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McINTOSH, DAVID M: Files, 1985-1988


Office of Domestic Affairs


OA 14889

AG Speeches

Arms Control

Baker’s New Clips

Beck Case

Bicentennial of the Constitution (White House checkout card only)

California Environmental Trust

California / Information  

California INS Matters

California (Miscellaneous)

California Newsfile

California Religious Issues

California Supreme Court

Citizens for America

Constitution – Law Guidelines (White House checkout card only)

Conservative Legal Groups (White House checkout card only)

Constitutional Law (White House checkout card only)


Equal Protection

Yale (White House checkout card only)

Justice Personnel

Erwin Millimet


OA 14890

Executive Forum Speech

Federalist Society Press File

Gramm / Rudman


Heritage Foundation


Judicial Selection – Summer 1985 (1)(2)

Judicial Selection – Senate’s Role (1)-(4)

Judicial Selection Center Judges (empty)

Judicial Impact Statements

Judicial Conference



OA 14891

Meese Speeches

Meese Press

Neo-Conservatives (White House checkout card only)


Presidential Library

Senate Judiciary Committee

Sentencing Committee

Signing Statements Working File (White House checkout card only)

Signing Statements

State of the Union (White House checkout card only)

Tender Offer / Corporate Governments

Tender Offer

Takings / California Coastal Commission Cases (1)(2)

Tulane Speech


OA 16531

Bork / Ginsburg Files

Bork – Criminal Justice (1)(2)

Bork – Current 08/17/1987 (1)-(4)

Bork – Congressional Support and Opposition (1)(2)

Bork – Constituent Updates

Bork Events

Bork Filibuster

Justice Marshall

Bork – Op-Eds

Bork – Precedent

Bork – Miscellaneous (1)-(3)

Bork – Supporters (1)-(3)

Bork – Opposition

Bork – Polls

Bork – Presidential Statements (1)-(4)

Bork – Response to White House Report (1)(2)

[Bork – Response to Critics (Justice Department Report)]

[Bork:] Rodota File

Bork Supporters [Cribb File] (1)-(5)

[Bork Support]

[Bork:] White House Pro-Bork Activities – Baker Memos (1)(2)

Bork – WHO Post Mortem (1)(2)

Ginsburg – Meeting Materials for Weekly Reports on

[Ginsburg – Press] (1)(2)

[Ginsburg:] Doug Ginsburg

[Ginsburg Nomination] (1)(2)

[Ginsburg – News Summaries/Press] (1)-(3)

[Ginsburg – Confirmation Hearings]

Ginsburg (1)(2)


OA 16532

(loose material re Bork Supreme Court nomination)

[Bork:] Materials on Judge Robert H. Bork (1)(2)

Constituent Mail on Bork Nomination

[Bork: Suggested Talking Points] (binder)

[Bork, Handwritten Notes re]

[Bork: Justice Stevens]

[Bork Nomination – Talking Points and Supporting Material] (binder)

(unlabeled accordion folder re Bork Supreme Court nomination)


OA 16533

Bork Clips


(Various Materials in no particular order)


OA 16534

Grove City Background (1)-(6)

Grove City Background

Grove City Votes

Grove City Press Coverage (1)(2)

Grove City Letters/ Correspondence (1)(2)

Grove City Talking Points March 14,1988

Presidential Correspondence (1)(2)

Grove City Fact Sheet

Grove City Administration Alternate Bill

Grove City Remarks / Talking Points (1)(2)

Grove City Veto Message

Grove City (1)-(3)

1988 Legislative and Administrative Agenda - Implementation Plan Feb 5 88 (Binder)

Fair Housing (1)-(4)


OA 16535

Vice President Task Force on Regulatory Relief

INF Treaty

Bork, Aug 31 87

Proposal for Crime Victims Week

Legislative and Administrative Initiatives Tracking

Capital Sentencing Procedures and the Sentencing Commission (Binder)

Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 06/29/1988 (Binder)

Parental Role Working Group


OA 16536

Assurance Agency Civil Rights Compliance

Congressional Schedules

1988 Legislative and Administrative Agenda Implementation Plan February 88

(Cribb’s Copy) 

Privatization Working Group

Title VIII