Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater and Press Secretary to the Vice President Tate on the Republican Presidential Campaign in California


August 24, 1988


The President and the Vice President met for approximately 15 minutes this morning with approximately 50 California supporters and Republican Party leaders.


The Vice President said: ``California is a key part of our campaign. I want the support of all Californians. We will not give away 1 inch of ground in this State.'' The Vice President said he would be campaigning in California, talking about the economic recovery, peace, and other issues of importance to the people of California.


President Reagan said: ``For 22 years your efforts have been critical to my campaigns. I have offered my services to George Bush to help in any way possible. I know you will join us in this effort. We have so many things to be proud of: peace, 17\1/2\ million new jobs, inflation cut to one-third of what it was 8 years ago, and vastly lower interest rates. So saddle up and ride hard to exert every bit as much energy for George as you did for me.''