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HICKS, CHRISTOPHER: Files, 1981-1982

Counsel to the President, Office of, 1981-1982

Presidential Personnel, Office of, 1982-1983 - See separate inventory.

Administration, White House Office of, 1985-1986

For Hicks material from his time as head of White House Operations/Office of Administration

see the Claire O'Donnell collection.

OA 9136

Borders v. Reagan

Bowers v. Moffett

CH Conflict of Interest

Commission on Executive Exchange

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Counsel's Office Memoranda to White House Staff

Death: Definition by Legislation

CH Decision Memos

James S. Dwight, Jr. - Undersecretary for Economic Affairs - State Department

Economic Report of the President

Enterprise Zones

Ethylene Dibromide

Eureka College Scholarship Program

Executive Orders

Strategic Minerals

CH Federal Election Commission

Federal Product Liability Legislation

Federal Trade Commission

Food Bank Program

Max Friedersdorf / Congressional Liaison

Gift Acceptance

Generalized System of Preferences

Larry Goldburg

H.U.D. - Appointment of Assistant Secretaries

CH Intelligence Oversight Board

International Trade Commission

International Youth Exchange

CH International Labor Organization

Knoxville World's Fair

CH Letters of Resignation

Legal Services Corporation (1)-(7)

CH Liability of Federal Employees

1984 Louisiana World Exposition

Fred Malek

Commission on Federal Laws for Northern Mariana Islands

Military Manpower Task Force

Military Appointments

OA 9137

CH National Afro-American History & Culture Commission

Native Hawaiian Study Commission

CH Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Office of Science & Technology Policy

Panama Canal Commission

Pardon Requests

Personal Rank of Ambassador

Presidential Seal, Name, Likeness

Pocket Veto

Power of Attorney

Presidential Management Improvement Awards Program

Proclamations (1)-(4)

Property Review Board

Recess Appointments

CH Regional Commissions Program

Requests for Intervention

CH Requests - Miscellaneous

Review of Enrolled Bills

Clyde Roddam

Small Business Administration

CH Senior Executive Service Bonus System


Special Government Employees

Term Appointment - Removal



CH Wood Energy

Woodrow Wilson International Center

OA 9138

[Chron File March 1981-May 1981]

Chron File - June 1981

Chron File - July 1981

Chron File - October 1981

Chron File - November 1981

Chron File - December 1981

Chron File - January 1982

Chron File - February 1982

Chron File - April 1982

Chron File May 1982


OA 13267

White House Preservation (1)-(4)