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MORRIS, RICHARD C.:  Files, 1982-1983


Executive Secretary, NSC Office of the:


          Box 90742

          [Report of the Interdepartmental Group of Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information 03/31/1982]

          Romania CCC Loan [Commodity Credit Corporation]

          D Personnel

          Fruit Fly

          Los Angeles Loss of Home Case 02/10/1982

          [Ahrens Aircraft, Inc.]

          Mike Kelly

          Extradition of Ziyad Abu Eain

          San Francisco Law School - Mem. Bd. Dir.

          [President's Commission on Executive Exchange]

          European (World) Democratic Union

          [White House Fellowship]

          Luke Lee

          Speech File Material

          Nazi War Criminal Exclusion

          LOS [Law of the Sea]

          Hold - FYI

          [Chron file March 1982-May 1982]

          Chron- Richard Morris (1981)


          Box 90743

          Iranian Commission / Tribunal

          AG / State Iranian Claims Agent

          NSC Applications


          State / NSC Transition

          WPC Letter 3/8/83 [William P. Clark]


          John Harmer - Italy Trip Folder

          Copies - WC Correspondence [William Clark}

           President Carter

          Com-Dev - Gordon Allen

          [NSC Administration]

          Asia Foundation

          Hold [Polish Children; Craxi, Poland; World Peace Council]


          Box 90744

          Alphabetical Chron File 1982

          Dog Torture in Philippines Letters

          Correspondence Not Answered 1982

POW/MIA Letters 1982


          Box 90745

          [Loose Material re: Bipartisan Budget Appeal 1983]

          March 1983 - Responses to WPC'S Newspaper Ad Letter [William P. Clark]

          Ahrens Aircraft

          Responses to Judge Clark's 02/25/1983 Bi-Partisan Appeal on Budget Letter

          Bishops’ Letter - October 1982 (1)-(4)

          Blair House

          Invitation WPC to Speak ABA Nuclear Resolutions August 1982 [William Clark]

          Harris, Robert PFIAB [President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board]

          Irish Unification

          Dr. Kim

          Luke Lee

          President's Speech 03/23/1983 Star Wars (Public Response)

          Presidential Speech 04/27/1983 (Public Response)

          Private Sector Survey

          Property Review (Las Vegas)


          Real Estate Course 1983

          San Marino

          Chron (Official) May 1983


          School Prayer


          Box 90746

          N [1982]

          [O, 1982]

          P [1982]

          Q [Empty]

          R [1982]

          S [1982]

          T [1982]

          U [1982]

          V [Empty]

          [W, 1982]

          [X,Y,Z 1982]

          [Clark Invitations 1982]

          Official Photographs K-Z 1982

          Official Photographs A-J 1982

          Official Photographs 1982