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Counsel to the President, White House Office of: Investigations

Series I: Investigation of Richard V. Allen, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, 1981


OA 14984

Allen, Richard V. [: Financial Disclosure Report] (1)-(3)

Memo to RVA, 12/26/1981

[Working Papers re Counsel’s Office Review of Potential Ricahrd V. Allen Ethics Violations]  (1)(2)

RVA – Interrogatories – Contacts

RVA Interrogatories – Gifts (1)(2)

RVA Interrogatories – Sale of Potomac

Allen, R.V. – White House Statements

Allen, Richard V./Contacts Between White House and DOJ  (1)(2)

Allen, Richard V.

RVA - $1000 Honorarium

RVA – Gifts

RVA – Sale of Potomac International to Hannaford [Empty]

RVA – Contacts w/Clients of Potomac and Hannaford [Empty]

RVA –SF-278 – Errors and Omissions [Empty]

RVA –Correspondence/General

RVA-Transition [Empty]

RVA – Common Cause

RVA – News Clippings

[Newspaper Articles re Allen Investigation]  (1)-(5)

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 09/22/1981 (Luttig)]  (1)-(3)

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 09/22/1981 (Goldfield)]  (1)-(3)

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 09/22/1981 (Haller)]  (1)-(3)

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 12/07/1981 (Luttig)] 

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 12/07/1981 (Haller)]


OA 14985

[Records re DOJ Allen Investigation, 12/07/1981 (Goldfield)]

[Allen Investigations – Gifts]  (1)-(5)

[Allen Investigation – Gifts] Potomac International/Contact w/ Clients

RVA – Summaries

RVA – Interrogatories

RVA – Disposition of $1000 Honorarium

RVA – FBI Reports

[RVA – Counsel’s Office Review, 12/26/1981]

RVA – Response to Shufu no Tomo Questions – February 1981

[RVA – Press Release, 01/01/1982]

[RVA – Counsel’s Office Review Material]

[RVA – Initial Investigation Reports]

[RVA – Interrogatories – Questions]

[RVA – Interrogatories – Answers]

Document No. 3, [re 07/24/1981 and 07/07/1981 Trade Policy Committee Meeting]

Document No. 5 [Cable]

Document No. 3 [re 07/24/1981 and 07/07/1981 Trade Policy Committee Meeting – not same as previous No. 3 document]

Document No. 6 [07/27/1981, Memo John William to Carl Jacobsen]

Document No.1 (Document No. 19 is identical) [07/06/1981 Memo, William Brock to the Trade Policy Committee]

Document No. 6 [07/27/1981 Memo –not same as previous No. 6]

Document No. 7 [re FIRA – Foreign Investment Agency]

Documents Nos. 12 and 16 (Same Document) [re Canadian Foreign Investment Policy]

Document No. 13 [re 07/23/1981 Cabinet Council Economic Affairs Meeting]

Document No. 14 [re Foreign, especially Canadian, Investment in U.S.]

Document No. 15 [re Mineral Land Leasing Act of 1920]

Document No. 25 (Similar to document Nos. 12 and 16) [re Canadian Foreign Investment Policy]

Richard Allen

[Allen Investigation]  (1)-(4)

[Richard Allen Investigation Report]  (1)(2)

Report of the Office of the Counsel to the President Regarding the Richard V. Allen Matter (Original)


Gergen, David: Files

          OA 7887

          Allen, Richard/Japan


          OA 10531

          [Correspondence and Memos 1982] Dick Allen


Gift Unit, White House: Records

          OA 19419



Goldfield, H.P.: Files

          OA 9707

          Allen, Richard V.


Hauser, Richard: Files

          OA 6195

          Allen, Richard V. (FOIA Request) (1)(2)


          OA 10600

Report of the Office of the Counsel to the President Regarding the Richard V. Allen Investigation  (1)(2)


Kimmitt, Robert: Files

          Box 90307

          Legal: Allen, Richard  (1)-(3)


Luttig, Michael: Files

          OA 10019

          Allen, Richard V.  (1)(2)


Meese, Edwin: Files

          CFOA 127

          Allen, Richard


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11406

          Allen, Richard V.


Speakes, Larry: Files

          OA 13879

Allen, Richard [Justice Department Investigation of – November 1981-December 1981]


Waller, David: Files

          OA 5144

          Richard V. Allen (1)-(5)


          OA 12688

          Subject File [October 1983; Tabs 30-35] (Tab 35 Relevant)

                    FOIA Request re: Riachrd Allen, 10/31/1983


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