This topic includes material regarding any and all investigations of Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan in addition to any and all references to the Secretary found within the Library’s records.




Bullock, Katja: Files

          OA 18843

          Donovan, Raymond


Cohen, Benedict: Files

          CFOA 1338

          [Silverman IC (Independent Counsel) Report on Donovan, Vol. 1] (1)-(8)

          [Silverman IC (Independent Counsel) Report on Donovan, Vol. 2] (1)-(8)


Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files

          OA 11723

          SMC/ Raymond Donovan

          SMC/ Donovan (1)-(3)

          Donovan: Special Prosecutor’s Report (1)(2)


Counsel to t he President, White House Office of the: Appointee Files

          CFOA 901

          Raymond J. Donovan, Secretary – DOL (1)(2)


Counsel to the President, White House Office of the: Investigations

          Series II: Investigation of Raymond Donovan, Secretary of Labor Designate, 1981-83


          CFOA 516

Testimony of Anthony Adamski

          Draft Response to 11/15/1982 Letter (1)(2)

[Documents Re: Donovan]

Byrd Letter (1)(2)

Denton Letter

Senator Baker

Press Briefing 06/15/1982

Rodino Letter

FBI To Committee Material

Special Prosecutor To Committee Material

Special Prosecutor’s Report

Donovan-Special Prosecutor/Investigation (1)-(3)

Memorandum of Understanding Transition-FBI

Hauser Notes

FFF Statement 06/09/1982

Committee Hearing/Report Transcripts (1)(2)

Webster Press Conference 06/09/1982 (1)(2)

Chronology Drafts-Summary Drafts

Donovan, Raymond J.

Senate Deposition-FFF


Hatch Letter 09/30/1982

Committee Resolution-Flannery

Supplemental Report of Special Prosecutor-09/10/1982 (1)(2)

HPG Fielding/Labor Committee 

[Documents re: FBI Investigation, 1980-1981] (Binder)

          [Documents re: FBI Investigation, 1981-1982] (Notebook)

          Press Clippings: New York Times

          Press Clippings: Washington Post (1)(2)

          Press Clippings: Washington Times

          Press Clippings: Other

          Press Clippings: Time/Newsweek/US News

          Press Clippings: Wall Street Journal

          Press Clippings: [Notes]

          Teamster’s Central States Pension Fund (1)(2)

          [Correspondence with Congress re Donovan] (1)-(11)

          [Inventory of Congressional Correspondence re: Donovan Investigation] (1)-(11)


          CFOA 517

          Labor Committee (1)-(5)

          Labor Committee Resolution (1)(2)

          Report of the Special Counsel to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources

-          May 1983

[Report of the Committee of Labor and Human Resources re: Nomination,


[Appendix to Report – Committee on Labor and Human Resources  - March 1983]


[Transcript of Anthony Adamski Testimony]

[Transcript of Francis Mullen Testimony]

Mullen, Francis J – Testimony (1)-(3)

Mullen, Francis (Transcripts) (1)-(9)

Statement by Fred Fielding re: Investigation


CFOA 518

Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 1


Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 2


Report of the Special Prosecutor – Leon Silverman, 06/25/1982 – Volume 3

                            Appendix & Exhibits (1)-(5)

[Supplemental Report of the Special Prosecutor Leon Silverman, 09/10/1982]

Counsel to the President, Office of the: Investigations


Fielding, Fred: Files

          Box 34F

          Orrin Hatch / Edward Kennedy [Ray Donovan Investigation]


Fuller, Craig: Files

          OA 10379

          CLF: Telecons / Secretary Donovan


Garrett, H. Lawrence: Files

          OA 12253

          HLG/ Donovan, Raymond (Secretary of Labor)


Goldfield, H.P.: Files

          OA 8964

          HPG/Donovan, Raymond


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

          OA 9024

Donovan, Raymond: Leave of Absence/Resignation


Knauer, Virginia: Files

          Box 39

          Secretary Donovan


Luttig, J. Michael: Files

          OA 10019

          Secretary Donovan


Moore, Powell: Files

          OA 3816

          Secretary of Labor Raymond J. Donovan (1)(2)


Public Affairs, Office of : Records

          OA 9016

          Donovan, Ray (1)-(4)


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11410

          Donovan, Raymond (1)-(12)


          OA 11423

          PJR / Ronson, William Letter about Mario Merola and Ray Donovan


 Turner, Carlton E.: Files

          Box 20

          Raymond Donovan


Waller, David B.: Files

          OA 5145

          Donovan Matter (1)-(6)

          [Raymond Donovan – Report of the Special Prosecutor] (1)-(6)


Willkie, Wendell L.: Files

          OA 10633

          WLW/ Donovan, Raymond


Wilson, Edward: Files

          OA 7434

          Donovan, Raymond



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