[IT – IT085]


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                         Description


IT                                    International Organizations


IT001                              African Development Bank (0.25 ft.)

                                      A secondary category containing: correspondence, memorandums, executive

orders, meeting agendas, speeches, notes, event lists, resumes, ceremony schedules, routing sheets, press releases, declarations, schedule proposals and speech cards relating to the African Development Bank (ADP) and appointees to head the ADB.


IT002                               Asian Development Bank


IT003                               Canada-U.S. Interparliamentary Conference


IT004                               Central Treaty Organization


IT005                              Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

 [Helsinki Commission] (0.5 l.ft.)

A secondary category containing: material on the CSCE’s transition from the Carter to the Reagan Administration, and the Reagan to the George Bush Administration; copies of CSCE semiannual reports to the President for 1983-1986, describing the current state of intra-European relations and economic cooperation, and discussing humanitarian issues within European countries (particularly the Warsaw Pact countries); unsolicited recommendations for positions on the CSCE, or suggestions for issues that the CSCE should address; 1987 statements by US representatives to the CSCE; correspondence with members of ethnic European groups regarding the CSCE’s work, particularly vis-à-vis the Warsaw Pact countries; and historical background on the CSCE.


IT006                               Customs Cooperation Council


IT007                               Eighteen-Nation Disarmament Committee


IT008                               Common Market


IT009                               European Space Research Organization


IT010                               Food and Agriculture Organization


IT011                               Free Europe, Inc.


IT012                               General Agreement on Tariff and Trade


IT013                               Great Lakes Fishery Commission


IT014                               Hague Conference on Private International Law


IT015                               Inter-American Commission of Women


IT016                               Inter-American Defense Board


IT017                               Inter-American Development Bank


IT018                               Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission


IT019                               Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration


IT020                               Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization


IT021                               International Arbitral Tribunal


IT022                               International Atomic Energy Agency


IT023                               International Bank for Reconstruction & Development


IT024                               International Boundary Commission, U.S. and Canada


IT025                               International Boundary & Water Commission, U.S. – Mexico


IT026                               International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes


IT027                               International Civil Aviation Organization


IT028                               International Coffee Organization


IT029                               International Commission of Control and Supervision


IT030                               International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tuna


IT031                               International Commission for Northwest Atlantic Fisheries


IT032                               International Commission for Peace, United States – Finland


IT033                               International Commission for Scientific Exploration of Med.


IT034                               International Committee of the Red Cross


IT035                               International Conference on Vietnam


IT036                               International Council for the Exploration of the Sea


IT037                               International Council of Scientific Unions


IT038                               International Development Association


IT039                               International Finance Corporation


IT040                               International Hydrographic Bureua


IT041                               International Institute for Cotton


IT042                               International Joint Commission, United States and Canada


IT043                               International Labor Organization


IT044                               International Monetary Fund


IT045                               International North Pacific Fisheries Commission


IT046                               International Office of Epizootics


IT047                               International Pacific Halibut Commission


IT048                               International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission (IT128)


IT049                               International Secretariat for Volunteer Service


IT050                               International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium


IT051                              International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

(0.1 ft, box 1)

A secondary category containing memorandums, correspondence, reports, and position papers regarding the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), which is a global satellite communications consortium; recommended appointments; the creation of an alternative satellite communications system.


IT052                              International Telecommunications Union (27 pages)

A secondary category containing memorandums and correspondence regarding the International Telecommunications Union and the selection of delegates to conferences sponsored by the ITU.



IT054                               International Whaling Commission


IT055                               International Wheat Council


IT056                               Interparliamentary Union Investment Bank


IT057                               Japan – United States Friendship Commission


IT058                              Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission [empty category]


IT059                               Joint Committee on U.S.-Japan Cultural & Educational Cooperation


IT060                               Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission


IT061                               Joint U.S. – Canada Committee on Trade & Economic Affairs


IT062                               Joint U.S. – Japan Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs


IT063                               Joint United States – Philippine Commission


IT064                               Joint US/USSR Committee for Cooperative Studies of the World Oc.


IT065                               Kennedy Memorial Trust in the United Kingdom


IT066                               International Organization of Legal Metrology


IT067                               North Atlantic Treaty Organization


IT067-01                           Atlantic Ocean Command, NATO


IT067-01                           Channel Committee and Allied Channel Command, NATO


IT067-01                           European Command, NATO


IT067-02                           North Atlantic Council, NATO


IT067-03                           Committee on Challenges of the Modern Society


IT067-04                           North Atlantic Assembly


IT068                               North Pacific Fur Seal Commission


IT069                               Organization of African Unity


IT070                               Organization of American States


IT070-01                           Inter-American Economic and Social Council


IT070-02                           Inter-American Committee for the Alliance of Progress


IT070-03                           Inter-American Children’s Institute


IT070-04                           Inter-American Council for Education, Science and Culture


IT070-05                           Inter-American Institute for Cooperation and Development


IT071                               Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


IT071-01                           Development Assistance Committee


IT072                               Pan American Health Organization


IT072-01                           Pan American Sanitary Bureau


IT073                               Pan American Railway Congress Association


IT074                               Pan American Union


IT076                               Permanent Engineering Board (U.S.-Canada-Columbia River)


IT077                               Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses


IT078                               Permanent Joint Board on Defense, United States and Canada


IT079                               Polish-American Trade Committee


IT080                               Postal Union of the Americas and Spain


IT081                               Romanian-American Economic Commission


IT082                               Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission


IT083                               South Pacific Commission


IT085                               United International Bureau for Protection of Intellectual Property