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HOLLAND, DIANNA G.: Files, 1981-1988


Counsel to the President, Office of


For additional possible material relating to Dianna Holland, see the Fielding collection, OA's 3062, 3063, 3064 and 14985


          OA 14986

          Congressional Requests to EPA

          Ronald Zumbrun Disbarment

          Michael Deaver – President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 05/14/1981

          DGH Active

          [Senate Committee Access to FBI Reports, 02/13/1981]

          [McPherson Memo - Telephone Logs, 02/10/1981]

          [Transition Report Draft]

          [February 1981 Counsel Administrative Documents]

          FAA - Francis T. Fox

          [1981 Counsel Administrative Documents]

          [May 1981-June 1981 Counsel Administrative Documents]

          U.S. International Trade Comm.

          To Fred Fielding - Copies of Outgoing Correspondence Prepared by Attorneys for Your


          "White House and Executive Office of the President Information Center Law Collection"

          [Nomination Packet]

          [March 1981 Counsel Administrative Documents]

          Discuss with FFF

          Judicial Selection/ DGH (1)-(4)


          OA 15324

          Chron File Dianna Holland [1981]

          Dianna G. Holland - Chrons - 1982

          Dianna G. Holland - Chrons - 1983

          Dianna G. Holland - Chrons - 1984

          Dianna G. Holland - Chrons - 1985


          OA 17879


          Default Contingency Planning - Saturday November 9, 1985 9:00 a.m.

          Debt Ceiling


          Appropriations - Operation in the Absence of

          Attorney General Selection

          Canada Free Trade

          Classified Information Security / House of Representatives



          Computer Operations

          Congress - 100th

          Congress - Special Sessions

          Campaign Limits

          Ret. of Contr. Sent to WH

          Counsel to the President - Areas of Responsibility [I]

          Counsel to the President - Areas of Responsibility [II]

          Counsel's Fees

          D.C. Firearms

          Department of Defense Articles

          Department of Defense Investigation

          Detailees [I]

          Detailees [II]


          OA 17880

          Due Diligence / Confirmability

          EPA - Independent Counsel Inquiry - Theodore B. Olson

          EPA - Independent Counsel Inquiry - Theodore B. Olson: EPA Independent Counsel -


          EPA - Independent Counsel Document Request

          EPA - Independent Counsel Document Submission

          EPA - Independent Counsel General File

          Ethics - Articles

          Ethics - Annual Filing of 278 by White House Staff (1982-1983) [1982-87]

          Ethics - Administration Officials

          Confidential Financial Disclosure - Annual Filing Calendar Year 1986

          Financial Disclosure Report - Annual Filing Calendar Year 1986

          Financial Disclosure Report - Annual Filing CY 1987

          Ethics - Code of Ethics / Standards of Conduct

          Ethics - Acceptance of Food and Refreshment by Executive Branch Employees

          OGE / Negotiation for Future Employment

          Ethics - Particular Matter

          Ethics - EOP and Separate Statutory Agencies

          Ethics - Ethics in Gov. Act of 1978 and Amendments

          Ethics - Leadership

          Ethics - Financial Disclosure Procedures

          Ethics - Miscellaneous Correspondence

          Ethics - Office of Government (OGE)

          Ethics - OGE Conferences

          Ethics - OGE / Designated Agency Ethics Official


          OA 17881

          Ethics - OGE Opinions

          Ethics - PDS / Conflicts Memos

          Ethics - Tax Deferral

          Office of Government Ethics - Materials for Counsel's Office Attorneys

          Executive Office of the President

          Executive Privilege

          Executive Privilege / AIDS Commission

          Computer Security - H.R. 145 Brooks Executive Privilege

          Federal Advisory Comm. Act

          General Counsel List

          GSA / Telesystems

          Hatch Act

          Hatch Act - Memo to Detailees re: Political Participation

          Independent Counsel Act

          Independent Counsel Act - Constitutionality Challenge


          OA 17882

          Independent Counsel Act - Constitutionality Challenge (North)

          Independent Counsel Act - Constitutionality Challenge - EPA

          Independent Counsel Act - U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling

          Intelligence Oversight Act (S.1721 - 100th Congress)

          Justice - Articles

          Justice - Cases

          Justice - Misc. Correspondence

          Justice - Communication with

          Line Item Veto


          Oath - Swearing In

          OLC Opinions

          OLC Opinions - Requests for

          Christmas Party - 1987

          Christmas Party - 1986

          Counsel's Office Christmas Party - 1985


          Personal Date Statements

          PLO Mission Closing


          OA 17883

          Pocket Veto (1)(2)

          Presidential Immunity

          Presidential Memberships

          Presidential Records

          Presidential Records Act

          Presidential Records Act: Meeting: Deed of Gift/POTUS Records, 01/10/1989

          President's Schedule

          Presidential Testimony to House of Representatives

          Private Clubs

          Recess Appointments

          Republican Majority Fund - HHB

          Requests for Presidential Messages

          Secret Service

          U.S.S.S. Worker and Visitor Entrance System (WAVES)

          Senate Judiciary Committee


          South Africa Sanctions (ABC Working File)

          Supreme Court Appointments (1)-(7)

          Supreme Court Candidates (1)-(6)

          Supreme Court - General

          Supreme Court - William W. Wilkins, Jr.

          Congressional Testimony by Presidential Advisors

          Tours - White House

          White House Information

          White House Information: White House - OEOB

          White House Information: White House - Oval Office

          White House Information: White House - Roosevelt Room

          White House Information: White House - Cabinet Room

          White House Information: White House - General   


          OA 17885

          Dianna G. Holland - Chrons - 1986

          DGH Chrons - 1987

          DGH Chrons - 1988

          DGH Chrons – 1989


          OA 18684

          Presidential Appointments - DGH Notes, Miscellaneous

          Presidential Appointments - Presidential Personnel Office 

          Presidential Appointments - Jane Dannenhauer

          Presidential Appointments - Department of State

          Presidential Appointments - Larry Garrett

          Christmas Party - 1988

          Recess Appointments

          Signing Statements

[Follow-up Memos re: Counsel Staff Action Items] (1)-(4)