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Box 91953

File Index (Ted McNamara)[file index filed separately--see folder]

Trips (Porter)


Chron August 1988-November 1988


Box 91956

The Vice President's Task Force on Combating Terrorism - Final Report 12/20/1985 (1)-(3)

Program Review of the Vice President's Task Force on Combating Terrorism, March 1987-April 1987 (1)-(6)

[Program Review of the Vice President's Task Force on Combating Terrorism, 06/02/1987] (1)(2)

VPTF (Vice President's Task Force) Recommendations/Status Reports March 1987 Ted McNamara/NSC Staff (1)-(7)

NSDD 207: Responses to Issues Papers [Earl, Robert] (1)-(4)

[NSDD 207 NSC Staff:Craig Coy; Robert Earl] (1)-(7)

General: Vice Presidential Task Force NSC Staff (1)(2)


Box 92181

Chron Oct 1987-June 1988 (Counterterrorism)

Toronto Economic Summit and "Experts Group"(1)-(6)

Barco (Non) Visit and Reference Materials on State Visits/Colombia Action Plan

Congressional Hearings on Certification (1)-(5)


Box 92182

Task Force and Other Drug Meetings (Includes ECG Legislation Proposals)

NNBIS HT III Worldwide NARC/Threat Assessment


Caribbean Drug Enforcement Conference

East Caribbean (General)

Unfoldered Material - Narcotics-related materials processed through the Executive Secretariat (includes NSDDs,

NDPB meetings, other memos to General Powell)


Box 92258 (Material probably from staff files of Richard Porter)

Working Report Drug Abuse Policy

Media and News Releases

National Drug Strategy Report (1)-(3)

NNBIS [National Narcotics Border Interdiction System](1) (2)

NSDD 221 and Draft Directives


Policy Board Minutes (1) (2)

Policy Board Organization and Lead Agencies (1) (2)

Policy Board Reports

Policy Statements and Position Papers

Presidential Executive Orders


Box 92260 (Files marked Richard Porter :)

Air Interdiction


All Source Intelligence Center

Coast Guard

Coordinating Group Minutes

Congressional Hearings

Congressional Reports

Dept of Defense Reports and Initiatives

Drug Abuse and Prevention Reports

Drug Abuse Initiatives


White House Conference


Box 92261(Files marked Richard Porter)

MX [Mexico] Summit

Hat Trick III

ICDAIT 1987 [International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking]

INCSR Reports [International Narcotics Control Strategy Report]

Intelligence Assessment (CIA)

Intelligence Reports

Intelligence Subcommittee

NDPB Interdiction Subcommittee

International Narcotics Report


Box 92270

Terrorism: Individuals: Rashid, Mohammad June 1988 (1)-(4)

Terrorism: Individuals: Atta [Mahmoud]

Terrorism: Individuals: Fatah

Terrorism: Individuals: Fawaz Yunis Trial February 1988 (1)-(3)

Terrorism: Individuals: Fawaz Yunis February 1988

Terrorism: Individuals: Hammadei, Mohammed [Muhammad Hammadi] (1)-(9)

Individuals: Pattis

Terrorism: Individuals: Quassars

Terrorism: Individuals: Rabhan, David

Terrorism: Individuals: Srour Case

Terrorism: Wanted List

Terrorism: Terrorist Training [empty]

Countries: Afghanistan

Countries: Algeria

Countries: Africa

Austria (Ted McNamara, NSC Staff)

Countries: Belgium

Countries: Bolivia

Countries: Bulgaria

Countries: Canada

Countries: Central America

Colombia (1)-(3)

Countries: Chad [empty]

Countries: China

Countries: Eastern Europe

Countries: Ecuador

Countries: Egypt

Countries: Council of Europe


Box 92271


[Countries] Mexico

Countries: Oman



Persian Gulf


Countries: Philippines (1)(2)


Countries: Portugal

Puerto Rico

Saudi Arabia

South America



Countries: Switzerland

Countries: Syria (1)-(4)

Countries: Syria (Continued) II (1)-(4)

Syria CPPG


Countries: Turkey

United Kingdom


Western Europe


Exercises (General File)

Terrorism Exercises: [PR-1988]/Compass Rose

Terrorism Exercises: (Ivy Crawler/Fresh Blade)

Exercise: Fundamental Lighting

Crisis Management: Hushed Brass

Hushed Brass

Exercise: Island Magic [Ellipse Alpha 88]

Crisis Management: Mighty Perringer

Crisis Management: [May 15, 1986]

Terrorism: Exercises (Olympics 1988)

Terrorism Exercise: Pristine Stone

Exercises: Prompt Moment

Terrorism Exercises: Tranbord II & III (1)(2)

Exercises: Tranbord III (1)-(3)


Box 92283 (Most folders marked Ted McNamara)

Terrorism: Emergency Support Team (EST/Airlift)

Terrorism: Emergency Support Team EST/SSA (Security Support Activity)

Terrorism: Meetings, European Community

Terrorism: Meetings, IIC (Interagency Intelligence Committee)

Terrorism: Meetings, Summit 7

Terrorism: Meetings, Trevi Group

Meetings IG/T and IG/T Working Group [Interdepartmental Group on Terrorism]

Terrorism Incidents: Pan Am #73

Terrorism Incidents: Nordeen

Terrorism Incidents: (Management)

Terrorism Incidents: Minor

Terrorism: Hijacking KU 422

Terrorism Incidents: (Iraqi)

Terrorism Incidents: (Korean Airlines #858)

Terrorism Incidents: Egypt Air #648

Terrorism Incidents: City of Poros

Terrorism Incidents: Atlanta Prison

Terrorism Incidents: Air Afrique #058

Terrorism: Abu Nidal Organization I

Terrorism: Abu Nidal Organization II

Terrorism Groups

Terrorism Groups: Abu Abbas

Terrorism Groups: ANO Waite Paper [Abu Nidal Organization]

Terrorism Groups: Armenian Group (Asala)

Terrorism Groups: Hizballah

Terrorism Groups: IRA

Terrorism Groups: PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine]

Terrorism Groups: PLO

Terrorism Groups: 17 November

Terrorism Groups: Red Army Faction

Terrorism Groups: Japanese Red Army

Terrorism Groups: RJO [Revolutionary Justice Organization]

Terrorism Groups: Sikh


Box 92289

Security: Civil Aviation

Security: Port

Security: Threat Cons and Security

Terrorism: General

Terrorism: General (FBI)

Terrorism: General (Intel Summaries)

Terrorism: General (International Conventions)

Terrorism: General (Legislation)

Terrorism: General (Letters)

Terrorism: General (Statistics)

Hostages I

Hostages II

Hostages: Next of Kin Letters

Hostages: Concerned Citizens Letters

Hostages: Current List

Hostages: BUC [Beirut University College]

Hostages: Press Guidance

Hostages: Charles Glass

Hostages: French (1)(2)

Terrorism: Higgins

Terrorism: Jacobsen, David [empty]

Terrorism: Waite, Terry


Box 92297( Most folders marked Ted McNamara)

Chron January 1987-August 1987


Box 92332 (Some folders marked Ted McNamara)

Chron September 1987-July 1988 (uninventoried)


Box 92382

Administration Chron November 1988-December 1988 (Policy/Org)

Exercises: Transbord III

Terrorism: General

Terrorism: EST [Emergency Support Team] (General)

Profs Notes 1988

Summit Statement

Press Clippings

Narcotics Research and Development

CARICOM [Caribbean Community] Leaders Letters


1996 Accretion to collection:

Box 149

Terr: NSDD 207

Terrorism: NSDD 266


NSDD 138

NSDD 180

NSDD 277

OSG/EST Working Group

Terrorism Meetings (NSPG/[Restricted Under B1]

FOLDER TITLE REDACTED - see withdrawal sheet

FOLDER TITLE REDACTED - see withdrawal sheet

Money Laundering Initiatives (empty) - Post-it note attached to folder

Terrorist Camps & Facilities (empty)

Terrorism: Meetings OSG II

Terrorism: Individuals, Yunis Travel

Terrorism: Meetings, CSG II

Terrorism: Meetings, CSG I

FOLDER TITLE REDACTED - see withdrawal sheet


Box 150

Terrorism: Achille Lauro (North): WH Memo

Terrorism: Achille Lauro (North): Flashboards

Terrorism: Achille Lauro (North): Site Reports

Terrorism: Achille Lauro (North): Intel/Country Letters/Photos

Terrorism: Achille Lauro (North): Press

Terrorism: General

Arms Shipment

Earl/Coy Chron Files November 1986-December 1986

Terrorism: Meetings (OSG) I

OSG/TIWG Operations (North)

NSDD 207: General Material Proc. Through Exec. Sec.