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C34186-15, President Reagan holding a national security council briefing in the oval office on Libya. (left to right) Don Fortier, Admiral Crowe, William Casey, Don Regan, unknown, Ed Meese, James Baker, Admiral Poindexter, President, George Shultz. 4/9/86.


C34298-21, President Reagan meeting in the oval office with staff (left to right) Don Regan, Caspar Weinberger, President, Admiral Poindexter regarding the Libya air strike. 4/14/86.


C34329-9, President Reagan meeting with bipartisan members of Congress on the Libya air strike. in the Room 208 of the Old Executive office building. 4/14/86.


C34337-16, President Reagan walking along the colonnade the morning after the Libya air strike. 4/15/86.

C34348-20, President Reagan being briefed by the National Security Council staff on the Libya air strike in the White House Situation Room (left to right) President, George Shultz, William Casey, Don Regan, General Charles Gabriel. 4/15/86.