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KOCH, KATHLEEN D.: Files, 1984-1988


Counsel to the President, Office of

CFOA 1136 (Financial Disclosure Forms for White House Staff and others as Labeled)

[Presidential Gift Information, 05/13/1988]

[Reporting of Gifts by Pres. & First Lady-Draft]

W H David Spears Addington, 1987

W H Leslye A. Arsht, 1987

W H Howard H. Baker, Jr., 1987

W H Howard H. Baker, Jr., Termination

OPD Bruce R. Bartlett, New Entrant

OPD Bruce R. Bartlett, 1987

OPD Gary L. Bauer, 1987

OPD Gary L. Bauer, Termination

W H Marion C. Blakey, 1987

W H Judy A. Black, 1987

W H Bledsoe, Ralph C., Termination

W J Ralph C. Bledsoe, 1987

W H David A. Bockharny, Termination

W H Phillip D. Brady

W H Melvin L. Bradley, 1987

W H Andrew H. Card, Jr.

W H Barry J. Cooper, 1987

W H Jack L. Courtemanche, 1987

W H T. Kenneth Cribb, Termination

W H Troy Kenneth Cribb, Jr. 1987

W H Danny L. Crippen, 1987

W H Danny L. Crippen, Termination

W H Danny L. Crippen, New Entrant

W H Arthur B. Culvahouse, Jr., 1987

W H Rhett B Dawson, 1987

W H Anthony Dolan, 1987

W H Frank J. Donatelli

W H Nancy P. Dorn

W H Morgan J. Doughton, 1987

OPD Michael A. Driggs, 1987

OPD Dinesh J. D'Souza

W H Kenneth M. Duberstein, 1987

W H James W. Dyer, 1987

W H Max Marlin Fitzwater, 1987

W H Craig L. Fuller, 1987

W H Ronald R. Geisler, 1987

[W H ?] Max Green

W H Charles Vaughn Greener

W H Thomas C. Griscom, 1987

W H Thomas C. Griscom, Termination

W H Bryce Harlow, 1987

W H James L. Hooley, 1987

W H James Daniel Howard, Termination

W H Nancy M. Kennedy, 1987

OPD Franmarie Kennedy-Keel

W H Gwendolyn S. King, Termination

W H Alan M. Kranowitz, 1987

W H Kevin Henry Kruke

W H James F Kuhn, 1987

W H William J. Landers, 1988

W H Frank Lavin, 1987

W H James F. Manning

W H William J. Maroni

Mari Maseng - Termination

W H Gerald Joseph McKiernan

W H Gerald J. McKiernan 1987

W H C. Dean McGrath, 1987

Oglesby, Marion B., Jr Folder #1

M.B. Oglesby, Jr. CY 1983 Folder #2

Oglesby, M. B. Jr. CY 1984 Folder #3

WH Oglesby, M.B. Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs Folder #4

WH Marion Brown Oglesby Deputy Chief of Staff

White House Colin Powell FY 1987

W H Rebecca G. Range

W H Nancy J. Risque, 1987

W H Ronald K. Sable, Termination

W H Karen G. Spencer

W H John C. Stone

W H Jay C. Stone

W H Robert W. Sweet. Jr., 1987

W H Alan T.Tracy, 1987

W H John C. Tuck, 1987

W H Pamela J. Turner, 1987

W H Robert H. Tuttle, 1987

W H Agnes M. Waldron

OPD Richard Lucas Williams, 1987

W H Lyn Withey, Termination

The Presidential Appointee's Handbook & Sample Disclosure Form

CFOA 1137 (Financial Disclosure Forms for White House Staff and others as Labeled)

W H David Spears Addington

Carl Anderson Termination 10/02/1987

Anderson, Carl A CY 1986

[Leslye Arsht]

W H Chief of Staff Howard H. Baker, Jr.

Bauer, Gary L. CY 1986

[Judy A. Black]

[Marion C. Blakey]

Bledsoe, Ralph C. CY 1986

Bockorny, David A. CY 1986

Bradley, Melvin L. CY 1986

Brashear, Albert R. Termination

Brashear, Albert R.

Brower, Charles N.

Patrick J. Buchanan Termination

Andrew H. Card, Jr. Termination

Chew, David L. CY 1986

W H Barry, Jay Cooper

Cox, Christopher Cox CY 1986

W H Troy Kenneth Cribb, Jr.

Danner, Donald A. CY 1986

Dawson, [Rhett]

W H Frank J. Donatelli

Dolan, Anthony Ross CY 1986

Doughton, Morgan J. CY 1986

Driggs, Michael A. CY 1986

W H Dinesh, Joseph D'Souza

W H Kenneth M. Duberstein

W H James W. Dyer

W H [Fitzwater, Max Marlin]

Fuller, Craig L. CY 1986

Geisler, Ronald R. CY 1986

Graham, William R. CY 1986

Green, Max CY 1986

W H Tom Griscom

Harlow, Bryce L. CY 1986

Hooley, James L. CY 1986

Lawrence A. Hunter

Kranowitz, Alan M. CY 1986

King, Gwendolyn S. CY 1986

Kuhn, James F. CY 1986

W H Franklin E. Lavin

Mares, Jan W. CY 1986

C. Dean Mc Grath

Mc Allister, Eugene J. CY 1986

W H James Clayton McKinney

Maseng, Mari CY 1986

W H John Negroponte

Lt. Gen. Colin L. Powell The White House Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Prendergast, Richard H. CY 1986

W H Rebecca G. Range

W H Gordon Grant Riggle

Risque, Nancy J CY 1986

Peter H. Roussel Termination January 1987

Sable, Ronald K CY 1986

Stephens, Jay B. CY 1986

W H Paul Schott Stevens

Sweet, Robert W. Jr. CY 1986

Thomas, william Dennis CY 1986

Tracy, Alan T. CY 1986

Tuck, John CY 1986

Carlton Turner Termination

Turner, Pamela J CY 1986

Tuttle, Robert H.

Waldron, Agnes M. CY 1986

Williams, Richard Lucas CY 1986

Withey, Lyn M. CY 1986

W H Jackie Wolcott

Daniels, Mitchell E., Jr CY 1986

[Loose Material: SF 278 Dawson, Thomas C.; SF 278 Speakes, Larry M]

Donald T. Regan - Exit Interview [SF 278]

[Wallison, Peter J.]

CFOA 1138 (Financial Disclosure Forms for White House Staff and others as Labeled)

WH Linda J. Adams

WH Michele L. Archambaul

WH Patricia S. Aronsson

WH Michael J. Astrue

WH Patricia A. Barnett

OPD Barrett, Betty L.

WH Susan D. Biddle

OPD Blankley, Anthony D.

WH Judith Susan Solow Boggs

WH John Roger Bolton

WH Patricia Mack Bryan

PA Butler, Judith Ann

WH Lane, Felice Calhoon

OPD [Douglas Robert Cannon]

WH Douglas W. Chirdon

WH Benedict Cohen

WH Mary Margaret Cole

OPD Daoulas, Sue H.

WH Sue H. Daoulas

WH Mary Kathryn Dewhirst

OPD Dorminey, A. Blair

WH A. Blair Dorminey

WH Duggan, Juanita

WH Pamela Lynne Koehler Elmets

WH Gregory C. Evans

WH Foster, Gary L.

OPD Germanis, Peter G.

WH Carlyle Gregory, Jr.

WH Jeffrey Stuart Hall

WH Robert B. Hall

WH Debora Butler Hansen

WH Richard Paul Hansen

WH James Joseph Hastings

NARA Hastings, James J.

WH Clarence L. Henley File Year 1987

WH Patricia M. Hines

WH David M. Howard

WH David P. Johnson

WH Lee R. Johnson

WH Robert E. Johnson Jr.

WH Dennis P. Keating

OPD John Dugan Klenk

WH Mark M. Klugmann

WH Kathleen D. Koch

WH Betsy J. Koons

OPD Kroeger, Beverly J.

OPD Kuttner, Johannes C.

WH [Hanns Kuttner]

WH Susan H. Lenderking

WH James Luder

WH David Williamson Lytle

WH Ryan Malarkey

WH James F. Manning

David M. McIntosh

WH Lara Nell Mitchell

WH Margaret J.H. Morrissette

WH A. Mark Neuman

WH Claire M. O'Donnell

WH John Podhoretz

WH Roger Spiegel

WH Lisa Stoltenberg

WH Amy M. Sullivan

EPC Suro-Bredie, Carmen C.

Carmen Suro-Bredie

WH Sweetland, Joan Lee

WH Tom R. Thoren

FL Toler, Wendy Weber

WH Chris A. Vein

WH Nettie Sue Walkup

OPD Ward, Heidi Meadows

WH Charles Nelson Warfield

OPD James Howie Warner

WH Wendy D. Weber

KDK 1988 Miscellaneous Recusals

KDK White House Staff Gift Records 1988

1987 Gift Reports

[1987 Gift Reports]

[Loose Material - Staff gifts]

OA 18941

KDK AID/Bissell

KDK Association of American Women/AIDS

GAO/AIDS Commission (1)(2)

GAO/AIDS Investigation (1)(2)

KDK Book Publishing

KDK Bork, Robert (1)-(3)

KDK - Clearance Memos

Conflicts of Interest

KDK Ethics in Government Act


KDK SF-278 Lists

Misc. Fin. Disclosure Procedures

KDK Foundation on the Arts and Humanities

KDK Future Employment Negotiation

Ginsburg, Douglas: Cable (1)(2)

KDK Herz, Charles / Gen. Counsel

KDK HR 2907

National Mediation Board

Notes to KDK

OGE Correspondence

OGE Audit Notes

KDK Paisley

KDK WHSC (White House Science Council) SDI Panel

KDK Nominee Press Releases

KDK 208 (b) Waiver / Erich Bloch

OA 18942

KDK Calendar 1988

Deaver and Other Book Contract Issues

Ethics Bill

First Lady's Borrowed Wardrobe

KDK Foreign Gifts

"Widely Attended Gathering" - Gift Exemption

Government Lawyers - Conduct

Koch Ed Meese

OSTP / Ditchley Conference

OSTP - "Volunteers"

PTAT System / NSC Issue

Political Activity

Political Activities / Employees

KDK Presidential Appointee's Handbook

KDK Presidential Inauguration 1989

Presidential Horses


S 508: Whistleblower Bill

White House - Service by Agreement Issue

Telephone Advice


USTR Waiver 18 U.S.C. S208(b)

White House Office Staff Manual, January 1984

OA 18943

K D Koch Appointment Memos A-C 1984-1985

K D Koch Appointment Memos D-H 1984-1985

K D Koch Appointment Memos I-Mi 1984-1985

K D Koch Appointment Memos Mj-R 1984-1985

K D Koch Appointment Memos S-Z 1984-1985

OA 18944

K D Koch Appointment Memos A-M 1986

K D Koch Appointment Memos N-Z 1986

K D Koch PAS Appointments

K D Koch Appointment Memos A-G 1987

K D Koch Appointment Memos H-O 1987

K D Koch Appointment Memos P-Z 1987

OA 18945

K D Koch Appointment Memoranda by Group A-K 1987

K D Koch Appointment Memoranda by Group L-Z 1987

C. Janes Agency Appointments 04/02/1987-06/12/1987

Conflicts of Interest Reference Manual [1983]

Reference Booklet on Conflicts of Interest

Foreign Gift Act, State Dept Regs, & Fed Property Mgt Regs

OA 18946

Koch June 1987-December 1987

K D Koch November 1987 Chron File

K D Koch December 1987-January 1988 Chron File

K D Koch February 1988 Chron File

K D Koch March 1988 Chron File

K D Koch April 1988 Chron File

K D Koch May 1988 Chron File

OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] Index 1977

Regulatory Program of the U.S. Govt. 04/01/1988-03/31/1989

Fairness Issues: A Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspectives 06/01/1982


Box 11238

1988 Appointment Memoranda by Group Names L-Z (Binder)

1988 Appointment Memoranda by Name: A-M Volume 1 (Binder)

1988 Appointment Memoranda by Name: N-Z Volume 2 (Binder)



Box 11239

1988 Appointment Memoranda by Group Name A-K (Binder)

Koch Chron September 1988-November 1988 (Binder)

KDK Chron. June 1988-August 1988 (Binder)

Koch Chron December 1988- (Binder)