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BALL, WILLIAM L. III: Files, 1986-1988


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of


          OA 15057

          [HR 1827 - Supplemental Appropriations Bill - 1987]

          [Report on Bills, 1987] (binder)

          [Task Force on Regulatory Relief - 04/09/1987]

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief - 04/09/1987

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief - 05/14/1987

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief - 07/14/1987 (1)-(3)

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief - 11/05/1987


          OA 15328

          Acid Rain

          Affirmative Action


          Agricultural Trade and Food Aid


          Anti-Terrorism Legislation

          Appliance Efficiency Standards

          Budget File – 1986(1)-(7)

          Budget: Appropriations - Supplemental 1986-1987 (1)-(3)

          Budget: Appropriations

          Budget: Balanced Budget 1986-1987 (1)(2)

          Budget: Continuing Resolutions1986 (1)(2)

          Budget - 1987 (1)-(8)

          Budget: Continuing Resolution 1987

          Budget: Deficit Situation -- 100th Congress

          Budget: FY 1987 / FY1988 Budget (1)-(3)

          Budget: FY 1987 Supplemental (100th Congress) (1)-(6)

          Budget Negotiations 1987

          Budget – Reconciliation (1)(2)

          Budget: Reconciliation

          Budget: Reconciliation / Continuing Resolution 1987 - 1st Session, 100th Congress


          Budget vs. Sequestration

          Budget: 100th Congress / 1st Session - 1988 Appropriation Bills Schedule

          Budget: Debt Limit 1987

          Budget: Double-Breasting 1986

          Budget: Gramm-Rudman-Hollings (1)-(7)

          NSC Budget - Testimony March 1987 Grant Green

          Budget: Priorities in Budget Reform Process

          Uranium Enrichment - Budget


          OA 15329

          Agency Trade Letters

          April 1987 Current Bill Summaries

          Bork Material (1)-(10)

          Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 1987

          S. 1127 Catastrophic Health

          "Extracts from Studies in Intelligence to Commemorate the Bicentennial of the United

States Constitution"

          Iran - Congressional Letters Regarding Documents / Testimony

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief, 09/11/1987

          U.S. Senate - Key Votes


          OA 15330

          Cargo Preference

          Child Abuse

          Child Pornography (1)(2)

          Coastal Barrier Islands

          Computer Security

          Crime Initiative

          Civil Rights Commission

          Customs House


          Defense (1986-1987)

          150 Account

          Davis - Bacon

          Disabled American Veterans

          DOD Authorization Bill, 100th Congress

          Defense Budget: Radio Talk

          Defense Reorganization Act 1986

          Defense: Military Construction


          SALT II

          Defense - Strategic Modernization

          1987 Drugs

          Drug Abuse Prevention 07/02/1986

          Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986

          Drug Trafficking (1986 - WLB)

          Economy: Tokyo Economic Declaration 1986

          Energy (1986-1987)

          Energy - Alaska North Slope

          Energy - Oil

          Energy - Natural Gas

          Energy - Oil Reserves (Out Card)

          Energy - Reserve (Out Card)

          Energy - Strategic Petroleum Reserve

          Energy - TVA Demand Payment


          Environment - Acid Rain

          Environment - Clean Air

          Clean Water - 1987 (1)-(6)

          Clean Water Act Reauthorization

          Environment - Earthquakes

          Defense: Omnibus Water Bill H. R. 6 - Water Resources Bill (1986)

          Environment: Water Resources Bill

          Red River Chloride

          Super Fund I

          Super Fund II

          Family Planning / Right to Life

          Family Planning / Title X

          Farm Credit Act Amendments 1987


          OA 15331

          Federal Credit Reform Act 1987 (1)-(6)

          Financial Modernization Act (Proxmire / Garn) December 1987

          Foreign Aid (WLB)

          Immigration (WLB)

          Impeachment (WLB)


          Iran / Contra Hearings

          WH Press Statements:  Iran / Contra

          Iran / Contra Staffing Memos

          Judicial:  Judicial - Supreme Court Nominees

          Labor - Aviation Labor Protection Legislation

          Labor - Major Opposition to Bills

          Labor - Minimum Wage

          Legislation / Bill (Critical)

          LSG [Legislative Strategy Group] Materials (1)-(5)

          Legislation:  Joint Intelligence Committee

          Legislation:  Mandates Legislation

          Legislative Strategy Meetings

          Packard Commission

          Private Sector Initiatives

          Quad Commission

          Rockwell International Corp. B-1B 10/22/1984 (Out Card)

          Science Technology Centers / Syracuse

          Small Business

          Small Business Administration

          Speed Limit

          Trade / Lumber

          Tort Reform / Product Liability

          Transportation / Conrail


          OA 15332

          Export Controls

          President’s Export Council

          Fairness Doctrine I

Fairness Doctrine II

          FSLIC (Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation)

          WLB: Grace Commission

          Hatfield Trip


          WLB: Health--AIDS (1)(2)

          WLB-1987: Health--AIDS (1)(2)

          Health - Catastrophic Health Insurance

          Medicare Prospective Payment System

          WLB: Highway Bill (1)(2)

          WLB: Highway Bill Continued (1)-(8)

          WLB: Highway Bill Continued – Congressional Correspondence (1)(2)

          WLB: Highway Bill Continued – Press Release/Statements

          WLB: Highway Bill Continued – Recommended Call/Memos (1)-(3)

          WLB: Highway Veto (March 1987-April 1987) (1)(2)


          Homeless / Mitch Snyder


          OA 15333

          January 1986-March 1986 Congressional Briefing Papers

          April 1986-July 1986 Congressional Briefing Papers

          August 1986-December 1986 Congressional Briefing Papers

          1986 - Briefing Papers / Vice Pres.

          Bipartisan Congressional Meetings (Leadership)

          GOP Leadership Meeting 1986

          Memorandum to the Vice President

          1986 WLB Memoranda to the President

          Presidential Signature Required - Completed

          1986 RTC / President (January 1986-March 1986)

          1986 RTC / President (April 1986-May 1986)

          1986 RTC / President (June 1986-December)

          1986 RTC / Vice President

          1986 Schedule Proposals / President

          1986 RTC / White House Staff

          1986 Schedule Proposals / VP

          1986 RTC / DTR


          OA 15334 (This box contains 1987 inter-office memoranda)

          WLB to the President

          Senator Howard Baker



          Administrative Memos

          David Abshire

          Richard Armitage

          Dave Bockorny

          Pat Buchanan

          Frank Carlucci

          Miscellaneous White House Memos

          David Chew

          Ken Cribb

          Dan Crippen


          Mitch Daniels Memos from Will

          Frank Donatelli

          [Dawson, Rhett]

          Fred Fielding

          Jenifer Fitzgerald Memos from Will

          Marlin Fitzwater

          Craig Fuller

          Don Fortier / Al Keel

          Allison Fortier

          Henry Gandy

          Grant Green

          Tom Griscom

          Anne Higgins

          Larry Harlow

          Kathy Jaffke

          Nancy Kennedy

          Al Kingon

          Alan Kranowitz

          Mari Maseng

          Fred McClure

          Jim Miller

          Johnathan Miller

          Colin Powell

          Rebecca Range

          Nancy Risque

          Fred Ryan

          Ron Sable / Lyn Sachs

          [Beryl Sprinkle]

          Jack Svahn / Hobbs

          John Tuck

          Carlton Turner

          Pam Turner

          Joe Wrights

          Amb. Yeutter Memos

          Bob Tuttle Memos from Will


          OA 15335 (This box contains 1987 inter-office memoranda)

          Peter Wallison

          Dennis Thomas Memos from Will

          Ed Fox

          Tom Dawson Memos

          Adm. John Poindexter Memos from Will

          Don Regan Memos from Will

          1987 Memoranda to DTR

          Telephone Message Forms - Carbon Copies 07/19/1986-08/08/1986

          Telephone Message Forms - Carbon Copies August 1986-September 1986

          Telephone Message Forms - Carbon Copies 09/16/1986-09/24/1986

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies 09/24/1986-10/02/1986

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies 10/02/1986-10/09/1986

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [10/15/1986-10/22/1986]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [11/10/1986-11/25/1986]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [12/29/1986-02/03/1987]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies 02/03/1987-2/19/1987]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [12/12-01/08]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [01/9-01/21]

          Telephone Message Forms-Carbon Copies [03/20-05/05]


          OA 15369

          "The Congressional Monitor’s Congress Daily" - 11/03/1986-04/30/1987

          "The Congressional Monitor’s Congress Daily" - 05/01/1987-08/17/1987

          "The Congressional Monitor’s Congress Daily" - 08/24/1987-11/18/1987


          OA 15386

          Congressional Record, 01/03/1985-04/24/1985


          OA 15387

          Congressional Record, 04/25/1985-07/10/1985


          OA 15467

          Congressional Record, 07/11/1985-10/16/1985


          OA 15468

          Congressional Record, 10/17/1985-12/10/1985


          OA 15469

          Congressional Record, 12/12/1985-12/30/1985 and Congressional  Record Indexes


          OA 15505

          1986 Congressional Yellow Books (2)

          Spring 1987 Congressional Yellow Books

          Fall 1986 Congressional Yellow Books

          January 1987 Congressional Yellow Book Roster

          November 1986 Congressional Yellow Book Elections


          OA 15506

          Vol. IV Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Accident

          Vol. V Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Accident

          INF Treaties (2 Copies)

          Spring 1985 House of Representatives Phone Directory

EOP Telephone Directory –August 1986

          [Bills Received at the White House in 1984] (Binder)


          OA 15711

          EPC Sugar Program

          EPC: Sugar Program

          DPC: Federalism, the Family, and Low Income Opportunity

          Weekly Issues Update - Memo from William L. Ball 01/12/1987-12/21/1987

          Misc. April 1987 Weekly Legislative Reports from Turner / Kranowitz

          Weekly Legislative Reports (from Pam Turner and Alan Kranowitz to Will Ball)


          Weekly Legislative Reports (from Pam Turner and Alan Kranowitz to Will Ball)


          Signing Pens / Letter Log

          1986 Staffing Memos (Log Book)

          [Status of Administration Sponsored Legislation 100th Congress]


          OA 16827

          [1987] Weekly Legislative Report (1)-(4)

          1987 January Briefing Papers

          1987 February Briefing Papers

          1987 March Briefing Papers (1)(2)

          April 1987 Briefing Papers

          May 1987 Briefing Papers

          Briefing Papers June 1987

          July 1987-October 1987 Briefing Papers (1)(2)

          [Briefing Paper} November 1987-December 1987

          1987 Bipartisan Leadership Meetings

          1987 GOP Leadership Meetings (1)-(3)

          Presidential Correspondence

          1987 Recommended Telephone Calls for the President

          [1987] Vice President Recommended Telephone Calls

          Recommended Telephone Calls for Baker / Duberstien

          1987 Schedule Proposals

          Presidential Log of Congressional Correspondence [November 1986-November

1987] (1)-(3)

          Presidential Signature Requests

          Secretary Schultz Memos from Will Ball

          Will Ball Congressional Correspondence

          Will Ball Legislative Files January 1988-March 1988

          Will Ball Miscellaneous files 1986-1988

          Will Ball Legislative Files 1986

          Will Ball Legislative Files 1987

          Will Ball Correspondence

          Speaker File

          Senator Nancy Kassenbaum (R-KS)

          Miscellaneous Resumes

          WLB Memos to the President     

          WLB Memos to Baker, Howard  

          WLB Memos to Duberstein, Ken 

          WLB Memos to Administration Officials         

          WLBl Office Art Work       

          WLB Congressional Telephone Call Log to Senator Baker   

          WLB Telephone Log of Congressional Calls to Ken Duberstein