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DONATELLI, FRANK J.: Files, 1987-1989


Office of Public Liaison, 1984-1985 Please see separate inventory

Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Political Affairs, 1987-1989


All inventories appear to be for Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Political Affairs. Currently the Library has not located any Donatelli Political Liaison material.


OA 18706

Political State Files


OA 18707

Abortion - Child Care 1985-1989 General Files


OA 18708

Citizens for America

Congressional Ratings


Culvahouse Memos



DNC Voter Registration [Demographic Groups]


Frank Donatelli


Dukakis File (1)(2)


Economic bill of Rights

EBOR Briefing 07/22/1987

[Miscellaneous - Unfoldered]


Federal Election Commission

FEMA Executive Order

[Miscellaneous material - unfoldered]

Free Enterprise 1988


Judge Ginsburg



Grove City

Hatch Act

[Miscellaneous - Unfoldered]


IGA Personnel

[Miscellaneous - Unfoldered]

Summit File




OA 18709

Presidents Weekly Updates, March 1987-December 1988


OA 18774

[Japanese-American Reparations] (1)(2)


OA 18775

Republican Governors Assoc. - Textiles


OA 19012

Miscellaneous December 1988-January 1989

[Miscellaneous Material - Unfoldered]

Indiana C & T - Sep 16


National Governors Association 02/20/1988-02/23/1988

01/15/1988 Speak at Phil Gramms' Founders Club in Houston, Texas

08/07/1988-08/09/1988, NGA Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio

07/09/1988 Unity '88 Conference - Atlanta, Georgia

July 20, 21, Trip to Santa Barbara, CA, Via Military Plane

08/22/1988, 08/27/1988 Trip to California for Senator Wilson & Cong. Bob Lagomarsino

09/14/1988 Travel to St. Louis with POTUS on Air Force One

09/22/1988, 09/23/1988 Travel with RR to Texas and Florida for Political Events

09/30/1988 POTUS trip to Chicago Aboard Air Force One

10/12/1988 Travel with POTUS to Philadelphia & New Jersey [Empty]

10/19/1988 Travel with POTUS to Ohio

10/21/1988 Travel with POTUS to Kentucky & North Carolina

10/26/1988 POTUS Visit to Alan Keyes Fundraiser Baltimore, MD

10/27/1988, 11/02/1988 Travel with POTUS to California and Nevada

11/04/1988, 11/05/1988 Chicago, New Jersey, Macomb County, Michigan,

Dallas TX, Washington D.C.

08/10/1988, 08/19/1988 RNC Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana

[Miscellaneous Material - Unfoldered]

Puerto Rico Task Force 1986


OA 19013

Chron File 1985-1989 (A-Z)

06/19/1987 Speak at GOP Fund-raiser in Providence, RI

06/22/1987 NY Republican State Committee 39th Annual Dinner

06/25/1987 RNC Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana

07/24/1987-07/26/1987 NGA meeting in Traverse City, Michigan

09/26/1987 Speak before California State Republican Party 10:30 A.M.

12/01/1987 Jacksonville, Florida with POTUS on Air Force One

11/22/1987, 11/23/1987 Annual RGA Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico

10/05/1987 Speech Electronics Assoc. Industries,. Los Angeles, CA

12/05/1987 Orlando, Florida to Speak to GOP State Exec. Board

01/27/1988 New York with Max Green Speak to Jewish leaders

02/11/1988 Southern Republican Leadership Conference New Orleans, LA

02/12/1988-02/13/1988 California with RR (Return Commercial Air)

03/11/1988-03/12/1988 Western States Caucus, Denver, Colorado

03/29/1988 Texas State Republican Party Luncheon, Houston Club

04/26/1988-04/27/1988 Detroit, Michigan, Meet with GOP State Party leaders and Attend

Function for F. Stella

05/03/1988 Luncheon Speaker for Businessmen, per Mary Jo Jacobi, Drexel Burnham

Lambert - 38th Floor

05/04/1988 Trip to Chicago, Illinois on Air Force One

06/02/1988 Speak to Allegheny County Republican Executive Committee in Pittsburgh, PA

06/10/1988-06/11/1988 "Unity '88" Conference Denver, Colorado

06/16/1988-06/17/1988 New Orleans to Survey Site of Republican National Convention

06/25/1988 Unity '88 Conference Cincinnati, Ohio

06/29/1988 Miami, Florida Fund-raiser for Congressman Connie Mack

Frank Donatelli


Central America File 1985-1986


OA 19014

Judicial - Miscellaneous correspondence