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DUKE, MEG SHIELDS: Files, 1981-1982

Counsel to the President, Office of

OA 4556

MSD: Judicial Selection [Form] Letters

MSD Counsel's Office / Form File

Sectys/Resumes Paralegal

MSD Resumes

MSD Zionism/Maxine Cheshire

MSD Words to Know

MSD White House Fellows

MSD White House Photo Albums

MSD White House Office/Personnel and Administration

MSD Union Station

MSD Vacancies Act

MSD Venue, Change of / Race to the Courthouse

MSD U.S. Attys, Selection

MSD Transition/Dingell - GAO Audit

MSD Fish and Wildlife Service, US; Director of

MSD Transition Report (Joint)

Social Workers Party v. FEC? (RR Comments in Post, 10/18) Sun.

Staff Secretary Memos

MSD Surgeon General

MSD Synthetic Fuels Corporation

Tuition Tax Credits - Talking Points for Mike Luttig

MSD Social Security Cards

MSD State Attorney's General

Ethics - Sen. Employee Desigs.

MSD WH Personnel Authorization


MSD Reagan/Borders v.; C.A. No. 18-1312 D.D.C.

MSD Robinson, Paul / Ambassador to Canada

MSD R.I.F.s (See Also Mike Farrell's File on Subject)

MSD President/Book Forwards

MSD President's Export Council

MSD Presidential Records & Library Act

MSD President'ss Name, Title, Likeness; Use of (See Also Counsel's Office/Form Files)

Subfile - Use of WH Likeness

MSD FEC/Pending Legislation

Anti Busing FY 1982 Appropriations & Authority

OA 4557


MSD Presidential Seal

MSD: Judicial Nomination and Appointment Process (1)(2)

MSD President/Book Endorsements (The Orator)

President's Name, Image, Photographs, etc., Use of

MSD Office of Government Ethics


MSD FEC/Hostage Honoraria

Malek, Fred

MSD Motor Vehicle Memo, WH Staff Memo, re: Tax Vehicle & Voter Registration in

D.C., VA & MD

Marine Mammal Commission

MSD Lacey Act, HR-1638 /Bill to Control Seizure of Fish and Wildlife

[Legal Services Corporation]

MSD: Judicial Selection Misc. Correspondence


MSD International Trade Commission/Ex Parte Communications

MSD Hiring Freeze Litigation

MSD Great Seal of the U.S. / Use of

MSD General Counsels / Agencies & Departments

D.C. Code Judicial Amends. - Horsky Committee

MSD FHLBB / Appointment of Chairman

Federal Circuit - 2405 Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit

MSD Fitzgerald, Ernest /Pending Litigation


MSD: First Lady Requests

MSD Executive Orders / Preparation

MSD Economic Policy Advisory board

MSD Executive, Office of the President/Organization, Regulations

MSD D.C. Judicial Nominating Commission

MSD Drug Abuse, Council on

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MSD Biographical Searches

MSD Baxter Confirmation

Boy Scouts "Scouter of the of the Year" Award

MSD Community Service Administration / Grantee Lobbying

CNN/Equal Time

MSD CEQ/Severance Pay

MSD Citizens for Reagan

MSD CAB/Presidential Review (TX1 Continental Acquisition)

MSD Counsel's Office / WH Staff Memos

MSD CAB /Member Qualification

MSD Counsel's Office / Filing System

MSD Boards and Commissions

MSD Administration Officials/Membership in Private Clubs

MSD Atlantic Council of United States

MSD Anti-Lobbying Act

MSD Appointment Process, WH