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C1395-14, President Reagan shaking hands with Joe DiMaggio at a White House event for Baseball hall of famers. 3/27/81.

C3870-20A, President Reagan greeting John McEnroe on the tennis court during a Reception for American Davis Cup and Wightman Cup Teams. 9/14/81.

C6143-24, President Reagan lifting weights, with George Allen looking on, during a reception for the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in the East Room. 2/2/82.

C6277-27, President Reagan greeting Hockey player Wayne Gretzky at a Luncheon for National Hockey League All Stars. 2/8/82.

C7105-11A, President Reagan throwing a USC football in the Oval Office. 3/26/82.

C9186-21, President Reagan shaking hands with Arthur Ashe at a White House Blue Room event for the U.S. Davis Cup tennis team. 7/19/82.

C9683-14, President Reagan looking up at basketball player Patrick Ewing, with Senator Robert Dole looking on, in the oval office. 8/13/82.

C10691-25A, President Reagan kicking a soccer ball during a demonstration with children and Pele and Steve Moyers in the rose garden. 10/14/82.

C12575-27A, President Reagan "punching" Muhammad Ali in the oval office.1/24/83.

C14520-26A, President Reagan throwing out the first pitch during a baseball game between the Athletes and the Dodgers with two Pony League Teams from Glen Burnie, Maryland looking on. 5/11/83.

C17172-3, President Reagan greeting Super Featherweight Boxing Champion Hector Camacho in oval office. 9/22/83.

C17250-9, President Reaga shaking hands with ice skater Peggy Fleming at Reception sponsored by Women's Sports Foundation to honor inductees into Hall of Fame at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City. 9/26/83.

C17374-25A, President Reagan hitting a hockey puck during a White House event for the U.S. Olympic hockey team and Washington Capitals hockey team in the rose garden. 9/29/83.

C17434-15, President Reagan and George Bush playing golf at Andrews Air Force Base. 10/1/83.

C17654-15A, President Reragan meeting with Tommy Lasorda, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in oval office. 10/12/83.

C17837-10, President Reagan playing golf at the Augusta National Golf Club. 10/22/83.

C20841-27, President Reagan eating a hotdog in the dugout with Bowie Kuhn and Edward Bennett Williams while attending opening day game of 1984 Baseball Season at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. 4/2/84.

C20928-29A, President Reagan receiving a t-shirt from coach John Thompson and the players of the Georgetown University men's basketball team, the winners of the NCAA Championship. 4/7/84.

C22129-11, President Reagan lifting weights on computerized strength-measurement machine at United States Olympic Training Facility, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 5/29/84.


C23423-10, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan viewing opening ceremonies at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. 7/28/84.


C23434-9, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with Nadia Comenici and Juan Antonio Samaranch during the opening ceremonies at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. 7/28/84.


C23500-35, President Reagan posing with Mary Lou Retton and the 1984 U.S. Olympic team at the Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 8/13/84.


C25882-11A, President Reagan with Patrick Ewing and John Thompson posing for cover of Sports Illustrated in the White House map room. 11/12/84.


C25926-18, President Reagan and boxer Floyd Patterson during a state dinner for Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg in east room. 11/13/84.


C26176-24, President Reagan and George Bush walking with football player Doug Flutie to White House ceremony to congratulate him on being the 1984 Heisman Trophy Winner, 12/6/84.


C29670-12A, President Reagan hosting the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers at the White House. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is speaking in the microphone. 6/10/85.


C30047-13, President Reagan posing with race car driver Richard Petty and his wife Lynda in front of Petty's car at the White House. 6/27/85.


C31087-4, President Reagan meeting Napoleon McCallum Jr, star running back for the United States Naval Academy football team in oval office. 9/26/85.


C31710-18, President Reagan receiving a Royals jacket, hat, and bat from manager Dick Howser during a ceremony to congratulate the 1985 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals baseball team in the Rose Garden. 10/31/85.

C33622-18A, Nancy Reagan during a photo op. with the Shooting Stars Basketball team with Meadowlark Lemon, Curley Neal and Pete Maravich in the Entrance Hall. 2/28/86.


C34145-12, President Reagan throwing out first pitch at opening day of the 1986 baseball season at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, Maryland. 4/7/86.

C34149-16, President Reagan talking with Cal Ripken Jr. in the Baltimore Orioles dugout at Baltimore Memorial stadium, Maryland. 6/24/86.

C34366-26, President Reagan receives a "Texas" jacket from the University of Texas NCAA womens basketball championship team in the Rose Garden. 4/16/86.

C35704-21, President Reagan and golfer Raymond Floyd reacting after putting a golf ball in the oval office. 6/24/86.

C36813-22, President Reagan posing with Roger Clemens and Don Baylor of the Boston Red Sox baseball team in the Roosevelt room. 9/10/86.

C36833-27, President Reagan and President Sarney of Brazil with soccer player Pele during a state dinner for President Sarney in the blue room. 9/10/86.

C37761-19, Nancy Reagan with San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana and Keena Turner at the Annual Pros for Kids Dinner at St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California. 10/29/86.

C38662-20, President Reagan playing golf at the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, California. 12/30/1986.

C38676-10, President Reagan playing golf at the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, California. 12/31/86.

C38996-9, President Reagan with skipper Dennis Conner at Ceremony for Stars and Stripes crew who won the America's Cup sailing race. 2/9/87.

C39084-18A, President Reagan meets the New York Giants football team after Super Bowl XXI victory in East Room. 2/13/1987.

C39093-5, New York Giant football player Harry Carson dumping Gatorade (popcorn) on President Reagan with Nancy Reagan watching at the Diplomatic entrance. 2/13/87.

C39935-28, President Reagan with NCAA champions, the Tennessee Volunteers Women's basketball team and showing Nancy Reagan a gift who is looking out a second floor window, in the Rose Garden. 4/2/87.

C45118-18, President Reagan hosting the NCAA football champion University of Miami Hurricanes in the White House East Room (Coach Jimmy Johnson is at left). 1/29/88 .

C45191-9, President Reagan hosting the Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins on the White House south lawn (President throwing the football to Ricky Sanders). 2/3/88.

C46355-18, President Reagan receiving jackets from Danny Manning of the NCAA Basketball champion University of Kansas basketball teams in rose garden. 4/11/88.

C49571-12, President Reagan throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game between Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois. 9/30/88 .

C49583-10, President Reagan in the press box with Harry Caray during a Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 9/30/88.

C50027-6, President Reagan greeting Florence Griffith Joyner of the U.S. Olympic team in the oval office. 10/24/88.

C50033-5, President Reagan greeting the 1988 U.S. Olympic team on the White House south lawn. 10/24/88.

C50102-28, President Reagan being presented with jersey in the Rose Garden by the World Baseball Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. 10/26/88.

C51345-9, President Reagan playing golf with golf pros Lee Trevino and Tom Watson at the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, California.12/31/88.

C51602-7, President Reagan hosting the NCAA football champion University of Notre Dame football team in the rose garden. President receiving George Gipp's Notre Dame sweater. 1/18/89.