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INGALS, MARY: Files, 1986-1989


Office of White House Correspondence: Director of Photograph Requests


This collections consists entirely of photo request forms which came into use during the first administration. During the first administration they were all filed under name files of the person to whom the photo is inscribed. For the time period covered by this collection, the forms were additionally boxed by date. Towards the end of the administration, the forms were only partially named filed and the remainder of the forms were filed monthly. Forms were name-filed if they had a White House Photo Office identification number.


OA 17164

Files - Photo Requests 1986

A-F (12 folders)


OA 17165

Photo Requests 1986

F-M (13 folders)


OA 17166

Photo Requests 1986

M-S (11 folders)


OA 17167

Photo Requests 1986

ST-Z (14 folders)


OA 17168

Photo Requests 1987

A-D (9 folders)


OA 17169

Photo Requests 1987

J-O (12 folders)


OA 17170

Photo Requests 1987

O-T (8 folders)


OA 17171

Photo Requests 1987

T-Z (9 folders)


OA 17172

Photo Requests 1987

Ahmed-Eiring (not foldered but evidently alphabetical)


OA 17173

Photo Requests 1987

F-M (not foldered)


OA 17174

Photo Requests 1987

Nester-Zorian (not foldered)


OA 17175

Photo Requests 1987 (not foldered nor in any discernable arrangement)


OA 17176

Photo Requests 1988



OA 17177

Photo Requests 1988

Achenbach-Treat (29 bundles)


OA 17178

Photo Requests 1988



OA 17179

Photo Requests 1988



OA 17180

Photo Requests 1988

Ahun-Zeiger (not foldered but apparently alphabetical)


OA 17181

Photo Requests 1988

Pete Sawkins Event (unfoldered and undetermined arrangement)


OA 17183

Photo Requests 1988

Alexander-Greenfield (not foldered)


OA 17184

Photo Requests 1988

Havner-Norris (16 bundles)


OA 17185

Photo Requests 1988



OA 18447

Photo Forms: A-KZ December1988-January 1989


OA 18448

Photo Forms: L-ZZ December 1988-January 1989


No OA - NLS Box #9688 (located with Photo Office material)

Contains a small portion of Ingals Photo Request Forms