Selective Service / Social Security Number

          Senate Foreign Relations Comm. Questionnaire

          Special Prosecutor Testimony

          Specialty Steel

          Spirt, Diana

          Strategy Council on Drug Abuse

          Social Security Mailing

          South Florida Crime Task Force

          Task Force on Violent Crime

          Synfuels Corporation - Document Request

          Task Force on Violent Crime

          Task Force on Waste, Fraud & Abuse

          Taylor, Irv

          Tax Exempt Status - Church Schools (1)-(5)


          OA 11136

          Documents, Requests Carter Administration

          Victims Rights 1982

          District of Columbia

          Legal Services Corporation [I] (1)-(8)

          Legal Services Corp. v. Howard Dana (1)(2)

          Legal Services - McCalpin v. Dana (1)-(3)

          Legal Services Corporation [II] (1)-(12)

          Legal Services Corporation [III]

          U.S. v. Roy Williams, et al

          U.S. v. AT&T

          U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co.

          White House Conference on Aging


OA 11494

D.C. Court of Appeals – Rich, John Townsend – 03/21/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Court of Appeals – Steadman, John Montague – 03/21/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Court of Appeals – Frey, Andrew L. – 03/21/1985 (1)-(8)

D.C. Court of Appeals – Final Selection – 03/21/1985

D.C. Superior Court – Levie, Richard A. – 05/22/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Superior Court – Queen, Evelyn E. Crawford – 05/22/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Superior Court – Mize, Gregory E. – 05/22/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Superior Court – Selection – 05/22/1985 (1)(2)

D.C. Superior Court – Selection – 01/11/1985

D.C. Superior Court – Marlin, David Harold – 01/11/1985

D.C. Superior Court – Dixon, Herbert Blalock - 01/11/1985 (1)-(4)


          OA 12692

          Crime - Bulky File in RAH's Office

          Criminal Justice Proposal #1

          Criminal Justice Reform Act

          Criminal Justice Proposal #2

          Criminal Justice Reform Act (1)-(6)

          Revisions of the Criminal Code

          [Crime Bill] (1)(2)

          Criminal Justice Package

          Crime Legislation S.2872


          OA 12693

          Draft Report of the Committee on the Judiciary on Investigation of the Role of the DOJ in the Withholding of Documents from Congress in 1982-83 Vol. I

          Draft Report of the Committee on the Judiciary on Investigation of the Role of the DOJ in the Withholding of Documents from Congress in 1982-83 Vol. II

          Draft Report of the Committee on the Judiciary on Investigation of the Role of the DOJ in the Withholding of Documents from Congress in 1982-83 Vol. III

          Property Review Board

          Property Review Board Briefing Book 05/21/1982

          Conflicts of Interest

          [Conflict of Interest]

          Conflict of Interest

          [Post Hearing Submission of the Legal Services Corporation Regarding Its Decision to Deny Refunding to the National Clients Council, Inc. Vol. I-IV] (1)-(9)


          OA 12995

          Miscellaneous Memorandums / Notes - 1981

          Miscellaneous Memos / Correspondence 1982

.        Chron File (R. Hauser) January 1981

.        Chron File (R. Hauser) February 1981

          March 1981 (Chron) RAH

          April Chron File (RAH)

          Hauser, R.A. Chron May 1981

          R.A. Hauser (June) Chron

          RAH (July) Chron

          August 1981 Chron File

          September 1981 - Chron

          October 1981 - Chron

          November 1981 - Chron

          December 1981 - Chron File

          RAH July 1983 Chron

          RAH August 1983 Chron

          RAH September 1983 Chron

          RAH October 1983 Chron

          RAH November 1983 Chron

          RAH Chron Files December 1983


          OA 12996

          RAH/Replies to Dozier Letters, August 1984 (1)(2)

          RAH Replies to Dozier Letters, September 1984

          RAH Replies to Frey Letters, September 1984

          RAH Replies to Frey Letters, October 1984

          RAH Replies to Frey Letters, November 1984

          RAH Replies to Frey Letters, February1985

          RAH Chron Files January 1984

          RAH Chron Files February 1984

          RAH Chron Files March 1984

          RAH Chron Files April 1984

          RAH Chron Files May 1984

          RAH Chron Files June 1984

          RAH Chron Files July 1984

          RAH Chron Files August 1984

          RAH Chron Files September 1984

          RAH Chron Files October 1984

          RAH Chron Files November 1984

          RAH Chron Files December 1984

          RAH Chron Files January 1985

          RAH Chron Files February 1985

          RAH Chron Files March 1985

          RAH Chron Files April 1985

          RAH Chron Files May 1985

          RAH Chron Files June 1985

          RAH Chron Files July 1985

          RAH Chron Files August 1985

          RAH Chron Files September 1985

          RAH Chron Files October 1985

          RAH Chron Files November 1985

          RAH Chron Files December 1985

          RAH Chron Files January 1986

          RAH Chron Files February 1986

          RAH Chron Files March 1986

          RAH Chron Files April 1986

          RAH Chron Files May 1986

          RAH Chron Files June 1986


          OA 12997

          RAH Correspondence January 1982

          RAH Correspondence February 1982

          RAH Correspondence March 1982

          RAH Correspondence April 1982

          RAH Correspondence May 1982

          RAH Correspondence June 1982

          RAH Correspondence July 1982

          RAH Correspondence August 1982

          RAH Correspondence September 1982

          RAH Correspondence October 1982

          RAH Correspondence November 1982

          RAH Correspondence December 1982

          RAH Correspondence January 1983

          RAH Correspondence February 1983

          RAH Correspondence March 1983

          RAH Correspondence April 1983

          RAH Correspondence May 1983

          RAH Correspondence June 1983


          List of Resumes Sent to CFiles

          [Resumes] A-Z (26 folders)

          [Richard Hauser File of Resumes]

          Report of the Office of the Counsel to the President regarding the Richard V. Allen Investigation (1)(2)


          OA 14872


          ABA Advisory Commission on Youth Alcohol and Drug Problems

          ABA Prosecution Function Committee 1982-1983

          ABA Prosecution Function Committee

          Achille Lauro

          Alcohol / Drug Abuse

          Antenucci, Alfred [Assassination Attempt on President Reagan] (1)-(3)


          Appropriation Lapse (Government Shut-Down Process)

          Arrest Records

          Background Information

          Bahamian Royal

          Bankruptcy Ct. Jurisdiction

          Barnes v. Kline  - Pocket Veto Litigation

          Boards and Commissions (Authority to Remove)

          Boland Amendment

          James S. Brady, Presidential Foundation

          CAB Sunset, DOT Guide To

          Capital Punishment

          Cash Awards

          Chadha Bill (1)(2)

          Civil Aeronautics Board

          Civil Rights Commission


          OA 14873

          Commissions, Oaths and Records

          Competition in Contracting Act of 1984

          Comprehensive Crime Control Act 1984

          Conflict of Interest [I]

          Conflict of Interest [II]

          Council for Court Excellence

          Courtemanche, Jack

          DC Court of Appeals

          DC Judicial Nomination Commission

          DC Nomination Commission - General

          Superior Court - General

          D.C. Superior Court Vacancy Selection 07/05/1985

          D.C. Superior Court Vacancies Selection 11/01/1985

          D.C. Superior Court Vacancy - 06/25/1986

          DC Self Government Reorganization Act (PL 93-198)

          Deaver Interview (1)(2)

          Democratic Party Realignment

          de Silverio, Maria

          Donald J. Devine

          Dialcom Computer Service

          Dingell (in RAH's Office) [empty]

          DOJ Guidance (Civil Rights Cases)

          Donovan, Raymond - Leave of Absence / Resignation

          Do's and Don'ts of Advertising

          Dozier (1)(2)

          ["Drug Enforcement during the Reagan Administration", Presentation to CCLP,

08/30/1984] (Notebook)

          Drug Testing - Employment

          “Duncan Ordinance”

          Emergency, Declaration of, or Major Disaster

          Employment of Aliens in Federal Agencies, Restrictions on

          EPA - List of White House Files      

          EPA Probe - Exchange of Letters of the Attorney General & Rodino

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Rodino Letter, RAH Response to the        

                   Committee, M.Connell / Olson Response

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: House Judiciary Committee Report &      

                    Dissenting Views & Comments


          OA 14874


          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: House Judiciary Committee

Hearing and Notes 12/05/1986 (1)-(3)

House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: House Judiciary Committee's Reply to RAH Letter to Rodino   

House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Lungren Motion, Rodino New Release & Rodino Letter to Meese

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Press Coverage - House Judiciary

Committee / EPA Investigation (1)(2)

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Correspondence re: Legal

Representation (Lacovara, DOJ, RAH)

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Appointment Records for 12/13/1982 & 12/14/1982 for RAH

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Lacovara Letter to DOJ / Keeney March 1986 -        Draft

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Lacovara Letter to John Keeney / DOJ 04/14/1986

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Attorney General Application to

                   the U.S. Court of Appeals for Independent Counsel for Theodore Olson

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Attorney - Client Privilege Act of 1986 H.R. 4245

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Peter Tavoulareas v. Philip Piro, Peter Tavoulareas v. Washington Post

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Memorandum for Robert Perry from RAH   01/13/1983

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: RAH Notes of 01/12/1983 and        

                   01/13/1983 re: Perry / Dingell

          House Judiciary Committee / EPA Investigation: Perry Letter to Dingell 12/13/1982


          Ethics - Confidential Disclosure System

          Eureka College

          Executive Clemency / Pardons

          Executive Orders & Proclamations (1)-(3)

          Executive Privilege – Dingell – EPA (1)-(5)

          Executive Privilege - Dingell / FBI

          Executive Privilege

          Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board Preferred Stock Controversy

          Federal Legal Council


          FEMA - Florida Wildfire - 1985

          Ferraro, Geraldine A.


          FOIA / Rushford v. Council of Economic Advisors


          OA 14912

          Index [empty]

          Garvey, Marcus

          Gift Policy

          Gifts (Given to POTUS)

          Grenada Investor's Kit

          GSA Lease - Purchase Proposal

          Hand Gun Control

          Hatch Act

          Hatch / Labor Materials

          Horsky Committee


          Icahn - TWA Takeover

          Inaugural - 1985

          Independent Counsel [I] [empty]

          Independent Counsel [II]

          ITC / White House Contacts

          Judicial Reform

          Legislative Veto (1)-(3)


          Line Item Veto


          David Marlin

          Mathias Bill

          Meese / Confirmation 12/11/1984

          Military Aircraft, Use of

          Minority Set-Asides (1)-(3)

          National Partnership to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Youth

          Newspaper Articles

          Farah Pahlavi (Shah's Widow)

          Paperwork Reduction Act Amend. of 1984

          Personal Rank of Ambassador

          Pocket Veto


          OA 15061

          Political Activities - Federal Officers & Employees

          Political Travel

          Post-Employment Conflicts

          Post-Employment Conflicts - Revolving Door


          President's Absence from U.S. - Bill Presentation

          President's Honorary Memberships

          President's Pension

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control

          [Presidential Materials / Deed of Gift]

          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Records Act

          Presidential Signing Statements

          Press Policy

          Recess Appointments

          Records Research

          Regan Briefing Materials

          Regulatory Review Process Tuesday, 03/12/1985 3:00 pm Roosevelt Room

          Regulatory Review Process

          Nelson Rodriquez

          Seat Belts

          Security for Sensitive Materials

          Senior Executive Service

          South Africa Policy (1)(2)

          [Space Shuttle:] NASA / White House Contacts on Space Shuttle Challenger (1)-(4)

          Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (1)-(4)

          Space Shuttle Children's Fund

          Special Prosecutor Act

          Spin Control

          Standards of Conduct

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Student Loans

          Supreme Court Appointments (1)(2)

          Supreme Court 1983-1984 Term


          OA 15062


          Kilian B. Swift

          Swift v. United States

          Tax Deferral Legislation

          Telecommunications / Broadcasting

          Telephone Logs


          Texas School Desegregation Case

          Thayer / Harris Case (United States v. Thayer, Harris)


          Transition Trust

          Travel Policy

          Accompanying Spouse on Travel

          Treasury Department Commissions

          Tuition Tax Credits

          25th Amendment

          United States v. DC Fire Department

          United States Secret Service - Technical Security Division

          U.S. Attorney's Selection Process

          U.S. Marshals

          U.S. Secret Service

          USIA “Blacklist”

          Utz v. Cullinane

          Vacancy Act

          Voting Rights Act

          Waivers - Under U.S.C.S. 208(b)

          Washington Legal Foundation

          Washington Public Power Supply System

          Weber Decision


          White House - Admin. / Rules etc.

          Gifts to the

          White House Detailees

          Young Astronauts Program


          Accretion – September 1992 - A93-01

          Box 1

          RAH Invitations A/R February 1984

          RAH Accept March 1984

          RAH Regret March 1984

          RAH Accept April 1984

          RAH Regret April 1984

          RAH Accept May 1984

          RAH Regret May 1984

          RAH Accept June 1984

          RAH Regret June 1984

          RAH Accept July 1984

          RAH Regret July 1984

          RAH Accept August 1984

          RAH Regret August 1984

          RAH Accept September 1984

          RAH Regret September 1094

          RAH Accept October 1984

          RAH Regret October 1984

          RAH Accept November 1984

          RAH Regret November 1984

          RAH Accept December 1984

          RAH Regret December 1984

          RAH General 1984

          RAH March 1984

          RAH April 1984

          RAH May 1984

          RAH June 1984

          RAH July 1984

          RAH August 1984

          RAH September 1984

          RAH October 1984

          RAH November 1984

          RAH December 1984

          RAH Accept January 1985

          RAH Regret January 1985

          RAH Accept February 1985

          RAH Regret February 1985

          RAH Accept March 1985

          RAH Regret March 1985

          RAH Accept April 1985

          RAH Regret April 1985

          RAH Accept May 1985

          RAH Regret May 1985

          RAH Accept June 1985

          RAH Regret June 1985

          RAH Accept July 1985

          RAH Regret July 1985

          RAH Accept August 1985

          RAH Regret August 1985

          RAH Regret September 1985

          RAH Accept September 1985

          RAH Accept October 1985

          RAH Regret October 1985

          RAH Accept November 1985

          RAH Regret November 1985

          RAH Regret December 1985

          RAH Accept December 1985

          RAH Accept January 1986

          RAH Regret January 1986

          RAH Accept February 1986

          RAH Regret February 1986

          RAH Accept March 1986

          RAH Regret March 1986

          RAH Accept April 1986

          RAH Regret April 1986


          Box 2

          RAH Invitations (Accepted/Regretted) [1981]

          RAH - Holiday Invitations / December 1981

          R.A. Hauser - Invitations / 1982 Accept-Regret

          RAH - Invitations / Accept/Regret 1983 July 1983-December 1983

          Invitations - Accept/Regret January 1983-June 1983

          ABA 1985 Annual Meeting – 07/04/1985-07/11/1985

          R.A. Hauser (Blind Trust) Pers.

          R.A. Hauser Business Cards

          D.C. Judicial Conference - 05/18/1986 Williamsburg, VA - RAH

          Judicial Conference of the D.C. Circuit – 05/19/1985-05/21/1985

          Law Firms - Martindale-Hubbell

          Nike Capital Challenge - V-Toes

          "Gun Control" - Legislation Analyses

          Conflict of Interest Reference Manual

          Richard A. Hauser Appointment Book, 1981

          Richard A. Hauser Appointment Book, 1982

          Appointment Book, 1982

          Richard A. Hauser Appointment Book, 1983

          Richard A. Hauser Appointment Book, 1984

          Appointment Book, 1985