Boggs, Danny: Files

OA 11462

Agriculture: Chemicals

Agriculture: Farmland Protection (1)(2)

Agriculture: Organic

Agriculture: Research

Agriculture: Soil Conservation


Dole, Elizabeth: Files

Box 3

Agriculture 1981 (1)-(3)

[Agriculture 1981 Leaders Meeting 02/06/1981] (1)-(6)

Agriculture 1982 (1)-(8)


Box 4

Agriculture 1983


Box 27

Future Farmers of America Letters (1)(2)


Box 117

State Commissioners of Agriculture 03/16/1981 or 3/17/1981

Farm Magazine Editors Briefing 03/23/1981


Box 119

Future Farmers of America Meeting with Vice President 07/30/1981


Box 120

Annual National Convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation 01/06/1982


Box 124

Future Farmers of America 07/27/1982


Leonard, Burleigh: Files

OA 12162

Alphabetical list of all files

Chron File: September 1981 [marketing orders, agricultural policy]

Chron File: October 1981 [agricultural policy]

Chron File: November 1981 [legislation, trade]

Chron File: December 1981 [agricultural policy, food assistance]

Chron File: January 1982 [trade]

Chron File: March 1982 (1)-(3) [agricultural policy, trade, pres. speeches]

Chron File: April 1982 (1)-(3) [agricultural policy, farm debt, trade, food safety]

Chron File: May 1982 [food safety, trade, agricultural policy]

Chron File: June 1982 [trade, food safety]

Chron File: July 1982 [agricultural policy]

Chron File: August 1982 [agricultural policy, timber]

Chron File: September 1982 (1)-(2) [trade, legislation, marketing orders, agricultural

policy, timber]

Chron File: October 1982 [farm debt, trade, agricultural policy]

Chron File: November 1982 [agricultural policy, farm debt]

Chron File: December 1982 [food surplus, Payment-in-Kind program]

Chron File: January 1983 [farm debt, agricultural policy, rural development]

Chron File: February 1983 [farm debt, trade, agricultural policy]

Chron File: March 1983 (1)-(2) [timber, agricultural policy, trade, Payment-in-Kind programs, agricultural subsidies, farm debt]

Chron File: April 1983 (1)-(3) [agricultural subsidies, trade blended credit, exports, marketing orders]

Chron File: May 1983 (1)-(3) [agricultural marketing orders, trade, predator control, Payment-in-Kind program, famine, USSR grain, food safety,


Chron File: June 1983 (1)-(2) [agricultural policy, timber, imports, wheat reserves, tobacco, Payment-in-Kind program, tobacco]

Chron File: July 1983 [imports, Payment-in-Kind program, legislation, trade, wheat program]

Chron File: August 1983 [timber, Payment-in-Kind program, food assistance,agricultural policy, legislation, water cost sharing]

Chron File: September 1983 [Payment-in-Kind program, trade, agricultural policy]

Chron File: October 1983 [livestock, speeches, drought, dairy, agricultural policy]

Chron File: November 1983 [trade, dairy, legislation]

Chron File: December 1983 [trade, food assistance, International Fund for Agricultural Development]


OA 12164

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Secretariat (1)-(5)

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Minutes [Printouts]

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Minutes [List of Meetings]

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Minutes 02/23/1982-12/17/1982 (1)-(6)

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Minutes 01/17/1983-09/14/1983 (1)-(7)

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture Minutes 12/05/1983-04/17/1984 (1)-(4)

Cabinet Council/Secretariat/Working Group Format

National Peanut Council 03/22/1984 Agenda and Talking Points (1)(2)

CCFA [Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture] Secretariat

[CCFA] Weekly Reports

[CCFA: OPD] Issues (1)-(4)

[CCFA] Communications

[CCFA] Executive Secretary

Agricultural Credit Working Group

FFAP [Future Food and Agriculture Policy Working Group] Subcommittee on Farm Credit and Rural Development (1)(2)

FFAP Working Group: Subcommittee on Farm Commodity Programs (1)-(4)

FFAP Subcommittee on Feeding and Nutrition Programs (1)(2)

FFAP Subcommittee on International Trade and Foreign Food Assistance

FFAP Working Group: Subcommittee on Research

FFAP Subcommittee on Resource Conservation

CCFA/IFAD Working Group [International Fund for Agricultural Development]

[CCFA] Working Group on Rural Development

CCFA Future Food and Agriculture [Policy] (FFAP) Working Group (1)-(5)


Moore, Thomas: Files

OA 18893

Agriculture International Markets (1)(2)

Agriculture Rice

Agriculture Soybeans (1)(2)


OA 18897

Trade Agriculture (1)(3)


OA 18903

Working Group on Agriculture (1)(2)

[Working Group on Agriculture Coordination] (1)-(6)


OA 18906

Policy Review Group Meeting on US/USSR Grains Agreement (09/30/1987)


Public Liaison, White House Office of: Records

Box 1

[Agricultural Issues] (Binder)


Risque, Nancy: Files Cabinet Secretary

OA 16066

Agriculture, 1986

Agriculture, March 1987 (1)(2)

Agriculture, April 1987

Agriculture, May 1987 (1)-(3)

Agriculture, June 1987

Agriculture, July 1987-August 1987

Agriculture, September 1987-October 1987

Agriculture, November 1987-December 1987

Agriculture, January 1988-April 1988

Agriculture, May 1988 (1)(2)

Agriculture, June 1988

Agriculture, July 1988 (1)-(3)

Agriculture, August 1988-November 1988

Agriculture: Forest Fires

Agriculture [Meat Processing] Rules

Agriculture Missions (Hong Kong & Philippines) Report (1)(2)

Agriculture [Soybean Program]

Agriculture [USDA Regulation Implementation]

Agriculture [Wheat Program]


Stucky, Edward: Files

Box 3

Agricultural Commission


Box 5

Department of Agriculture Crop Production Report

Department of Agriculture Drought Assistance

Department of Agriculture 1985 Farm Bill

Department of Agriculture Miscellaneous (1)(2)

Department of Agriculture Programs

Department of Agriculture Sugar Policy (1)(2)

Department of Commerce Miscellaneous

Department of Commerce Roofing Material Tariffs

Farm Credit System

Farm Conservation Easements

Farm Crisis (Miscellaneous) 1985 (1)-(3)

Farm Ideas

Farm Policy 1987


Turner, Carlton E.: Files

Box 6

Agriculture (John Block) 1257


Box 11

Block, John; Zeger, Denis 11/16/1986 8:00am


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