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HICKS, CHRISTOPHER: Files, 1985-1986


Counsel to the President, Office of, 1981-1982 - See separate inventory

Presidential Personnel, Office of, 1982-1985 - See separate inventory

Office of Administration: Director’s Office, 1985-1986 (Director) & White House Operations,

Office of, (Deputy Assistant to the President for Administration)


During the 1980s, two organizations provided administrative services to the White House staff and the President. The two organizations were the Administrative Office of White House Operations and the Office of Administration. The description of these two organizations is provided from the 1988 Executive Office of the President staff manual:


“Administrative Office – The White House Administrative Office is responsible for a wide variety of administrative functions including accounting, budget, equipment, expense reports, parking permits, purchasing, the ordering of supplies, newspapers, magazines, duplicating machines, and the issuance of travel advances and the processing of travel vouchers both official and political.


The White House Administrative Office should not be confused with the Office of Administration, which is a totally separate agency within the Executive Office of the President and provides messengers, print shop, personnel and payroll processing and data processing services.”


“Office of Administration – The Office of Administration (O/A) is a separate EOP entity; its mission is to provide efficient and cost-effective administrative services to the EOP.  The O/A Director supervises the following divisions: Administrative Operations Division… Financial Management Division… Information Resources Management Division…Library and Information Services Division…Personnel Division…


Additionally the O/A Director supervises four staff offices:  Office of Facilities Management… Office of the General Counsel [for the Office of Administration]…Office of Preservation… Office of Security and Investigations…”


While having fairly distinct duties, the essential record difference in these two offices is one of budgeting and control.  The Administrative Office is within the White House Operations office and is funded from the White House budget.  Therefore all of their records are Presidential records.  The Office of Administration is technically a federal agency created and budgeted by separate legislation in the late 1970s.   The Library has followed White House record keeping practices and only treats the Director of the Office of Administration as a Presidential record.  Since the Reagan administration was the first to function under this newly devised administrative framework, some of the material for the Office of Administration comes from non-Presidential functions, but for ease of use we have placed all of this material within the Office of Administration: Director’s Office collection.


The record-keeping system of treating the Director of the Office of Administration as a Presidential record was naturally boosted by actual work practices during the Reagan administration.  John F.W. Rogers was appointed Special Assistant to the President for Administration in early 1981.  He requested he have dual responsibility for both White House Operations and the Office of Administration to ease the functionality of the new agency and to settle some long standing differences between the two organizations. This was granted in August 1981 and he became both Director of White House Operations and the Director of the Office of Administration.  This dual function continued throughout the administration and subsequent Directors: Jonathan Miller and Chris Hicks.  It ended in August 1987 when Claire O’Donnell became Special Assistant to the President for White House Operations and John Riggles was appointed Director of the Office of Administration.


Rogers required the White House Administrative Officer to be a part of an “Administrative Council.”  Therefore, the Administrative staff office collections -  Theresa Elmore, Jean Lamb, Betty Ubbins and Richard White - all contain material regarding staff meetings and interactions between the White House administrative staff and the Office of Administration. To add to the intermingling of records, several administrative functions were initially handled in the Office of Administration Director’s Office and then later transferred to the Administrative Office. The Library maintains these records within the Administrative Office – the most notable being parking privileges and passes. For the most complete understanding of the administrative functions at the White House during the 1980s, please see all of the collections of the Office of Administration: Director’s Office and the Administrative Office, White House Operations.


Christopher Hicks followed the tradition established by John F.W. Rogers of being the Director of both White House Operations and the federal agency – the White House Office of Administration. Hicks appears to have utilized his role on the White House staff (Director of White House Operations) more heavily than Rogers before him, probably because he had been a White House staff member in other offices. There is much less internal documentation of the Office of Administration within this collection. Hicks work product may be found throughout the various offices reporting to him in Operations: the Administrative Office, White House Personnel, the Travel and Telegraph office, the Visitor’s Office, and White House Correspondence.


            Box 10963

            Chris Hicks Telephone Logs 11/10/1985-06/12/1986

            Chris Hicks Chron Files 11/01/1985-06/16/1986

            Chris Hicks 1985

            Chris Hicks Miscellaneous