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McCLAUGHRY, JOHN T.: Files 1981-1982


Office of Policy Development


OA 4182

Chron Files: February 1981-December 1981

Telephone Logs: February 1981- February 1982


OA 4681

Credit Alternatives for US Agriculture

Dam Design Criteria

Dairy Industry

Correspondence Outgoing A-Z


OA 4682

Paper RE: Foreign Policy and World Order: A Republican View

Incoming Correspondence A-Z, 1981


Chron Files for JMCC 1082, January - February


Agenda - CCFA

Minutes - CCFA

CCFA - Misc.

CCFA - Attendees

CCFA - Members

CCFA - Interagency Committees

CC Info.

Butter Sales

Auto Industry

American Farm Bureau Federation

American Agriculture Movement

Agri. - Peanuts

Agri. - Land Preservation

Interagency Committees


Administration Sponsored Legislation

Administrative Memos

Activities: Monthly

Activities: Burleigh Leonard


OA 4683

CCFA - Secretariat

Martin Anderson - 1981 - 1982

Ed Gray - 1981-1982

National Assoc. Of Farm Workers Organizations

DOA Review of Federal Marketing Orders for Fruits, Vegs. and Special Crops

Special Messages

Wet Reserves

World Food Council

NYC Westways Project - 1981

JMC - Internal Memos 1981-1982

Peanut Import Quota

National Farmers Organization

National Farmers Union

Burleigh Leonard Speeches

Burleigh Leonard File: 1981 Farm Bill

Grain Embargo

Food Safety

Farm Bill 81


Economic Indicators

Davis Bacon

Indians (1)-(3)