[IT086 – IT129]


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                         Description


IT086                               Secretariat, United Nations


IT086-01                           Children’s Fund


IT086-02                           Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, U.N.


IT086-03                           Conference on Law of the Sea, U.N.


IT086-04                           Development Program, U.N.


IT086-05                           Disarmament Commission, U.N.


IT086-06                           Economic Commission for Africa


IT086-07                           Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East


IT086-08                           Economic Commission for Europe


IT086-09                           Economic Commission for Latin America, U.N.


IT086-10                           Economic and Social Council, U.N.


IT086-11                           European Office of the United Nation & Other International Organizations


IT086-12                           General Assembly, U.N.


IT086-13                           Human Rights, Commission on, U.N.


IT086-14                           International Court of Justice, U.N.


IT086-15                           International Law Commission


IT086-16                           International Refugee Organization


IT086-17                           Narcotic Drugs Commission, U.N.


IT086-18                           Peace Observation Commission, U.N.


IT086-19                           Population Commission, U.N.


IT086-20                           Program for the Prevention of Crime & Treatment of Offenders


IT086-21                           Relief Works Agency for the Palestine Refugees in the Near East


IT086-22                           Security Council, U.N.


IT086-23                           Social Commission, U.N.


IT086-24                           Statistical Commission, U.N.


IT086-25                           Status of Women, Commission on, U.N.


IT086-26                           Trusteeship Council, U.N.


IT086-27                           United States Mission to the United Nations


IT086-28                           Industrial Development Organization, U.N.


IT087                               United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organ.


IT088                               U.S. – Chinese (PRC) Trade Commission


IT089                               U.S. – DRVN Democratic Republic of Vietnam


IT090                               U.S. – Iranian Joint Commission on Cooperation


IT091                               U.S. - Mexican Joint Committee on Emergency Planning


IT092                               U.S. – Mexico Commission for Border Development


IT093                               United States Mission to North Atlantic Treaty Organization


IT094                               United States National Commission to UNESCO


IT095                              U.S.-U.S.S.R. Joint Commercial Commission

(.1 linear ft.)        

A secondary subject category containing information relating to the Commission, begun in 1972 by President Nixon to develop commercial and economic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.  The commission was inactive until 1984.  The category contains information relating to the decision to change the US chairmanship from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Secretary of Commerce; National Security Decision Directive #169, 1985 directing the commission to resume meetings and defining the agenda; reviews of the 1985, 1986 meetings; and a briefing book for delegates to the April 12-14, 1988 meeting in Moscow.


IT096                               U.S. – USSR Joint Commission on Science and Technology


IT097                               U.S. – USSR Joint Committee on Cooperation in Environmental Protection


IT098                               United States – USSR Incidents-at-Sea Consultative Committee


IT099                               U.S. – USSR Joint Committee on Agricultural Cooperation


IT100                              United States-USSR Trade and Economics Council

(.05 linear ft.)

A secondary subject category containing information relating to the May 21-25, 1984 meeting of the Council, co-chaired by future Secretary of Commerce, William Verity; a request from Verity for a Presidential message to the Council meeting and for the President to meet with various Soviet trade officials; and a Heritage Foundation publication from 1988 questioning the function and make-up of the Council.


IT101                               Universal Postal Union


IT102                               World Health Organization


IT103                               World Intellectual Property Organization


IT104                               World Meteorological Organization


IT105                               World Tourism Organization


IT106                               African Development Fund


IT107                               International Fertilizer Development Center


IT108                               International Fund for Agricultural Development


IT109                               United States Mission to the Organization of American States


IT110                               United States Mission to the International Atomic Energy Agency


IT111                               U.S. Mission to the Organization for the Economic Cooperation & Development


IT112                               United States Mission to the European Office of the U.N.


IT113                               United States Mission to the European Communities


IT114                               United States – China Joint Economic Committee


IT115                               International Energy Agency


IT116                               U.S. – Japan Economic Relations Group


IT117                               U.S. – Panama Canal Consultative Committee


IT118                               U.S. – Panama Joint Commission on the Environment


IT119                               International Maritime Satellite Organization


IT120                               Iran – US Claims Tribunal


IT121                               U.S. – PRC Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade


IT 122                             Multinational Force and Observers

(1 folder)

A secondary subject category containing the published annual reports of the Director General of the Multinational Force and Observers for April 25, 1987 and April 25, 1988.


IT123                               International Food Policy Research Institute


IT124                               North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization


IT124-01                           North American Commission (NASCO)


IT124-02                           West Greenland Commission (NASCO)


IT124-03                           North-East Atlantic Commission (NASCO)


IT125                               International Criminal Police Organization


IT126                               Inter-American Investment Corporation


IT127                               U.S.-India Fund for Cultural, Educational & Scientific


IT128                               Pacific Salmon Commission


IT129                               Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency