This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


BORCHERDT, WENDY: Files, 1981-1982


Presidential Personnel, White House Office of: Associate Director (no collection at this time)

Public Liaison, White House Office of: Special Assistant to the President for Women


Wendy Borcherdt (1936- ) was a management consultant and civic volunteer, who did volunteer work for every Ronald Reagan political campaign from 1966 to 1980. She moved beyond volunteer work with the 1980 Reagan Presidential campaign, working as a fundraiser. After the election, she assisted with the Inaugural ceremonies. Borcherdt joined the White House Presidential Personnel staff in February 1981, with the twofold responsibility of recruiting and selecting women for Executive Branch positions, and recruiting ambassadorial candidates. In September 1981 she moved to the Office of Public Liaison, as the first Public Liaison person specifically assigned to women and women’s groups. Borcherdt left the White House staff in September 1982, shortly before being nominated as Deputy Under Secretary of Education for Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs.


The Reagan Library has this single set of Borcherdt files that document her time in Public Liaison (primarily) with a very small amount of documentation regarding her position within the Office of Presidential Personnel.  The collection is arranged into two series: SERIES I: Subject File; and SERIES II: Women’s Organizations.



          Box 1


          ACTION Miscellaneous File

          ACTION – Awards

          ACTION – Conference on Voluntarism

          [ACTION:] Technical Assistance

          [ACTION:] Telethon

          ACTION – Volunteer Week

          ACTION – Working Group Voluntarism

          ACTION – Young Volunteers in Action

          Affirmative Action - I

          Affirmative Action - II

          Agency for International Development

          Agriculture, Department of

          Alcoholism Centers / Councils

          American Institute of Architects

          American Personnel and Guidance Association

          American Society for Microbiology


          Box 2

          American Woman’s Economic Development

          Arts & Humanities

          Balanced Budget

          Brother’s Brother Foundation

          Cabinet Wives Briefing

          Capital Children’s Museum

          Charter 100 Club

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Committee for National Security

          [Computer] (1)(2)

          Congressional Responses

          [Congressional:] Senator’s Voting Record

          Consumer Products Safety Commission – Miscellaneous File

          Consumer Products Safety Commission – Newspaper Clippings

Consumer Products Safety Commission Newspaper Clips: Congratulatory Letters; Speech

          Coro Foundation


          Box 3

          Correspondence (1)(2)

          [Correspondence:] Accepted Speaking Engagements (1)(2)

          [Correspondence:] Invitations Accepted

          [Correspondence:] Invitations – Engagements (1)(2)

          [Correspondence:] WB Invitations Declined

          [Correspondence:] General White House Memoranda (1)(2)

          [Correspondence:] Presidential Responses

          [Correspondence:] Requests for Speeches

          [Correspondence:] Response Letters

          [Correspondence:] Supportive Letters

          [Correspondence:] WB Thank-You / Social Events

          Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services Fall Meeting Minutes,


          Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services 30th Anniversary Meeting

                   04/26/1981-04/30/1981 (1)-(3)


          Box 4

          Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services 30th Anniversary Meeting

                   04/26/1981-04/30/1981 (4)-(5)

          Department of Defense Women

          Deregulation Task Force

          Directory of Projects Involving Women" Volume III, April 1980

          Donnalley, M.J.

          Easter Seal Society

          Echoes from the Past

          Economic Recovery Act (1981)

          Education, Department of

          [Education, Department of:] Title IX

          Energy, Department of

          Environmental Protection Agency – Small Business

          Equal Rights Amendment (1)(2)


          Box 5

          Equal Rights Amendment (3)

          [Equal Rights Amendment: Clippings]

          [Equal Rights Amendment: General Correspondence] (1)-(3)

          Federation Republican Women

          Fifty States Project

          Financial Matters

          First Lady Requests


          Future Farmers of America

          Goodwill Foundation

          Grassley, Senator Chuck

          Head – Royce Speech

          Health and Human Resources, Department of


          Box 6

          Hoover Institution

          Howard University

          [HomeCall of Rochester, Inc,]

          Interior, Department of

          Internal Revenue Service / Tax Exempt Issue

          Issues Forecast

          [International Association of Auditorium Managers]

          International Communication Agency

          Jewish Community Contacts

          Junior League – St. Louis

          Junior League – Birmingham Speech

          Department of Labor

          Department of:Labor - Adelante Mujer Hispana III

          Department of:Labor - Corporate Women’s Conference

          Department of Labor - Office of Federal Contract Compliance

          Department of Labor - Proposal All-Craft Center, Inc.

          Department of Labor - Women’s Bureau (1)-(3)


          Box 7

          Department of Labor - Women’s Bureau (4)-(6)

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

          Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee

          Luce Luncheon

          [Magazines:] Glamour Magazine

          [Magazines:] Good Housekeeping

          [Magazines:] Executive Female

          Mailings to Women (1)-(3)

          Memos – Department of State


          Miscellaneous Correspondence

          Miscellaneous Files

          Miscellaneous Speeches (1)(2)

          National Alliance of Senior Citizens, Inc.

          National Committee for Adoption


          Box 8

          National Committee for Public Employees Retirement System

          National Hospice

          National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

          National Security Council

          National Women’s Hall of Fame, Inc.

          Northridge Hospital Foundation

          Official Appearances

          Office of Personnel Management

          Office of Public Liaison

          Office of Public Liaison – Invitations

          Office of Public Liaison – Meeting Reports

          Office of Public Liaison: OPL – Memorandums

          Outreach Program

          Overseas Private Investment Corporation

          Pacific Legal Foundation

          Peace Corps

          Planned Parenthood

          Prayer Amendment (1)(2)

          Presidential Personnel Letters

          [Presidential Personnel:] Ambassadorial Memos / Responses


          Box 9

          [Presidential Personnel:] Ambassadorial Memos / Responses 10/30/82-5/18/82

          [Presidential Personnel:] Boards and Commissions

          [Presidential Personnel: Female Appointees]

          [Presidential Personnel:] Reagan Women Appointees

          [Presidential Personnel: Women Appointees Reception, 02/10/1982]

          [Presidential Personnel:] Judicial Appointments

          [Presidential Personnel:] HHS – Political Clearances

          [Presidential Personnel:] PAS / PA Schedule C Reception – WH

          [Presidential Personnel:] Presidential Commissions

          [Presidential Personnel:] Résumé Acknowledgments – Men

          [Presidential Personnel:] Miscellaneous Men’s Résumés


          Box 10

          [Presidential Personnel:] Resume Acknowledgments – Women

          [Presidential Personnel:] Women – Résumés

          [Presidential Personnel:] Helene Von Damm Referrals

          Presidential Proclamations

          Presidents Commission on Executive Exchange

          President’s Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped

          Private Sector Initiatives Program

          Private Sector Initiatives Examples

          Private Sector Survey on Cost Control in Government


Pro-Life Organizations



          Box 11

          Quint, Mary Elizabeth

          The Reagan Presidency, a Review of the First Year – 1981

          Reiss, Gwen Graham – RBC

          Republican Associates

          Republican National Committee

          Republican National Committee – Women’s Network

          Republican State Committees

          Republican Women’s Groups

          Rohn, Elizabeth J.

          Scheduling - I

          Scheduling - II

          SER (1)(2)

          Small Business Administration (1)(2)

          Small Business Administration – Briefings

          Small Business Administration / Department of Defense

          Small Business Administration Policy

          Speakers Bureau

          Special Interest Groups (1)


          Box 12

          Special Interest Groups (2)-(3)

          [Speeches:] Marlborough Speech [04/21/1982]

          [Speeches:] Pennsylvania Association of Hospital Auxiliaries Speech [05/04/1982]

          [Speeches:] St. Joseph County Speech [04/16/1982]

          [Speeches:] Salute to Career Women [06/01/1982]

          [Speeches:] Santa Barbara Speech Material [August 1982]

          [Speeches:] Washington State Speech [04/18/1982]

          Stanford University

          Task Force on Legal Equity for Women [I] (1)(2)

          Task Force on Legal Equity for Women [II] (1)-(3)

          Interdepartmental Task Force on Women

          Tax Incentives, Volunteer Work

          Texas Trip



          Box 13

          [TransCentury:] Women in Development: A Resource List

          [TransCentury:] Funding Resources for Women in Development Projects, July 1978

          [TransCentury:] Development as if Women Mattered: An Annotated Biography with

                   a Third World Focus"

          Toczek, Ariadne M.

          United Nations Questionnaire

          United Republican Finance Committee of Los Angeles

          Vice President’s Office

          Volunteer Development Institute

          Volunteer Groups Miscellaneous

          Volunteer Portfolio

          National Workshop on Volunteerism, 03/09/1982, New Orleans, Louisiana (Binder)

          Voting Rights Act

          Warrick, Lynn


          Box 14

          [The Washington Forum]

          White House

          White House Briefings

          White House – Political Affairs Office

          White House – Special Correspondence Office


          Women – Disabled

          [Women] "Displaced Homemakers"

          Women’s History  Week

          Women’s Issues

          A Women’s Network: HUD

          WB – Miscellaneous Correspondence

          WB – Personal Acknowledgments




          Box 14 (Continued)

          [Advertising Women of New York]

          Alan Guttmacher Institute

          Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

          [Altrusa International, Inc.]

          Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union

          [American Agri-Women]


          Box 15

          American Association of Community Junior Colleges

          American Association for the Advancement of Science

          American Association of Higher Education, Women’s Caucus

          American Association of Retired Persons

          American Association of University Women (1)-(3)

          American Association of Women Dentists

          American Baptist Women

          American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

          American Chemical Society

          American Council on Education

          American Farm Bureau Federation

          [American Farm Bureau Federation:] State Farm Bureaus

          American Home Economics Association

          American Jewish Committee

          American Legion Auxiliary (1)-(5)

          American Legislative Exchange Council

          American Medical Women’s Association

          American Mizrachi Women

          American National Cowbelles, Inc.

          American News Women’s Club, Inc.

          American Nurses Association, Inc.

          American Planning Association – Planning and Women Division

          American Society of Allied Health Professions

          American Society of Professional and Executive Women

          American Society for Training and Development

          American Society of Women Accountants

          American Speech – Language – Hearing Association

          American Women’s Economic Development Corporation

          American Women in Radio and Television, Inc.

          Arcadian Elpiniki Club


          Box 16

          [Arizona Women Lawyers Association]

          Asian Pacific Women’s Center

          Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW)

          Association of Flight Attendants

          Association for Women in Mathematics

          Association for Women in Science, Inc.

          Association of American Colleges

          Association of Junior Leagues, Inc. – State Affiliates

          Baltic Women’s Council

          B’nai B’rith Women

          Bold Ministries

          Business and Professional Women’s Club of the United States.

          Business and Professional Women’s Club of the United States: BPW Briefing Book (Binder)

          Business and Professional Women’s Clubs – State Affiliates

          The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation

          Camp Fire, Inc.

          Capital Hill Women’s Political Caucus

          Capital Press Women


          Caucus for Women in Statistics

          Center for a Women’s Own Name

          Center for the American Women and Politics (CAWP)

          Center for Women’s Policy Studies

          Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.

          Children’s Defense Fund

          Christian Awareness Foundation

          Christian Women’s National Concerns

          Christian Women’s National Concerns (Groups Listed within This Category)

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – ACT Ministries

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – B/M/C Advertising

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Christ for the Nations

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – David Livingstone International "A"

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Foundation for Christian Self-Government

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – International American Broadcasting Co., Inc.

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, Inc.


          Box 17

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Rex Humbard Foundation

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Victory Christian Center

          Christian Women’s National Concerns – Westridge Christian School

          Church Women United

          Citizen’s Commission on Pension Policy

          City / State – Commission on Status of Women

          Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues

          Cleveland Twentieth Century Club

          Coalition for Women’s Appointments

          Coalition of Labor Union Women

          Coalition of Women in National and International Business (CWNIB)

          Coalition of Women’s Art Organizations

          Commission for Women’s Affairs –Office of the Governor, Puerto Rico

          Committee for the Free World

          Committee on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession

          Committee on Women Historians: American Historical Association

          Common Cause

          Concerned Women for America

          Congressional Hispanic Caucus

          Congresswomen’s Caucus

          Criswell Center for Biblical Studies

          Contemporary Women’s Forum

          National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

          Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services  (DACOWITS)

          Delegation for Friendship among Women

          Delaware Alliance of Professional Women

          The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

          Displaced Homemakers Network, Inc. (1)(2)

          D.C. Federation of Republican Women

          Eagle Forum

          Emunah Women of America

          Equity Policy Center

          Executive Women in Government

          The Executive Link

          Family Service Association of America

          Federally Employed Women, Inc.

          Federation of Organizations for Professional Women

          Financial Women’s Association of New York

          Future Homemakers of America


          Box 18

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs (1)-(8)

          General Federated Women’s Clubs/State Clubs

          George Washington University (Women’s Studies Programs)

          Georgia Coalition of Black Women, Inc.

          Girl Scouts of the United States

          Girls Clubs of America

          Graduate Women in Science, Inc. – Sigma Delta Epsilon

          Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society


          Box 19

          Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America

          The Heritage Foundation

          Indianapolis Network of Women in Business

          Institute for Managerial and Professional Women (1)(2)

          Institute for Women Executives

          Interagency Task Force on American Indian Women

          Intercessors for America

          International Association for Personnel Women

          International Center for Research on Women

          International Organization for Women Executives (IOWE)

          Interagency Task Force on Women’s Business Enterprise

          Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM)

          Jewish War Veterans of USA: National Ladies Auxiliary

          Leadership Conference of Women Religions of the United States of America

          League of United American Citizens

          League of Women Voters

          Fairfax – League of Women Voters

          State League of Women Voters

          The Links Incorporated

          Mainstream, Inc.

          Maternity Center Association

          MBA Management, Inc.

          Mexican American Women’s National Association (MANA)

          National Assembly of Women Religious

          [National Assistance League]

          National Association for Female Executives

          National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS)

          National Association of Black Women Attorneys

          National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs Inc.

          National Association of Commissions for Women I

          National Association of Commissions for Women II

          National Association of Cuban American Women of the U.S.A.

          National Association of Extension Home Economists

          National Association of Insurance Women (International)

          National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women

          National Association of Women Business Owners


          Box 20

          National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

          National Association of Women Lawyers

          National Bar Association (NBA) Women Lawyer’s Division (WLD)

          National Black Nurses Association, Inc.

          National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education

          National Coalition for Women in Defense

          National Commission on Working Women

          National Committee Concerned with Asian Wives of U.S. Servicemen

          National Committee on Women in Public Administration (NCWPA)

          National Conference of Puerto Rican Women

          National Congress of Neighborhood Women

          National Council of Career Women

          National Council of Catholic Women

          National Council of Jewish Women

          National Council of Negro Women

          [National Council of Women]

          National Council of Women of the United States, Inc.

          National Council on Alcoholism

          National Council on Family Relations

          National Education Association

          National Extension Homemakers Council, Inc.

          The National Federation of Business & Professional Women

          National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods

          National Forum for Executive Women

          The National Grange

          [National Home Fashions League]

          National Institute on Drug Abuse


          Box 21

          National Organization for Women

          National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

National Woman’s Party

          National Women’s Education Fund

          National Women’s Health Network

          National Women’s Law Center

           National Women’s Political Caucus

          National Women’s Political Caucus - State Chapters

          Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs

          Network of Women in Business

          New Trans-Century Foundation Secretariat for Women in Development

          North Iowa Area Development Center for Human Development "dba" The Door Opener

          Non-Traditional Employment for Women

          Nuclear Energy Women

          Older Women’s League

          Organization of Chinese American Women

          Organization of Women for Legal Awareness (OWLA)

          Outstanding Young Women of America

          Pilot Club International

          Pioneer Women / Na’amat

          Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

          Polish Women’s Alliance of America

          Population Crisis Committee Draper Fund


          Box 22

          Project on the Status and Education of Women

          Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights

          Republican Women’s Federal Forum

          Right Woman

          Rural American Women

          Secretariat for Women in Development

          Sigma Delta Epsilon – See Graduate Women in Science File

          Society of Women Engineers

          Soroptimist International of America

          Stanford Professional Women’s Club of Los Angeles

          Top Ladies of Distinction

          Trade Union Women of African Heritage, Inc.

          Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Inc.

          Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation

          United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

          United Methodist General Board of Church and Society

          Washington Forum

          Washington Women’s  Network

          Wider Opportunities for Women, Inc.

Woman to Woman in Washington

Women and Health Roundtable

          Women at Work

          Women Business Owners

          Women Chemists Committee, American Chemical Society

          Women Employed

          Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.

          Women for Sobriety, Inc.

          Women in Accounting

          Women in Advertising and Marketing

          Women in Armed Services

          [Women in ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) Committee]

          Women in Communications, Inc.

          Women in Community Service

          Women in Community Service (WICS)

          Women in Development Program (Agency for International Development)

          Women in Educational Leadership

          Women in Government

          Women in Government Relations

          Women in Government Relations, Inc.


          Box 23

          Women in Information Processing

          Women in Information Processing (WIP)

          Women in Municipal Government (National League of Cities)

          [Women in Science]

          Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

          Women Involved in Farm Economics

          Women Officials in the National Association of Counties (WON)

          [Women / Political (editorial)]

          Women’s Action Alliance, Inc.

          Women’s Action Organization

          Women’s Action Organization (State, AID, USICA)

          Women’s Alliance – WOMA

          Women’s American Organization for Rehabilitation through Training

          Women’s Campaign Fund

          Women’s City Club of New York

          Women’s College Coalition

          Women’s Conference Advisory Board

          Women’s Division, Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church

          Women’s Economic Round Table

          Women’s Forum Chapter

          Women’s Forum, Inc.

          Women’s Funding Coalition NYC

          Women’s Graphic Center (The Women’s Building)

          Women’s Groups

          Women’s International Alert - I

          Women’s International Alert - II

          Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

          Women’s International Network

          Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

          Women’s Legal Defense Fund

          Women’s Medical Center of Washington, D.C.

          Women’s Missionary Union, Southern Baptist Convention

          Women’s National Bank

          Women’s Network Alert

          Women’s Organizations – Legislative Activities


          Box 24

          Women’s Pension Project

          Women’s Research & Education Institute

          Women’s Rights National Historical Park

          Women’s Rights Project (ACLU)

          Women’s Studies Program & Policy Center – George Washington Univ.


          Working Women

          YWCA - Young Women’s Christian Association of the USA

          Zonta International