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KEISLER, PETER D.: Files, 1986-1988


Counsel to the President, Office of: Associate Counsel to the President, Assistant Counsel to the President




Keisler was born on October 13, 1960 near his family’s home in Woodmere, New York, one of the Long Island suburbs of New York City. His first paid work consisted of roles in television and radio commercials during his high school years. In June 1981, Keisler graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, with a B.A. in Political Science. He did a summer volunteer internship (June-September 1981) in the White House Office of Public Liaison, under Public Liaison staff member Morton Blackwell. In November, he took a position in the Leadership Institute, the private educational foundation founded by Blackwell.


Keisler left the Leadership Institute in the fall of 1982 to attend Yale Law School. In 1984, while Keisler was still in law school, President Reagan appointed him to the National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs, a group of private sector and government representatives that recommended policies to achieve educational equity for women and girls. Keisler completed his National Advisory Council term, and obtained his law degree in June 1985. He then worked as a law clerk for Judge Robert H. Bork, a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, until August 1986.


In September 1986, Peter Keisler joined the Reagan White House Counsel’s office as an Assistant Counsel. He was promoted to Associate Counsel in June 1987, and remained in this position until he left the White House staff effective February 15, 1988. Keisler’s specific assignments included working with the Independent Counsel investigating the Lyn Nofziger/Wedtech matter, responding to Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests addressed to the White House, creating the background briefing books on Robert Bork, Douglas Ginsburg, and Anthony Kennedy, creating and implementing confirmation strategy for the Bork, Ginsburg and Kennedy nominations, reviewing legal and dealing with the release of Nixon Presidential materials, and working on the Legal Analysis Team reviewing the legal statutes covering the actions taken in the Iran-Contra Affair.


After Keisler left the White House, he worked for a year as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. From 1989 to 2002 Keisler was in the Washington, DC office of the law firm Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood, first as an associate (1989-1993), then as a full partner (1993-2002). In 2001, President George W. Bush nominated Keisler for a seat on the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit which had traditionally gone to a Maryland resident. However, Maryland’s two Democratic Senators successfully blocked the nomination, in part on the grounds that while Keisler lived in Maryland, he was not licensed to practice law in that state. In June 2002, Keisler took a position in the Department of Justice. In April 2003, President Bush nominated him to be Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice’s Civil Division. The Senate confirmed Keisler in June, and he was sworn in on July 1. In this position Keisler argued cases before many federal courts, including the Supreme Court, on behalf of the Administration. For six months he was Acting Associate Attorney General, the third-ranking position in the Justice Department. In June 2006, President Bush nominated Keisler to the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, to fill the position vacated by John G. Roberts when Roberts became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Keisler’s nomination has been returned to the White House twice by the Senate.  The President has renominated Mr. Keisler three times, the last being January 9, 2007.  As of this date, his nomination is still pending.


Scope and Content Note


Keisler’s records from his White House Counsel employment are somewhat different from other attorneys working within this office.  His subject files rarely contain the actual work or response he conducted regarding the specific subject.  This material is more likely found in the chronological file.  Subject file folders often contain only citation and precedent material regarding a particular issue.  Fuller documentation for issues is found in the specific series regarding the Supreme Court nomination for the Powell Court vacancy, Legal Analysis Team for the Iran-Contra affair and the investigation of Wedtech/Welbilt.


The collection consists of five series: Series I: Peter Keisler Chronological File; Series II: Subject File; Series III: Supreme Court Nominations/Confirmations (contains four subseries); Series IV: Iran Contra/Iran-Contra Legal Analysis Team; Series V: Investigations


SERIES I: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE, 1986-1988. (2.8 l.ft., Boxes 1-7)


This series consists of correspondence, notes and, memos from Peter Keisler to White House Counsel staff, other White House staff, agency personnel, Congress and the general public.  It contains the most complete set of Keisler’s direct work product for his time in the White House Counsel’s office. Background material is often attached to his correspondence including full White House Records Management Subject File case files where Keisler was the action officer.

The material is arranged in chronological order.


SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE, 1986-1988. (6 l.ft., Boxes 8-22)


This series consists of mostly journal and newspaper articles, Lexus/Nexus searches, speeches, Congressional testimony, court decisions and filings and copies of Executive Orders, Public Laws and White House press release & signing statements.   Subjects covered are the task Force on Regulatory Relief, Sentencing Commission & reform, conflict of interest and ethical issues, the ineligibility clause, Independent Counsel regulations, judicial selection, affirmative action, Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1987, some specific court cases and other selective subjects.  As stated above, the material within this series tends to be background information rather than actions or decisions made by the Keisler or the White House Counsel’s office.  It is arranged alphabetically.




Container List



Box 1

          Chron File 09/01/1986-09/12/1986

Chron File 09/13/1986-09/19/1986

          Chron File 09/20/1986-09/24/1986

Chron File 09/25/1986-09/30/1986

Chron File 10/01/1986-10/07/1986

Chron File 10/08/1986-10/14/1986

Chron File 10/15/1986-10/20/1986

Chron File 10/22/1986-10/25/1986

Chron File 10/26/1986-10/31/1986

Chron File 11/01/1986-11/10/1986

Chron File 11/11/1986-11/24/1986

          Chron File 11/25/1986-11/30/1986

Chron File 12/01/1986-12/03/1986

Chron File 12/04/1986-12/09/1986


Box 2

Chron File 12/10/1986-12/12/1986

Chron File 12/13/1986-12/18/1986

Chron File 12/19/1986-12/31/1986

Chron File 01/01/1987-01/09/1987

Chron File 01/10/1987-01/15/1987

          Chron File 01/16/1987-01/19/1987

Chron File 01/20/1987-01/26/1987

Chron File 01/27/1987-01/31/1987

Chron File 02/01/1987-02/03/1987

Chron File 02/04/1987

Chron File 02/05/1987-02/11/1987

Chron File 02/12/1987-02/17/1987

Chron File 02/18/1987-02/23/1987

Chron File 02/24/1987

Chron File 02/25/1987-03/02/1987

Chron File 03/03/1987-03/08/1987


Box 3

Chron File 03/09/1987-03/11/1987

Chron File 03/12/1987-03/13/1987

Chron File 03/14/1987-03/19/1987

Chron File 03/20/1987-03/23/1987

Chron File 03/24/1987

Chron File 03/25/1987-03/27/1987

Chron File 03/28/1987-03/31/1987

Chron File 04/01/1987-04/07/1987

Chron File 04/08/1987-04/14/1987

Chron File 04/15/1987-04/26/1987

Chron File 04/27/1987-04/30/1987

Chron File 05/01/1987-05/07/1987

Chron File 05/08/1987-05/14/1987

Chron File 05/15/1987-05/19/1987

Chron File 05/20/1987-05/27/1987

Chron File 05/28/1987-05/31/1987

Chron File 06/01/1987-06/09/1987

Chron File 06/10/1987-06/15/1987


Box 4

          Chron File 06/16/1987-06/22/1987

          Chron File 06/23/1987-06/24/1987

          Chron File 06/25/1987-06/30/1987

          Chron File 06/30/1987

          Chron File 07/01/1987-07/02/1987

          Chron File 07/03/1987-07/08/1987

          Chron File 07/08/1987-07/10/1987

          Chron File 07/11/1987-07/16/1987

          Chron File 07/17/1987-07/20/1987

          Chron File 07/21/1987-07/22/1987

          Chron File 07/23/1987

          Chron File 07/24/1987

          Chron File 07/25/1987-07/27/1987

          Chron File 07/27/1987-07/28/1987

          Chron File 07/28/1987


          Box 5

          Chron File 07/29/1987-07/31/1987

          Chron File 08/01/1987-08/07/1987

          Chron File 08/08/1987-08/12/1987

          Chron File 08/13/1987-08/14/1987

          Chron File 08/14/1987-08/17/1987

          Chron File 08/17/1987-08/19/1987

          Chron File 08/20/1987-08/23/1987

          Chron File 08/24/1987

          Chron File 08/24/1987-08/25/1987

          Chron File 08/26/1987-08/31/1987

          Chron File 09/01/1987-09/03/1987

          Chron File 09/04/1987-09/07/1987

          Chron File 09/08/1987-09/09/1987

          Chron File 09/09/1987-09/10/1987

          Chron File 09/11/1987-09/15/1987


          Box 6

          Chron File 09/16/1987-09/25/1987

          Chron File 09/26/1987-09/30/1987

          Chron File 10/01/1987-10/14/1987

          Chron File 10/15/1987-10/25/1987

          Chron File 10/26/1987-10/31/1987

          Chron File 11/01/1987-11/05/1987

          Chron File 11/06/1987-11/13/1987

          Chron File 11/13/1987-11/16/1987

          Chron File 11/17/1987-11/19/1987

          Chron File 11/20/1987-11/23/1987

          Chron File 11/24/1987-11/30/1987

          Chron File 12/01/1987-12/05/1987

          Chron File 12/06/1987-12/11/1987

          Chron File 12/12/1987-12/21/1987

          Chron File 12/22/1987-12/31/1987


          Box 7

          Chron File 01/01/1988-01/04/1988

          Chron File 01/04/1988

          Chron File 01/04/1988-01/05/1988

          Chron File 01/05/1988

          Chron File 01/05/1988-01/10/1988

          Chron File 01/11/1988-01/13/1988

          Chron File 01/14/1988-01/18/1988

          Chron File 01/19/1988-01/20/1988

          Chron File 01/21/1988-01/25/1988

          Chron File 01/25/1988

          Chron File 01/25/1988-01/26/1988

          Chron File 01/27/1988-01/31/1988

          Chron File 02/01/1988-02/02/1988

          Chron File 02/02/1988-02/03/1988

          Chron File 02/03/1988-02/04/1988

          Chron File 02/05/1988-02/08/1988

          Chron File 02/09/1988-02/10/1988

          Chron File 02/11/1988-02/12/1988       



Box 8

Abortion [Transferred at the White House to the Ben Cohen collection, CF 1339]


          Affirmative Action (1)-(3)


          [Alamo], Tony (1)-(3)

          American Bar Association

          American University Lecture

          Anti-Lobbying Act

          Appointment of Judges to Executive Branch Positions

          Appointments Clause (1)-(7)

          Appropriated Funds

          Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984

          Arms Control



Box 9

Aviation Safety Commission (1)(2)

          Banking Resolution

Beck v. CWA [Transferred at the White House to the Ben Cohen collection, CF


          Bevis v. NSC (1)-(5)

          Budget Reform (1)-(9)


Box 10

Budget Reform (10)-(17)

          Budget Reform [Background Information] (1)-(5)

          Budget Reform / Entitlement Programs (1)-(3)


          Box 11

          Budget Reform / Entitlement Programs (4)

          Budget Reform / Foreign Governments (2)

          Budget Reform / Memoranda  (1)-(4)

          Budget Reform / Resolutions (1)-(7)

          Budget Reform / Publications, Articles, Etc. (1)(2)


          Box 12

          Budget Reform / Publications, Articles, Etc. (3)-(15)

          [Budget Reform / Issue Papers] (1)-(5)



          Box 13

          Canadian Films (1)(2)

          Center for Auto Safety v. Thomas (1)(2)

          Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission (1)(2)

          Civil Rights Commission


          Coast Guard

          Committee on Interagency Radiation Research & Policy Coordination (1)-(3)

          Competition in Contracting Act (1)(2)

          Conflicts of Interest (1)-(3)

          Congressional Subpoena (1)-(3)

          Constitutional Convention (1)(2)


Box 14

Constitutional Convention (3)

          Continuing Resolution (1)(2)

Continuing Validity of Presidential Memoranda

          Councils and Commissions (1)-(5)

          Counsels Office

          Criminal Law (1)(2)

          Cross-Ownership Rule (1)(2)

          District of Columbia (1)(2)

          Dornan v. Secretary of Defense

          Drug Abuse (1)-(3)

          Enforcement Discretion


          Box 15

          Ethics in Government Act (1)-(13)

          Executive Privilege [Transferred at White House to McGrath collection, OA


          Fairness Doctrine (1)-(3)

          Federal Advisory Committee Act


          Box 16

          Federal Communications Commission (1)-(11)

          Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (1)(2)


          Federalist Society  

          Film Footage Requests (1)(2)

          Fischer, David (1)(2)

          Foreign Agents Registration Act


          Box 17

          Foreign Assistance Act (1)(2)

          [Former Intern]


          Gramm-Rudman (1)(2)

          Hatch Act

          Hatch, Orrin G. (1)-(6)

          Heflin, Howell (1)-(6)

          Holocaust Council

          Immigration and Nationality Act (1)(2)


          Box 18

          Impoundment (1)-(5)

          Incompatibility / Ineligibility Clauses

          Independent Counsel (1)-(10)

          Intelligence Oversight (1)(2)

          International Aviation


          Box 19

          Issacs, William C. (1)(2)

          Japanese Internment

          Judicial Recusal

          Judicial Selection (1)-(6)

          Kendrick v. Bohen

          Lateral Transfers (1)(2)

          Law Day

          National Endowment for the Arts (Empty)

          National Institute of Building Sciences

          National Labor Relations Board (1)-(5)


          Box 20

          National Labor Relations Board (6)-(7)

          [National Labor Relations Board: Saturn-UAW-Collyer] (1)-(6)

          National Security Act (1)(2)

          National Security Office v. EOP

          Nixon Papers – [Transferred at the White House to the Patricia Mack Bryon Collection]

          Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (1)(2)

          Peterzell v. CIA

          Police Corps

          Presidential Endorsements

          Presidential Records Act

          Presidential Trips

          Recess Appointments

          Regulatory Taking

          [Regulatory Taking: Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 12/15/1987 (Notebook)]




          Box 21

          Rutherford Institute

          Science and Technology Policy, Office of (1)-(6)

          Select Committees

          Sentencing Commission (1)-(5)

          Signing Statements

          Small Business

          Special Review Board (1)(2)

          Special Session of Congress (1)-(3)

          State Justice Institute (1)(2)


          Box 22

          State of the Union

          Sunshine Act

          Takings (1)(2)

          Talking Points

          Thrift Board


          Unconstitutional Laws - Refusal to Defend / Enforce (1)-(3)


          Voting by Overseas Military Personnel

          Walinsky, Adam (1)(2)

          War Powers (1)(2)

          Washington Legal Foundation v. DOJ (1)-(3)

          White House Science Council (1)-(4)



          SUBSERIES -  BORK

          Box 23

          [Bork Subject File: Bar Association Material]

          [Bork Subject File: “Biden Report” on Bork]

          [Bork Subject File: “Biden Report” Responses]

          [Bork Subject File: “Blue Book” Possible Material]

          [Bork Subject File: Bork Article]

          [Bork Subject File: Bork “Blue Book”] (1)(2)

          [Bork Subject File: Bork Information Pieces]

          [Bork Subject File: Bork, Jr. on the Confirmation Hearings]

          [Bork Subject File: Bork Letter Explaining Vander Jagt]

          [Bork Subject File: Bork Letter to Biden re: Byrd Questions]

          [Bork Subject File: Cases]

          [Bork Subject File: Civil Rights

          [Bork Subject File: Clarification of Financial Disclosure Report]

          [Bork Subject File: Confidential Hearings, Non-Bork]

          [Bork Subject File: Distribution of “Blue Book”]

          [Bork Subject File: Draft Floor Statements for Bork]

          [Bork Subject File: Establishment Clause] (1)(2)

[Bork Subject File: Harris Poll Results]

[Bork Subject File: House Republican Research Committee Paper – Judging the Bork


          [Bork Subject File: Institute for Government and Politics]

          [Bork Subject File: Jewish Groups] (1)(2)

          [Bork Subject File: Keisler Correspondence, Memos] (1)(2)


          Box 24

          [Bork Subject File: Keisler Correspondence, Memos] (3)-(10)

          [Bork Subject File: Law Enforcement]

          [Bork Subject File: Marriage – M.A. Cramer et al. v. Commonwealth of Virginia]

          [Bork Subject File: OP-EDS by White House Staff & the President]

          [Bork Subject File: Opening Statement for Hearings]

          [Bork Subject File: Opposition - Attorneys]

[Bork Subject File: Opposition Statements, Organizations]

          [Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns - ACLU] (1)(2)

          [Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns – AFL-CIO]

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns – National Abortion Rights


[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns – People for the American Way]


Box 25

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns – Public Citizen] (1)-(3)

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Anti-Campaigns – Various]

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Pro-Campaigns – Coalitions for America]

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Pro-Campaigns – “Right to Work”]

[Bork Subject File: Organizations – Pro-Campaigns – “We the People”]

[Bork Subject File: Possible Confirmation Hearing Questions]

[Bork Subject File: Presidential Address, October]

[Bork Subject File: Press Releases, Statements, Etc. 07/01/1987-10/06/1987]

[Bork Subject File: Press Releases, Statements, Etc. 10/07/1987-01/14/1988]

[Bork Subject File: Reagan Support Letter]

[Bork Subject File: Recess Appointments]

[Bork Subject File: Recusal Issue]

[Bork Subject File: Religion]

[Bork Subject File: “A Response to the Critics of Judge Robert H. Bork” 09/12/1987]

[Bork Subject File: Responses to Opposition]

[Bork Subject File: RNC Information]

[Bork Subject File: Roll Call Analysis – Previous Judicial Nominees]

[Bork Subject File: Scalia/Rehnquist Material]

[Bork Subject File: Senate Request for Documents]

[Bork Subject File: Senate Vote Status]

[Bork Subject File: Stevens, John Paul Material]

[Bork Subject File: Strategy Meetings] (1)-(4)


Box 26

[Bork Subject File: Suggested Talking Points for Meeting with Arlen Spector]

[Bork Subject File: Summaries of Bork’s Writings, Remarks]

[Bork Subject File: Support] (1)-(3)

[Bork Subject File: Support Statements, Organizations]

[Bork Subject File: Support – Summary Memo]

[Bork Subject File: Swearing-In for Judge William Sessions as Director of F.B.I.]

[Bork Subject File: Talking Points/Fact Sheets – Counsel – Used in Bork “Books”]


[Bork Subject File: Talking Points – White House] (1)(2)

[Bork Subject File: Testimony Hand-Out] (1)-(4)

[Bork Subject File: Watergate Materials] (Notebook) (1)-(3)


Box 27

[Bork Subject File: Watergate Materials] (Notebook) (4)-(9)

[Bork Subject File: Watergate – Nader v. Bork] (Notebook) (1)

[Bork Subject File: Watergate – Nader v. Bork] (Notebook) (2)-(6)

[Bork Subject File: Watergate - Other Material] (Notebook) (1)-(3)

[Bork Subject File: Witness Lists]

[Bork Subject File: Witness Statements, Testimony] (1)-(4)


Box 28

Bork Hearing – 09/15/1987 (1)-(5)

Bork Hearing – 09/16/1987 (1)-(6)

Bork Hearing – 09/17/1987 (1)-(5)

Bork Hearing – 09/18/1987 (1)-(3)


Box 29

Bork Hearing – 09/18/1987 (4)-(6)

          Bork Hearing – 09/19/1987 (1)-(3)

          Bork Hearing – 09/21/1987 (1)-(9)

          Bork Hearing – 09/22/1987 (1)-(6)


Box 30

Bork Hearing – 09/23/1987 (1)-(5)

Bork Hearing – 09/25/1987 (1)-(8)

Bork Hearing – 09/28/1987 (1)-(6)


Box 31

Bork Hearing – 09/29/1987 (1)-(6)

Bork Hearing – 09/30/1987 (1)-(6)

[Bork Hearing: Articles, Remarks, Correspondence] (1)-(3)

          [Bork Book with News Clippings, Bork Articles & Bork Decisions] (Notebook) (1)-(4)


Box 32

[Bork Book with News Clippings, Bork Articles & Bork Decisions] (Notebook) (5)-(12)

[Bork: Draft Work for Large Bork Notebook] (1)-(3)

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1954]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1961-1964]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1965]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches January 1966] (1)(2)

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches February 1966-December 1966]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1967-1969]


Box 33

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1970-1972]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1973]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1974-1976]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1977] (1)(2)

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1978-1979]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1980-1981]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1982-1984]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1985] (1)(2)

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1986]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches 1986-1987, Undated]

[Bork: Articles, Remarks, Speeches – Not by Bork]

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1972]

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1973] (1)(2)

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1978]

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1981] (1)(2)

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1982]

[Bork: Congressional Testimony 1983]

[Bork: Confirmation Hearing – U.S. Court of Appeals]


Box 34

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions] (1)-(16)


Box 35

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions] (17-(22)

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions – Used as References] (1)-(10)

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions – Briefs Title Page Only] (1)(2)


Box 36

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions – Briefs Title Page Only] (3)-(5)

[Bork Cases/Decisions/Opinions – Publications]

[Bork: Congressional Record 1986, 07/10/1987-07/28/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 07/29/1987-08/04/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 08/05/1987-09/16/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 09/17/1987-09/29/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 09/30/1987-10/06/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/07/1987-10/08/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/09/1987-10/14/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/15/1987-10/20/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/21/1987] (1)(2)

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/22/1987]

[Bork: Congressional Record 10/23/1987] (1)(2)

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 06/01/1987 – 06/30/1987]


Box 37

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 07/01/1987-07/19/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 07/20/1987-08/17/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 08/17/1987-08/23/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 08/24/1987-08/30/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 08/31/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/01/1987-09/02/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/03/1987-09/09/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/10/1987-09/11/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/12/1987-09/14/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/14/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/15/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/16/1987-09/17/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/18/1987-09/20/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/21/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/22/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/23/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/24/1987-09/27/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/28/1987]


Box 38

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 09/29/1987-09/30/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/01/1987-10/04/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/05/1987-10/06/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/07/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/08/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/09/1987-10/13/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/13/1987-10/14/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/14/1987-10/16/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/17/1987-10/22/1987]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings 10/23/1987-11/04/1987; 03/01/1988]

[Bork: Media/News Clippings – Editorials June 1987, July 1987]



Box 39

[Ginsburg Nomination – Cases] (1)-(7)

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work] (1)-(3)

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – Announcement to Nominate]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – Articles]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work - Asbestos (Ban & Phasedown] (1)-(3)


Box 40

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – E.O., 12291 Reviews 06/01/1984-07/31/1985]


[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – EPA]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – EPA’s Asbestos Regulations] (1)-(6)


Box 41

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – EPA’s Asbestos Regulations] (7)-(12)

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work - Fluoride Drinking Water Standard]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – OMB Influence on Agency Regulations]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – OMB Office of Information and Regulatory

 Affairs] (1)(2)

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – OMB Review of EPA Regulations]

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work – OMB Statements] (1)-(3)

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work - PRA (Paperwork Reduction Act) Transactions

          06/01/1984-10/31/1985] (1)-(4)


Box 42

[Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work - PRA (Paperwork Reduction Act) Transactions]

          06/01/1984-10/31/1985] (5)-(20)

          [Ginsburg Nomination – OMB Work - VOC Drinking Water Regulations] (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg Nomination – Post Mortem]


Box 43

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File July 1984

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File August 1984 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File September 1984 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File October 1984 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File November 1984 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File December 1984 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File January 1985 (1)(2)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File February 1985 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File March 1985 (1)-(4)


Box 44

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File April 1985 (1)-(3)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File May 1985 (1)-(6)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File June 1985 (1)-(4)

          [Ginsburg:] Chron File July 1985 (1)-(3)

          Ginsburg/Articles (1)-(5)


Box 45

          Ginsburg/Articles (6)-(9)

          Ginsburg / Background

          Ginsburg / Case File (1)-(7)

          Ginsburg / Clippings (1)-(8)


Box 46

          Ginsburg / Clippings (9)-19)

          Ginsburg / Congressional Record

          Ginsburg / Nomination Process

          Ginsburg / Press Release

          Ginsburg / Speeches

          Ginsburg / Talking Points (1)(2)

          Ginsburg / Testimony (1)-(4)


Box 47

          Ginsburg / Testimony (5)-(13)



          Box 48

          [Kennedy] – ABA

          [Kennedy] – ABA Code

          [Kennedy] – Articles (1)-(7)

          [Kennedy] -  Background (1)-(9)

          [Kennedy] -  Briefing Materials (1)-(6)


Box 49

          [Kennedy] - Clippings (1)-(13)

          [Kennedy] - Club Memberships: Del Paso Country Club (1)-(3)


          Box 50

[Kennedy] - Club Memberships: Elks Club

          [Kennedy] - Club Memberships: Olympic Club (1)-(3)

          [Kennedy] - Club Memberships: Rio Del Oro Racquet Club

          [Kennedy] - Club Memberships: Sutter

          [Kennedy] - Clubs / General (1)-(3)

          [Kennedy] - Confirmation Hearings (1)(2)

          [Kennedy] - Congressional Record

          [Kennedy] - Drafts (1)(2)

          [Kennedy] - Family

          [Kennedy–Guest List]

          [Kennedy] - Handwritten Notes

          [Kennedy] - Incoming Correspondence

          [Kennedy] - Law Clerks / Grading

          [Kennedy] - Materials Transmitted [Empty]

          [Kennedy] - Nomination Process (1)(2)

          [Kennedy] - Nominee Case File (1)(2)


          Box 51

          [Kennedy] - Nominee Case File (3)-(17)

          [Kennedy] - Nominee Case File: Comparable Worth

          [Kennedy] - Nominee Case File: Oil and Gas

          [Kennedy] - OP-EDS

          [Kennedy] - Outgoing Correspondence [Empty]

          [Kennedy] - Press Releases


          Box 52

          [Kennedy] - Recusal

          [Kennedy] - Senate Questionnaire (1)-(9)

          [Kennedy] – Speeches 1975-1983

          [Kennedy] – Speeches 1984

[Kennedy] – Speeches 1985

[Kennedy] – Speeches 1986

[Kennedy] – Speeches 1987

[Kennedy] – Speeches [About Kennedy]

[Kennedy] - Talking Points (1)-(5)


Box 53

          [Kennedy] - Testimony

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File (1)-(4)

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Baldwin, Donald

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Carrington, Frank

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Cartwright, Robert E.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Colley, Nathaniel S.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Collins-Perdue, Wendy

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Foreman, Fred

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Griswold, Erwin

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: McKay, Robert B.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Plant, Forrest A.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Prager, Susan Westerberg

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Pye, Kenneth

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Schaber, Gordon D.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Thompson, Larry D.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Wright, Charles A.

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: Witnesses / Others (1)-(4)

          [Kennedy] - Witness Personal File: [Witness Written Statements] (1)-(3)



          Box  54

          Supreme Court [Bowman]

          Supreme Court [Higgenbotham]

          Supreme Court [Miner] (1)-(3)

          Supreme Court [Silberman] (1)(2)

          Supreme Court [Tjoflat]

          Supreme Court [Webster]

          Supreme Court [Winter] (1)(2)



          Box 55

          Applicable Statutes re: Contras [empty]

          Arms Export I (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          Arms Export II (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          [Boland Amendment Legislative History] (1)-(7)

          Congressional Record 06/15/1987 (1)(2)



          Box 56

          [Continued Appropriations FY 1985] (1)-(4)

          Contra Aid Laws (1)-(6)

          [Contra Funds Restrictions – Intelligence Authorization Act FY 1985]

          [Contra Funds Restrictions – Intelligence Authorization Act FY 1986]

          Contra Press Reports (1)-(3)


          [Fraud – Historical Precedent] (1)-(5)


          Box 57

          [Fraud – Historical Precedent] (6)-(9)

          [Intelligence Authorization Act FY 1983] (1)-(3)

          [Intelligence Authorization Act FY 1984]

          [Intelligence Authorization Act FY 1985 and 1986] (1)-(7)

          [Handwritten Notes]

          [International Security and Development Cooperation Act of 1985] (1)(2)

          Background – Iran (1)-(3)

          Legal Analysis (1)-(3)


          Box 58

          Legal Analysis Team (1)-(17)

          [Legal Analysis Team – Memorandum]

          [Legal Authority for Recent Covert Arms Transfers to Iran]


          Box 59

          Legal Opinion - Issues Generally

          Legal Opinion - Arms Sales

          Legal Opinion - Oral Finding [Empty]

          Legal Opinion - Congress Notification

          [Mail Fraud – Intangible Rights Doctrine – University of Chicago Law Review 1980]

          [Statutes re: Iran-Contra Affair] (1)-(3)



          Box  60

          WELBILT/WEDTECH: Lyn Nofziger (1)-(12)


          Box 61

          WELBILT/WEDTECH: Lyn Nofziger (13)-(19)

Inventory A (1)-(3)

          Inventory B (1)(2)


Box 62

          Inventory B (3)(4)

Inventory C (1)(2)

          McKay Request Letters (1)-(5)

          McKay Transmittal Letters

          WELBILT/WEDTECH (1)-(4)


          Box 63


          WEDTECH (1)-(7)

          WEDTECH: Newspaper Clippings (1)(2)