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RENTSCHLER, JAMES M.: Files, 1982-1988


Office of Political Affairs, NSC, 1982-1983

European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC, 1983-1988


The Office of Political Affairs included Offices with the responsibility for various geographic regions. Under the old Office of Political Affairs, James Rentschler worked in the Western Europe Office. These regional responsibilities were later revised and elevated to directorates. Rentschler was incorporated within the European and Soviet Affairs Directorate. His collection consists of his two offices combined.


Boxes 90023, 90179, 90316, 90317, 90319 came to the Library identified as James Rentschler and Dennis Blair material. At this time, the Library has not made a determination on the originator of this material.


Box 90023

Chron January 1981

Chron 02/01/1981-02/03/1981

Chron 02/04/1981

Chron 02/05/1981-02/08/1981

Chron 02/09/1981

Chron 02/10/1981-02/11/1981

Chron 02/12/1981-02/17/1981

Chron 02/18/1981

Chron 02/19/1981

Chron 02/20/1981-02/22/1981

Chron 02/23/1981-02/24/1981

Chron 02/25/1981-02/26/1981

Chron 02/27/1981-02/28/1981

March, 1981 (Chron) [1 of 3]

March, 1981 (Chron) [2 of 3]

March, 1981 (Chron) [3 of 3]

April, 1981 (Chron) [1 of 2]

April, 1981 (Chron) [2 of 2]

May 1981 (Chron) [1 of 2]

May 1981 (Chron) [2 of 2]


Box 90027

[Briefing Book Material Loose re: Consultations on Svalbard and the Northern Areas, Oslo, 10/20/1980-10/21/1980] (1)-(4)

Schmidt, May 21 [Helmut Schmidt Visit, 05/20/1981-05/23/1981]

Gaston Thorn

President's Trip to Grand Rapids - Meetings with Giscard and Lopez-Portillo, 09/17/1981-09/18/1981

Ottawa Summit

Briefing Book - Pres. Reagan's Trip to Canada

Canada Visit 03/10/1981-03/11/1981

Visit of Federal Republic of Germany Foreign Minister Genscher, 03/09/1981- 03/10/1981, VP Staff

Luns [NATO Secretary-General Joseph Luns - Thursday, 04/16/1981]

09/09/1981 10:00 am Visit of Spanish Foreign Minister Pedro Perez-Llorca

Background Information from Briefing Book on Schmidt (Jr)

Official Visit of Federal Republic of Germany Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, 05/20/1981- 05/23/1981

May 4-5 [Ministerial (North Atlantic Council) Briefing Book Material]

Trudeau Visit, 07/10/1981 - 11:30

Briefing Book - Visit of P.M. Trudeau, 07/10/1981


Box 90028

WE June Chron 1981

July 1981 [Chron]

WE August Chron 1981

September, 1981 [Chron] [1 of 2]

September, 1981 [Chron] [2 of 2]

October, 1981 [Chron] [1 of 2]

October, 1981 [Chron] [2 of 2]


Box 90179

[Unfoldered Material re: The Trip of President Reagan to Ireland, Normandy, and the London Economic Summit, 06/01/1984-06/10/1984 - Press]

Preserving Peace and Prosperity: The President's Trip to Europe, June 1984 - (Public Diplomacy Action Plan)

[Unfoldered Material: Hanging Together: The Seven Power Summits (Page Proofs of Book)]

[The Trip of President Reagan to the People's Republic of China, 04/26/1984-05/01/1984 - Press]

[Material re: the 40th Anniversary of D-Day from Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Headquarters, Department of the Army]

Briefing Book - The President's Trip to Europe: Ireland, U.K. and Normandy 06/01/1984-06/10/1984

Briefing Book - The President's Trip to Europe: London Economic Summit 06/07/1984-06/09/1984

[Unfoldered Material - Copy of "Gist" April 1984]


Box 90180

London Summit General Information

Administration (Office Supplies, etc.)

Briefings - London Summit

Briefing Papers

Meetings / Conferences - London Summit 1984

Calendar of Speaker Events for the London Summit

Contact List - Extra Copy

Henze Report - London Economic Summit

Personnel: London Economic Summit


Press - General

Press - Magazine Articles, Publications, etc.

Press - Articles, GIST

Press - Interviews

Interviews: FR-3 / Brian Farrell

Press - Media Reaction



Press - Selective News Alert

Problems - General

Irish Problems

Public Affairs - Action Plan

Public Affairs - Themes



Speeches - Radio Remarks


Box 90181

Incoming Telegrams Chron, June 1 1984

Incoming Telegrams May 21-May 31 London Economic Summit 1984

Incoming Telegrams May 16-May 20 London Economic Summit 1984

Incoming Telegrams April 24-May 15 London Economic Summit 1984

Incoming - Letter Chron [London Economic Summit]

Memorandum of Conversation [re: Worldnet Special Programs to Ireland on Central America]

Outgoing - Telegrams Chron [London Economic Summit]

Outgoing - Letters Chron [empty]

Incoming Chrons - Memos 05/15/1984-June 1984 [London Economic Summit]

Originals [London Economic Summit]

Outgoing - Memos Chron [London Economic Summit]

Incoming - Memo Chron, April 16-May 14 [London Economic Summit]


Box 90316

CSCE - Commission on Security and Cooperation / Europe, 1981

MBFR - Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions 1981

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1981

Nuclear War General

Ottawa Summit 07/20/1981-07/21/1981

Public Diplomacy 1981

Press - Western Europe

[Unfoldered Material re: Quadripartite Meeting of Political and Economic Directors - London, 12/22/1981]

November Chron [1981]

December 1981 [Chron]


Box 90317


Italy 1981

Netherlands 1981

Contingency Planning - Soviet Invasion of Poland 1981

Southwest Asia

Brezhnev Correspondence 1981

United Kingdom 1981 (02/18/1981-06/15/1981)

United Kingdom 1981 (06/16/1981-09/24/1981)

United Kingdom 1981 (09/25/1981-12/13/1981)

Monthly Report

Reagan Administration Accomplishments (Western Europe, Canada, N. Africa)

Speeches (RVA)

Sympathy Messages and Things Relating to President Assassination Attempt (1)(2)

VP Trip to Europe


Box 90318

Mitterrand 10/18/1981-10/19/1981 Yorktown / Williamsburg Visit

Visit of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, 10/12/1981-10/15/1981

Genscher [Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher, FRG]

Visit of Italian Foreign Minister Colombo, 02/12/1981

Visit of President and Mrs. Mitterrand of France, 10/17/1981-10/19/1981

The President's Meeting with Jamaican Prime Minister Seaga, 01/28/1981

Thatcher Visit 02/26/1981-02/28/1981 (1)-(4)

Visit of President and Mrs. Mitterrand of France, 10/17/1981-10/19/1981

Canada, 1981

Cancun, 1981


Box 90319

France 1981 (1)-(7)

Greece 1981

Republic of Ireland 1981

Hunger Strike

FRG (Federal Republic of Germany 1981)


Box 90417


Bilateral with Mitterrand

Bonn Economic Summit

Bonn Economic Summit: GIST

Bonn Economic Summit: Key Economic Objectives

Bonn Economic Summit: Economic Issues - Various Opinions On

Bonn Economic Summit: Morning TV Requests

Bonn Economic Summit: Political Aspects

Bonn Economic Summit: Press Rules

Bonn Summit - Preparations For

Bonn Summit: Scope Paper for Economic Summit

Bonn Summit: SHERPA Meetings

Briefing Books: Requests For

Building Access Forms for Meetings

Cabinet-Level USG Support for President's Trip


German State Visit


Bitburg (1)

Bitburg (2)-(4)

Hambach Castle

Germany - Site File

Italy - Site File


List of Potential Trip Negatives

Master Contact List

Meetings Inter-agency: Attendance Lists / Agendas

Memoranda to Sims

Miscellaneous Items


Policy and Guidelines


Portugal - Site File

Press Announcements

Press Briefing Book

Presidential Interview

Questions for Presidential Interview

Presidential Statements

Presidential Trip to Europe

Status Reports: President's Trip to Europe

Public Affairs Strategy Paper

Public Opinion Polls

Q's and A's

Reference Material from Previous Summits

Mrs. Reagan's Schedule


Space Initiatives


Spain - Site File


Box 90418

Speeches during European Trip


Strasbourg - Site File

Structural Adjustment

Summit Technology

Telephone Inquiries

Trade Data: Spain and Portugal

Trip Schedule

Trip Themes

V-E Day

White House Briefings

[White House Press Sign Up List for Europe, 04/30/1985-05/10/1985]

White House Summit Group

Work Program

Press Briefing Book - The Trip of President Reagan to the Bonn Economic Summit, Spain, the European Parliament and Portugal, 04/30/1985-05/10/1985


Box 90421

Artic [Arctic]

Arms Control


British French Systems





Economic Summit [1983]

Economics [East-West Trade, 1983]

European Proliferation

Former President's Briefing

Future Visits



Middle East Consultations


Box 90471

Briefing Book - The Trip of President Reagan to the People's Republic of China, 04/26/1984-05/01/1984 - Press (2 copies)

President's China Trip, 1984 Public Affairs Guidance and Background Prepared by the Coordinating Group for Public Diplomacy March 1984

President's European Trip, June 1984

[Material re: European Trip]

["C. Henze Reports re: USIA Summit Involvement][empty]

Foreign Press Center

OEOB / WH Summit Briefings [empty]

Speeches (Summit)

London Summit General

Official Schedules State, Commerce, DOE, DOD

Summit Requests for Interviews / Briefings

Media Requests


Box 90835

Conference on Tokyo Economic Summit 04/25/1986-05/07/1986 (Briefing Book)

Briefing Book - OECD Executive Committee in Special Session 04/02/1986-04/03/1986 Paris

Briefing Book - President Reagan's Trip to Bonn, Madrid, Strasbourg, and Lisbon 04/301985-05/10/1985

Briefing Book - OECD Ministerial Paris, 04/17/1986-04/18/1986

Briefing Book - Press - The Trip of President Reagan to Indonesia / the ASEAN Conference and the Tokyo Economic Summit 4/25/1986-05/07/1986 (2 copies)


Box 90836

Rentschler Briefing Book OECD Executive Committee in Special Session, 04/02/1986-04/03/1986

Briefing Book - President's Briefing Book for Indonesia, 04/29/1986-05/02/1986 Chron File

Monday Read File [empty]

[Monday Read File Morning][empty]

[Tuesday Read File Morning][empty]

Tuesday Read File [empty]

[Wednesday Read File Morning][empty]

Wednesday Read File [empty]

[Thursday Read File Morning][empty]

Thursday Read File [empty]

[Friday Read File Morning][empty]

Friday Read File Afternoon [empty]

Saturday Read File

ACRANIM - Arms Control Related Acronyms, Names, & Incidental Mnemonics

Public Diplomacy Action Plan [Far Eastern Trip]

Administration - Equipment (Typewriters, Wang, IBM)

Administration - General, Roster

Alert (Daily Wrap up)

ASEAN Meeting - Remarks, Toasts, Departure, etc.

Briefings (also Foreign Press Center Briefers)


Contact List

EOB - Miscellaneous (Meeting Rooms, etc.)

First Lady

Framework for Public Diplomacy

Indonesia - General Background

Indonesia - Remarks, Toasts, Departure, etc.




Box 90837


Matrix - Issues / Events

Key Media Reaction Reports

Miscellaneous (Public Diplomacy Requests, etc.)

"Negatives" List

First Lady's Negatives List


Political Issues


Positives List

Press Book [Indonesia / ASEAN]

Press Briefings

Press - Clippings

Press Plan (Larry Speakes)

Press - Yomiuri Shimbun Interview

Public Diplomacy Module

Radio Addresses

Remarks (Statements by President)

Scene Setter

President's Schedule

Schedule - Annotated Agenda for

Schedule - Outline of

Scope Paper


Speeches President Chamber of Commerce, April 23

Speeches President's Los Angeles Address, April 25

Meetings - April 7: Talking Points


Tokyo - Remarks, Toasts, Departure, etc.


USIA Personnel during Summit

VOA Editorials

White House Summit Group

Wireless File Backgrounders