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SIMMONS, PAUL B.: Files, 1981-1985


Office of Policy Development

(Health, Human Resources, and Social Security)


OA 12172

Requests for Appointments and Correspondence, 01/07/1985-06/05/1985

OPD Action Memos, 12/07/1984-10/31/1984

OPD Action Memos, 09/11/1984-08/31/1984

OPD Action Memos, 09/20/1984-09/11/1984

OPD Action Memos, 10/10/1984-09/24/1984

OPD Action Memos, 10/24/1984-10/11/1984

Phone Message Books (18) 01/13/1984-07/10/1985


OA 12173

Speech Material, Budget

Budget FY 1986

Budget Articles FY 1986

Budget Articles FY 1985

Budget Statements - DOJ

Budget Statements - HHS

Budget Statements - Education

Budget Statements - HUD

Budget Statements - DOL

HHS Budget 1985

1980-1982 - HHS Budget

Civil Rights and Minorities




Speech Material - Economy

CEA Report 1985


Blueprint for Schools


OA 12174

Speech Material - Education


Enterprise Zones

Women's Issues

Administration Social Policies

Cabinet Council Minutes 1984

Cabinet Council on Human Resources

Human Resources Cabinet Council (1)(2)

Shaping Policy Agenda

Communication CCHR

Executive Secretary Meetings

Issue Papers

Blunting Medicare

Regan Briefing Book, 01/12/1985

Working Group on Handicapped Policy

Working Group on School Discipline

Working Group on Social Services