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LUTTIG, J. MICHAEL: Files, 1981-1983


Counsel to the President, Office of


OA 10018

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency - Director

Arms Export Control Act, Reporting Requirements

America's Freedom Ride

Administrative Conference Recommendations

Agriculture & Food Act of 1981

Ahl, Lt. Colonel (Senator Armstrong Inquiry)



Budget and Accounting Act of 1921

Boulder v. Community Communications Company

Borders, William


Bloomington Baby Case

Claims from Government for Personal Property Damage

Chicago Bridge & Iron v. Caterpillar Tractor

Chiles Inquiry re: Federal Retirement / Gamba

Carman v. Idaho

Cable News Network

CAB: Aero Exchange, Inc.

CAB Decisions: Aeroservicios Ecuatorianes and Trinidad and Tobago

CAB Decision: Avia International and Arrow Airways, Inc.

CAB Decision: Ceskoslovonske and Aerolineas Dominicanas

CAB Decision: New Gateways to Brazil

CAB Decision: Capitol International, Mackey International, etc.

CAB Decision: Compaignie Nationale Air France

CAB Decision: Fast Air Carrier, Ltda.

CAB Decision: Federal Express; Delta Airlines & U.S. Air, Inc.; U.S. / Middle East /

Greece: N.W. / Jet Charter

CAB: Flying Tiger

CAB Decision: Great Plains, Ltd.; Eric C. Pearson d/b/a

CAB Decision: Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air Caravane, Inc. - Foreign Carrier Insurance Condition

CAB Decision: Scandinavian Airline System

CAB Decision: South Pacific Island Airways and Lone Star Airways

CAB Decisions: Texas / Great-Lakes Eastern Canada / N.Y. - Ottawa / N.W., Eastern and

United Airlines

CAB Decision: Transamerica, Capitol International, etc.

CAB Decision: United Air Carriers d/b/a Overseas National Airways

CAB Decision: Varig, S.A.

CAB Decisions: General

Criminal Forfeiture

Doss and Frade, Reverends

Dole, Elizabeth

District of Columbia Judicial Nominations Committee / Constitutionality

Executive Order: Executive Orders

Executive Order: Federal Real Property

Executive Order: Generalized System of Preferences

Executive Order - Intelligence Activities

Executive Order: River Basic Commission

Executive Order: Physical Fitness and Sports

Executive Order: Statistical Policy Functions

Executive Order: Water Resources Projects

Executive Orders: Miscellaneous Orders

Executive Order: Urban Impact Statements

Enrolled Bills

OA 10019

Federal Criminal Code

Federal Court Jurisdiction

Federal Home Loan Bank Board

Filings of Departing W/H Officials under Government Ethics Act

Financial Disclosure Statements

[Financial Disclosure, Federal Judges]



Foreman, Charles

Gore, Senator Albert - Personnel Action Request

Green v. Connally - Affirmative Action Tax Exempt Schools

Edwin Gray - Retention of Preferred Status Loan

Guardians Association v. Civil Service Commission (1)(2)

[Haitian Refugees] (1)-(6)

Haitian Refugees: Interdiction of Haitian Vessels (1)-(4)

Harman, Phillip

Hughes, Congressman Wm. J.


Insanity Defense

In Performance at the White House

International Trade Commission

International Communications Agency

Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

Interior: Oil and Gas Lease Sale 67

Jane Doe

Jewish Chapel Fund

Johnson, Victor S. - Anti-racketeering Statute

Joint Resolutions

Jones, Thomas Mills

Judicial Ethics

Kelly, Michael

Lafayette Park

Legal Policy Cabinet Council

Leave: Annual and Sick

Law of the Sea

Lord v. IBEW

Marathon Oil Inquiry from Cong. Oxley


OA 10020

Memoranda to File

McDonald's Corporation

Meador, Daniel J.

Northern Pipeline v. Marathon Pipeline Company

North Haven Board v. DoEducation, Supreme Court

New York City Loan Guarantees


National Theatre Week

National Historic Preservation Act Amendments of 1980

National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity

Lyn Nofziger (White House Outcard Only)

OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) Regulations

O'Connor, Sandra Day Nomination / Press Clipping (1)(2)

O'Connor, Sandra Day Nomination / Remarks [and Correspondence]

Oaths of Office

Office of Administration

Office of Personnel Management: Exclusions from Federal Merit Pay

OPM - Suitability Determinations

Office of Personnel Management - "Open Season"

Professional Air Traffic Controllers

Policy Positions of the Administration

Plyler v. J. & R. Doe

Personnel Recommendations

Pierce, Judge Lawrence

Presidential Proclamations (1)-(3)

Presidential Proclamations: Bald Eagle Day & Bicentennial Year of the Bald Eagle

Presidential Proclamation: Bill of Rights & Human Rights Day

Presidential Proclamation: Citizenship Day & Constitution Week

Presidential Proclamation: National Jaycee Week

Presidential Proclamation: National Guard Day

Presidential Proclamation: Hungarian Freedom Fighters Day

Presidential Proclamation: Interstate Highway

Presidential Proclamation: Fire Prevention Week

Presidential Proclamation: U.S. Argentina Agreement

Presidential Proclamation: Veterans Day

Presidential Compensation

President's California Pension

President - Income Tax

Reagan, President - Gifts

WH Reception for Judiciary

Public Buildings

Ronald Reagan - General

President Reagan - Charitable Contributions

Rancho Del Cielo

Retirement Civil Service

Richman, Mark - Balancing Federal Budget

Request for Presidential Intervention: Labor (Mertz)

Request for Presidential Intervention: EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]


School Prayer - Proposed Constitutional Amendment (1)-(3)

OA 10021

School Desegregation Testimony

Schmultz, Deputy Att. General

Schmultz, Ed

Simon, Sidney

Sierra Club - Wilderness Study Area Petition

Small Business Administration

Speakers Bureau

Social Security

Solidarity Day

Sokolov, Vladimir

Sobel, Norman, Bequest to President

Steel Stretch-Out

State of the Union Address [1982]

Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

Task Force on Legal Equity for Women


Tax Exemption - Segregated Schools

Temporary Appointments by the President

Timmons, William

Transition Reports

Trade Sanctions

U.S. Circuit Judge Nominating Commission

Twenty-fifth Amendment (1)(2)

Use of the White House or President in Advertising, Commercial Enterprises

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

United States v. Lee

Veterans Survivors Benefits


Weber, United Steelworkers of America v.

White House Conference on Aging (1)(2)

White House Staff: FBI / IRS Reports

White House Science Council

World's Fair - Knoxville 1982

Yoon - Offer to Purchase Reagan Home

Wynne, Mrs. W. H.


OA 12585


Air Force and Army Personnel Recommendation & Army

Allen, Richard V. (1)(2)

Appropriations Lapse

Display of American Flag

Distinguished & Meritorious Executive Awards

Donovan, Secretary

Energy Department

Ethylene Dibromide Pesticide, Office of Science and Technology

Executive Privilege

James Brady

Corporation for Public Broadcasting (1)(2)

Courts of Appeals [En Banc Eligibility]

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

"Acting" Officials

Advisory Committee Act


[Gifts]: Gifts

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Elections Commission

Fiske, Guy W.

4-C Air Force Contract

Habeas Corpus

Honorary Offices - Memberships


Council of Economic Advisers

Capitol Historic Society

Clean Water Act

Combined Federal Campaign

Conflicts of Interest Inquiries from the White House Staff / Presidential Appointees


OA 12586

White House Transportation (Empty)



President's Commission on Drunk Driving

Secret Service Protection - Delegation of Authority

Press Conferences

Privacy Act

Recess Appointments

Legislative Veto (1)-(4)

Paperwork Reduction Act

Tuition Tax Credits

Tuition Tax Credits: Tuition Tax Credits

J. Michael Luttig - Chron June 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron July 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron August 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron September 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron October 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron November 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron December 1981

J. Michael Luttig - Chron January 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron February 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron March 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron April 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron May 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron June 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron July 1982

J. Michael Luttig - Chron August 1982