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ANDERSON, CARL: Files, 1985-1987


Office of Public Liaison (Domestic Policy, Catholics, Family Issues)


Carl Anderson was a staff member in the White House Public Liaison office beginning in 1985. After Mari Maseng resigned as Director of the office in June 1987, Anderson served as Acting Director until the new Director, Rebecca Range, began work in September. Anderson resigned effective October 1, 1987.


Prior to Anderson’s time in Public Liaison, he served as an assistant to John Svahn, Assistant to the President for Policy Development (OPD). The Reagan Library does not currently have a Carl Anderson collection for his time in OPD.


Although Anderson officially transferred from OPD to Public Liaison in September 1985, his files indicate that he must have been working in the Public Liaison office as early as July 1985. It also appears that he either inherited some Public Liaison material that was created prior to his joining that office, or brought over some material from his time in OPD. In turn, there is some Anderson Public Liaison material in the collections of people who were in that office after he left.



          OA 14571

          Carl Anderson - Memorandums, July 1985-December 1985

          [Carl Anderson Chronological Files January 1986-August 1986] (1)(2)

          [Carl Anderson Chronological Files September 1986-September 1987 A-K]

          [Carl Anderson Chronological Files September 1986-September 1987 L-Z]


          Memos 1986

          [Memos to Mari Maseng September 1986)]

          [Memos to Mari Maseng October 1986-December 1986]

          [Memos to Mari Maseng January 1987-March 1987]

          [Memos to Mari Maseng April 1987-June 1987]

          [Memos to Rebecca Range September 1987-October 1987]

          Invitations Accepted

          Invitations Regretted

          Staffing Memorandums, January 1987-June 1987

          Staffing Memorandums, Summer 1987

          Staffing Memorandums, Fall 1987



          OA 14572

          Abortion (1)-(10)

          Abortion – General (1)-(13)

          Abortion – A.I.D. [Agency for International Development]

          Chinese Abortion 1986 (1)(4)

          Abortion – D.C. Appropriations (1)-(5)

          Abortion (Federal Funding of ) (1)(2)

          Abortion (Letters Regarding Funding of)

          [Abortion] Parental Rights Abortion Bill Cal. 04/10/1986 [Pro-life Rally,

                   Sacramento, CA]

          [Abortion] Hatch Amendment

          [Abortion] IRS Abortion Ruling – Forest Montgomery – National Association of 

                   Evangelists (1)-(3)

          [Abortion] Hyde Amendment – HHS Inspector General’s Report

          [Abortion] Informed Consent – Abortion

          Abortion – Ronald Reagan Statements (1)-(5)

          Abortion – RU 486 (1)(2)

          [Abortion] Title X – Abortion Referral (1)(3)

          Abortion – World Bank

Abortion (Thornburgh v. ACOG) CA [empty folder]

          Acle (Consists of: Luis Acle checkout materials and five 8" diskettes from Acle – See

                   the Rudy Beserra  Collection, OA 15060 for listings)

          Adolescent Family Life (AFL) Suit

          Adolescent Family Life Act 1988

          Adoption (1)-(5)

          Adoption – General

Adoption – Legislation (1)-(3)

Adoption Policy Task Force

          Adoption Week 11/23/1986

          Affirmative Action

          Agency for International Development

          Aid to Families with Dependent Children

          AIDS (1)-(11)

          AIDS [Folder Two](1)-(3)

          AIDS Commission

          Domestic Policy Council Health Working Group - AIDS (1)(2)

          Anderson Article

          Anderson Clipping File

          Annual Events (Chase’s, Bicentennial [of Constitution])

          Appointment Center

          Archie, Tim

          Arey, Linda

          Bioethics Speech (1)-(8)

          Black Leaders List


          OA 15050

          [Bork – Office of Public Liaison] (1)-(5)

          Bork – Media Plan (1)-(2)

          [Bork Articles: Press Releases]

          Bork Articles – Through July 1987 (1)-(12)

          Bork Articles, August 1987 (1)(2)

          Bork Articles, September 1987 (1)(2)

          Bork – September 23rd Event, 1987

          Bork – Correspondence

          Bork – White House Press Releases / Summary

          Bork – Miscellaneous Information

          Bork – Opposition Information

          Bork – Issues and Talking Points

          Bork – Support Letters (June 1987-September 1987)

          [Bork Clippings (Carl Anderson Copy)] (1)-(12)

          [Bork – Events and Support]

          Carl Anderson - Bork Nomination Overview and Qualifications (1)-(12)


          OA 15674


          Budget FY 88

          Business Transfer Tax

          California Abortion Law

          Care and Share

          Caron, Wilfred

          Carpenter, Jim

          Casey, Rosanne

          Catastrophic Health

          Catholic Bishops (1)-(3)

          Catholic Bishops - 1985-1986 OPL (Correspondence and Information) (1)-(10)

          Catholic Health Association I

          Catholic Health Association II

          Catholic Leaders Briefing

          Catholic League

          Catholic Lists

          CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) Cable Network 28 p.

Central America

          Chavez, Linda

          Christian Media Lists

          Christian Solidarity International

          Civil Rights Restoration Act – HR 700

          HR 700 – Civil Right Restoration Act

          Clipping File

          Comparable Worth


          OA 15729

          [Comparable Worth: Report from June 1984 Consultation of the U.S. Commission on

                   Civil Rights]


          Conservative Lists

          Constitution [Insight Article]

          Constitutional Status of Unborn Child (1)(2)

          Continuing Resolution October 1986

          Contraceptive Abortion Issues


          Del Real, Juan (1)(2)

          [Carl Anderson Diskette C Index] (Diskette transferred to A/V for preservation)

          [Carl Anderson Diskette CA6 Index] (Diskette transferred to A/V for preservation)

          [Carl Anderson Diskette CA7 Index] (Diskette transferred to A/V for preservation)

          Domestic Policy Council Executive Secretariat

          Donatelli, Frank

          Drug Calendar

          Drug Events

          Drugs – Ronald Reagan Statements

          [Drugs:] Just Say No

          Drugs – News Clippings

          Drugs – Domestic Policy Council Working Group

          [Drugs September 1986 Drafts]

          Committee for Economic Development – Meeting with Ronald Reagan


          Education Vouchers

          Education – Vouchers


          OA 16258

          Ethnic Lists


          Euthanasia – Baby Doe Regulations

          Euthanasia – Vatican (1)-(3)

          Executive Secretariat Meeting Agendas

          Family and the Constitution

          Family Planning – Natural

          Family Tax Report Card (House Committee on Children, Youth and Families)

                   July 1985

          National Family Week Proclamation  November 1981-1986

          Family Work Program

          Family Working Group I

          [Family Working Group II]

          Family Working Group III

          Domestic Policy Council Family Working Group

          Family Working Group Report November 1986

          Report of the Working Group on the Family November 1986



          Federalism [Executive Order]

          “In Vitro" Fertilization

          Financial Reporting (envelope)


          OA 16591

          Foreign Affairs (1)(2) 84 p.

          [Foreign Affairs] Foreign Policy (General) (1)-(3) 189 p.

          [Foreign Affairs] Afghanistan

          [Foreign Affairs] Captive Nations 8 p.

          [Foreign Affairs] Central America – Peace Plan (1)(2) 61 p.

          [Foreign Affairs - International League for Human Rights Report on Nicaragua

                   July 1986] (1)(2) 208 p.

          [Foreign Affairs] Background Information on Central America (packet) (1)-(3) 142p

          [Foreign Affairs] Eastern Bloc

          [Foreign Affairs] Iran Working File

          [Foreign Affairs] Libya

          [Foreign Affairs] South Africa (1)-(3)

          [Foreign Affairs] South Africa Constituents

          [Foreign Affairs] South Africa RR Statements

          [Foreign Affairs] South Africa Working File October 1986 (1)(2)

          [Foreign Affairs] South Africa Talking Points

          Fraternal Lists

          Free Congress Remarks 09/26/1984

          Andrew Frey Nomination

          Joann Gasper Matter

Gay/Lesbian Rights


          General Constituency Lists

          Grier, Rosey

          Handgun Control S.49

          Health Care Alternatives: Catastrophic and Long Term

          Highway Bill (Veto) H.R 2 – March 1987

          Veto – Highway/Transit Bill H.R. 2


          Holladay [material from Linda Chavez 1985-86]

          Immigration Reform


          [International Circle K – 30th Anniversary]

          International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

          Invitations Lists

          S.514 – Jobs for Employable Dependent Individuals Act

          Justice Department

          Key Lists

          Legal Services (1)-(3)

          Legal Services Corporation

          Legal Services Corporation / Durant Letter  01/09/1987 (1)-(3)

          Mariel Cubans in Federal Prisons


          OA 16592

          MM [Mari Maseng] – Completed

          To Add to: Master List/mlacle (Asians and Italians)

          McAuliffe, Christa

          Presidential Messages Sent 1985-1986

          Messages from the President 1986

          [Presidential Messages May 1986-September 1986]

          POTUS Message Sent January 1987-March 1987

          POTUS Message Sent April 1987-June 1987

          POTUS Message Sent July 1987-September 1987

          POTUS Message Sent October 1987-December 1987

          Miscellaneous OPL 1986

          Morality in Media

          [Murray, Mary Anne] (Packet)

          National Family Week (Briefing)

          National Women’s Conference

          Newman, Don

          Newmyer Associates

          90 Day Plan

          OPD Administrative Memoranda

          OPL Clipping File

          OPL Staff [Press Release 11/10/1986]


          Paredes, Mario

Phillips, Howie

          Planning Meetings

          HR 4818 Police Benefits


          OA 17953

          Porcelli, Steve

          Porn (1)(2)

          Pornography Briefing with Religious Leaders

          Pornography Commission 1986 (1)-(6)

          [Pornography] Federal Communications Commission Rulings (1)-(3)

          [Pornography: Florida Coalition of Clean Cable re: Mark Fowler] (Binder)

          Pornography – General (1)-(3)

          Pornography Legislation

          Pornography - Military Bases (1)-(6)

          [Pornography: Press Releases, Letters, Statements] (1)(2)

          “Pornography and Public Health", Surgeon General’s Workshop Report

                   06/22/1986-06/24/1986 (1)(2)


          Gallaway Vedder Study, Poverty Income Distribution

          Children in Poverty

          Presidential Speeches, Statements and Proclamations I (1)-(4)

          Presidential Speeches, Statements and Proclamations II

          [Pro-Life Bill]

          Prolife Bill Chronology – Summary (1)-(5)

          Prolife – Coalition (1)(2)

          [Pro-Life File]

          Prolife – Introduction / Co-sponsors (1)(2)

          Prolife – Preparation (1)-(3)

          Prolife – Publicity Media (1)-(4)

          Prolife Miscellaneous


          OA 17954

          Public Opinion Poll Data

          Religious Liberty

          Respect Human Life Act

          Resumes - I

          Resumes - II

          Rorvig, Mark

          Rowny, Edward L.

          Sanborn, Bruce

          Schedule Proposals/Talking Points May 1985-October 1987 (1)-(7)

          Schedule Proposals Pending and Back-up Materials

          MS [Mary Schnepper] – Scheduling Recommendations

          HR 4745 Sexual Abuse Act of 1986

          Shakespeare, Frank

          Silber, John R. 3 p.

          Simon, Julian

          Smith, Congressman Chris

          Social Issues 1987

          Sonowski, Leon

          Spasowski, Romuald

          State of the Union Materials

          Agenda for the Future – State of the Union 02/06/1986

          Strategic Defense Initiative - I

          Strategic Defense Initiative - II

          POTUS Report for Students


          Talking Points (General)

          Tax Reform – Americans for Tax Reform

          Tax Reform – Background Material (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform Briefing

          [Tax Reform] – Briefing Regrets

          [Tax Reform] – Charitable Contributions (1)(2)

          Tax Reform – Correspondence

          Tax Reform – News Articles [May 1985-September 1985]

          [Tax Reform – News Articles June 1985-July 1985]

          Tax Reform - Presidential Statements

          Tax Reform - President's Proposal / Sheets and Booklet

          Tax Reform – Senate Schedule, Witness list, etc.

          [Tax Reform] – Speakers

          Tax Reform – Tracking "For" and "Against"

Tax Reform – Treasury Statements

          [Tax Reform] – Videotapes

          Tax Reform – WH Talking Points

          State and Local Tax Deductions

          Christian Media – Tax Reform 08/01/1985 (1)-(3)

          5/27/33 Coalition

          Packwood Tax Plan

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Teen Pregnancy

          Thanksgiving Information – "National Year of Thanksgiving" [empty]

          Title IX and Abortion (1)(2)


          OA 17966

          Title X Regulations

          Tower Commission

          Tracking Sheets


          Travel Authorizations

          Travel Expenses

          UN Women’s Conference 1985

          [USDA Executive Notes 10/30/1987]

          Veterans Lists

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Photo Op

          Voice of Americanism

          Wagner, David

          Wallace v. Jaffree

          Welfare Reform – General (1)-(3)

          Welfare Reform Conference 06/16/1986

          Welfare Reform – Working Group (1)(2)

          Hobbs Welfare Meeting

          [Demonstrating Self-Help, A New Approach to Welfare] (Packet)

          [Up From Dependency: A New National Public Assistance Strategy: Report to the

                   President by the Low Income Opportunity Working Group, December 1986]

          [Nathan Wright]


          SERIES III: EVENTS 1985-1987

          OA 17967

          [1985 Events File – Note]

          Ronald Reagan / George Bush Events Lists [August 1985-March 1987]

Regan and Willke Meeting – Chinese Abortion Situation 08/06/1985

          Knights of Columbus and Ronald Reagan 08/06/1985

          Knights of Columbus Dinner 08/06/1985, M/M Shoreham Hotel

          Knights of Columbus Wives Tour 08/07/1985

          Americans for Tax Reform Steering Committee w/RR 09/10/1985

          Interview – James Dobson with President 09/10/1985

          Pat Robertson Interview w/RR 09/20/1985

          Loyal Order of Moose 10/09/1985

          Center for Free Enterprise, Texas A&M, 10/11/1985

          Ethnic Organizations 10/17/1985

          Religious Leaders Lunch with Ronald Reagan 11/08/1985 30 p.

          University of San Francisco 11/15/1985

          Commission on Bicentennial of Constitution 11/20/1985

          Education Vouchers Briefing 12/12/1985

          Ethics and Public Policy People Lunch with Patrick J. Buchanan and Linda Chavez

                   12/13/1985  20 p.

          Mother Teresa Film 12/16/1985 (1)(2)

          Asian American Voters Coalition Cabinet Room 01/09/1986

          March For Life 01/22/1986

          National Association of Secondary School Principals 01/24/1986

          Dobson Briefing 01/30/1986 (1)(2)

          Christian World Affairs Conference 01/31/1986

          Students for America 02/01/1986 Key Bridge Marriott

          College of Preachers 02/04/1986

          College and University Personnel Association 02/18/1986

          National Association of Trade and Technical Schools 02/19/1986

          Virginia Initiative/George Washington University 03/05/1986

RR/Nicaragua Videotape for Christian Media 03/05/1986


          OA 17968

          U.S. Catholic Conference 03/10/1986 (1)-(4)

          University of South Carolina 03/11/1986

          Drug Abuse Briefing / First Lady 03/13/1986

          National Day of Prayer Video 04/10/1986

          Catholic Charities 04/28/1986

          Huron Heights Secondary School 05/02/1986

          CONPOR [Conference of Private Organizations] Meeting 05/09/1986

          National Commission Against Drunk Driving 05/27/1986

          Disabled American Veterans Photo-Op 05/29/1986

          Seattle Trip 05/30/1986 Cancelled

          National Right to Life Videotape 06/02/1986

          Association of Private Pension and Welfare Plans 06/12/1986

          Wakefield School 06/15/1986 – 4:00pm buffet, 6:00pm graduation

          Peter Grace Video Taping 06/18/1986

          Bishop Castrillion Meeting with RR 06/18/1986 (1)(2)

Scalia Photo-Op 07/07/1986

          Cardinal O’Boyle Telephone Call 07/18/1986

          South Africa 07/23/1986

          National Coalition Against Pornography 07/25/1986, O'Connor, New York City


          Service Organizations 07/30/1986

          Knights Satellite Address 08/05/1986

          Muscular Distrophy Telephone Call 09/01/1986

          Monsignor Riccardo Fontana 09/04/1986

          Rockford Institute Dinner 09/18/1986

          National Fraternal Congress of America 09/25/1986

          Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Speech 09/26/1986 (1)-(5)

          Conservative Caucus (MW) 09/29/1986

Rehnquist / Scalia Ceremony 09/29/1986

          Continuing Resolution Regan/Buchanan, 09/30/1986

          Congress on the Bible II 10/01/1986

          Salvation Army Photo Op 10/03/1986

          Knights Banquet - New Haven, CT 10/04/1986

          Drug Proclamation Ceremony 10/06/1986

          Religious Leaders (Iceland) 10/07/1986


          OA 17969

          Americans United For Life 10/18/1986

Tax Bill Signing Ceremony 10/22/1986

          Veterans Bill Signing (H.R. 5299) 10/26/1986

          Drug Bill Signing Ceremony 10/27/1986

          Management for Policy Change Conference (Heritage) – 10/30/1986-10/31/1986

          Strategic Defense Initiative / Welfare Briefing (Mildred Webber) 11/06/1986

          Ethics and Public Policy People Dinner 11/18/1986

          Notre Dame Speech South Bend, IN 11/19/1986-11/20/1986 (1)(2)

          Conservative Meeting (Buchanan/Miller) 12/01/1986 (cancelled)

          Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Briefing 12/04/1986 (1)-(3)

          National Day of Prayer Signing Ceremony 12/22/1986

          Veterans Meeting - OMB 11/24/1986

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Photo-Op 12/19/1986

          DTR Meeting 12/22/1986

          March for Life Telephone Call 01/22/1987

          March for Life 1987 – 01/22/1987 (1)-(5)

          March for Life (Folder created by Transition archivist William Davis) (1)-(5)

Coalition of American Pro-Life University Students (CAMPUS) Pro-Life Briefing


          National Association of Evangelicals Briefing 01/27/1987

Dobson Meeting 01/29/1987

          National Religious Broadcasters Briefing 02/02/1987 (1)(2) 77 p.

          National Prayer Breakfast 02/05/1987 (1)(2)

          Brad Curl – FCC Appointment Meeting 02/05/1987

          American Legion 02/10/1987

          Year of Thanksgiving 02/12/1987

          National Association of Trade and Technical Schools Briefing 02/20/1987

          Conservative Political Action Committee Luncheon 02/20/1987

Black Prolife Leaders Briefing 02/27/1987 10:00-11:30 OEOB

          American Studies Program 03/02/1987

          National Committee for Adoption (Video) 03/04/1987-03/06/1987

          National Association of Evangelicals Convention 03/05/1987

          South Carolina Doctoral Students 03/10/1987

          Eringer Interview – Americans Overseas 03/12/1987

          National Association of Secondary School Principals 03/13/1987

          National Association of Counties 03/17/1987

          American Legion Students 03/25/1987

          Association of Christian Schools International Briefing 04/06/1987

          Rocky Bayou Briefing 04/08/1987

Knights of Columbus 04/20/1987-04/21/1987, Boston, MA

          Easter Seal Society 04/23/1987

          National Easter Seal Society 04/23/1987

          Apostolic Pentecostal Briefing 04/24/1987

          Christian Center Briefing 04/28/1987

          American Ex-POWs 04/28/1987

          Aurora High School 05/01/1987

          Michael Novak Event 05/07/1987 25 p.

          Woman to Woman Briefing 05/08/1987

          Charles Fattore Briefing 05/11/1987

          Krueger (Non-Commissioned Officers Association) Photo-Op 05/21/1987

          Oakcrest School – Commencement 05/24/1987

          Freedom Award – Conference Dallas, TX 05/27/1987

Council for National Policy, Anatole, TX, 05/28/1987-05/30/1987

          GI Bill Signing (HR 1085) 06/01/1987

          Annual State Deputy’s Meeting (Knights of Columbus) 06/12/1987

          National Right to Life Video New Orleans 06/18/1987-06/20/1987

          Pasadena Christian School White House Tour 06/26/1987

American University 06/26/1987 

          Paralyzed Veterans of America Videotape July 1987

          National Christian Youth Conference 07/01/1987

          July 3 1987 Event

          Bill of Economic Rights 07/03/1987 Jefferson Memorial

          Kiwanis International Convention 07/06/1987

          [Kiwanis International Convention 07/06/1987 – Speech by President]

          Kiwanis Convention, 07/07/1987


          OA 19405

          New Britain, CT Trip 07/08/1987

          Deficit Reduction Coalitions 07/10/1987

          Minority Groups Business Briefing 07/15/1987

          Jewish War Veterans Photo-op 07/16/1987

          Photo - Op Jewish War Veterans, 07/16/1987

          Girls Nation 07/17/1987

          American Legion Boys Nation 07/24/1987

          Captive Nations, 07/24/1987

          Milwaukee Event 07/27/1987

          Judicial Selection Briefing 11:00 a.m. / Ronald Reagan  07/29/1987

          Bork Briefing 07/29/1987

          Future Farmers of America 07/29/1987

          Photo - Op Multiple Sclerosis 07/30/1987

          Pennsylvania Faith America Coalition 07/30/1987

          American Legion – Central America / Ronald Reagan 07/31/1987

          Biomedical Ethics Conference 07/31/1987 (1)(2)

          Junior Statesmen South Lawn Departure 07/31/1987

          [President at White House Event, late July 1987] (photograph)

          Amvets Videotape August 1987

          Economic Justice, 08/03/1987

          Knights of Columbus Videotape 08/04/1987-08/06/1987

          Photo - Op 1987 Life Achievement Award - Puerto Rico, 08/06/1987

          American Legion Videotape 08/11/1987

          Welfare Reform Town Meetings Videotape 08/11/1987

          Welfare Reform Videotape 08/11/1987

          Meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Robert Casey 08/12/1987

          North Platte, Nebraska Trip 08/13/1987

          Papal Visit – Miami, FL 09/10/1987

          Papal Visit – New Orleans, 09/11/1987-09/12/1987 – Cancelled

          US Jaycees 09/14/1987

          Arthritis Foundation Poster Child 09/16/1987

          Veterans – Drug Testing Meeting 09/23/1987

          Congress on the Bible II 09/23/1987

          Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom 09/25/1987

          Bork Briefing 09/30/1987 11: 30 a.m. POTUS (1)(2)

          American Coalition for Life 10/08/1987 (1)(2)

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Photo Op (Earl L. Stock, Jr.) 10/15/1987

          Victims Meetings – Bork – Anti-Crime Coalition 10/16/1987 (1)-(4)