Cohen, Benedict: Files

          CFOA 1338

          [Silverman IC (Independent Counsel) Report on Donovan, Vol. 1] (1)-(8)

          [Silverman IC (Independent Counsel) Report on Donovan, Vol. 2] (1)-(8)


Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files

          OA 11723

          SMC/ Raymond Donovan

          SMC/ Donovan (1)-(3)

          Donovan: Special Prosecutor’s Report (1)(2)


Counsel to the President, White House Office of the: Investigations

          Series II: Investigation of Raymond Donovan, Secretary of Labor Designate, 1981-83


          CFOA 516

Testimony of Anthony Adamski

          Draft Response to 11/15/1982 Letter (1)(2)

[Documents Re: Donovan]

Byrd Letter (1)(2)

Denton Letter

Senator Baker

Press Briefing 06/15/1982

Rodino Letter

FBI To Committee Material

Special Prosecutor To Committee Material

Special Prosecutor’s Report

Donovan-Special Prosecutor/Investigation (1)-(3)

Memorandum of Understanding Transition-FBI

Hauser Notes

FFF Statement 06/09/1982

Committee Hearing/Report Transcripts (1)(2)

Webster Press Conference 06/09/1982 (1)(2)

Chronology Drafts-Summary Drafts

Donovan, Raymond J.

Senate Deposition-FFF


Hatch Letter 09/30/1982

Committee Resolution-Flannery

Supplemental Report of Special Prosecutor-09/10/1982 (1)(2)

HPG Fielding/Labor Committee 

[Documents re: FBI Investigation, 1980-1981] (Binder)

          [Documents re: FBI Investigation, 1981-1982] (Notebook)

          Press Clippings: New York Times

          Press Clippings: Washington Post (1)(2)

          Press Clippings: Washington Times

          Press Clippings: Other

          Press Clippings: Time/Newsweek/US News

          Press Clippings: Wall Street Journal

          Press Clippings: [Notes]

          Teamster’s Central States Pension Fund (1)(2)

          [Correspondence with Congress re Donovan] (1)-(11)

          [Inventory of Congressional Correspondence re: Donovan Investigation] (1)-(11)


          CFOA 517

          Labor Committee (1)-(5)

          Labor Committee Resolution (1)(2)

          Report of the Special Counsel to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources

-          May 1983

[Report of the Committee of Labor and Human Resources re: Nomination,


[Appendix to Report – Committee on Labor and Human Resources  - March 1983]


[Transcript of Anthony Adamski Testimony]

[Transcript of Francis Mullen Testimony]

Mullen, Francis J – Testimony (1)-(3)

Mullen, Francis (Transcripts) (1)-(9)

Statement by Fred Fielding re: Investigation


CFOA 518

Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 1


Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 2


Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 3

                            Appendix & Exhibits (1)-(5)

[Supplemental Report of the Special Prosecutor Leon Silverman, 09/10/1982]

Counsel to the President, Office of the: Investigations


Fielding, Fred: Files

          Box 34F

          Orrin Hatch / Edward Kennedy [Ray Donovan Investigation]


Garrett, H. Lawrence: Files

          OA 12253

          HLG/ Donovan, Raymond (Secretary of Labor)


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

          OA 9024                                   

Donovan, Raymond: Leave of Absence/Resignation


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11410

          Donovan, Raymond (1)-(12)


 Turner, Carlton E.: Files

          Box 20

          Raymond Donovan


Waller, David B.: Files

          OA 5145

          Donovan Matter (1)-(6)

          [Raymond Donovan – Report of the Special Prosecutor] (1)-(6)


Willkie, Wendell L.: Files

          OA 10633

          WLW/ Donovan, Raymond


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