FE010-01       casefile 433103


FG006-01      casefiles 120195, 416278, 447265


JL                casefile 412557


JL003           casefile 444736




Cooksey, Sherrie: Files

          OA 11723

          SMC/Deaver Book Contract

          SMC/Deaver Correspondence


Box 19027

          [Investigations]: Deaver

          [Investigations: Deaver]


Counsel to the President, Office of the: Investigations: Records

          CFOA 604

          [Documents re: Deaver Involvement with White House Decisions on Trade Issues] (1)-(14)

          [Deaver’s Involvement with Acid Rain Policy] (1)(2)


CFOA 681

          Declassification/Air Force One Replacement

          Material from Treasury – Section 936 (Taxes/Puerto Rico) (1)-(3)

          Materials from William Henkel

          NSC Materials Regarding Canada (1)-(4)

          OMB Documents – Canada/Acid Rain

          Pearson/Danzansky Materials Regarding Section 936

          USTR Materials Regarding Japan

          10/24/1986 Document Submission to Independent Counsel (1)-(5)

          M. K. Deaver: Document Response of 02/02/1987 (1)(2)

          M. K. Deaver: Document Submission to Independent Counsel - 03/09/1987 (1)-(3)

          M.K. Deaver: Document Submission to Independent Counsel – 09/21/1987

          M.K. Deaver: 09/30/1987 - Potential Defense Exhibits Provided to Independent

                   Counsel, Randy Turk, State Department (1)-(7)

          M.K. Deaver - 09/18/1985 Letter to Chun Doo Hwan – Korean Insurance Market

                   Reference (1)(2)


CFOA 710

M. K. Deaver: Incoming Documents from Defense Counsel for Declassification in the Event Used in Trial (1)-(6)

M. K. Deaver: Schedules of Michael K. Deaver (1)-(3)

M. K. Deaver: Schedules-POTUS [President of the United States]

M. K. Deaver: NSC Documents-Chun Visit

M. K. Deaver: ORM [Office of Records Management] Search Regarding South Korea


          Box 92370

          [Canada-Deaver Investigation] (1)-(6)

          [Canada-Deaver Investigation:] Visit of Prime Minister Trudeau 07/10/1981  (1)-(3)


Cox, C. Christopher: Files

          CFOA 1288

          Deaver [Investigation (Front of Folder)]

          Deaver [Investigation] I

          Deaver [Investigation:] U.S. v. Deaver-Cr. no. 87-96 Response to Subpoenas

          Deaver [Investigations] II (1)-(7)

          Deaver [Investigation:] News Articles

          Deaver [Investigation:] Miscellaneous

          Deaver [Investigation:] Action Items [empty folder]

          Deaver [Investigation:] CCC Notes

          Deaver [Investigation:] JGR Notes [John G. Roberts]

          Deaver [Investigation:] Drafts

          Deaver [Investigation:] Lewis Appointment Documents

Deaver [Investigation:] Counsel’s Report to GAO 04/15/1986 [General Accounting Office]

Deaver [Investigation:] Press Accounts of Deaver and Associates’ relationship with USTR (1)(2)

[Office of the US Trade Representative]

Deaver [Investigation:] Internal Memoranda (1)-(5)

Deaver [Investigation:] Correspondence and External Memoranda (1)(2)

Deaver [Investigation:] Deaver-Independent Counsel Requests (1)-(3)


Garrett, H. Lawrence: Files

          OA 12254

          HLG/Meese/Deaver Loans (1)-(4)


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

          OA 9024

          Deaver Interview (1)(2)


Intrater, Arnold: Files

          Box 2

          Deaver Issues (1)-(3)

          [Deaver Issues:] Turk, Randy (Deaver Case)


Koch, Kathleen D.: Files

OA 18941

Deaver and Other Book Contract Issues


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11410

          PJR/Deaver Diet Book-Correspondence


Stephens, Jay: Files

          OA 15657

          M.K. Deaver-Financial Reports

          M.K. Deaver- Air Force One

          M.K. Deaver-Ambassadorships

          M.K. Deaver-Boeing/B-1

          M.K. Deaver-Canzeri

          M.K. Deaver-Classified Material Used in Grand Jury Proceeding

          M.K. Deaver-Clients Access to President

          M.K. Deaver-Correspondence

          M.K. Deaver-Book Contract and Correspondence (1)-(3)

          M.K. Deaver- Book Contract.Ethics

          M.K. Deaver-Book Contract News Articles

          M.K. Deaver-Book Contract Loan Article (Post 07/23/1983)

          M.K. Deaver-Request to Use Photos in Book

          M.K. Deaver-Dingell Subcommittee Reccommendation

          M.K. Deaver-Economic Summit

          M.K. Deaver-FBI Receipt [of requested documents]

          M.K. Deaver-FBI Exhibits (1)-(5)

          M.K. Deaver-Document Request Regarding Craig Fuller/section 936/Puerto Rico

          M.K. Deaver-GAO/OGE (General Accounting Office/Office of Gov. Ethics)  (1)-(4)

          M.K. Deaver-Grand Jury Indictment

          M.K. Deaver-Grand Jury Verdict

          M.K. Deaver-Hearings-Michael K. Deaver Statement

          M.K. Deaver-Hearings-Henkel Statement

          M.K. Deaver-Appointment of Independent Counsel

          M.K. Deaver-Constitutionality of Independent Counsel Act (1)(2)

          M.K. Deaver-India

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Ty Cobb

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Steve Danzansky

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Bill Henkel

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Gerald May

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Bob Pearson

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Donald T. Regan

          M.K. Deaver-JBS Interview Notes-Dennis Thomas

          M.K. Deaver-Korea

          M.K. Deaver-White House Military Offices

          M.K. Deaver-News Articles 1984

          M.K. Deaver-News Articles 1985


          OA 15658

M.K. Deaver-News Articles 1986 (By Month April 1986-December 1986)

M.K. Deaver-News Articles 1987 (By Month January 1987-December 1987)

          M.K. Deaver-News Articles 1988 (By Month January 1988-March 1988-July 1988)

          M.K. Deaver-Questions for Press Conference, 03/19/1987

M.K. Deaver-Counsel’s Office Material to Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

          M.K. Deaver-Peter J. Wallison Letter to New York Times Editor

          M.K. Deaver-Regan/Dawson Files

          M.K. Deaver-Request for Independent Counsel

          M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (1)-(3)

M.K. Deaver-Staff Contacts-Advance Office Response-Trip of the President to

Grenada (02/20/1986)  (1)-(4)

M.K. Deaver-Staff Contacts-Advance Office Response-Trip of the President to

Quebec City, Canada 03/17/1986-03/18/1986  (1)(2)  File #1

M.K. Deaver-Staff Contacts-Advance Office Response-Trip of the president to

Quebec City, Canada 03/17/1986-03/18/1986  (1)(2)  File #2

M.K. Deaver-Staff Contacts-Advance Office Response-Trip of the President to

Palmdale, CA Rockwell International B-1 Bomber Program  10/22/1984


OA 15659

M.K. Deaver-Staff Contacts (1)-(7)

M.K. Deaver-Presidential Contact (Telephone Logs, Briefing Papers, Gate Lists)

M.K. Deaver-Document Request/Submission for Trial  (1)-(6)

M.K. Deaver-Classified Procedures for Trial

M.K. Deaver-Bill of Particulars

M.K. Deaver-Pre-Sentence Report

M.K. Deaver-Subpeonas

M.K. Deaver-Trial Witnesses

M.K. Deaver- JBS Trial Preparation Notes

M.K. Deaver-JBS Trial Notes

M.K. Deaver-Trial Defense

M.K. Deaver-Classified Information/Trial

M.K. Deaver-Verdict

M.K. Deaver-Sentencing

M.K. Deaver-State of the Union (01/28/1986)

M.K. Deaver-Trucking Deregulation

M.K. Deaver-Ueberroth Letter

M.K. Deaver-Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (Response to 08/21/1986 Shechtman Letter) I (1)-(8)


OA 15660

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (Response to 08/21/1986 Shechtman Letter) II (1)-(8)

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (Response to 08/21/1986 Shechtman Letter) III (1)-(10)

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (Response to 07/24/1986 and 10/9/86 Letters) I (1)-(5)

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents (Response to 07/24/1986 and 10/9/86 Letters) II (1)-(3)


OA 15661

M.K. Deaver-10/15/1986 Document Submission-Donald Clarey Appointment Book/Telephone Mgs

M.K. Deaver-Request for Documents-Ryan Calenders Provided to Independent Counsel (11/21/1986)

M.K. Deaver-Contact with Drew Lewis

M.K. Deaver-Document Submission of 12/15/1986

M.K. Deaver-12/15/1986-Korea

M.K. Deaver-12/15/1986-B1

M.K. Deaver-12/15/1986-AWACS

M.K. Deaver-Doc. Submission of 12/11/1986-Index

M.K. Deaver-Doc. Submission of 12/11/1986 (10-(20)

M.K. Deaver-Doc. Submission of 06/18/1987


Svahn, John A. (Jack): Files

          OA 12760

          [Deaver Investigation: Office of Records Management Material]

[Deaver Investigation: C-TRACK Printouts-Acid Rain, Subcode HE007-01 (Air Pollution)]

[Deaver Investigation: Schedules-Acid Rain]

[Deaver Investigation: Schedules 1986]

[Deaver Investigation: Schedules May-December 1984] (1)-(3)

[Deaver Investigation: Schedules 1985] (1)-(4)

[Deaver Investigation: C-TRACK Printouy-Danny Boggs Files (Partial)]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs 07/23/1985-07/26/1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs April 1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs May 1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs/Block Schedule 06/01/1985-06/28/1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs 06/28/1985-08/31/1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs September-October 1985]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs January-February 1984]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs March-April 1984]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs May–June 1984] (1)(2)

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs July 1984]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs August-September 1984]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs October-November 1984]

[Deaver Investigation: Phone Logs December 1984]


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