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OWEN, DEBORAH K: Files 1985-86


Counsel to the President, Office of:


          OA 13348

          Miscellaneous Filing

          Advance Seminars

          Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations

          Ambassador - Luxembourg

          Anti-Lobbying Laws


          Black Lung

          Board of Foreign Scholarships

          Briefing Materials

          Campaign Travel

          Civilian Pay Increases

          Commercial Discounts

          Commercial Endorsements 1985

          Commercial Endorsements 1986

          Commission on Organized Crime

          Condolence Letters

          Cooksey File Listing

          Cooksey Files

          Crocker National Bank

          Debt Limit

          Debt Limit: PJR / Debt Limit

          Debt Limit: Impoundment Authority (empty)


          OA 13349

          Disaster Declarations

          DOJ Referrals

          DOJ Wrongdoings

          Do's and Don'ts in Advertising Copy

          Draft Proclamation

          Edwards, Lee

          Emergency Board No. 208

          Eng, Eddie

          Enrolled Bills

          FOI / PA Requests 1985

          FOI / PA Requests 1986

          Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Council on the Aging

          Fed. Election Campaign Laws

          Federal Tort Claims Act

          Frazier, Henry B.

          Gannon, Frank

          Gaughn, John A.

          Gen. System of Preferences

          Gift Policy

          Gold Coins

          Good, Alexander H.

          Haggett, William E.

          Hatch Act

          Hawk, Billy

          HLG / Tax Exemptions for Federal Employees

          Holloway, James L.

          Horner, Charles E.

          H.R. 1161 (Medical Malpractice)

          H. R. 1668 (Voter Registration)

          H.R. 2370 (Nurse Education Amendments)

          Indian Treaty Room Use

          International Cultural & Trade Center

          International Democratic Union (IDU)

          International Pacific Halibut Commission

          Intervention Requests

          [Judicial Appointment Investigations] (1)(2)


          OA 13350

          Judicial Selection Articles (1)-(3)

          Keating, Francis A.

          Latham, Joseph A.

          Leznick, Mila

          Merit Systems Protection Board

          Mellinger, Larry K.

          Miscellaneous Bill Comments

          Misc. Letters

          Misc. Memo's

          Mussa, Michael L.

          National Advisory Council on Adult Education

          National Advisory Council on Indian Education

          National Armed Forces Museum Advisory Board

          National Commission on Libraries & Information Science

          Nat'l Council Voc. Educ.

          National Security Protection Act of 1985 (S. 1301)

          New Continental Congress

          North Mariana Islands

          OGE Draft Bill

          Outside Earned Income

          Pacific Salmon Commission


          Photo Opportunities / Scheduling Recommendations

          Pocket Veto

          Political Endorsements 1986

          Political Endorsements 1985

          Political Travel

          Potter, James C.

          President's Executive Exchange Program - Amend for Funds (Levine) S. 2115

          President's Executive Exchange Bill by St.

          President's Export Council


          OA 13351

          President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee: Department of Justice Submissions


          President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee: Nominations (1)-(11)

          Presidential Biographies

          Presidential Forward

          Presidential Declarations

          Presidential Foundation

          Presidential Memorabilia

          Presidential Message

          Presidential Remarks

          Presidential Seal

          Presidential Signature

          Presidential Speech Planning Scheduling

          Presidential Stationery

          Presidential Talking Points

          Presidential Tapings

          Private Sector Initiative

          Reed, Joseph V.

          Rico Civil Suits

          Rusthoven File Listing

          Rusthoven Files

          Sanctity of Human Life

          Seidman, William

          Senate Confirmation Process

          S. 492 (Officers Tort Liability Protection Act)

          Scheduling Recommendations

          Sewall, Joseph

          Silberman, Laurence – District of Columbia Circuit (1)-(4)

          Small and Minority Business Ownership, Advisory Committee

          Mark Smith v. Reagan (File Retained by Alan Raul)

          Snow v. Reagan (File Retained by Alan Raul)

          South Pacific Commission

          Space Shuttle Children's Trust Fund

          Special Government Employee

          "Special Session"

          Stephens, James M.

          Stetham Memorial Scholarship Fund

          Stop the Madness Video



          OA 13352

          Taylor, Barbara J. H.

          Tax Reform



          U.S. Attorney & U.S. Marshal Recommendations & Nominations

          U.S. Military Academy Board of Visitors

          U.S. Naval Academy, Board of Visitors

          Unauthorized Quotations

          Very Special Arts / Inspire '85


          Victims of Crime

          Voice of America

          Voiding Contracts

          Wall, Shannon J.

          White House Artifacts

          White House Conference on Small Business

          WH Staff in Court

          Willkie Files

          Wu, John K.


          OA 13353

          Deborah K. Owen Chron  June 1985-September 1985 (Notebook)

          Deborah K. Owen Chron  September 1985-January 1986 (Notebook)

          Deborah K. Owen Chron  October 1985-December 1985 (Notebook)

          Deborah K. Owen Chron  February 1986 (Notebook)


          OA 13355 (This box contains some material associated with Sherrie Cooksey.  Deborah Owen continued Cooksey’s files beginning circa late August 1985.)

          Fred Fielding Meeting Notes on President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee

Agendas [September 1985]

[Lino Graglia] (1)(2)

          Judges: Correspondence (1)-(4)

          Miscellaneous Judicial Matters (1)-(9)

          President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee: Meeting, 09/05/1985 – Southern

District of Florida Issue

          President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee: Miscellaneous (1)-(5)

President’s Federal Judicial Selections Committee: Summaries of Meetings, 1983-1985 (1)-(6)

          Circuit Courts: Fifth Circuit (1)-(5)

          U.S. Claims Court (1)-(3)


          OA 13356

Judicial Agendas: September 1985 (1)-(7)

          Judicial Agendas: October 1985 (1)-(4)

          Judicial Agendas: November 1985 (1)-(4)

Judicial Agendas: December 1985 (1)(2)


          OA 14708

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: September 1985 (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: October 1985 (Notebook) (1)-(5)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: November 1985 (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          Chronological Files – Judicial Letters: December 1985 (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          [Judicial Letters]: January 1986 (1)-(4)

          [Judicial] Letters: February 1986 (1)-(3)

          Deborah Owen – Judicial Response: March 1986

          Deborah Owen [Chronological File]: January 1986 (1)-(4)

          Deborah Owen – Memoranda [Chronological File]: February 1986 (1)(2)

          Memoranda, Revised Letters [Chronological File]: March 1986 (1)(2)