See also:          Technology (New)




Administrative Office, White House Operations: Records

Box PU4302

DTC (Data and Terminal Communication Co.) (1)-(6)


Advance, Office of Presidential: Records

OA 15032

            04/03/1984 Drop-By Meeting National Security Telecommunications Advisory



            OA 16767

            10/09/1985 Drop-by National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee


            OA 18960

            10/22/1981-10/23/1981 – Cancun Summit: Cancun Telecommunication Books (Not

                        Translated) (Envelope)


Anderson, Martin: Files


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (1)(2)



Telecommunications (1)-(11)


Arey, Linda: Files

OA 15052

Women in Communications Briefing 02/26/1987 (1)(2)


Bandow, Doug L.: Files

Box 3

Federal Communications Commission


Barnett, Tricia: Files

Box 2

Ronald Reagan Communications Year 12/16/1982


Baroody, Michael E.: Files

            CFOA 615

            07/20/1984 Mobile Communications in White House Staff Cars


OA 11218



Beal, Richard S.: Files: Office of Planning and Evaluation

OA 7237

Telecommunications (1)(2)


Burgess, Jack: Files

OA 8157

National Science Center for Communication and Electronics


Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files: Office of the Counsel to the President

OA 11735

Communications Amendments Act of 1982 - H.R. 3239


OA 11736

            SMC/Cable Telecommunications Act of 1983 - S. 66


            OA 11738

            McGowan, William G. - National Security Telecommunications Advisory Group

National Security Telecommunications Advisory Group

NSC Telecommunications Advisory Policy Board (1)(2)


Council of Economic Advisers: Staff Economists: Files

            Series 76: B – Allen Parkman

            OA 14789

            Electronic Mail (1)-(5)

            Electronic Mail Meeting – Post Office (1)(2)


Counsel to the President, Office of the: Appointee Files: Records

CFOA 804

National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee


CFOA 813

President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee [Allen, Robert E.]

            President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee A-H (1)-(11)

            President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee I-Z (1)-(11)


CFOA 896

John B. Conlan, Member – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 898

Justin Dart Senior, Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 901

            Diana Lady Dougan, Coordinator – International Communications and Information


            Diana Lady Dougan, Rank of Ambassador – Coordinator for International

                        Communications and Information Policy


CFOA 906

Neal Freeman, Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.

Neal Freeman, Member – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 908

Thomas Cecil Griscom, Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 914

E. Pendleton James, Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp. I (James Folder #3)

E. Pendleton James, Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp. II

            (James Folder #2)       


CFOA 917

Donald Crawford Latham, Assistant Secretary for Communications, Command, Control, and Intelligence – DOD


CFOA 919

Henry Lucas, Member, Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 920

David John Markey, Assistant Secretary for Communication and Information – DOC


CFOA 922

Michael A. McManus Jr., Member Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.

Michael Alphonsus McManus Jr., Board of Directors – Communications Satellite Corp.


CFOA 945

Gordon Anstice Smith, Asssitant Secretary for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence – DOD


CFOA 956

Bernard J. Wunder, Assistant Secretary for Communication and Information – DOC


Coy, Craig: Files

            RAC Box 2

            World Communications Year – IG/T (Interdepartmental Group on Terrorism) –



Coyne, James K.: Files

OA 9987

            [World Communications Year Conference] (1)-(3)


OA 10072

World Communications Year 1983


Cribb, T. Kenneth: Files: Office of Cabinet Affairs

OA 4821

International Communications Reorganization Act of 1981


OA 7519

Telecommunications (1)(2)


Danner, Donald: Files

OA 15703

Telecommunications (White House checkout card only)


Davis, Richard A.: Files
OA 15699

Contel Corporation and Communications Satellite Corporation Vol I (Merger) November 1986

            Contel Corporation and Communications Satellite Corporation Vol II (Merger)

                        November 1986


Driggs, Michael A.: Files

OA 12241

Telecommunications: Japan Compliance Approval Scheme

[Telecommunications:] Cabinet Council Documents (1)-(5)

[Telecommunications:] NTIA Filing (binder) (1)-(3)

[Telecommunications] (1)-(8)

Telecommunications: Danforth Bill

Telecommunications: Issues Between U.S. and Japan

Telecommunications: TPRG Paper – Danforth Bill Discussion

Telecommunications: [Stanton] Anderson Letter re the Danforth Bill


OA 12247

[International Communications Policy:] Cabinet Council Documents (empty)

International Communications and Information Policy (1)-(4)


OA 16243

Telecommunications [Trade Restrictions] (1)(2)

Telecommunications [Bell Business Restrictions] (1)-(4)

Telecommunications I (1)-(3)

Telecommunications [Trade – Competition] (1)-(3)

Telecommunications [National Telecommunications and Information


Telecommunications II (1)-(4)

Telecommunications III (1)(2)

Telecommunications [FCC Docket 87-215: Economics and Technology Inc.] (1)(2)

Telecommunications [FCC Docket 87-215: ADAPSO] (1)(2)


Economic Policy Council: Records

CFOA 996

(McCaffrey): Telecommunications (1)-(4)


OA 19311


Working Group – Telecommunications (1)-(5)


Evans, Gregory C.: Files

OA 18214

RBOC Telecommunication Issue


Faulkner, Linda: Files

OA 11537

12/16/1982 Signing Ceremony, World Communications Year


Fielding, Fred F.: Files

Box 38F

Telecommunications I

Telecommunications II (1)-(9)


First Lady, Office of the: Press Office: Records

OA 18745

CONUS Communications


Foley, Todd: Files

OA 19069

Telecommunications Briefing


Fuller, Craig L.: Files

OA 9514

OCA: Telecommunications


OA 10593

[World Communications Year 1983 12/16/1982] (1)-(3)


OA 10973

OCA: International Communications Satellite (INTELSAT)


Galebach, Stephen H.: Files

OA 11295

Telecommunications (1)-(3)

Federal Communications Commission

FCC – Telecommunications (1)-(3)


Gergen, David R.: Files

OA 7886

Telecommunications (World)

Telecommunications (World): World Telecommunications


OA 9426

World Communications Year (1)-(8)


Goldfield, H. P.: Files

OA 9707        

HPG Communications with Public During National Emergency


Gunn, Wendell W.: Files

OA 6851

International Telecommunications (1/1)


OA 6852

World Communications Year (2/1)


OA 6853

Transition Communications


OA 9649

International Telecommunications Union – Interagency Working Group (binder) (1)-(3)


OA 9650

Telecommunications: S.898 Proposed Amendments (binder) (1)-(9)

Telecommunications Policy Working Group (binder) (1)-(8)


OA 9664

[Telecommunications: OSTP Issues]

            [Telecommunications: Meeting with Michigan Public Service Commission 04/28/1982]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Ad Hoc Committee for Competitive Telecommunications] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Association of Data Processing Service Organizations (ADASPO)]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: National Coalition of Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Computer and Business Equipments Manufacturers Association (CBEMA)]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: TELE-CAUSE] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Fair Opportunities for Competition in the U.S. (FOCUS)] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: International Communications Association (ICA)]

[Telecommunications: Legislation] (1)-(6)

[Telecommunications: Litigation] (1)-(6)

[Telecommunications: Wirth Bill (H.R. 5158)]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: ITT]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence:] GTE

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: MCI] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: RCA]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: SPC]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Sperry Corporation]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Telecommunications Association]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: IDCMA] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: FOCUS]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: ITSC] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Telecommunications Users         Coalition]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence] (1)-(3)


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

OA 15062



Hewitt, Hugh: Files

            OA 12261

Hubbard Communications


Jacobi, Mary Jo: Files

OA 11152

International Communications Industries Association


Jenkins, James E.: Files

OA 7125



            OA 9097

            Dr. Parson/Bernard Wunder/Telecommunications FEMA


Kennedy, Nancy: Files

OA 18151

President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (1)-(4)


OA 18175

            [Communications Satellite Corporation]


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 17715

Communications Equipments (Pageboys, Televisions, Radios, etc.)


Luttig, J. Michael: Files

OA 10018

Boulder v. Community Communications Company


McAllister, Eugene J.: Files: Economic Policy Council

CFOA 847

Telecommunications I (1)-(5)

Telecommunications I: Danforth Bill

Telecommunications II (1)-(4)


McCaffrey, Shellyn G.: Files: Office of Policy Development

OA 16080

Working Group on Telecommunications (1)-(5)


Meese, Edwin III: Files
CFOA 127

            Telecommunications Policy

            Telecommunications Security (Department of Commerce)


CFOA 414

Mobile Communications (White House Cars)


OA 9450

Federal Communications Commission (1)-(5)

Federal Communications Commission – Syndication and Financial Interest Rule


OA 9945

International Communications Reorganization Act of 1981 (CM #105)


OA 11827

            Telecommunications (1)-(3)

            Telecommunications: Meeting with Dean Burch 09/18/1981 1:30pm Grand Rapids


            Telecommunications: AT&T Suit – Department of Justice (1)-(3)

[Telecommunications] (1)-(15)

            Telephone Rate Legislation (CM#415)

            Telecommunication Policy (CM#82) (1)-(3)

            [Telecommunications]: Telephone Rates/AT&T (1)(2)

            [Telecommunications]: U.S. v. AT&T

            [Telecommunications]: GT&E / re: AT&T


            OA 11842



Moore, Thomas G.: Files

OA 18903

Working Group – Communications Equipment Issues (AT&T) (1)-(9)


OA 18906

Working Group on Telecommunications Policy (SIG)

Working Group on Telecommunications (1)(2)


OA 18913

Testimony – Subcommittee on Telecommunications 10/01/1986


Moorhead, J. Upshur: Files

OA 10624

Federal Communications Commission


OA 10624

World Communications Year 1983 (1)(2)


Mussa, Michael L.: Files

OA 17731

TPRG [Trade Policy Review Group] – Telecommunications


Niskanen, William A.: Files

Box 2 F

05/02/1984 - Computer  and Communications Industry Association 11th Annual  Washington Caucus (1)(2)


Box 3F

01/11/1985 – Meeting on Danforth Telecommunications Bill


Oglesby, M. B.: Files: Office of Legislative Affairs

OA 13000

World Communcation Year


Paylan, Elise: Files

OA 14714

Telecommunications Act of 1986 (1)-(5)


Policy Development, Office of: Records

OA 6190

[Telecommunications Act of 1981] (1)-(4)

H.R. 5158 [House Telecommunications Bill]

E-COM Postal Issues Electronic Mail (1)-(7)


Porter, Roger B.: Files

OA 15009

Telecommunications (1)(2)

Telecommunications: [Telecommunications] (1)-(3)


OA 15010

MOSS – Telecommunications: MOSS Negotiations on Telecommunications

MOSS – Telecommunications: State-Commerce Statement on Telecommunications Talks Svahn/Massey


OA 15012

Telecommunications – Executive Order


Presidential Personnel, Office of: Records

CFOA 834

International Telecommunications Union World Administration, Radio Conference for Mobile Service, Geneva, Switzerland, September 1987


OA 18226

Communications Satellite Corporation


OA 18228

[Department of Commerce:] Communications/NTIA

[Department of Commerce:] Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information


OA 18229

[Department of Defense:] Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, Assistant Secretary – Current

[Department of Defense:] Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, Assistant Secretary – Memoranda


OA 18233

COS (3) 10/17 (Communications Satellite Corporation) (1)-(7)


OA 18239

NST (30) 10/27 (President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee) (1)-(18)


Private Sector Initiatives, Office of: Records

OA 8609

World Communications Year (General Background) (file divider)

World Communications Year (General Background): Key Articles (1)(2)

World Communications Year (General Background): [James Coyne Packet] (1)(2)

World Communications Year (General Background): Proposed Pilot Projects

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet I] (1)-(3)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet II] (1)-(3)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Carol Lee Hilewick Binder] (1)-(7)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet III] (1)-(4)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet IV] (1)(2)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet V] (1)(2)

World Communications Year (General Background): [Packet VI] (1)(2)


Range, Rebecca G.: Files

OA 17720

Telecommunications (1)(2)

Telecommunications Deregulation (1)-(4)


Risque, Nancy J.: Files: Cabinet Secretary

            OA 18381



OA 19395

Telecommunications (1)(2)


Rousselot, John G.: Files

OA 11147

JHR – The International Communications Industries Association


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

OA 11412

PJR/FCC Regulation of Content of Electronic Communications – S.1917

PJR/ Federal Communications Corporation [Commission]


OA 11418

PJR/ National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

PJR/NSC Directive on Emergency Preparedness/Telecommunications


OA 11419

PJR/Paul, Ellen Frankel – Book Forwarded on Federal Regulation of Communications


OA 11425

            S. 898  Telecommunication Competition and Deregulation Act


Schnepper, Mary McGeein (Marty): Files

OA 15762

            Roundtable on Women in Communications and Corporations 06/30/1987 – Cancelled


Smith, Dan J.: Files

OA 5714

204 Telecommunications (1)(2)


Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Files

OA 17747

06/03/1985 – EPC Meeting re: Natural Resource and Telecommunication (1)(2)


OA 17748

07/21/1987 11:00 am – EPC Meeting re Natural Gas Exports, Section 406,

            Tungsten, Telecommunications

12/11/1987 11:00 am – EPC Meeting re Working Group on Research and Development, Working Group on Telecommunications

12/18/1987 (2:00 pm) Rm. 208 OEOB – EPC Meeting re Education and


12/15/1986 (10:00 am) Roosevelt Room – EPC Meeting re Telecommunications and                                  Pensions

12/16/1986 (10:00 am) – EPC Meeting re Pensions and Telecommunications


Waller, David B.: Files

OA 12682

Subject File: [July 1985; Tabs 17-29] (relevant material: Hubbard Broadcasting / CONUS Communications 07/25/1985)


            OA 12686

            Hubbard Broadcasting (CONUS) (1)(2)


Zuniga, Henry: Files

OA 7995

Federal Communications Commission


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