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The South Florida Task Force, formed and run by the Vice President’s office, dealt with the increase in drug trafficking in the South Florida region in the 1980s.  The Task Force worked to coordinate law enforcement between the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and Customs.  Out of this group came numerous recommendations and changes including the need for a “drug czar.”




Dolan, Anthony: Files

          Box 17

          South Florida Task Force – 11/17/1982 (1)(2)


Drug Abuse Policy, Office of: Records

          OA 15002

South Florida Task Force Working Group 05/26/1982

Vice President Task Force Meeting, 02/11/1982 3:30, 03/02/1982 9:00

Vice President Task Force on South Florida I (1)(2)

Vice President Task Force on South Florida II


Fuller, Craig L.: Files

          OA 9514

          [South Florida Task Force 12/07/1982]


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

          OA 10601

          South Florida Crime Task Force


Meese, Edwin: Files

          OA 9455

          Narcotics Trafficking – Florida (1)(2)


OA 9458

          South Florida Task Force


          OA 9947

          South Florida Task Force CM224


OA 11841

          Task Force on South Florida (1)(2)


Neal, Rick: Files

          OA 10065

          Task Force on South Florida

          Task Force on South Florida: South Florida Task Force (1)(2)

          Task Force on South Florida: Miami Crime Meeting 01/19/1982 (1)-(5)


Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Speeches         

          Box 7, Folder 123

         11/17/1982 South Florida Task Force 072992sc SP689


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11434

          PJR/Presidential Remarks – South Florida Task Force


Small- Stringer, Karna:  Files: Office of Media Relations

         Box 7

         New Orleans Trip 11/16/1982 and South Florida Trip 11/17/1982


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office: Records

         Box 66

         11/15/1982 Radio Address: Crime in South Florida


         Box 67

         11/17/1982 South Florida Task Force on Drugs Remarks - Homestead AFB (1)-(4)


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

         Box 62

         Remarks for South Florida Task Force Event, Miami (Dolan) 11/17/1982 (1)(2)


Triplett, William K.: Files

          OA 7439

          South Florida Task Force


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