Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Guidelines for Pre-Scheduled School Visits


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum contains artifacts from President Reagan’s childhood and professional career as well as other objects and exhibits relating to the office of the presidency such as an Oval Office replica built to scale and SAM 27000, an Air Force One aircraft used by seven presidents.


We are happy that you have chosen to bring your school group to the museum and ask that you follow these simple rules for pre-scheduled school tours:


  • Send the required one adult per 10 school children as chaperones.


  • When you arrive, send one adult to the front of the admissions desk to pay for any additional chaperones (more than one chaperone per 10 students) and pick up stickers for the adults only in your school group.


  • Keep all backpacks and lunches on the bus as we do not have a storage facility for these items.


  • Explain to students that there is no eating or drinking in the library and museum except for restaurants or designated lunch areas.  Food, snacks, drinks, water bottles and gum chewing are not allowed inside the museum site at any time.


  • Make sure all adults and students turn off cell phones, pagers, camera flashes and other electronic equipment before they enter the library.


  • Make sure students of all ages are chaperoned at ALL TIMES during their visit to the library.  Do not allow students to wander off on their own, tour the facility on their own, or visit the gift shop or the restaurants on their own.


  • Make sure you accompany your students in the gift shop.


  • Make sure you accompany your students in any restaurants.


  • Watch your students carefully throughout the museum – in any theaters, exhibits, lines, shops or other spaces to make sure that they are quiet and orderly.  While many artifacts and other objects are within reach, it is important that they do not touch any artifacts or objects in the museum.


  • Enjoy your visit!